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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 13)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 2, 2020 12:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 13)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Dr. Michael you sent.

Please, please, go to full history, please, please, he phoned the author failure over Israel. Please understand there is only one consequence your deference. Please don't repeat the mistake why because the shortest wire to fall into temptation and sin is to place your confidence in yourself and become smarter about it become smug about what only God could have given you. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you set for leading the way you sent has unique insights into the Bible.

After growing up in Egypt.

This helps them to understand the details of difficult application that many others would mean we have plus as a seasoned pastor. He studied and taught tough biblical passages applicable for you today.

Now today and leading the way lessons from Paul that will help you not fall headfirst into the temptations of life. Please do remember, leading the way is a listener supported ministry relying on God's provision through your prayers and cats. You can learn or when you call 866-626-4356.

Listen along with me now as Dr. Michael you something is a short recap from first Corinthians chapter 9 that will give you some context for today's message healthy living in a sick world, and the loss message. We left first Christmas shopping on where the apostle Paul told us that just as an athlete must have his mind control his body, not the other way around, so must the believer in Jesus Christ, in his or her conduct, so must the believer in Jesus and the running of the spiritual race, so must the believers in the Lord Jesus and the exercising of self-control. Why, he said the reason he himself, the great apostle does. That is because his fear that he might be disqualified. This great man of God is great apostle who had preached so faithfully the gospel of Jesus Christ, who has run the rice well, who will serve God faithfully, and yet he does not want to become disqualified.

That is why when the apostle Paul comes to chapter 10 is the great apostle. He said let me give you exhibit I those of your presented papers or financial papers or whatever show graphs and Sonos had exhibit a and exhibit B exhibit C. These are all exhibits a disease in one all exhibits are here and it is Israel. This part of the privilege of being called the people of God. This part of the vendors that they had this part of the miraculous signs that they saw with their own eyes. The spark of seeing the supernatural intervention of God again and again. This part of witnessing firsthand God's power at work and he had bright got hold of them in the become disqualified of entering into the promised land.

Please, please, whatever you do don't miss numbers.

The passionate plea and the voice of the great apostle. Don't miss that carelessness in his warning that we should not allow our bodies and our emotions control our minds.

There is a bleeding heart who has deeper concern for the believers and is saying please please learn from history, please, please take heed from the author. Failure over Israel. Please understand there is only one consequence to your indifference. Please don't repeat the mistake why because the shortest wire to fall into temptation and sin is to place your confidence in yourself and become smug about it become smug about what only God could have given you three things from this verses 1 to 13 first Corinthians chapter 10, three things write them down. If you're taking notes. First of all, your farm the privilege of grace and don't you ever forget that grace is an incredible privilege verses 1 to 4 the privilege of grace. Secondly, the pride of life. Verses 5 to 10 and thirdly the principle.

We must learn verses 11 to 13 the privilege of grace.

I said already. Paul hold has a passionate plea and his passionate plea here is that remember what happened to Israel in the wilderness.

Remember how that will privilege by God's grace.

Remember, there were liberated from the slavery of Egypt all by grace after so many years where there were physically abused by Pharaoh. They were being maligned by the slave masters. They lived during their long lashes and the whips on their backs and they were knee-deep in the mud of the slavery of Egypt, but God can say with me but God heard their cry any symptom of the liver and he sent 10 plagues on Egypt and the Egyptians and that kept them safe. He revealed the supernatural power to them again and again and again he performed miracles of parting the Red Sea that he provided them with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. What happened after all of that after all of that some of them.

Now most of them become disqualified from entering into the promised land. Why well there fallen into idolatry, immorality and rebellion. And Paul is saying to the self-confident Christians in the self-confident Christian.

Please, please don't true test will live this happen to you, so there were not only delivered by their hand of God, but also baptized into Moses was that mean, by the way it has nothing to do with water baptism when explained it to the word but this in the classic Greek means to identify with to identify with. So when you got baptized into Christ. Gerald acknowledge that is your Savior and Lord. You identified with Christ. This would baptism in its classic sense means the word Baptist, and therefore, the Israelites identified with the faith of Moses. Why because they had no faith of their own, so they kind of identified with the faith of Moses you say Michael how do you know that every time at the first sign of trouble. They want to go to Egypt they missed the kebab. They said that bachelorettes are not making it up. The consummate why baptism here has nothing to do with water baptism simply because when the Israelites crossed the sea was dryland didn't get their feet wet. The longer bodies is nothing new. Water in fact the forecastle really got baptized and soaked all the way through with Egyptians diamond that were drenched now though allow some of them are my ancestors. Not only would Israelites were delivered from slavery. Not only they identified with Moses, but they were provided for in every way physically, spiritually, the privilege of grace say that with me. Now the pride of life, which often follows the taking of grace for granted.

