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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 16, 2020 1:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Living in a world of abundance and over indulgences isn't easy, especially, is a question honestly, it arguments to live a life fully committed to Jesus and all of the 10 nations around next on leading the way. Dr. Michael Yousef takes you to where faith meets real-life cheering point advice from the apostle Paul is outwitting the Christian life. They wanted to hold all of the blessings that came as a result of reporting that faith in Jesus, but we also want the whole own through the morality of the culture of they wanted to have 1 foot for Jesus and 1 foot with a corrupt culture something is going to give Sue no life welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael Yousef standby for practical and biblical truth living and standing firm and for Christ it's part of a brand-new series called healthy living.

To learn more about Dr. Michael Yousef and leading the way. Jot this number down 866-626-4356 you can visit today Dr. Michael Yousef guide you into the pages of first Corinthians. So if your situation allows. In other words, if you're not driving or doing something dangerous and you have your Bible or your Bible app handy intern there. That way you can dig deeper into this challenging study is Dr. Michael Yousef begins.

I don't think there is a valve in anyone's mind that all world is very sick and is getting sicker by the Church of Jesus Christ are some who have abandoned the truth. But there once preached, and once believe for the sake of popular acceptance and received all around church leaders both lay and clergy that I personally have known headstrong biblical spams. Now they question therefore of the Scripture and the question is this how can you live healthy spiritual life and the sick world is getting sick through the years when I needed answers to big questions of life.

I have learned the hard way that all of my attempts.

All of my studies in all of my answers the best but the worst I best a very temporary, but if I go to the word of God which are fully trust as infallible and errant. I get permanent and lasting answers that were going to do today we going to go to the word of God. As I commenced a series of messages entitled healthy living and the sick world. We don't know be looking specifically at the first epistle of Paul to the Corinthians little bit of background, Paul pioneered the church in he was the first one to preach the gospel in the town and the city of Karnes.

He founded the church of Jesus Christ there and Carl's Paul received a lot of grief from the church records and that is why he rides to open his longest letters to of his longest officials in the Bible to the church in Corinth. Why because Corinth was not an easy city to preach the gospel in Corinth was not an easy city for the believers to remain faithful to the Lord in that city back then it was the crossroads of trade back then it was the entertainment center back then it was a cosmopolitan city where people from all over the world were living in Corinth, backgrounds was the center of pagan worship bagman posted to all the major global athletic events. Back then it was renowned for its corruption bagman. It contained the Temple of the goddess Venus with its 1000 professors. In fact Corinth became so synonymous with immorality and the dreadful immorality of Corinth was known for his sexual license that sometimes you want to insult the person or insult the town and you say they are being scrutinized again as the impossible odds.

The apostle Paul preaches the gospel in Corinth and there he founded the church of Jesus Christ and that city like so many churches today. The Corinthians believer listen to me. The Corinthians believer had a very hard time not to import the godlessness in their moral culture into the church. They have had a very hard time and that an extremely difficult time not to be impacted by the moral culture around them.

The Corinthian church had a ferocious battle in their hands and resisting the infection of that sick world. Bottom line, there were important godless lifestyles into the church. They were important godless methodology and methods of operation into the church. There were important worldly techniques into the church. Please listen carefully, here is the real battle among the believers. They wanted to hold onto all of the blessings that came as a result of their putting their faith in Jesus, but they also wanted to hold onto the morality of the culture of the day they wanted to have 1 foot to Jesus and 1 foot with a corrupt culture and that is why Paul tells them in chapter 6 verses eight and nine that this is impossible so passable to do something is going to give Sue no later others in the church had confused power to listen to me very carefully.

This is important because easily we have confused partners like the Corinthians.

What they did.

They shunned the pagans in the world completely home they supposed to be reaching out to and testifying to and reaching for Jesus Christ, but then David show me with the immoral incarnate Christians. And Paul is saying you should do the opposite. You should shun the immoral and the combo Christian and then you should reach out with love to the pagan world.

Confused partners and he says stop that confusion, but the one thing that hits you like a lightning bolt. If you focus on it that in the midst of all this, he called them Saints, then obviously holy but really literally the word sensorimotor transactions that Saints listen to verse two to the church of God that is in Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus and called to be saints that together with all those who are very in every place we call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Both their Lord and our Paul is calling the Christian believers in Corinth messed up as they are, as they were. He calls them Saints have come beloved listen. According to the word of God. Every true believer in Jesus is a sign every born-again believer is a saint.

