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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 19, 2020 1:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hi remaining I can find it much easier program. A radio here in Pennsylvania I go to church regularly and Bible study and when dating the choir and ministry every morning when I'm getting ready for work Monday through Friday. The Holy Spirit will you eat me. I live by bread alone, but by every word I just wanted to encourage you and the thing that talk about race. The holy industries is effectively 60 and you guys give people like myself every day take the car need not read, and I pray everything on the morning to see here God speak to and carried my life being carried and we pray for you got used to the kingdom what you're doing welcome to leading the way with pastor and author of the new book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael you set when you went into a building.

The last thing on your mind is the foundation you're more focused on finding the elevator or the office that you're visiting. But the fact is, without a firm foundation that building could sink right into destruction. The same is true with your life. Your life is only as strong as the foundation it's built on today on leading the way.

Dr. Yousef takes you to the wise words found in first Corinthians chapter 3 words declaring the importance of building a life on the foundation of Jesus and his word. This is part of a series called healthy living in a sick world. Listen with me now is Dr. Michael Yousef begins with pointed words about ways that people try to get to heaven. There is off people around the world who think the breadcrumbs smuggled himself into heaven, whether this through religious rituals, and whether it is through charity work with us old folks of political ideology whether it is through some sort of plan thinking got them smuggled themselves into heaven, and yet the word of God tells us, as Paul tells the Corinthians here in Corinth and every other city who travel to plant the church in has laid only one foundation is Jesus Christ. Only faith in Jesus Christ as the one and only Savior is the only foundation that is worthy of them.

It is only foundation on which your life can be built in my life can be broke. The computer short of heaven done with me if you haven't already. First Corinthians chapter 3 he said in verse 10, the grace of God I lay foundation as an expert builder as a master builder and there is no other foundation other than Jesus Christ.

No religion, no ritual nor certain lifestyle. No moral virtue.

No effort, no family connection. No pope, no bishop, no priest or pastor. Only Jesus plus nothing will get you to heaven. Once the foundation is laid. The apostle Paul said we need to build on it now wanted to him about.

Please when you build on that only foundation that building that you building throughout your life will determine your reward, not your salvation because salvation is given to you as a gift of grace and we have been seeing throughout the series of messages, healthy living in a sick world how the apostle Paul is trying to correct so many of the errors in the church of Corinth.

So what does he do. He starts with first and foremost the divisions. The squabbling the argument. The silly argument. At times, which they have brought upon themselves by lining up with different leaders of the church. Paul Apollo's and by the way Paul on the policy did not create this the people. Always tried to line up with certain group for certain cult leader certain somebody but these divisions lining behind a call leader worship creates a much deeper problem. Most important of these divisions.

What it does. It diverts attention from the real foundation which is Jesus Christ watching any culture. Anybody who's running or saying in a pastor's also said pastors also sent process also set when they don't say the word of God said the pastor said whenever they get into this kind of mode of thinking what is lost. The foundation, namely Jesus the Christ. Remember, Paul still calls them brethren. Don't forget that these people are saved or saved, but there were taking their eyes off of her foundation, namely Jesus and building a shoddy building. Here Paul is saying. Once you have the right foundation. You must build wisely on it every one of us must build wisely on look at how many times the apostle Paul kept saying Everyman Everyman them is everyone everyone everyone beloved, listen to me. I know it is fashionable now and many are church and preacher say people can reach God different ways people say that different religions will reach into the same place or that Jesus is the founder of a religion, just like the other guys are all founders of other religions. That's not only progress. It is contrary to the word of God from cover to cover the Christian faith was not founded on social work. The Christian faith was not founded in Christian ethics the Christian faith was not founded on some set of rules. The Christian faith was not founded on certain dogma. The Christian faith was not founded on church tradition the Christian faith was not founded on church hierarchy. The Christian faith was not founded on mother church and father daughter summer claim on the millionaire's the foundation of our faith is Jesus and Jesus alone. Verse 11. Again, no one, no one means no one can lay any foundation other than a regulated, which is Jesus Christ now want to show you historically how we came to this time where the foundation not only was shaken, shifted, I want you to know that this does not happen overnight. In fact, the beginning was back in 1923/1924. That's how long is been taking for the foundation to be shaken and to be changed. Back in 1923 the Presbyterian Gen. assembly issued five pillars of the face. The following year 1924 the liberals are like to call them the apostates came over and hijacked the assembly and change all those five pillars. Let me explain them, told them what their work in 1923 the inerrancy of the Scripture. For make no mistake about it. If you doubt the Scripture you going to doubt everything eventually. The inerrancy of the Scripture that was number one.