Pride. Pride. Pride. Pride did what pride always does, who was does all yes Israel was privileged but most of them become proud listener. Even Moses this thing really gets to me on a my telling her that the man of God, the missing man was more meek that Moses is apparently command the correct leader, he was disqualified from entering into the promised land because he disobeyed the Lord, and he struck the rock with his rod instead of speaking to it as God told him to. As of the powers and not wrought missing. He saw the wrought opening the listeners all the powers of morale got to do understand the powers of the word speak to it and he didn't missed out one of the great McGrew hates Felix that I'll never forget the day I die. When I stood where supposedly Moses his stood Montesquieu, looking down to this is on the Jordanian side up and mounted new redundancy.

The promised land.

And God said to see you and sit with your eye but you are going in there question. Where does pride come from pride comes from misusing your freedom in Christ.

Pride comes from his misusing of God's blessings that he gives you pride comes from self-centeredness. Instead of being God centered pride comes from self pleasing instead of daily, moment by moment say Lord, how can I please you as comes from placing confidence and self instead of being placed on Yahweh in the same why the apostle Paul is saying to the Corinthians is saying to us that when Christian believers do not subject their appetite to Christ. When Christian believers do not exercise self-control on the part of the Holy Spirit. When Christian believers do not control their temper their emotions, their action, their freedom of the become disqualified in the same way they indulged in murmuring the indulged in complaining they indulge in maligning the indulge in in gratitude to God they indulge in careless life style and become disqualified Israelites become disqualified because he received them. Versus 789 10 first one verse seven idolatry when explained in the minute verse eight sexual immorality. Verse nine tempting God.

In verse 10, complaining and murmuring against God and against Moses see when Moses went up to the mountain to receive the 10 Commandments, the Israelites immediately persuaded weekly. Erin Erin was a weekly brother really was, you know that this at all.

Erin is our goal because all the months make us an image of a ball which is a God of power in Egypt. Apus and let's have a party like we used to do in Egypt. Let's get drunk and drown our sorrow like we used to drown our sorrows in Egypt and they had a party worshiping Apus blood.

Listen to me.

Please comprehend what I'm trying to tell you idolatry begins and ends in the heart. You don't have to burn incense to an image as you see with the Buddhists and Hindus and all the other people to be on idolatry. Nominal whatever constantly occupies your thoughts. Whatever constantly occupies your time whatever constantly occupies your energies. Whatever constantly occupies your finances to the exclusion of God. That's an article you know that person that you're dating another believer and you think that well you know when I marry her mama and her are changing God. I want this person you know that business deal that stinks up to high heaven missing all God.

This is the deal of a lifetime. I really really really want that you know that relationship. It doesn't belong in your life and you know that it doesn't belong to your life and you know that is pushing you to the edge of your Christian freedom.

Yet somehow you continuing. Be careful before before. What are you doing your tempting God in the book of Numbers chapter 21 verse six the Israelites interest received their answer for tempting God. Were out. There were testing his patience.

Some dogs are really genuinely feel that sometimes testing God's pressures come to him with with heartbroken message. Please forgive me and guts in the middle fiery separates the victim because so many of them to die. Novartis opens that's what got supporter a brass serpent on the stick and lifted up, those who look at it will be healed the sick, really a foreshadowing of the cross of Christ. They went from idolatry to immorality to testing God and trying his patience and worst of all, they murmured they complained because they were discontented.

Beloved, listen to me even in the age of grace in the New Testament God does not look favorably on discontentment with his will in Philippians 411.

The apostle Paul says I have learned to be contented whatever circumstance I meant this intimate contentment is not something you're born with contentment is something you learn, you train yourself, you train yourself doesn't come naturally this and after 52+ years of walking with the Lord. I'm confessing to you after all these years of walking with the Lord.

