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Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 12, 2020 1:00 am

Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Words about joy from Dr. Michael please listen to. I know some people come to the Lord, that our space I want to breathe. Learn how to come to his presence with joy. But that doesn't mean you fake none none none just take a few moments and think about the God of glory, leaving the Splenda bleeding to death on the cross and then rising again for you that will give you joy that will give you joy. Welcome to leaving the brain teaching pastor of third and International Bible teacher, Dr. Michael is currently guiding me through a series called rebuilding our broken wall by way of the life of Nehemiah.

You've watched God use ordinary people unified in their life. For God change their world and you can change yours do. Let's get right to it here now is Dr. Michael you set with today's leading the way.

When ever you are doing the will of God when ever you are obeying God's vision for your life, whatever. You know that you are following God's vision, not your own. Nothing.

Listen carefully. Nothing you said nothing, nothing will ultimately succeed in preventing you from accomplishing the will of God in your life. Nothing now that does not mean that the enemy of our soul is going to destroy everything that you including the kitchen sink.

I mean he will throw everything would be sitting at saga series, but God's power of perseverance and persistence is going to work in you in such a way that is gonna baffle everybody. It will frustrate your opposition, it will neutralize your attackers will silence your enemies it will uplift your friends that will encourage the discouraged, and it will bring joy to the heart of God.

Nehemiah's people here this team. They phased this opposition they faced incredible obstacles. They phased crippling discouragements from even those who supposed to be encouraging them those water leadership that were criticized by their friends.

They were attacked by their enemies.

They faced unbelievable obstacles and yet they persevered and they persisted and they moved forward with God's vision of rebuilding God empowered and given victory. Beloved, listen the company. No little about today that if you are a believer in Jesus Christ who stand on the authority of the word of God as they inspire infallible word of God, you will not you might not possibly block you will face opposition, even from some people who call themselves Christians years ago someone said the incubation of godly character breeds people of godly vision.

This incubation of godly character breeds people of godly vision. What is that me. What is the difference between a vision that is from God and of human vision, which some people have and that's fine. I'm not against that but the difference between the two is godliness. That's the difference. And that's a great difference in this church. Through the years. We got pressed from every direction from people, well-meaning people trust me. The all well-meaning. They want us to adopt their vision they wanted us to acquiesce to their plans.

They want us to implement their ideas and their opinions. But every time I go to the Lord in prayer. God says Michael strike the course. Stay the course and thus my God's grace of God's power.

God strength which Dr. God's vision and we will as long as you give me breath what are those qualities of characteristics that characterize Nehemiah's godly vision.

There are four in number. Let me share with you very quickly. The first characteristic is humility.

Now this is a word that is bandied about. Used by a lot of people, very few practice it. Some even don't know what it means. What is humility look like listen carefully, drawing attention to ourselves and the importance of our opinions and importance of our ideas, pride of ideas and pride of effort. All of this produces disastrous consequences. But when humility is a deep characteristic of a person when humility is a deep breath and then I will accept the trials and the opposition and the humiliation that may come my way. That's what we see draw those non-messages because in the final analysis, God is going to use these trials and those difficulties in the opposition and all the stuff you go through to strengthen you and strengthen your resolve feminine. Secondly, most humility. Secondly, passion is a problem with the word depression. Some people think of somebody who speaks with emotions. I mean he says is passionate. Now that's just caffeine understand the difference.

Passion is not an altitude emotion, passion is ordering your priorities in the priorities of your life to conform with God's vision for your life.

Can I get a witness look at Nehemiah and see how many times since they began to rebuild the walls and we been seeing it over and over and over again. They stayed the course never opened the priorities that's passion fairly endurance when you know that you are obeying God's vision for your life and not your selfish ambitions, you will endure not you met, you will endure when you have God's vision for your life. Your conscious focus is always on the unseen reality.

No one else can see it but you. I know that Chris problems for you, but that's okay, I submit to you that Nehemiah endured because he could visualize God accomplishing the vision that he gave them from the very beginning of the rebuilding of the wall. Now there are some people who constantly worry and fret and they always get pinned out of shape. As soon as I get criticized. We been criticized, they criticized Jesus, who do you think we are going to be immune from criticism as soon as opposition man that will run a Nehemiah strip shall a man like me run never those who think that if there are obeying God's vision for the life everything is going to fall in place. Everything is just going to work out hunky-dory. I got news for you. We are in a state of war, and sometimes your enemy, Satan will use people in the church… Q therefore we should not be surprised that God's vision of times appears to be thwarted by surprise, but you never get discouraged because you know it's his vision, and you know he's going to give you the strength but stay the course.