Everyone who believes that Jesus is their only Savior and Lord. Whether they are faithful will not whether they are totally committed to him or not, whether they are active or not, whether there are faithfully living for Christ or not. Paul calls them Saints. I told her tomorrow. When you think about because believers in Jesus are saved by grace, not by works because believers in Jesus opposition lay say even if they are not acting like it because believers in Jesus have nothing to do with what they did or did not do that before I go any further I want to balances.

Listen carefully God has an amazing way of disciplining his wayward children. Another some Christians alike door discipline I sent you executor of the Bible. This is he disciplines those whom he loves. He chastises those whom he loves.

God has a way of chastising sending Saints.

God has a way of dealing with the constantly and continuously disobedient Saints and practice that will grow seller, but in position that were Saints. Why, because positionally God see the believers through the righteousness, the prism of the righteousness of his son Jesus, who took Allison up on his cross positionally. We already sanctify but also we had daily being sanctified and that is why the Holy Spirit always brings us under conviction in the area of our practice. He doesn't bring us under conviction in the area of opposition because that is settle therefore there is no condemnation upon those who wear in Christ Jesus, so the convection comes in the area of our practice when we are tempted to take the wrong turns, when we attempted to wink at sin when we attempted to compromise our convictions when we attempted to take the shortcuts an easy way out. When we know it's wrong at the moment we need to stop and remind ourselves we are, that he who dwells in us is greater that he is in the world, that he who dwells in us is more powerful than temptation that he will dwell in us can give us the power to live a healthy life in a sick world. On what basis are we to live healthy lives in a sick world.

Well, chapter 1 verses 4 to 9 Paul gives a sense because we have been declared to be saints or as I said the treasures of holy we already been declared that therefore we should live holy lives because we have been given holy nature. Therefore, we can live holy lives because we are seeing by a holy God to be holy. Therefore, we can live holy now I'm going to give you little grammar lesson. This is just going to be very brief but is been a blessing. Here you see the indicative comes before the imperative is that was big about this is very big. Listen to me. The indicative forms the basis for the imperative because the Pharisees and the legalists also must not do this you must do this you must do this you must not do this. What it means for the indicative becomes the basis for the imperative is indicative you are best indicative right this is you are what's imperative. Therefore, you must live like because you already are, therefore you live like you are live like that is really what this great blessing is about your child will always be your child no matter what they do heal. She is your child and for those who may have. Why would children only tell you the most important thing you can do is to remind them of the love you have for them because he or she is your child, nothing is going to change your love for them. But this I'm also aware of the fact that those wayward children may break our hearts into but what they're practicing but that does not change their position as your child. This is true with the believer who is living deliberately and disobedience they are breaking the heart of God into but God remains faithful to them because he cannot deny himself all. But listen as I said he will chastise them he will discipline he will go after them and I know that from first-hand experience when literally God grabbed me from the back of my neck, kicking and screaming when I run away from the Lord is going to get his man. God is going to get his will. If it takes them years he's going to know what that is a great blessing of our faith. Today I want us to look at the very first inconsistency between position and practice opposition as children of the living God, redeemed for all of eternity and the unfaithfulness that some of us rectus I'm gonna show you the first inconsistency and I will show you why Paul of all the problems that we can see in the coming series all of the problem. He chooses this one is the first inconsistency that is not on the ring God. Here in verses 10 to 17 you going to see the first inconsistency because the one thing the bricks the heart of God when they need any church, any church when there is a strife and division from birth to death.

The natural inclination is to be and to have and to do what we the whole culture encourages that the whole culture says grab all you can do whole coaches in the sky is the limit. Go for it. Regardless of whom you heard the word mistranslated here contention. I don't know what your translator submits the word translated literally mean contention. This is the word Iris that's the RIS and Iris was the goddess of strife and wrangling. Beloved listen when the goddess of strife and wrangling rules supreme among Christians.