I'm not only continuing to learn this lesson, but sometimes when I face a very negative circumstance and that will cause me to be tempted to murmur or complain or be discontented media. Now start counting the blessings and I found that there too many to member under scout number one is number two is and thirdly he comes to the principal all must learn every one of us. Nobody can be exempt in these verses, 11, 12 and 13 Paul makes it very clear that this disqualification of the disobedient Israelites was an example to us. It's a warning to us not just to the Hebrews, but to the New Testament believers in the 21st century. Verse 11. Now these things happen to them as an example, and there were written for our instruction, upon whom the End of Days has come. End of Days has ever been since the time Jesus was ascended into heaven after the resurrection. Beloved, listen to me. I don't say that with any feeling inside of me other than sorrow and pain. Now you understand why this some preachers and some pastors are trying to disengage from the Old Testament because it's a warning they don't want the morning. They don't want to consider race warnings who don't want to be forewarned, so which the Old Testament verse 12 is on regular use of translation, not interpretations, but just translation because I like to bring it in the vernacular. Therefore, let no one become cocky through admittance, but rather be for anyone who takes credit for only what God has done before. Let anyone who twists the word of God to please people be forewarned, Peter. The chairman of the board, the chief of the apostles and the disciples allowed his strength and his bragging and this after Jesus after all leave you or forsake you. You can trust big Peter brick bingo take care of your Jesus few hours later he was swearing he never knew Jesus if anyone thinks that he or she can stand with hard cheeses, let him be forewarned, failure is on its way church of Sardis was so proud of its reputation, and they took pride in that reputation, and in Revelation 312 Jesus warned him.

He said there are spiritually dead under not know it under must repent churches that are denying the power of God's word. Churches that are dishonoring the 10 Commandments. Churches that are picking and choosing what to believe and what not to believe from the word of God need to be for more as carelessness with God's word increases in receiving it now, openness to temptation increases also as carelessness with God's word increases resistance to sin is weakened as confidence in one's own interpretation of the Scripture increases false belief systems become entrenched. I think those words very, very, very seriously. All of us. Let's be forewarned. The more replace confidence in ourselves, the more vulnerable we are to sin. The times when we think which printers are stronger when a word about anything we don't lean on the arms of God. Be very careful before warning.

That's a time when you really need to throw yourself on the arms of Jesus in the arms of mercy. Verse 13, Paul gives us an urgent reminder.

No temptation has overcome your but such is common to man, but with the temptation he gives aware the work temptation here means test swimming test attached to a faithful student to study hard, work hard, is not but an opportunity to show their mettle. The great, the same test is an opportunity for the careless students were never studied, never worked hard to fail to learn the test spells success to the other that same test spells failure, temptation, and test come to all of us all the time and I would to God that God be standing here today and say to you that I have succeeded hundred percent of the time. I would to God, but I haven't but the secret is how to know is to know where to go when your faith does studying your failure, often saying to the Lord and in upright with my brothers between services as well as my personal prayer life of every time I'm constantly saying to the Lord. I have no strength of my own, whatsoever. I am utterly, hopelessly and totally dependent on you. Verse 13 is my greatest encouragement. God is faithful and he will not test you beyond your ability to bear how by providing you of an escape hatch, but only if you prevail yourself to that sky patch. It's there for you to prevail if you prevail if you refuse it, and often cling to the promise constantly encouragement to lean into the power of God to overcome the temptations that come at you in life. This is leading the way. Would you like to learn more about what it means to live for Jesus or the place to start is right here just fell out a short form indicating conversation in whatever way is most comfortable for you again that, my dear and precious friends all the leading the weightlessness all the leading the way partners and supporters. I want to thank God for you. First of all, but also want to remind you that our God is the God who sovereign and in control. This coronavirus thing did not take him by surprise is not sitting in heaven, drinking my Lenten single. What am I going to do now is a God who's in control is in control of the very breath that I'm taking right now and he's in control in our lives and so we need to trust him completely when somebody says, trust me, you need to run when God says, trust me, you better trust him fully, completely, totally because he has our best interest at heart. Don't let your heart be troubled. Don't allow fear to dominate. Fill your mind, your heart you car your home with praise and adoration, worship, count the blessings look up to heaven. Trust God.

This is not time for fear. This is the time for faith and trust in for a great harvest by witnessing about ministry and we are here to give you all the resources that we possibly can give you an order to help you in your walk with Christ that will come out on the other side will be stronger spiritually and the more believing and trusting in God than ever before. God bless.

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