Why, because you know that he was in us is greater than he was in the world and the fourth characteristics is adaptability and innovation. I often say, and some of you heard me say this that we have no sacred cows in this church except the gospel of Jesus Christ said nothing except the gospel, and for that I'm willing to die I will die, but I'm willing to die for the gospel. Everything else is open to adaptability and innovation. Everything else is open to new thing and you pro tanto my team all the time so that if something doesn't work just scrap it dry something different on the Bible, the sacred. Now these character qualities will empower you not only to have God's vision but you keep God's vision and that you will maintain God's vision for your life that we have been seeing in Nehemiah and his team sought this great book look with me please. In this chapter 12 verses 27 to 43 we come to the end with the dedication of the wall to God. It is time now to praise and celebrate the people of Israel have endured humiliation they have endured defeat they have endured Mark Roy. They have gone through a long time of exile. They have mourned over the broken walls and over the broken lives there have mourned over the broken city. But now they have gone through a time of renewal at time of restoration and now it's time to celebrate when you know that you are following God's vision for your life every day should be a day of celebration.

I knows not what it ought to be.

Because problems come and go. Difficult people come and they go hardships come and go, challenges come and go, but their underlying attitude should be is a life of celebration and joy. The English reformers who performed the Church of England. These people actually died for Christ fighting the dark ages and medieval church like Archbishop Blackman, Ridley and Cranmer, those great reformers in the Church of England. But what they did in their fighting these wars with the medieval church. They at least the fruit of that is they called Sunday on particular communion as celebration. In fact, you hear me say we gonna celebrate communion that is the fruit of victory over the dark ages in the medieval time because to the medieval church and so extent in some churches now communion is a very somber, very sad.

Very sorrowful location. You know why you know why does because they believe that the priest actually is offering Jesus up to God all over again. That's what the masses imagine that in the Anglican performer said no Sunday on Sunday communion on Sunday morning worship should remind us that we have been redeemed from sin that we have been reassured of salvation that we are heirs to the living God that we have been buried with Christ are now risen with Christ, it should be a reminder that we don't belong to the world should be a reminder that we are pilgrims on our way to heaven. That's what Sunday is one of my great heroes. So that I quarter while Charles Spurgeon, a preacher from yesteryear.

He was speaking to a group of pastors one time, and here's what he said to them, he said to them when you speak about heaven.

Let your face light up B irradiated with a heavenly gene and let your eyes shine to reflect the glory. And then he stopped. He said when you preach about hell.

Well you on their faces should do listen listen listen. There is a serious Don mentioned to the celebration. I don't want you to miss it just was not a mindless ball out of a party, there was a serious Don mentioned look at verse 31 the priests and the Levites had purified themselves. They purified the people and then the gates in the walls set them aside. Then there was a celebration. She was on the last message before you can ever have true joy in your life.

There has to be a confession looking to be no true joy without real confession.

Why, because there can be no peace with God without the peace of God that comes in through confession and repentance.

I know in my own daily walk. If I have an Inc. any unconfessed sin in my life ministry Weatherby preacher were even one on one ministering to people.

I feel my words hitting back at me and that is why often take time to repent that the time to confess and come clean before God before I can minister to anyone. Weatherby one-on-one or in public why because cleansing must come before serving. Purification must proceed ministry sanctification must come before celebration. And here at this time in the life of God's people purification had to take place first then is the time to experience the full joy versus 31 to 37. He said I had the leaders of Judah go up on top of the wall why he mentioned Judah by name.

He single them out to Judah represented the leadership of God's people at the time, and early on we saw how these people at the leadership were getting wobbly knees and that was beginning to really discourage Nehemiah. There is one thing you can face the opposition in the attack of the enemy. It's another thing when you have your leadership is going wobbly knees and that is why he deliberately said and I got the people of Judah to come up a first vendor once he was really losing heart. I'm going to put them up there on the top of the wall first.

These are the key people and when their lost heart become a discouraging time. You and I know that leadership makes or breaks it makes or breaks a company, a business it makes or breaks a ministry it makes or breaks a church leadership is vitally important from the beginning in the Scripture in addition to Judah. He brought up on the wall. A great number of musicians.

I mean there was singing and there were dancing on the jumping up and down on the wall. Why, what is Nehemiah doing listen carefully. He's doing something very very important. Back in chapter 4.

Know what symbolic to buyer and all his miserable aggression when all those people say in verse three of chapter 4. This is, this wall is so flimsy. If a fox goes on top of it will break your resume.

Nehemiah was saying some bad luck to buyer. This led us all of us standing up there jumping up and down present musicians then some of us, all of us. We have another fox. I didn't say that money is making the point in the wall standing and falling look at us, you miserable enemies of God, look at the hundreds of people singing and dancing on top of the wall and this wall standing.

Sometimes I feel like I want to jump up and down when the enemy is after me.