Satan rejoice when the goddess Iris of strife creates the atmosphere of gossip and backbiting and fighting and disagreements. Satan is delighted really is what I say this because there are few things that Kamara the testimony of a believer like quarreling and fighting together many divisions in the church, which actually causes some nonbelievers to be squeamish about the Christian faith and I'm not talking about the silly things that none important things and unnecessary force of them talk about the big biblical doctrinal issues. I want to give you a litmus test is a litmus test you can apply to self apply for your Christian friends if a person says pastor smell fungus said you know there's people instruct its cultish before our leader. If a person says the word of God says you know that Bible believing Christians, the person reports the Scripture. He's a follower of Jesus, the person was constantly quoting a pastor no matter who the pastor is to belong circles listen and hope to God that no one none of the members of this church are nobody goes and Michael said because it I'm saying is what the word of God said, and I want to encourage you to cut out the middleman and just say the Bible said can I get an amen. The Corinthians here. There are lots of spiritual sickness by the apostle Paul chooses to deal with this one cult of personality first because it's in that important that important to Paul because culverts seek converts to their cult and to the cult leader instead of converts to Christ that when it comes to the issue of biblical authority when it comes to the infallibility of the word of God when it comes to the centrality of Jesus Christ I want you to know this is a hill but I'm not only willing to die for him ready to die for. Even today, when it comes to biblical authority when it comes to the inerrancy of the Scripture.

You'll find that in this church. There is no division tell you why what you hear from this pulpit is what you hear in Bible classes is what you hear and home groups. Why, because God is not confused or self-contradictory, because God does not disagree with himself because God and his word out. When the Holy Spirit also his word and that is why Paul was appealing to the Corinthian Christians to agree on the fundamental truth of the Scripture who said you should not follow personality cults, even if Paul himself is one of those personalities are going to appear nonreading following following following Cephas, and on following, pulse it will die for you.

Was Paul crucified for you was a promise crucified for you know in a million. Its ultimate purpose of unity and Chrysler were what's was the reason why why is because unity in Christ is the will of God and he saith with unity in Christ is the Somerset how beautiful it is when the brethren drove together in unity. In first Peter chapter 3 he talks about unity between husband and wife, and he makes it very clear when there is dysfunctional not know unity or disunity between husband and wife. He said your prayers will not be answered.

The second reason why because unity in Christ glorifies the Lord and that is why the source of our unity is none other than the Holy Spirit himself, and he is the author of the Bible is the author of the Scripture.

Paul repeats this very principle to the Philippians when he said do nothing out of selfish ambition or empty conceit, but with humility put others ahead of yourself that beloved listen to me walking in the spirit submitting to the authority of the spirit placing oneself under the word of God produces with humility and unity certainly produces love for one another, but carnality on the other hand, produces pride, self-centeredness, self-will and hints division years ago I read the story and when you hear the language you understand. It was a language he was back then we don't use it now, but that just repeat the story as I read it. A visitor went to visit what was called back then an insane asylum, and the visitor saw that only three guards regarding hundred inmates so he asked the deputy warden. He said don't you fear that these hundred people will overpower the three guards and scape according word for word. Here, the deputy warden said no because lunatics never unite as I said that's the language of yesteryear. We don't use that now but it is true spiritual sanity unites people in Christ and for Christ. True spiritual sanity will produce the fruit of the spirit. True spiritual sanity is going to attract nonbelievers and even those starving Christians who are in a dry land is going to attract them to Christ. When this so that unity and love and commitment encouragement to fully connect to Jesus, the coming of light in the darkness leading the way for those who don't know him personally if you'd like to learn more about how you can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The place to start is right here LTW dartboard/Jesus reach out right now. LTW dartboard/Jesus or phone, and ministry representative.

We at 866-626-4356 866-626-4356. I hope you able to listen to each message in the series, healthy living in a sick world because if you do, you'll not only gain an appreciation for the apostle Paul's words, no nonsense teaching of Dr. yourself helps you understand the Bible as it applies to real life and remember that if you miss any message.

Make a note to catch up and LTW dartboard or by getting subscribed to the podcast. In fact, speaking of podcast recently, Dr. Michael you set his son Jonathan you staff who serves on the pastoral team in his local church to work on a podcast geared toward top topics that Christians are facing in our changing culture. Jonathan tackles theology marriage sexuality, suicide, engaging the post truth world with the truth of Christ, and so much more.

It's called candid conversations with Jonathan you sent, and we encourage you to listen subscribed to the podcast and join in on these conversations on social media more and LTW dartboard/candidate. That's a broadcast for the day to join Dr. Michael you sent next time right here when once again passionately proclaims uncompromising truth. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael Dr. Michael you sent is the founding pastor of the church of the apostles and leading the way. I think listener supported ministry meeting with the message of Christ by going to

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