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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 26, 2020 12:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Send by nature is enslaving just the signature of sin and the more you indulge in it, the more controls. It has been since control lingers dance Dr. Michael you sent and Dennis is leading the way. Dr. Yousef is the author of more than 40 life-changing books, including his latest, saving Christianity do a number that leading the way and the many ministry arms reaching across six continents on listener supported. That means that leading the way, relies on the prayers on the generous gifts of God's people to continue reaching the lost with the grace of Christ, ways to stand with Dr. Yousef on the front lines of ministry. When you call 86662643561 online weird in just a moment. Dr. Yousef delves into what the Bible has to say about sexual sin, and godly marriage. I don't worry. Nothing inappropriate will be said only truth straight from God's word. Listen with me now to the next message in Dr. Yousef series called healthy living in a sick world structural soon. Paul said perverts God's plan and God's purpose for the body for the Christian believer, the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit double as a building host.

The presence of God so that he might be worshiped alone. The Christian body is where God dwells. The Christian body is where God resides. The Christian body is where God is on the Christian body is where God is revered the Christian body is where the word of God is a bright and that is why in verse 13, Paul explaining program.

The very rationalization of sin is flawed is flawed. Here is how they rationalize sexual sin.

Since the stomach is for food and food is for the stomach. Therefore, sex is like eating food for the body.

Just as the stomach is made for food. The body is made for sex is sex.

Paul starts this foolish thinking, bitterness, track by saying that while food in the stomach cover a biological relationship God one day is going to destroy both but not so with the body itself where the body of the believer, the body of the believer is designed by God so much more than just a biological function are bodies not only designed to serve God in this life, but for all of eternity, all to be sure our bodies are going to be glorified bodies because we change bodies are gonna be resurrected bodies of the heavenly bodies, but nonetheless will be our bodies, which will serve God for all of eternity here. Here in chapter 6 verses 15 to 18 tells us that the believers body is not only for the Lord in the future for eternity. But here and now in the sage in this life and this time, our bodies, our spiritual temples where the spirit of God resides. Therefore, it is inconsistent for the believer, in whom the Spirit of God dwells to be engaged in any sexual activities other than Petra sexual relationship and marriage between a husband and wife. No bouts know if know the culture said no.

Mr. so-and-so said mother reverence no fungicide. I don't care. The Bible is the absolute truth. Just because the gift of God.

The gift of sex is been given to us by God's been perverted in our culture, we must not be afraid to talk about it in our homes and our churches because it is a gift of God and once we explained to children in the next generations. Why is that gift given then we will be able to send all this perversion that is coming at us. After all, a fire in the fireplace on the cold night is absolutely delightful lead thus far jump out of the fireplace will burn the house down unnecessary, more sexual gift is given for marriage between husband and wife. That is why believer sexual bonds with any person other than your spouse is reprehensible. Why, because it will saying Jesus Christ, who lives within us in our bodies and with whom we are united.

I know you hear this argument all the time in the medial television here it all the time. My body is my body I could do whatever I want with it. According to verses 19 and 20 of first Corinthians chapter 6 that is absolutely not true for the believer, your body is not your own.

Your body has been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ, you are not bought by some cashew OR aluminum some useless metals like silver and gold or some piece of real estate will you have been bought with a precious priceless blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So the question might be asking the apostle Paul. Today is this how in the world. So we live a godly life in a godless world. How in the world are we going to live spiritually healthy lives in a spiritually sick world. How in the world are we to live a chaste life in a sex crazed world and if you think we have big problem. The Corinthians had a humongous problem and I'm so thankful to the Lord. All these things have already been answered in the word of God so you don't have to struggle with them unto grateful up all the answers that question in chapter 7 verses 1 to 7. The society like ours, though boasting about their freedom to commit sexual sin.

All sexual sins and perversions an act of fornication, adultery, homosexuality, polygamy, all kinds of sexual sin so bragging about it. Back then, there were four types of marriages just to give your backgrounds or understand specifically what Paul is saying what he said. Four types of marriages. There was a marriage between slaves, which was known as stent companionship where the slaves live together at the whim of the master there were separated at the whim of the best. Then there was a second type of marriage. The second type of marriage which was common law marriage. The stop of marriage was recognized after a man and a woman lived together for 12 months. The third type of marriage was when the father sold his daughter to a husband, but then there's a. A marriage that is the highest form of marriage and was practiced by the patrician class mother nobility as a matter fact this type of marriage was adopted later by the Roman Catholic Church and was Christianized and modified to be a Christian marriage and those marriage ceremony in the. Of marriage. This among the noble people.

