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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 24, 2020 1:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Our world is getting sick about them in your marriage.

There is so many broken valves, selfish ambitions, blinding.

So many politicians and even in the church of Jesus Christ, and some abandon the truth that there once believe for the second letter, not just with the coronavirus sin and rebellion are destroying the foundation of our lives. Dr. Michael give you tools for healthy living in a sick world join him for leading the way and then expand leading weight compromising teaching the pastor, author and international Bible teacher, Dr. Michael you sent you set digs into the sexually charged culture and corporate easily compared to the culture we live in today. You'll see in Paul's letter to the Corinthians in encouragement to experience true freedom through the power of the cross. Do keep in mind that leading the way is a worldwide listener supported gospel sharing ministry ways to stand with Dr. Yousef when you visit or call 866-626-4356.

Listen with me now as Dr. Michael Yousef continues his series, healthy living in a sick world.

Pres. Calvin Coolidge was known for his brevity of speech here would never use three words, if one word would suffice, and one Sunday morning.

His wife was not feeling well so he went to church by himself. So when they come home to the White House.

His wife Austin. What did the preacher preached about this. It soon what did you say about soon it was against it. Beyond the story must confess to you about the thought long and hard of how there was a day when preachers called soon soon when churches more than just an auditorium for a motivational speech. Churches will more than entertainment center were church membership was taken seriously.

There was a time in America when we used to be shocked by soon not accommodated on the standard. Yes, there was a time when pastors invited people to repent of sin not try to explain it away baton.

When we blushed when you have fallen into sin today.

We pride ourselves on being called tolerant Christians, which means that we tolerate every sinful practice and unbelief meaning baptizing sin into the church of not being called bigoted meaning that we actually are not only loving sinners but would love sin.

The list goes on and on and on. And while the reality rock debris, weeping over sin, beloved, I weep over my sin as well as the sin of others and weeping over sin is what chapter 5 of first Corinthians is all about the hope returned to it and follow it with me. In chapter 5 he turns his attention to the tolerating off sexual sin in the church. In chapter 5 he turns his attention to the fact that compromising the authority of the word of God always always always leads to acceptance of other sins. Look at verses one and two. First Corinthians chapter 5, the first thing he had to show them is that immorality is animal relativism and morality no matter who calls it. What until you confront this head-on.

You can talk about philosophy until the cows come home. It will not. Gets us out of the pit. The Greek word that the apostle Paul uses here is the word point here, from which we get the word pornographer the broad definition of pornography is that sexual activities any sexual activities outside of a heterosexual relationship and marriage in the Corinthian church, the party that was taking place was incest and here, in this case, Paul is saying that even under Roman law, it is illegal.

Even the pagan Rome believes that ends this is a sound yet the believers in Jesus Christ, will tolerating it.

The church leadership, close-knit signs, the church leadership looked the other way. The church leadership shrugged and said everybody does it in the church leadership pretended is not a problem. It's not their problem. Paul said to the Corinthians shows, you should be morning over the sin, not blessing soon not want to be very clear. This is very personal for me that they might, I don't know but that they might come when they will hold me out of this place in handcuffs, but I will never shrink from calling sin sin whether be in my life for everybody else's life in verse two, the apostle Paul is saying you should be morning over sin as if you morning over the death in the family.

You and I know that a lot of people in our country are praying for revival, listen to me. Keep on praying, but I'm gonna tell you, based on the authority of the word of God and my knowledge of revival history.

There will be no revival until the believers come clean with God, and they worn over there soon. I know that's out there with Roberson does not make sense to the churchgoers of today are no I know, but it only makes sense to those who love Jesus with all of her heart.

I know because I know there are thousands of these have not bow down to bail. I know to those who look at the cross and say Jesus you did this for me. You God for my sins instead another cross until I met be redeemed and forgiven Jesus. You shed your blood that I might be set free from sin and have power over sin not sin have power over me.

My beloved when sin is not dealt with when sin is not repented off when sin is not confessed fully when sin is not cleansed and purged.

There can be no joy of the Lord, and there can be no power in the person's life.

Do not ever ever ever forget that the church of Jesus Christ. That's you and me and all the believers that we are the bride of Christ and let me tell you something. If I know anything about Christ, he does not and he cannot stand anybody molesting his bride, he may patiently wait for repentance.

