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12 Evidences of Faith (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 7, 2020 1:00 am

12 Evidences of Faith (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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February 7, 2020 1:00 am

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Most everyone is wondered about God's will, at one time or another. What college who to marry where to buy home and so many other life questions welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth currently taking you through a practical look into the book of James today keys to assist you in understanding God's will is he Satan often places seeds of doubt in our lives to distract us from God here now Dr. Michael you Seth further introducing today's message is one of greatest law trust in the Lord is God's plan for our lives also believe that God does not have our best interest at heart was in God's genuine with Dr. Michael you sent to begin today's leading.

I have long minister father and wanted to know that there are some Christians who have the wrong view of the will of God for the life they really do.

I have met some people who truly fear the will of God for the life I have known others who say they want to do the will of God for the life and I want to know what that will of God is if it only does not conflict with bears another are some people who view the will of God or some sort of a bitter medicine is like castor oil tell you something. This is one of Satan's biggest whoppers. This is one of Satan's greatest lie. He wants us to distrust in the Lord want us to be skeptical of God's plan for our lives. Satan wants us to believe that God does not have our best interest at heart. And yet our trust in God's plan for our lives is one of the evidence of genuine faith. I remember some time ago I was talking to a lady who was literally terrified of God's will for her life.

And if you thought if she's going to buy the will of God is going to ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. I mean she was really terrified of the dark for her life. She asked me to express that fear and I knew she was an animal lover so I said to her, think about this you inside warm house outside stormy's freezing it's raining it's cold then you see a cat on your windowsill.

Would you do it took a few seconds to cover process. This, in the interest outcry registered say no more say no more. For the first time in her life. She was able to see her alive from God's perspective. God does not want us to be miserable.

Far from it. God does not want to ruin our lives. God wants what is best for us even when we don't know what the best there is. God wants to save us from the wrenching freezing storms of life to bring us into the warmth of his embrace. Please listen carefully the will of God in the plan of God for our life come out of his loving heart. That's where they come from God's will is the expression of his love for us and when we do not joyfully submit to the will of God. We miss out on untold blessings that he has for us. But these blessings can only come as a result of joyful obedience and submission.

What I'm going to tell you is really important. Listen carefully what is the most helpless creature on the face of the universe. The newborn babe right most dependent most dependent most helpless then that baby grows to be a problem and then to walk and they think they can conquer the world and then the problem becomes a child learns to feed itself and the child then becomes an adolescent teenager. I met that point they know everything and then that person becomes a young adult in each of these stages of development become increasingly independent and also I wanted you don't want it any other way. But when it comes to the spiritual life. It goes in opposite directions. It goes in reverse. When a person is a brand-new Christian a babe in Christ.

Our tendency is still to want to express our independence we want to go it all way want to do it ourselves, but then when become a little bit more mature in our Christian faith would begin to trust in the plan of God we trust in the will of God. And then as we begin to mature we learn the joy of submission. In fact, the most mature Christians of all of those who are most dependent on God. Those truly mature Christians are the ones who are totally sight of the Lord is your will not mind and they mean it and happy about it again and again in the Scripture we see those who submitted joyfully to the will of God brought the victory, the beloved, if there is a desperate need for believers in this 21st century listen to me if there is a desperate need is to get rid of this notion that submission to God somehow robs us of our ride to our rightful identity, far from far from it. So what is James saying here to us. Listen carefully.

His what he saying stop all the planning your life.

See God's plan for your life. Submit to God's will in your life. Discover God's purpose for you in life. I jump on it.

Verse 13 now listen, you say today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there and carry on business in and make money and you don't even know what tomorrow brings. What a James saying is he saying that we should not have any plans for life is a saying that we should never set goals for life is a saying that Christians supposed to be drift on the lives Highway just go along with not far from here saying nothing of the sort.

Listen carefully because he himself gives us the answer. He is saying don't make your plans based on your selfish desires and your selfish ambitions and then go to the Lord is a God bless. My plan but you must take time to pray and seek the Lord so that he may give you his plan so that you might obey it. I said goals every year; you're jumping ahead of the Lord mother all I thick special time alone with God.

I try to discern to the best of my ability. Listen to the Holy Spirit and to the best of my ability, as I discern those plant those goals. I write them down flat daily I pray the Lord to help me obey these goals. If you his. But that's not all, because I barely submit those to the Lord if he wants to change in because there is a possibility that I miss her and the Lord there's a possibility that I was not careful in listening to his voice and so everything I'm holding in submission to him.