It was both families involving the arrangement of the marriage, the matron of honor accompanied the bride and a groomsman accompanied the groomsman. There was exchange of vows of the bride wore a veil and the there were given rings and warm the third finger and there was a wedding cake and on and on and on during the term of the apostle Paul divorce was so common and so rampant that it was not unusual for someone to been married 20 times, not among the nobles, childish marriages were very common men and women live their lives, regardless of marriage valves now. Don't know about you but it astounds me how much Western civilization is now straining back to the first century morality.

After 2000 years of Christian teaching after 500 years of Reformation after over 400 years of Western civilization that was based on the Scripture were going backward, morally. Not only that, but some believers thought that to be single or celibate is far more superior, spiritually speaking, that is this people kind of sore because I'm single I'm superior to the married ones in the moment and when explain all and so they discourage marriage altogether.

Others even went as far as to say that sex even among married couple is wrong and sinful.

You need to be give it up.

Talk about confusion. They were utterly confused. There was so much confusion on the subject that many Christians were perplexed. There were frustrated. Then they were asking the apostle Paul saying how and hear the questions that they sent to the apostle Paul to give them an answer and he answers him in these verses.

What do we do now that we become believers living in the sex crazed world. Should we stay together as husband and wife.

If we both become believers, should we divorce if one spouse becomes a believer and the other one is not, or should we get married at all, just remain single and that is why in first Corinthians 7 Paul is saying verse one now concerning the questions you sent me. That's how we know there were questions they are asking Cesar his responding to them is answering them.

There is no doubt in my mind that the apostle Paul who drank deeply of the Old Testament the word of God consulted the Holy Spirit as he began to give them the answers. Listen to it very carefully is that if you're a single person who's contented to be single and you have the gift of celibacy stay single. If you're married and you both believers stay married if you're married to a nonbeliever and you happily married and your nonbelieving spouse is very happy for you to continue in the faith stay married Doug leave him or her for place, or if you are married to a nonbeliever and he or she wants to leave you because of your faith, let them go. Paul, like all faithful New Testament writers listen carefully please lock all faithful New Testament writers all drank deeply, including our Lord Jesus himself who also the Old Testament dog drank deeply from the Old Testament, they did not teach.

We should be unhinged from the Old Testament.

The Old Testament is like a house that does not have a roof. The New Testament is the roof that makes the house, complete Paul was thinking goes back to Genesis chapter 2, or God than something Jesus said in in Matthew 19 that God created them from the beginning of a man and a woman not to man, and not to women. God created them perfectly to fit in every way anatomically, physically, emotionally, spiritually, to complement each other.

He created them to fellowship for companionship for complementation of each other.

From that time on marriage is between a man and a woman, regardless of what the law of the land of any land said it is partnership and give God glory to God glory, not me. Later in the New Testament. Paul takes the Old Testament concept where God presented himself as the husband of Israel, his people's chosen people, and he lists that concept from the Old Testament and he applies it in the New Testament to the church that Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride beloved this picture of Christ the bridegroom and his church, the bride should be mirrored in every Christian home, what is it mean it means for husbands to be the initiators they are to be initiators of love, of mercy and of grace, just as Jesus initiated love this church, the bride to you and me the believers he initiated love. He initiated mercy he initiated grace and just as we and the believers responded to his initiating of love, mercy and grace, so must the wife respond to her husband, loving initiation, just as believers love adore and honor the Lord Jesus Christ, so must the wife learn to love, adore and honor her husband. I want to stop you. Just for a moment and speak to young husbands and young wives, your ones is too late for you guys like me is too late for us, but I want to speak to the young ones, and if I can contribute anything from the word of God not to make from the word of God so that the start of the wives because by the time I get to the husband's I could be stoned to death so precious wives do not beat your husband over the head, regardless of how much. Sometimes you want to. When you do that you're doing something unnatural.

Precious wives listen to him rather than this one God created man with an ego and no matter what mama said what grandmama said that the white heart of man is his stomach. It is not as his ego. Please do not try to beat his ego out for him. That's God's job. Let God take care of that. He does a better job. Do not try to put him down all the time, certainly never in public young wives on pleading with you.

Take my advice to heart, seeing his ego because that is the way God made him and when your husband reaches out to you in love until Melissa mercy.