He might patiently wait for confession, hereby patiently wait for turning back to him. But if the person or the person's refused to repent, then that person must be let go of by the church is not my words is not unlike the rule sets sin. The book, why because when he or she let go away from the cover of the word of God from the cover of the body of Christ. He is she is all alone all alone. When is totally separated from the loving support and care and fellowship with other believers. That's what Paul means by handing over to Satan my brother listen to ground.

I will tell you. God knows the truth. I've never read first Corinthians 55 without my eyes emotion with tears. Why is Paul taking this drastic major of handing this persistent element center handover to Satan with the two reasons for that.

First of all to bring that person to repentance. That's always the purpose that is always a desire but secondly to keep the rest of the church from being contaminated is the good news is the good news. We know from second Corinthians chapter 2 verses 5 to 11, but both that center in the Corinthian church, and the whole church repented and the great news is good news. This is the true purpose of any discipline to restore by repentance operator God of his anyone here persistent consumer have never repented of the sender of a professor today will be the day. Don't risk your life. Because if you persistent sin. If you are determined never to confess and limit the repent of your sin, then you are on your own. And that's a very frightful Frank. Secondly, the reason for this drastic measure. Verse six look at it with me. It keeps the rest of the church from fully plunging into sin. Paul said you're boasting is not good. What is he mean by this you're boasting is not good.

While the Corinthians believe or tolerating immorality of the incest in the trial they were bragging about the numbers that were bragging about the budget. There were bragging about how many compasses they've got.

They were bragging about their activities. There were bragging about their gifts.

There were bragging and while there were bragging about their large membership there will tolerating sin. Verse six again Paul said a little leaven can penetrate and impact the whole lump of go. I grew up in a home where my mother baked bread before devaluing she will bake the bread she will bring a little leaven or yeast, and she will make a whole and that, though, that she had needed together and she will put that Easter or that leaven and covered up and then put the whole jar in a warm and fuzzy place always warm and fuzzy.

The next morning. Watch out this thing just got so way up exploding out of the tub, so was like one of those horror movies you know I remember a horror movie would you think of drunk expanding and expanding and filling the kitchen and go into the living room and we will just filling the house except this is not a horror movie.

This is real and this is the burden of the apostle Paul. A wise Baker knows when the door reaches a certain height, it must be put in the oven why to stop the leavening process that could ruin good bread that could see people beloved. That's what happens if sin not dealt with promptly and thoroughly, my dear, dear friends, every piece of leaven that's hiding in our hearts every piece of leaven that is in our hidden motives. Every piece of leaven that is lying inside our spirits were sooner or later spell out the disaster unless we decisively deal with it biblically confessing and repenting, interact, God is not impressed by how many campuses church affairs God is not impressed by how many people attend church, God is not impressed by how many people leave our doctrine. God is not impressed by any of this but he is only impressed by obedience to his word. Why, because just as leaven represents the old life of Egypt and must be left behind. Even so, sin and the tolerance of sin represents the old nature before Christ, and we must ruthlessly remove it every day must not be allowed to take hold in our lives. But that's not all. God has given us the resources he has given us the resources to deal with sin on a daily basis, sometimes even moment by moment basis. He gave us his Holy Spirit and he gave us his holy book. I know some people use the old nature as an excuse enough you probably heard the kids that are the devil made me do it. You don't talk about while you are sleep devil made me do it okay when the kids success is not okay for somebody's been walking with the Lord for long time so well your list can help us to flesh factor heard a story about a man who broke the law and he appeared before the judge and instead of throwing himself on the mercy of the court to try to explain to the judge that he is a believing in Jesus, but the old nature still in him. The old man still in him the old nature is what really did the breaking of the law, but the Nugent nature did not what the judge was not very impressed with that argument normally due to sentiments 30 days in prison, but ended up doubling his sentence. When a man said, your honor. No mandated judge said okay because the old man and you did it. I give him 30 days in prison and because the new man in you was an accomplice. I give him 30 days W sentence.

Look at verses 9 to 13. Here Paul corrects a misunderstanding that arose from a previous correspondence he had with them. Listen carefully. Sometimes people deliberately misunderstood my goodness, I've seen it in the letter that he had sent them before this one.

He told her not to associate or fellowship with immoral people. Paul was referring to immoral people in the church in the membership of the church, not those who are outside of the church and he was flabbergasted at how can you miss this one, but he goes ahead patiently explains it away is misunderstanding resulted from them cutting themselves off from the people of the world completely and tolerating sin inside the church and accepting fellowship without condemning without diminishing without helping the person to repent and polish telling them this is a complete misunderstanding. If you cut yourself off from the world from the nonbelievers who witness to them was going to tell them about Jesus who's going to lead them to salvation was going to tell them that Jesus saves.

