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Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 6, 2020 1:00 am

Rebuilding Our Broken Walls (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way.

The sound Bible teaching of Pastor and Dr. Dr. Michael you sent it comes to money. Most people believe that having just a little bit more one offer them freedom, but the fact is you can be enslaved to money when you have an abundance of or when you have indeed. Today I leading the way. Dr. Michael you sent expounds on three principles of stewardship. You might be interested to know that the teaching of Dr. Yousef is also seen on a weekly television program.

Search your cable or satellite providers guide Michael click over to LTW.or scroll near the bottom, click on the box it says find a station joined with listening to Dr. Michael you set as he continues his series called rebuilding our broken walls and the serious Mayor Mario Murray building a broker will be a surprise to you to see how fallen nature is raising its ugly head. All hope you will return rhythmic Nehemiah chapter 5 there are basically two groups of people, both possessed with love for money.

There were the have and that were the have-nots and the have-nots.

For what they have. The first group is in verses 1 to 5 we find a group of people who did not have money were equally enslaved to money they were spending money.

They do not have and they found themselves in financial bondage. They were living beyond their means and there were actually enslaved the children. The second group of people. In verses six, all the way to 13. These are the have's people had money and there were equally enslaved to money they use their money to exploit their fellow Jews that were using their money to enslave their fellow countrymen.

And here's the amazing thing. The amazing thing of house. Nehemiah dealt with both groups of people with absolute supernatural wisdom from above in a very short chapter.

Nehemiah begins to teach everyone who truly loves God, whether you live in the Old Testament and New Testament.

The absolute brilliant principles of money management. He brought both groups into turning to the living God and repent of their sin, regard to money here that debtors repented of their getting into that and the lenders repented of exploiting and placing their fellow Jews in such a bondage. This remarkable spiritual experience. The spirit of God began to work in both groups and how they both turn to the Lord. Nehemiah actually gives us some of the most profound principle regarding management of our finances, and those three principles are found in verses 14 to 19 MI five. The first principle, keep your eyes on your given the second principle imitate your given in the third principle you can never, never, never give your giver.

This is one of the most important money management principle that you can learn if we view your employer if you view your boss if you view your company.

If you view even family members as your givers or if you else as your giver you are in a world of hurt as the beginning of trouble because I really if you want to learn money management, you gotta begin the breaker sooner or later those folks are going to disappoint you big time.

But if you focus on your giver, you will never be disappointed for this lesson. Nehemiah uses the best method of teaching you have the best method of teaching is personal example do what I do not know what I said do what I do and that's exactly what Nehemiah is doing here. He is using his personal example of his life to show his people that the most important in the primary principle and financial management is to keep your eye on your giver the real giver.

He was totally focused on his giver in verses 14 and 15 and he did not do this on a temporary basis because he needed something from God did this for 12 years 12 years but I want to remind you that Nehemiah was a celebrity in his day.

He was I'm in them. I was a mover and a shake of his that he wasn't just a nobody. Nehemiah had considerable influence on the Emperor or the king of Persia, which is the most powerful man in the world of the time.

Nehemiah was a rock star. I mean really in our lingo today about all Nehemiah was in the place where he could've used his power and his considerable influence over the king of Emperor to further his nest and really like a ton of money he could have made a killing in the real estate market, but he didn't. There's nothing wrong with making money but Nehemiah didn't why widening why did he forgo such a lucrative opportunity to get all you can and cannot you get and then sit in the lead.

Why because his focus was on his giver as his focus tucked away in the end of verse 15 of Nehemiah 5 tucked away. There he tells you what.

Second half of 15. The last part of verse 15 out of reverence for God. I did not act like this all the others were manned.

There were exploiting people's and I can do this out of reverence for God was at me was at me as a person makes money is no reverence for God, not on listen carefully. He had such intense reverence for God. He had such intense confidence in God. He had such an intense obedience to God.

Such a focus on God as his giver that he would not trade is calling for the all the wealth in the world. Don't forget that Nehemiah was appointed a governor by the most powerful man in the world. The king of Persia.

