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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 20, 2020 1:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Truth versus partial truth.

So many preachers so many theologians scored under the guise of truth and what causes a defection from the faith. What causes giving in to this false teaching. Something trying to save Christianity.

Christianity does not need to be saved. That is why I wanted to get this will saving Christianity because it will show you how false that thought is his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousef exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today, and shares the keys to seeing the revival of true humanity in our day. Order your copy of saving Christianity today. It's the most important book of our time. You can call right or visit us number to call to order Dr. you set saving Christianity is 866626435 sex. That's 866-626-4356 or, it found that it's often true that people define who they are by the job they hold or the people they know are the number of zeros may be in their net worth that you know that's not how God sees you he sees you as one of his children or not today are leading the way you look at humility before God is closest to Jesus, who probably had reason to be proud of their earthly relationship with him, but they considered being a servant to be a better definition of who they are standby now for loving call for true humility on leading the way it will change your perspective on life and living. Listen with me as Dr. Michael Yousef pecans done with Ralph to first Corinthians chapter 4 we auto limits of a series of messages entitled healthy living in a sick world based on the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians. Here Paul makes it very clear that true humility begins by willingness to be a servant of Jesus, Paul, Peter, James, June, one of them felt honored and probably call themselves servants of these.

Look at verse one place. First Corinthians chapter 4 southern men ought to regard us as servants of Christ are those who entrusted with sacred things of God.

The word that Paul uses here is literally is the lowest galley slave is a person who was rolling all day long in the bottom of the ship rolling rolling letter of the Greek word became referencing to anybody who puts himself under authority, all Christian believers, especially those for serving. There are some bargains and subject of the Lord Jesus Christ. A true servant of Jesus will always always always be an amendment and a paradox in this fallen world is popular in this fallen world is not a true servant of Jesus Christ to see the world system will never understand or comprehend that we received on seeing that we conquer by yielding that we find rest on the radio that will rain by serving that we made great by becoming little goodwill exalted by becoming humble that we become wise by being fools for Jesus sake that we made free by becoming bone slaves to Jesus. We possess all things by having nothing that we are strong by being weak that we try am by the feet that we have victory and glory in our infirmity that we live by guiding question what is the first concern for the servant of the Lord that had to be happy but how pleasing to the master how pleasing a martyr. The master Paul did not say the servant of Jesus must be eloquent, the servant of Jesus must be clever of the servant of Jesus must be extraordinary communicator. No no no no no and and and and or the servant of Jesus must humble himself under Jesus. Look at verse two.

First Corinthians 4.

It is required of the spirit to be what well before I get carried away. I want to get to the text I want to show you here the apostle Paul is saying that you and I every single day facing three courts three courts every that we face the three courts, there is what I call the lower court and that is the court of public opinion what people think of you, what people think of me as the court recites and you know what will you like it or not that happens. But then there's a second court example court. That court is the court of your conscience. But then Paul said that is 1/3 court. It is a Supreme Court as the Supreme Court and that Supreme Court is what God thinks of you how God judges you, verse three, but with may look at this is a lower court here is the lower court but was me it is very small thing that I should be judged by you. Another translation of Ingersoll's translation for this.

What it matters very little to me what anyone thinks of me that I get an amen. A well-known journalist from yesteryears by the name of Horace Greeley. Some of you might know the name is Horace Greeley said same as a vapor popularity is an accident riches take wings.

Those who cheerier today will curse you tomorrow. The only thing endures. This character and Paul said with needs very little thing.

What you think of me. It's so small is not impacting me in any way at all that I should be judged by you, this is a lower court but then that he said there is a second court about the way he does and is aware court hearing because the drama separating the present is a really pretty get this. I am making it up. Okay so you understand this is to give you a way by which you can identify with this and he said there is a higher court than public opinion. Messick, the court of your conscience question is our conscience hundred percent accurate judge and died. Now Paul said it is not the receipt the conscience can approve or disapprove something depending on bringing depending on our learned pattern of behavior. If a person is brought up in a biblically sound home and ended learned godly behavior and that guided by the Holy Spirit and the word of God, then yes, in most cases their enlightened conscience is going to guide them but if Bill brought up by people who are away from the warden and away from understanding biblical views in the Christian faith. Then at this point, their conscious, be trusted at all. Why because we were taught, and therefore are life-threatening and conscience are based on erroneous principles is the word of God here.