You must respond with love how, by building them up by encouraging him in his initiating effort, even in times when you want to say don't touch me when you are talking about just explained to him how you love him, but just now physically you are unable to respond to his love. Verses three and five first Corinthians 7 when Paul said husband must fulfill his duties to his wife and a wife of prosecutor husband is talking about more than just sexual relationship.

All the totality of the relationship, but certainly the sexual relationship is major part of it.

I was canceling this man and is that the music is in the Bible said the that that a woman should be subservient to her husband. What what what what when you get the subservient bit is in the Bible is that Ephesians thing this in Ephesians thing says said limited about the Ephesian thing. The vision thing ever said subservient Bible never said subservient, that is a complete and utter live from the pit of hell didn't explain your submission is because of opposite submit one to another submission means that you, the wife respond to his loving initiation as enemies. It means reacting positively to his initiation. It means building him up as he lovingly approaches you one last thing that I'm going to zero in on the husband's ladies, don't worry. Don't be concerned about giving your husband a swollen head. If your price did you get that.

Don't worry about it now. I'll have a word with young husbands guys listen to me. Don't get bent out of shape and look for a way out when your wife does not respond to you. Don't deprive her of your affection. When she does not know how to respond to you. Help keep on extending your arms of love keep on extending the arms of grace keep on extending the arms of mercy. Be patient with her.

Just as the Lord Jesus Christ, the bridegroom is being patient with you is been present with me your wife needs your explanation you wife needs your understanding. So don't just climb up on just close up verse five.

Don't deprive each other except by mutual consent. If you have a unique ministry opportunity. If you have a deep intercession if you have a spiritual warfare time that you do in prayer on behalf of someone on behalf of your family, on behalf of yourself, that's fine, but both have to be in total agreement is something I'm going to say probably I will not repeat very often. Sex and marriage should not be used as a pretense for spiritual superiority who are more spiritual than your no sex in marriage must never be used as means of intimidation or manipulation of your spouse. If you do your manipulating God's gifts and marriage because it is God's gift and it's a wonderful gift and God is not honored in that situation. Finally, look at verses six and seven Paul is saying that if God has given you the gift of celibacy rejoice in it. Don't feel the least bit inferior to virtual merit being single. As Paul was at the time of the writing of the epistle means that you have more time to serve your more time to study the word you more time to minister to others.

For we know from acts 2610 that the apostle Paul was married at some point because he was a voting member of the Sanhedrin versus Jewish Supreme Court and is a voting member of one of the qualifications to be married, that you have to be married and so either he became a window or or his wife left him when he come to Christ.

We don't know at this point of his life. He was single, God gave him the grace to remain single and stay celibate.

But he never used this to tell others of everybody should follow me know and I know that's where legalism comes in. He just said if you want to be like me.

That's fine is my fact I'm going to tell you a fable, there were two little teardrops floating along the river of life.

One teardrop looked at the other and said who are you that teardrop said I am a teardrop from a woman who love the man and lost him and then go to the other teardrop in children who are you well I am the teardrop from the woman who got him beloved the word of God to both single and married is that we both should be focusing on the return of Christ, not focusing on our discontent not so much in our earthly condition.

Now can I get an amen from both single and merit you're listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set showing practical words from the pages of the Bible. Make sure to join Dr. Michael Yousef again next time he will continue this challenging series called healthy living in a sick world. If what you heard again.Christian marriage has sparked some questions about what it really means to be a Christian. Consider starting a conversation with one of our team members.

We made it really easy for you and you can speak on the phone or through electronic means.

Just visit, you'll fill out a short contact form again that's, my dear and precious friends all deleting the weightlessness all the leading the way partners and supporters. I want to thank God for you. First of all, but also want to remind you that God is the God who sovereign and in control. This coronavirus thing did not take him by surprise is not sitting and having drinking my Lenten single.

What am I going to do now is a God who's in control is in control of the very breath that I'm taking right now and he's in control in our lives and so we need to trust him completely. Somebody says, trust me, you need to run but when God says, trust me, trust fully and completely, totally because he has our best interest at heart. Don't let your heart be troubled. Don't allow fear to dominate. Fill your mind, your heart car you hold with praise and adoration and worship count the blessings look up to heaven.

Trust God. This is not time for fear.

This is the time for faith and trust in for a great harvest witnessing and by ministry and we are here to give you all the resources that we possibly can give you in order to help you in your walk with Christ that will come out on the other side will be stronger spiritually and the more believing and trusting in God than ever before complex.

This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael connected. I still like to channel Facebook, twitter and all of our social media network: LTW Boyd

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