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Can You Pass the Three Tests? (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 21, 2020 1:00 am

Can You Pass the Three Tests? (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Go on for all you are doing to us, but did not breathing around the world so much that you made me able to hear this, my life everything that the going on and I appreciate so much expanding arm on the front lines in the site for you as you do that step into your neighborhood, workplace, or local coffee shop and you quickly be reminded of the incredible needs in our world bubbling to the top in recent years have been race relations and compassion for filament, for example, tolerance for opposing political and social opinions leading the way.

An in-depth look at a familiar teaching the good Samaritan and it Jesus touches at the heart of many current issues. Listen along with me is Dr. Michael you set begins a message appropriately called living for Jesus, and spend a call when you were little. All is my favorite game rather little further around the can, with Robert on the floor and watches. In fact, as kids we used to compete and see who's going to make the top his or her top spin faster and spend longer. That was a big thing. We compare the sizes of the top we compare the shapes and talked about this and then of course I got older and sees the spinning tops.

But I see liars spinning like a top, and I have experienced watched scene lives that spends laptops now compete to see who's life is going to spin faster. Who's life is going to spend longer we think about ways that we can make our spinning tops larger. That would make them better.

There are three facts I want to tell you about spinning tops that actually also apply to spinning lives three things.

Don't forget those for top spin. It has to have a big head and a thin base as a scientific fact it can stand up unless it spinning and the third thing is, it always spins around itself always spins around itself but you know what is. I thought about this. I thought how much of a far cry the lives of real living today. The spinning around from the life that Jesus lived.

What a far cry the lives with spinning right now from the live good. Jesus wants his disciples to live there. So how can I live like Jesus. It's an impossibility. And I know some of you probably switched off his back and live like Jesus will be patient, Jesus tells a story a true story in the Gospel of Luke chapter 10 versus 30 to 37 and this story is a story of a model life, but is also the story of Jesus's life is Jesus's life story in Luke chapter 10, but we set up the stage here, a clever lawyer came to quiz Jesus by saying what kind of a live I'm I supposed to live that is great life. Jesus, of course, was not gonna fall in the trap so he waited until the later you answered his own question and from the Scripture from the Old Testament and he said you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind with notice of an neighbor as yourself. And Jesus said good don't practice that realizes of course it is much easier said than done. So he comes to Jesus coming up with some excuse to who is my neighbor, which prompted the Lord Jesus to tell him the story which recalled the good Samaritan and reply Jesus said a man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho when he fell into the hands of robbers. They stripped him of his clothes and beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man he passed on the other side so to Levi when he came to a place and saw him, he passed on the other side but a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was an when you saw him he took pity on he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, took him to be in and took care of him. The next day he took out two silver coins and gave them to the innkeeper and he said look after him and when I return I will reimburse you for any extra expense that you might have. Which of these three you think was a neighbor to the man who fell in the hands of Roberts.

The experts in the law said the one who had mercy on him, and Jesus told him go and do likewise. Now here's a picture of a desperate person. A person who's in desperation, which is a picture of the condition of humanity that humanity is in desperation is in desperate need is in desperate need of healing.

In desperate need of forgiveness in desperate need of restoration of the relationship with God and yet they get bypassed by the very people who were supposed to help them. The priest who was commissioned by God to minister to the hurting world walks on the other side and pretends he hasn't seen and Levi was so all-consuming with his religious activity. He pretended that he didn't see what he saw and he moved all now to tell you something.

This is a picture of the ineffectiveness of religious rituals and ceremonial law then rituals freezes the heart then rituals come up save souls different tools cannot meet the needs is a picture of it here. The Samaritan appears not a member, the Samaritans and the Jews were enemies the Samaritans and the Jews do not have dealings with each other.

Jews and Samaritans were alienated from each other. Samaritans were half Jews and have Gentiles and therefore they did not fit in either world. No wonder the Bible tells us that Jesus the Christ was fully God and fully man but the Samaritan bridges the gap, and he reached down and selflessness.

This Samaritan was unique he was not like any of those self-proclaimed messiahs like any of those self-proclaimed savers not black male the past, self-proclaimed messiahs, he was a picture of Jesus like Jesus.

This Samaritan did four things. First of all his stopped.