Chapter 4 Paul was saying even the conscience that is enlightened by the Holy Spirit can rationalize wrong things and silence neutral things.

It all depends on how you trained is a bottom-line listen hours get to the bottom line. This whole explanation is that the servant of God does not live by the opinion of others, the servant of God does not follow his or her conscious entirely verse four. And Paul himself values the conscience is by dismissing it he values it and he himself knows of no evidence in this country to condemn him.

He himself is very clear about this, but he said my conscious cannot justify me before God.

That is why we have 1/3 court, the Supreme Court, and that court whose opinion and judgment matters the most.

Verse five God's evaluation is what matters the most. God's verdict is what matters the most. God's judgment is what matters the most. Why because people judge on the basis of appearance and often wrong. Our conscious judges based on learned behavior packing all self needs, but only God judges us on the basis of motive did you get that only God judges us on the basis of motive.

Beloved, listen to me only, each of us individually can judge our motive. No one can judge another person's motive of number love my wife for 50 years.

I cannot judge a motive because 1 can accurately judge another person's motive. Only we can judge our motives.

Please don't misunderstand. It is nice when people especially believers encouragers and supporters is lovely. It is nice when our conscience does not condemn us is lovely but it is a far more M & beyond description. When you hear the Lord's approval ever since I was a young man, I've always been motivated. There's nothing that I have worked on the just, I don't understand it but I've always been motivated with what I call the audience of one solid throughout my ministry, but as I do come to this over time is becoming more intense, more intense that I care deeply of wanting to hear from the lips of my Savior welder good and faithful servant is the recap here for a minute. True humility manifested in obedience to the truth of the word of God. True humility is manifested in the acknowledging of the sovereignty of God. True humility is manifested in our deep desire to please the Lord in this is really my beloved friends. The crux the core of the problem with the Corinthian church that really is the core problem that Paul is dealing with these folks will believers yes there was saved. Yes, but there were prideful. There were useful and Paul is saying.

At the very core of their division and factionalism is pride. There were proud of their human wisdom. They are proud of their human leaders there were proud of taking side and creating division, and yet, in their case, the leaders themselves were godly and humble and very did not want to see this happen.

As I said don't go beyond what's written. Sadly, today we have leaders who ferment and develop and cherish eagerly promote themselves in one followers to follow them.

Not Jesus. Now here's something you can be sure of whatever God intends for unity in his body, the church.

Satan always intends it and means it for division. In fact, the word arrogant that the apostle Paul uses here is used literally to means an inflated view of one's opinion an inflated view of one's ideas that stubbornness sadly can have disastrous consequences. My God forbid that anybody at the sound of my voice fall and the strap us thinking about a story some years ago by the U.S. Navy ship large battleship. They noticed a small light from the dock and the captain immediately got his communication officer. He said send the following message alter your course 10 south immediately come the answer no you alter your course 10 north. I mean, the captain became livid. Who is this whisk questioning my authority, and then he immediately send a second message alter your course 10 south throughout the second message was ignored. I am asking you to open your course 10 north by that time the captain was furious, to say the least.

He said this is Capt. Smith of the U.S. Navy. I am ordering your arm up at the ship and am ordering you change course alter course 10 south ambience. I am cemented because Jones you alter your course 10 north. I am a lighthouse. Now, beloved, how many times pride sets us on a collision course with the lighthouse. How many times pride sets us on a collision course with the light of the world. How many times arrogance and pride make us think that we know better than God and his word insisting on our own course of action, and that my beloved friends brings us to a collision course with the rock of ages think with me how many who have allowed pride to control their foggy thinking and loss perspective. How many times pride made us adamant not to submit to the authority of the word of God than we think we know better in this 21st-century is another problem. Pride is nothing often say that with me. Pride is not an offer is love siblings and he has a twin sister named arrogance in boasting and that is why Paul said verse seven. Why do you blank why do you think that you are above other believers. Why do you think that you or your group are better than others. Paul said in reality we have nothing to brag about why because everything we have is governmental as how can you brag about that which is given to you ultimately said we are all made of the same stuff that ultimately were all redeemed by the same Lord ultimately were all given the same spirit and when you're given something you can brag about it. It should bring us to our knees in gratitude and Thanksgiving and beloved, I don't have to tell you, gratitude is becoming a rare commodity in our culture. Verse eight Paul uses sarcasm and because of Kings. This is the Corinthians believers were actually having the very same problem as the church of Laodicea.