The virgin birth. Secondly, thirdly, Christ's sacrificial death on the cross as satisfaction to the justice of the father and the only means by which man can be reconciled to God the father forcefully. The bubbly resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and the fifth the supernatural power of the divine Jesus Christ yet exactly a year. One year later this liberals hijacked at the nomination in 1924, they changed everything. Of those five pillars number one, they said on the inerrancy of the Scripture is what they said no one can really be sure about on the virgin birth, they said it's only a theory, among other theories on the cross of Christ as the only satisfaction to the justice of God the father.

They said atonement is only a theory on the bodily resurrection of Jesus. They said resurrection need not be broadly and fitfully about the supernatural divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ and said in his earthly ministry, Jesus did great and mighty works great and mighty things, denying his divinity in the supernatural. Not beloved these false foundations did not just happen yesterday.

We feeling them. Now we feeling them now but there nearly hundred years ago the foundation began to shift and being built on the deck of cards and the moral decay is that we are experiencing today again. Back then, when the foundation is destroyed.

I asked the psalmist what can the righteous do the righteous can stand up and be counted and build on the right foundation when the foundation shifts moral structure begun to crack and it began in the church and so later on we see it in the courthouses receiving the legislative assemblies received education system and received in the telling of the social fabric, but it all began to crumble when the church shifted the foundation from Jesus to something else like the thought of Pisa in Italy. I'm told that this 179 foot structure liens about 1/20 of an inch every year that's recalled the leaning Tower of Pisa. In fact, the word Pisa in Italian means marshy land that's enough to tell you that the reason why the Tower of Pisa began to lean even before it was completed because marshy foundation will always collapse the building. It might take years, but it will do it again and again any foundation other than that of Christ will collapse sooner or later, know after you get the foundation right the building. The apostle Paul said that your building that's what you doing every day of your life. Every one of my life now that building that your building is of vital importance. Thank God for all of us who believe the only foundations Jesus but you can't stop there.

The right foundation would get you to heaven and that is a gift that God can offer you can reject it, or you can receive it, but the right building will get you rewarded and I am personally convinced can get you rewarded both on earth and in heaven.

Look at verse 13 tells us why what you build on that foundation which is Christ is of utmost importance for each individual and you cannot say what I was so-and-so is here to hear this message notes for you and you and you need the last message I parted out from chapter 2 first Corinthians. There are some people in the church are wasting their Christian lives on trivia when they can be doing great things for God. Believers who build their lives on the solid foundation which is Christ marks examine themselves on the regular basis. I do it not only daily basis, sometimes several times a day. Ask yourself the question what kind of building my building in my life.

What kind of material, using and building of my life. What kind of care. Am I taking in the building of my life. Every one of us is building every one of us, young or old with you or six years of age was 63 years old where all our buildings and Paul says there are only two types of material that you can use two types the varieties in each type. There are only two types of building material. No third. The first group is made of gold, silver and precious stone. The second type of building material is made of wood, hay and straw from the very time when Jesus said I build my church from that very time until now there have been golden believers. And there have been wooden believers.

There have been silversmith believers, and there have been had a practice believers. There have been precious nonbelievers and there have reinstall gathering belief stimuli. Please is Paul talking about Rich Christian versus poor Christian no way is he talking about talented Christian versus not so talented Christians know why is he talking about famous preachers versus those who are quietly an unassuming working in the kingdom of God. No way I can tell you this. I really tell you this is not a master's in nursing a preacher says but I am convinced there are people going to be so close to Jesus. But you have never heard of and all that is so famous preachers are going to be so away in the back.

They can't even see them. I am absolutely convinced of that because we judge by appearance God doesn't see these types of materials represents our response to what God has given us this top of materials represents our faithfulness to Christ, or lack thereof. This type of material is represents our work for the kingdom of God will not beloved, we are not saved through works with say through grace alone.

That's only message you going to hear from this book.

But once USA each of us become builders of a spiritual edifice.

Now I know there are builders who insist on giving God nothing but the best. I am blessed to know some the best of the resources the best of the time the best of their gifts and talents.

Beloved. That's gold that silver that's precious stone. There are other builders who are shouting workers they give God the leftovers the leftover of their money left over that time the leftover of that talent in the essay God understands are have responsibility God understand I got doesn't really care. He knows I'm busy. God doesn't expect me to do anymore any better.