He can change them. He can scrap them anytime he wants to pick and modify them.

He can fulfill them. If there is goals, not mine.

I have no pride of ownership. I have no pride of authorship and by doing this I am daily declaring the Lord's ownership over me.

I'm daily, declaring the Lord's total control of me on daily declaring the Lord's sovereignty over me. I'm daily, declaring the Lord's prerogative if he changes apply right fine. Why should I worry if he modifies him wonderful if you don't come to fruition, that's fine too. I'm at peace. I don't own the right now my plans. Listen to me grief and pain will come when I set my heart on something or someone, or anything and say God I want this I want because I want as I want this stress and pain come about when we cease to give him complete control even in the things we don't understand even in the things that do not make sense to us, perhaps by now some of you say will Michael versus fine.

This is well and good but how can I really discern the mind of God.

How do I discern the will of God. How do I discover that plan of God for my life so that I might obey it, and daily surrender.

It and you can for the right guy for this labyrinth many times is the first problem when people say I can discern the mind of I can discern the will of God in this matter. I don't know what the will of God. In this situation, one of the biggest problem is that they also, while they're trying to listen to God been listening to cacophony of voices often say. My problem is not distinguishing between the voice of God and the voice of Satan, with God's grace and discernment. I'm able to discern Satan even when he tries to trick me. My problem is to try to distinguish between the voice of God in my voice when I want to answer my own prayer, and that's why thick time. It is not a secret that we live in the noisy culture we really do this business of multitasking stuff is diverting our attention when not concentrating anymore. See most Christians will miss out on here. God, I can hear God.

I can discern the will of God.

They basically cannot discern the will of God because they are like a person inside the room. Lots of people in the room and all talking and on top of that you got a stereo on a television bellowing at the top of the volume. I mean this now. This can be and meanwhile the on the phone saying hello Lord, I can hear you. What are you saying speak louder I can hear you, Lord, what is this you gotta tell me they say what's the use. I can hear the voice of God and the go through the Christian life lurching from crisis to crisis to crisis can discern the will of God affect our thinking about this in the thought of the story comes from back in the days of Noah and the days of Morse code. How many of you know about most drug series of Datsun bashes beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, and the story goes about back then there was a job opening one job for a wireless operator. The reception room and that company was filled with candidates all applying for that one job. Lots of candidates and they were all talking.

They gibbering well, you know, just a lot of talk lots of talking is going on except for one guy he came in and he sat there quietly by himself and what else would return well make a lot of noise. He said all by himself that all of a sudden he jumped and goes into the interview room few minutes later he walks in and he announces you can all go home now. I got the job. Although Ophelia summing. These applicants were incredulous except how come we were here ahead of you. How come you got it is what he said if you hadn't been busy talking. You might have heard the message that came on the loudspeaker in Morse code saying I need a man whose always alert and the first man who hears this message and comes to my office gets a job I saw the motorcycle.

This is the main reason we can't hear the voice of God is that we are listening to all sorts of voices, not the voice of God. If you're not listening to the voice of God you not in tune with his will. And if you're not in tune with his will you not in tune with his plan for your life and do not intrude for the purpose of God and his plan for your life, you're missing out on God's best for you.

Now there are times when God cannot rule someone in doctrinal rule.

Yeah when you disobeying him when you not listening with the desire to obey God is speaking control. So what does he do he overrules and I'm so grateful to God for that. He has overruled in my life many times Jonah was a great example of that God has overruled in his life to come back to that in a minute don't come back to Jonah but in John chapter 7. This something there's a nugget. There were these miserable religious leaders were out there to trick the Lord Jesus. He said to them, he said if you are willing to do the will of God, God will reveal more of his will to you.

God will not reveal his will to those who are full of their own importance. God will not reveal his will to those who are merely trying to impress others by their biblical knowledge, God reveals his will to those whom he knows they want to and willing and desirous to obey his voice, regardless of the cost in Ephesians 517, Paul said God wants us to understand what the will of the Lord is not going to plead with you, don't misunderstand what I'm going to tell you I don't always know why God does what he does.

I don't always know why God allows with PLL. I don't always know why God commands what he commands.