I really do. I recommend it to you do it but just do it when you're alone because you will need to show Satan. The joy of the Lord. I challenge you to tell him Satan you can defeat me you cannot take away my salvation. You can all this to my joy, you cannot separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus you cannot take me out of his hands tell him Satan you might block.

But you can't bite because on the cross Jesus not Dr. teeth pay Satan.

Satan you can stir people against me all you want but God is always with me, you my credit obstacles in difficult circumstances all you want but you're a loser pay Satan. I know you read the Bible and the Bible said that you know the Bible and you tremble at the word of God. Read it somewhere and remembered Satan that when you are in the lake of fire. I'll be writing a ruling with Christ know when you're in chains I am jumping up and down in heaven when you're bound. I am now, and for a senator blessing the Lord side, sometimes try it sometime.

Look at verses 38 to 43.use your imagination. Nehemiah was leading to choirs not one to one for one and one from the other knee going to meet in the middle somewhere and there were dancing and lifting hands up to the warden and I am not not enough.

Use your imagination. Don't think about choirs in our modern sense were flowing robes and hymnals and hand them to think of a bunch of wild Pentecostals singing and rocking the house and you because the closer.

Nehemiah is describing the Lizzie said he said and on that day they offered a great sacrifice rejoicing because God had given them great joy. You see, there will rejoicing. So allow that people far away could hear the joy, the enemies can hear the joy that we can see who stayed away could hear the joy I know some of you go to football games and basketball games and baseball games. God bless you keep doing it but that's okay your you know what I'm talking about with the roar of the crowd in the band playing and some of you shout your voice source for your team so I'm not going to go there when you come to the real celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus when it comes to the real celebration of your salvation. My goodness they can even move your lips. Listen, listen, when we celebrate the Lord we sing to him sing of one another. We sing to him that we focus on his unique presence with us in worship because he said he indwells the praises of his people and when Nehemiah said they sacrificed unto the Lord, what is he say what you see. Some people can sing and it's okay they can mouse the hymns. Then they got the pocketbook sealed hello there are some people who can sing the song but they keep all their time to themselves never sacrifice any time to serving the Lord and serving his church serving as people want to sacrifice anything of value or anything that would cost them something, dear worship God on the cheap. That's why they sacrificed the Lord not see the meaning of the word worship comes from the Latin worth ship is what comes from worth ship. So the question is what is allowed worth to you what is he worth to you what is he with you when you worship God.

Are you going to join his worth just singing a few songs, no, it's a total sacrifice is a total sacrifice of total job worshiping God does not mean you give him the crumbs on the left overs in the discarded stuff known and then snuck with you giving that which cost you nothing now, but only you can decide what a sacrifice to you is because on a sacrifice to monitor sacrifice to you know what God wants from you believers please listen to me. I know some people come to the Lord looking dour and prune faced and tightlipped sin on to plead with you, I want to plead with you, learn how to come to his presence with joy.

But that doesn't mean you fake it none and then just take a few moments and think about the God of glory, leaving his splendor, leading to death on the cross and then rising again for you that will give you joy.

I will give you joy. This is leading the way with Dr. Michael questions about starting a paint journey or leaving a spirit filled life.

We'd like to talk to you reach out to one of our compassionate team members for conversation if he listened in recent weeks. You know that Dr. you set some brand-new book is available to order right now. It's called saving Christianity. In fact, Dr. Yousef is joined us in the studio to answer a quick question about this life-changing book and Dr. Yousef. I've heard you saying on several occasions that for you. This is a legacy book and this is also a book that's going to stir some controversy. It's going to inspire Christians to go a little deeper in their faith and also at the same time engaged hymns who don't know Jesus, to see Ken if he would take just a moment and speak to know my friends.

I have written over 40 books and the longing of my heart for every book is to minister to you in a unique way, but none more controversial than this book. This is the most controversial book that I've ever written and when you understand the content of it you will understand why so many people gonna be unhappy with that book but the believers are going to be thrilled with this book because I am exposing why and how all this modern defection from biblical truth by some Christian pastors, Christian musicians and what causes that defection from the faith, how it starts and I want to help you galvanize and you yourself from the danger the Bible calls the great apostasy in the end times.

I want to help you be strong and stand firm now are mentioning names naming names but not in order to attack people, but to attack the false teaching, please. You need this book.

If you have a young person in your life. If you have a person who struggling with the questions of Scripture and the authority of the word of God. This is the book ordered.

Now Dr. Yousef spoke, saving Christianity is available from leading the way today. Get the details. Give us a call 866-626-4356. Once again it's 866-626-4356 or you can go online to and we invite you to listen to my right here with Dr. Michael you set spent some time talking about managing to write, saving Christianity, joining very special leading the way

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