Then he stooped. Then he saved and then he served it at four things that Jesus did. I wanted to look first, he first talked, we know virtually nothing about this meant we don't even know his name and yet think of the countless people that he had inspired through the years. This Samaritan was not going in holiday. This American was not sitting idly by and want to use this time. This Samaritan was not did not have few hours to kill this Samaritan was a busy man. He was on business. You do not know that well unless you have business to attend to, was a dangerous road. This man had a schedule to keep this man had a choice like should I get involved or should I keep on going. The others have chosen to keep on going. This Samaritan shows, not the strictest plan not to stick to schedule in the Lord Jesus Christ himself tells us that he had a choice to come from heaven and die on a cross or stay and rule and reign in heaven. Jesus had a choice.

He said I have authority to lay it down and I have a thought that you pick it up but I choose to lay down for you I'm subway. Jesus did not say of the universe to run a better world to rule. I'm so glad Jesus did not say I can only get involved with humanity. I am so glad that Jesus did not stop the blood dispersed conditions do not stop with pinning my condition of sin and guilt. In desperation and scrape heading for hell I would not be here today.

Have you not stop uncared for the agony of my guilt and grief. I would not be here today. Neither would most of you thousands of you with justifying same way with the ask you this. How many people all around you who are desperate for the message of healing and forgiveness. You don't have to go across the world and across the street and to live like Jesus include stopping for my business stopping from fear and apprehension stopping from our unwillingness to get involved in other people's lives. This monopolist off, but he stooped, he hazarded his life.

You know why one of the most dangerous roads of ancient time most dangerous road was the road from Jericho to Jerusalem. It was full of robbers and yet he risks his reputation only he risked his life. He risked his reputation to actually stoop down and pick up a Samaritan is one thing but this and pick up a Jew that is unheard-of unheard-of. He would've been scorned by his fellow Samaritan. I wanted to him directly because anyone can pass on the LSI. Anyone can pretend that everything is okay. Anyone can block your ears to the cries of the lost people. Anyone could say why should I get involved.

Anyone can pray like the Pharisees. I thank the Lord for I am better than these people, and then go on with life. But the disciple of Jesus Christ is not only supposed to stop but also to stoop. I need to explain something important. God and his sovereign will. And this is something that baffles me. It really does God in his sovereign will. He chose to use his disciples to stop and stoop to save and to serve God and his divine wisdom chose to use the disciples of Jesus as instrument of caring for the lost God in his sovereign will chose to use his disciples to be witnesses not only explain something to you if I love God I wouldn't know. That way if I were God I would trust people to follow God out of thought some other way of doing it. Other than use people because people let you down. They are so focused. They can get busy with their lives and they neglect the very thing that Jesus came to and often when his disciples refused to stop and stoop. Jesus moves on, and he uses others who are willing to do that. But the sad part is that that disciple messes out on the blessing Jesus is not on the stop. He also stooped, he laid aside the royal diadem of glory. He laid aside the garbled splendor of heaven he laid aside the praises of the Angels that are rising from trillions of angels.

He laid aside the majesty of his office.

He laid aside his limitless power and stoop to our world.

Why because she wants to feel what we feel in order to meet us where we are, so that he would become one of us.

And if that was all that would've been enough but more than this stoop so he can pay for the penalty of sin and my sin. He stooped so he might pay the judgment that is rightly yours and rightly mark this that he might make it possible for all who come to him find eternal life. He stooped so that he may open the door of heaven is stooped so that he might become a bridge between us and God the father is still so that he may become the walkway to heaven. Many of you know this fact. Growing up as a persecuted Christian at an early age. When I made it out of my country of birth. I said to myself, I'll never have anything to do with this part of the world ever again and then on matured in Christ. As I matured in Christ. I began to realize that if my Savior stooped so should I and today I spend every waking moment trying to listen to the voice of God, of how to make him known.

The lost world. I'm not bragging on him only expressing gratitude to God publicly for the privilege of allowing the process and make him known.