In fact, verse 11, he goes on to talk about this immorality may categorize them in three different ones. Okay sexual perversion, greed, idolatry why sexual immorality well because it degrades the person who commits it on a regular basis without repentance because it can lead the person into beastie Ellijay.

Why is persistent and sexual sin without repentance dangerous. Listen carefully because sexual passion and sexual instinct should not rule supreme in our lives.

Jesus should rule supreme. It is an insult to the Holy Spirit of God, who is on the inside of us and ready and willing to help us overcome and get into victory.

When we ask him to and don't the person who does not appreciate the part of the Holy Spirit which is available to them will always fall in this habitual pattern of behavior which becomes devastating. The second category.

Here's agreed, why does he put greed on the same level as sexual immorality well because a greedy person judges everything by purely materialistic standards and our life and our future. Eternity is far from materialistic standards as it gets there something else a greedy person is not a giver. He's a taker. You see, God is a giver. Satan is a taker. A godly person gives the greedy person takes and then take some more. Everything God created gives the sun shines to give a slight warmth. The trees give us fruit and shade. The rain comes down to water the see them grow the food. Everything under Satan's control takes takes and then takes again and gives nothing in return. The Bible said Satan steals Rob and plunders the third category is idolatry riser.

Michael was idolatry got to do with me. I don't get statue out like some of my hindering friend Brutus friend and vowed to it that's either worshiping please listen carefully, listen carefully, anything or anyone who occupies God's rightful place in my life is a form of idolatry. Sexual immorality is a sin against oneself. Greed is a sin against others. Idolatry is a sin against God. I want to tell you this story and that, pray to God will illustrate what the apostle Paul is trying to tell us about the danger of tolerating sin and what it can do now. It comes from the Eskimos and the details a bit gruesome but it illustrates how the devastating nature of tolerating sin not dealing with it and repentance and perjury. The Eskimos when they want to catch moves dangerous in many ways for them. So the way they do it is a thicker sharp knife and there coated with animal blood, and they freeze it in the coated some more. The new weight in the coated some more until the blade of the knife is completely covered by frozen blood, and then the hunter fixes the knife in the ground with the blade up and when the wolf allows his sensitive nose to the source of the sins of the blood and discovers the patient. He started licking and licking the blood in the licking s'more and licking some more and then he looks faster and faster and vigorously lapping the buffet over shop age of the blades begin tearing into strong but he is oblivious to it is oblivious to it is craving for blood become so great that he does not notice that this razor sharp sting of the naked blade in his own times. Neither does he recognize his insatiable thirst for blood needed to be satisfied that is being satisfied on his own warm blog. His carnivorous appetite only craves more and more and more until Dawn finds him dead in the snow. No wonder Jesus said the water that this world gives is like saltwater ever tried refill first and he drank saltwater the more you drink and you thirst anymore. You drink it looks like water and you drink it, the more you thirst the more you thirst in the morning first will never satisfy. But thanks be to God for the living water. The Lord Jesus Christ who set us free from the power of sin and the dominion of sin by the power of his own blood on the cross of Calvary. He has set us free in every single moment.

He wants to give us victory. The question is when you are asking every time you fire when you ask Dr. Michael Yousef continues his series healthy living in a sick world on the next leading the way we sure hope you can join the celebration.

Father God in the name of the precious son Jesus your son, we come to you, trusting you believing you that even though you have not promised to keep us from the valley of shadow of death, but you promised that you walk in it with us and so we thank you for father I pray for every trembling heart upright for every troubled heart upright. The peace of God that passes understanding will seal the hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Father Roy that we would not waste this crisis by just waiting for it to be over with.

We learn what you have for us is the crisis so that we might grow in Christ, and will grow in the knowledge of Christ and that we will able to reach out even though we might not do it physically cannot do it physically, but we can do it as soon as social media emails, phone calls, father, help us to reach out to the lost and to remind them that our God is a God of power mine and that he is a God in control and that he will use whatever crisis are weary and to bring glory to himself, and bless his children. Father, thank you that our eyes on Jesus because we know this is not our eternal home and we heading home upright as we travel in sergeants in this life that we would walk with you, trusting you work for you within our eyes are on our eternal home. Help us to focus on you and these difficult days for we pray this in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen this program is punished. I leading the way with Dr. Michael. You connect with us through our YouTube channel, Facebook, twitter and all of our social media networks more and LTW ordered

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