Remember the book of Revelation, the church of C in the book of Revelation.

Would you send them a letter and they thought that there were rich, needing nothing unlike the ladder sin were wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. Look at verses 9 to 13. Finally, Paul speaks of the paradox of Christian leadership. If you have never understood the paradox of Christian readership. You'll see it here and it is summarized in four words four words spectacle fools suffers and scum. This is little words but I need to give your historic background.

In order for you to understand those verses. You have to understand the historical background to it because Paul is writing to these people who living in the Roman Empire. They understood it, they were living it, you know, Rome conquered the world to conquer the world and so whenever they conquered is a part north Africa and the Middle East and the conquered. That whole Mediterranean basin.

Whenever they conquered one of those countries, they immediately after the battle.

They come home and they have a victory parade in the main street of Rome right at the center of victory. The first people to walk in these parades. The first was a command marching in the Roman generals victorious bragging about the victory. They are at the front of the parade, followed by the Army officers followed thoroughly by the foot soldiers. That is the victory parade and way way way in the back of the parade, the conquered King with his officers and they are on a prominent display for all to see. For all the marker and make fun of these prisoners of war were under a death sentence in the cold spectacles see this when he gets the word spectacles and Paul refers to them here in the apostle Paul is saying draws that our life over discipleship is a life of servant hood alive of servant hood is a life of humility. Beloved in this world true servants of the living God may be ridiculed, all but in heaven there will rule in this world. The servants of the living God might be marked called fools of Blessed are the fools in Jesus name in this world the true servants of the living God might be called names, but they have no time for resentment. They have no time for bitterness.

They have no time of fighting in this world. The servants of the living God who want to live peaceably, listen to me. I know a lot of Christians ages one live peaceably and if they do they will talk about garden sort of nebulous concepts that they cannot talk about Jesus if they want to be treated like a scum.

They proclaim that Jesus is the only way to salvation in heaven as happens in our culture and in every culture around the world. That's what I believe are so many other people living in in times and that should not surprise us for this is the story of our Lord and Savior Jesus himself the King of all Kings, the King of the universe. He was born and raised in obscurity. The King of the universe lived and died poor to make repentant sinners internally rich. He had a stable for his birthplace in the manger for his cradle. He lived and worked as a carpenter in a despised town where they used to say. Can anything good come out of Nazareth when Jesus began his ministry. He had no organization to support him. He preached without a price. He performed miracles for which he received no compensation. He said foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head. The King of the universe for doing good. He received crucifixion at the end of his earthly ministry he was sold for 30 pieces of silver, the price of a slave, the one who made all of the trees in the universe hung on a tree, the one who made all of the iron mines in the world.

He was nailed to the cross with an iron nails.

His burial close word gift and his two was about to he was made a spectacle of fullness come for us, for you and for me, but that was not the end of the story. A day is coming soon when his enemies shall be made his footstool. The day is coming soon when those left pierced him. They got a pound on the heart that is coming soon when every knee shall bow the day is coming soon and every tongue shall confess a day is coming soon when you are not suffered for his namesake rain on roof with him forever. Beloved.

That is why we have every reason to be home. You're listening to Dr. Michael you set on leading the way with this series called healthy living in a sick world into the beginning of healthy living and humble living is a relationship with Jesus Christ. And if you'd like to learn how to start a relationship with Jesus. Or if you have some unanswered questions we count, we met reach out right now resume now leading the way, has passionate staff all around the world and recently one of our office issued a note from a young woman who listens to talk to you set and leading the way in Egypt planning to summarize her story, watching many sad and painful things happen in her life.

She often asked blind alignment and why was I created during one of those hard time she visited a church asking the pastor to pray for her and she left the pastor gave her a Bible and encouraged her to read it tamely, she ran and eventually began listening to leading the way. One day after one of the messages down and crying out to Jesus as Lord on the team on of the questions washed away and she lives today confident that her strength is in Kai teams her prayers transversal public use stacking assent, and leading the way, local pastor to reach this young person for Jesus. We want to remind you that when you stand with Dr. you set in prayer and financially. You two are part of changing lives through the power of the gospel, we invite you learn more about Dr. Yousef learned that the global work of leading the way.

When you call 866-626-4356. That's 86662643568 can also go to and experience testimonies about the impact of leading the way worldwide.

LTW that's our broadcast but again, we are simply join us your picture.

Make it a point to listen again next time I hear for leading the way

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