God wants every one of his disciples, not just select few of those who are in full-time ministry God wants every one of Jesus's disciples to be able to stop and to stoop, but thirdly the safe. When the summit of Methodist dying man. He saw the need and he responded to it immediately. This man need was feeling this man need was less this man need was grace this man need was life because the Bible said. Jesus said that he was almost dying, and so he did what he could to save this man's life. He poured the wine and he poured the oil to bring cleansing and healing upon his wound. He knew what needs to be done and did it. He got involved and made a difference if the world is desperate for something today and is not more courses on communication. It is not more pop psychology is not more techniques and principles in seven steps to happiness is not more courses on how to get along with each other. God's people are desperate for one thing and one thing only and that is no the cleansing power of Jesus his blood. If the world is desperate for one thing, it's the healing and the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus Christ. I want to tell you all the legislation in the world cannot accomplish this.

All of the politics of the world cannot do this all of the peace talks in the world cannot do this all of the military power in the world cannot achieve that all of the motivational speakers in the world could never accomplish that all of the technology in the world cannot accomplish that only the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses the heart from hatred. Only the blood of Jesus Christ can put an end to bloodshed.

Only the blood of Jesus Christ can change the hearts and the minds of people.

Only the blood of Jesus Christ can transform lives. That's the most desperate need in our world today. If you are disciple of Jesus Christ you will not only stop, like Jesus, you will not only stoop like Jesus but you will save through the power of Jesus.

But fourthly, you will serve like Jesus and are the president of my seminar I went to back to me early 70s in Australia but a wonderful godly president. In fact, academically, they said his records at Oxford University's never been matched since her before and had the brilliant man had one thing that he drowned in the ears of seminarians and is so simple.

All of his intellect. He kept saying to us member. This remember this, remember this, that the sun of God carrying not to be sure, but the super, the son of God came not to be served but to serve in the greatest service you would say to us that you can perform to be a faithful proclaimer of the whole counsel of God but your pretties every time I open the Scripture. I began to expound the word of God.

I hear Dr. Knox's voice the greatest service he can perform is to be a faithful proclaimer of the whole counsel of God.

This amount at the man did not only refuse to abandon the man after he helped him no. He did all within his power to make sure that this man who is being saved now is served. He placed the man on his donkey while he walked he cared.

He carried this man's burden.

He ministered to this man. He equipped this land to full health.

Insured the bringing up of this man into full strength.

In other are so many ministers all around us. They only do half a task to bring people to Jesus and then they ignore the amended forget them.

The churches that all the preachers bring them to Jesus and then leave them alone they and their equipment to maturity in Christ and miniature biblical instructions being replaced by courses on communication skills. Biblical teaching has been replaced pop psychology. Biblical knowledge has been exchanged for human knowledge. I want to picking the right place. This will never, never feed the soul. Only the word of God does the Samaritan did not cut him loose. As soon as he got into the hospital, but now he made sure to take him to others who are capable of bringing with the full health. He made sure that even in his absence. This wounded man is cared for. He paid upfront. All of this man's needs, and I wanted to listen to them going to tell you on getting rid of the shop is on order medicine when Jesus died on the cross. He did not die just to save us internally, but his death was I payment for our salvation and for our sanctification. His death on the cross was paid so that we can be saved continued to be saved and then finally saved when we get to heaven, his death on the cross was a payment not only for sin but for all the ravages of sin. The physical damages the emotional damages spiritual damages the payment of the cross was a total payment. Do you want to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ and therefore receive the blessing of a disciple than live like Jesus led the things that burdens Jesus as part burden your heart. It's that simple. Let the fact that he repeatedly before he went to heaven at the end of every one of the Gospels in the beginning of the book of acts or should be my witnesses be my witnesses be my witnesses be my witnesses proclaimed the message. Save the lost. Let this occupy your daily life. Listen, I know how easy it is to go so preoccupied with their problems missing. We all have them, and if you look around as if somebody doesn't have the problems you have many things on the gap different problems of what you have their problems.

We got plenty of problems, but if you make your problems. We are focused rather than living like Jesus, you will live in the dark hole in Jesus stopped stoop, saved and served when you make your challenge for everyone who claims to be a disciple of Jesus on make your child a private. The Holy Spirit will never let you forget this child between now and then, of the get involved in one person's life. One individual that's okay. You don't have to be ambitious. One person, just one invited the church invited to church to come to lunch. Show them that you care enough to stop district to save and to serve not only that the person can be saved to get the blessing.

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