He had every right to exploit his position and it is legal in the Persian law he would not have been breaking any laws unless I want to stop for a moment I just tell you straight here just because of something that is legal. It doesn't mean this right there a lot of legal things that are wrong. Abortion is legal in this country but God still views it is absolutely wrong for attention is legal but God says it's a sin homosexuality in many places are legal but it is not God's design for humanity. Just because something is legal doesn't mean always is right. Nehemiah's focus was on his true giver. He knew whose giver is Nehemiah understood what Jesus taught 500 years or so later in Matthew 633 seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be thrown in as a bonus unless a rough translation but you get the meaning Nehemiah was ruled by God, not by love for money, but I wanted to contrast Nehemiah with the man who was Nehemiah's bosses grandfather's boss. I think cities had a grandfather and the grandfather, Darius, King Darius is the Persian king who came with the Babylonians, who were the most powerful people in the world destroyed and took over and Babylon went to its demise. While the Persian Empire rose and a guy who did this was a grandfather of this Nehemiah's boss about 516 BC you give or take one King Darius Cayman invaded Babylon he found the two of the wife of Rebecca Nasser remember him.

Nebuchadnezzar was the Babylonian king who came and ransacked Jerusalem destroyed the walls that Nehemiah stronger to rebuild.

Took Danielle Chubbuck Michigan Abednego, and many others as slaves into Babylon that took them as captives.

So when Darius Cayman invaded Babylon took it over. He saw on the recognizes wife to the following inscription. If any king of Babylon after me should be in need of money. He may open this tomb and take as much as he wants but only if he truly needs. Darius comes in and invades Babylon takes over the sees this inscription in the tomb of the wife of the founder of Babylon, and he said man I can get my hands on the money.

He was extremely rich. He was fabulously rich.

Nonetheless, greed led him to open the queens to and so because he was enslaved to money he could not resist such wealth that was better than the queens to so he immediately ordered the opening of the tomb and he brought inside of it because he wanted to get his hands all the goal and so when he got inside the interior of the tomb was empty. There was nothing there except the embalmed body of the Queen, but inside the tomb there was another inscription and read something like this if you had not been greedy for gold. You would not have thought of ransacking the graves of the departed. Greed is a serious moral defect that enslaves its victims and that is why Nehemiah rejected the values of the world. He rejected the values of his peers. He saw what they were doing, but he rejected that Nehemiah rejected the laying up of treasures here on earth. Nehemiah chose to focus on his true giver and that is why verse 16 says, instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall not acquiring land so that I would sell it in the black market and become rich. What is he saying is what he saying when I arrived in Jerusalem I could have met a killing in the real estate market is nothing wrong with that but that was not his calling, but he said I focused instead on serving the purpose of God in my life because he is the one who gives me all that I need. And God blessed them out of his socks. I'm going to show you because that's how it works.

When you focus on your true giver, you will be amazed you'll be astounded at how free you are from the love of money first principle of money management focus on your or the second principle of money management imitator giver. Here's the irony is redundancy in the third principal of money management.

That is when you become focus on giving that you will truly receive Nehemiah in verse 17, chapter 5, he said on a daily basis. I personally provided food for hundred and 50 people football me and by the way, I mean this was not biscuits and gravy is nothing wrong with that but look at the lavish way that he fed those whom he supported but in all generosity he totally dependent on God telling the program. Nehemiah saw himself as a conduit.

Nehemiah saw himself as a channel and you don't need to have a similar degree to know that God is constantly looking for channels. He wants to bless his kingdom is looking for people to be condos are going to be channels constantly waiting and he will bless you some great blessings on their wait and see how you going to channel are you going to nickel and dime got the death appeal that nickel dime got well, you know that 10% was it before taxes. After taxes rising this and what about this and what about no no no no that's not how it works to Nehemiah exemplified trust in the promise of Jesus that he made 500 years later in Luke 638 give, and it shall be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over there put it into your left floor by the manager you use, it will be measured to you. I believe Nehemiah was addicted to giving.

What a great addiction to have when Paul said in second Corinthians 97 that God loves a cheerful giver. God loves everybody especially loves his own love into them you love them enough to on across. So what is it saying is basically saying that God has a soft spot for those who are hilarious givers yes hello is the give hilariously. I Hebrews that will give good give until it hurts, I totally disagree with. I totally disagree with. I don't do that one bit. Giving should not hurt.

I say give until you get to be so hilarious. And you have until you can keep from laughing in your giving for his a biblical truth. You will not be a hilarious giver. If you allow the world's logic to fill your mind and your heart and your lifestyle say what set me well to the world's logic says that what you have is like a pie you slice give to God. You have less slices left over. That's how the world views it, the more you give God the poor. You get best the world's logic is not biblical logic, God's logic is very different. God's logic sees it as a silo, not a pie, a silo every time you turn the spigot 1/2 and you give from the top where you can see, God is coordinating is that what this this things like not emptying me just keeps on being filled.