But always I don't know but I'm like a five-year-old spiritual child witnesses do this and I so why because I said so when I grow up a little bit more. I know why I know why my heavenly daddy did not want me to play with matches because that matches could burn me and he loves me enough to tell me not to play with those matches because I said so as I mature in Christ. Trust and obey in him. I see why he did something or did not do something, learning to discern and obeying the will of God is like playing a musical instrument. It gets better with practice, it gets better with practice. Did you get that I said earlier that sometimes when God cannot rule because of our stubbornness. He overrules us out of love for us that he overrules Jonah is like, really.

Many Christians today, much more than you even where even admitted they had to obey God. You don't talk about at obey God. Jonah had to obey God. He did not willingly and joyfully by God but by God grudgingly and reluctantly he did not go to Nineveh when all of his heart. He did not preach out of love for God and for people. He only wanted to get out of the slimy sushi food that is been eating all after all of that after all of the presented God's mercy that he shown the Ninevites and he missed out on the blessing that can only come from joyfully obeying the word of God. Rugged going along doing God's work, but you're really missing out on the blessing that God really has for you is that why should I joyfully obey the will of God. James gives us the answer is it because life is so uncertain, it is foolishness to insist on our own plan for tomorrow because tomorrow my never come to you here tomorrow might be the day in which you going to give an account for your life that you lived here is that life is like a missed it appears that for the one that vanishes only what is done for God joyfully will count for eternity. I know young people think that you are invincible. Most young people cannot see the fragility and in the brevity of life, the hardest and the toughest funerals I've ever conducted is when a young person dies, the hottest funeral.

I watched young people in a state of shock.

They really are. They are absolutely traumatized because all of a sudden it dawns on them. This could happen to me. But as time passes they get back into the invincibility mode and talking as if they don't live forever and that is why James concludes by saying, so whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it for him. It is a sin in my not be for somebody else, but for him it's a sin for her. It's a sin. Listen to me. If you continue to make yourself sender plans, which ignores the call of God in your life and the purpose of God in your life you are sinning against God. The New Testament makes it very clear that the sins of omission are treated just as severely as the sins of commission knowing what is right or not doing it will be judged just as severely as the sin that is committed willfully and intentionally someone said years ago. It is not the mountain climbing that wears us out, but it's a pebble in your shoe that wears you out. Many of us are focusing on climbing the mountains don't pay attention to the grains of sand in the shoe stop and check for sure for pebbles and grains of sand that's causing you to struggle to say what is that pebble what is up with these grains of sand, listen to me very carefully. Please indifference to what is right indifference toward biblical conviction indifference toward the work of the kingdom of God indifference to what God hates indifference to what God wants you to do indifference to the truth is being trampled upon.

Now these are the pebbles in our shoes do you seek the will of God in your life you can answer that. Is it because you want obey it, or you want to compare it with yours do you obey the will of God grudgingly, reluctantly, like Jonah, you have to obey your answer. No right answer to this question could mean taking out of the pebble taking other grain of sand so that you can keep on climbing the mountain with joy on the journey with joy on the journey you want to you want that this is leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat if you have questions about starting a faith journey or living a spirit filled life. We'd like to talk to you reach out to one of our compassionate team members for conversation before time runs out. Let me quickly remind you sign up for Dr. Yousef daily E devotional.

It's called my devotional you'll really like my devotional is delivered to your inbox. Just about the same time every day I get mankind up early so I can read it really any time during the day that Dr. Yousef focuses on a verse or two offers reflections and applications, and help you seek it with where life as you today. And best of all it's free sign up for my devotional we visit leading the race and we have this and lots of other great spiritual resources for you right there again you can also speak to a ministry representative about resources available from leading the way. Learn about books and CDs and DVDs and other items a number to call 866-626-4356 truth versus partial truth. So many preachers and so many theologians teaching falsehood under the guise of truth and what causes that defection from the faith. What causes giving in to this false teaching.

Something trying to save Christianity. Christianity does not need to be saved. That is why I want you to get this will saving Christianity because it will show you how false that thought is in his newest book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael Yousef exposes the false teachings that are infiltrating churches today shares the keys to seeing the revival of true Christianity in our day. Preorder your own copy today for a gift of any amount you also receive a free downloadable resource truth tips for tips for discerning truth in today's culture. Preorder your copy of saving Christianity today you can call right or visit us online, the number to call to learn more about saving Christianity.

It's 866-626-4356 or you can visit us online like time is gone for the day. Thank you for being my best and please to make plans to join Dr. Michael Yousef again next time more. This program is furnished by the rain with Dr. Michael you sent

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