I have people actually who said that to make. There are some builders who are like David would say for landlord that I gave you which costs me nothing that's gold that silver that's precious stone and there are builders who say Jesus paid it all and nothing to him.

I give that's a new song that's wood that's had the straw that some builders who spend their prime time in serving and giving and praying and watching that's gold or silver. That's precious stone others give the appearance of being busy doing busy work serving on boards and committees.

And while the reality of the self-serving and they wonder why the life is turned upside down. Now I'm not saying that the not necessarily doing sinful things.

I'm not saying that no misunderstanding but not necessarily doing bad things. On the contrary that the sums so many good activities and good things to do, but when their work is tested by fire.

It will burn until crisp. That's what Paul is saying in us normally don't shoot the messenger because they building with the wrong motives.

And that's wood and hay and straw every believers. A build can I get an amen. The question is what building material. Are you using what kind of building are you erecting what edifice are you constructing dads I want to get serious with you. Just let me get real with you for a minute when your children say dads highest priority is God and his glory. Please answer that yourself moms I want to get real with you two are your building with gold and silver precious stone so that your kids can say mom loves Jesus so much that everything she does this with him in mind young people listen to me with what building material. Are you using in your life are you trying to keep up with the ungodly in the world of friends are you trying to keep up with the latest model of gadgets and fashions, or are you willing to stand up and stand out and pay the price.

Each one of us younger older building were building every single day were building. The question is will you material stand. The fire test the fire test every building.

Whether this commercial building or residential building. It has to be billed to specification has to be built to code and beloved Jesus is asking everyone who is redeemed by his precious blood to build according to carload he has standards for his redeemed ones.

And he will test every one of our scriptural buildings and every one of us. When Jesus returns, he will test the quality of our buildings and Paul uses the fire as a symbol of the test will the building of your life, stand the test of fire. Look at verses 14 and 15. Believers are saved by grace will escape the eternal condemnation. The Bible is very clear. Therefore there is no condemnation upon those who are in Christ Jesus.

Yes they can be not literally, but if's every believer. However, will stand before the heavenly tribunal everyone of us will be judging the basis of how he or she lived his or her life. Some will make it to heaven by the skin of that this was not as aggressive God. In fact, some will enter heaven smelling as if they have been brought out of a fire sale. You know I mean you can smell the smoke snatched from the fire but if you quality of your work is gold and silver and precious stone. The fire will only make you shine brighter make you shine computer still make you shine like the stars that you must understand there are many worthwhile causes so many good things. Education and health in all kinds of good things on the misunderstanding the good things. There are so many beautiful things that need to be done. There are so many helpful works. But the question that you must ask yourself every time.

Do they bring glory to Jesus alone wonder tell you this, as I conclude, early in the 20th century there was an ad in the British newspapers and read as follows someone read it. Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages, better cold, long months of complete darkness in constant danger, safe return is doubtful on nonrecognition only in case of success in the ad was signed by the famous Arctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, thousands of people were inquiring I want to sign up.

I just couldn't help myself and I wondered what would happen if Jesus put an ad in the newspaper today. Men and women, boys and girls. I wonder for difficult task to help building of my kingdom. You will often be misunderstood even by those who are dear near to you. Your face constant attack from an invisible enemy.

You might not see results from the labor your full reward will not come until your work is complete, sign Jesus.

I wonder how many would apply would you apply the same Lord only want to build gold and silver and precious stone. Forgive me for using mood and stroke.

Lord help. This is leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth is busy.

That's why the tenet leading the way, provides multiple ways for you to listen and to watch Dr. Yousef's teaching. You can listen on the radio.

You can stream current and past messages, audio entity and you can also download the leading the way were use your smart home speaker information about all these I before time runs out. Let me quickly remind you to sign up for Dr. Yousef daily E devotional. This is called my devotional in the middle of all the noise of the world getting my devotional is refreshing guide you to take just a moment away from all that noise and refocus your scattered stressed mind on the things of eternity. You'll do this to a quick reading in God's word and if you practical thoughts from Dr. Yousef so get your free subscription to my devotional started when you visit we have desk and lots of other great spiritual resources available there. Once again you can also reach out to a ministry representative for this and other items to help you in your walk with Christ.

The number to call is 866-626-4356 at 866-626-4356 nears the music that tells me it's time to take it private. Thank you for being with us and I do have enough time to offer the invitation to join Dr. Michael you second right here another edition of leading this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent

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