See that's God's logic hits overflowing from the top the world says that if you give generously will become poor. But God said when you give generously, you will be richly blessed the world says that your statement of net worth is all the things that you all in this life. God says the statement of your net worth is what you give to God is a God doesn't care about how much you have to give you everything anyway.

He cares about how much you gave what you have but with you gave this a beloved. I have tested God in this area and the only reason I didn't is because the Bible said will come to that area, he said.

Test me… At his word I not tested God in the times when I did not know where my next meal is going to come from and there were times there were no meals coming and I tested them in the times of abundance and I'm here to testify to you not only me with hundreds of others that God is true to his word that God keeps his promise even when you have a crop failure on occasions.

First principle focus on your giver. Second principle imitate your giver and the third principal is you can't out give your giver God met every one of Nehemiah's needs are more coming. He was an abundance.

God never let Nehemiah down. God is the perfect giver. God is the giver of all good gifts.

In fact, the Bible says for God so loved that he gave the apostle Paul in second Corinthians 915 he said thanks be to God for his indescribable gift is probably going to reflect on the generosity of God and the self giving of God. He says I cannot explain it. I can't describe it. I cannot express it. I can only give thanks for you can't out give the one who gave you everything you can.

Even if you try him around in this if our greatest need was for information.

God would've sent us an educator. If our greatest need was for technology, God will send us an engineer.

If our greatest need was for money. God would've sent us an economist. If our greatest need is for fun.

God would send us an entertainer but our greatest need of all was in need of before. Given the need for forgiveness. So God sent his one and only son, perfect son, the Lord Jesus Christ is awful giver and is come unto me, come unto me, who are desperate for forgiveness and I'll forgive you. I forgive you. Perhaps this message is premature to some here today because there are some who are not of my first base of knowing the giver.

How can you focus on that which you do not know. That is why the invitation is always open here that if you have never come to Jesus Christ received this forgiveness repented and receive him as your only Savior and Lord. You can do that as we pray and then this message will be very relevant. So we pray together. Father, our confidence is that you see us through and through. We come out fake it with you. We might think of in front of one another but we can't with the one who searches the depths of our soul and saw father I pray if there's a single person here who does not know you as Savior and Lord, Lord Jesus. This will be the day in which the government giver of the life to you and receive you as their Savior and Lord and turn around and receive eternal life and forgiveness for the rest of us who have known her for many years and yet we bought into the world's logic. I pray that you must set us free today free to worship you free to believe you free to trust you free to obey your promises and trust that he will promises always keeps his forward.

Pray this in Jesus name God.

Seven this is an incredible reminder from Dr. Michael you sent on leading the way. Learn more about kinds incredible gift.

You visit LTW.Ord/Jesus in recent years, we've seen many stories of persecution due to faith, whether we realize it or not, but like it or not, that's the reality of our times and that's why Dr. Yousef is not content just to teach Bible messages and broadcasting here and around the world that marvelous. He desires Hands and feet connected to his teaching, and that's why leading the way, has teams in many parts of the world who minister right alongside local churches.

These partnerships allow people who are seeking answers about Kate desiring to dig deeper, even those experiencing troubling times because of their fate to stand up for their fate to have someone to walk with him some to guide someone to minister to them. In many ways to please do remember that when you support Dr. you sat and leading the way you reaching beyond your neighborhood, you are touching lives across six continents. All around the world with the hope of Jesus more give us a call 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 online, LTW.Ord mailing address is leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 at PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 four times that let's listen to just a moment or two of what you'll hear next time on leading the way in this post-Christian era. God is not looking for you warmers.

God is not looking for those who want to be entertained. God is not looking for compromises in this day and age, God is looking for those poor souls out of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God is looking for men and women, boys and used Dr. Michael you sent is the founding pastor the church of the apostles in Atlanta area, you find yourself traveling through please make it a point to come and visit. You'll find the worship and fellowship incredible before we run out of time for today as an encouragement to our fellow listeners. I would like to invite you to share how God is using this program to encourage you in your walk of faith if leading the way as part of the we would want to know you can call our customer 877-941-7934 now want to hear all about it and we just my chair on the program. Thank you in advance and goblins

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