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12 Evidences of Faith (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 5, 2020 1:00 am

12 Evidences of Faith (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent. How often do you find something that you need to learn about or know how to fix so you Google or you YouTube it but as helpful as those are when real life happens any God's answer, not 1.4 million results from Google on James chapter 3, we were given practical words about godly wisdom that's where Dr. Michael Yousef invite you to be turning as he begins in just a moment. Remember that leading the way is a listener supported ministry. You can learn ways to stand with Dr. Yousef when you visit or you can always call us at 866-626-4356 join me now and listening to Dr. Michael Yousef in a message he's called asking for and getting wisdom, the pressure that were all phrase comes from myriads of voices. Sometimes the pressure and the stress comes from unrealistic expectations that we place some farms, the stress and pressure just comes from the fast-paced life that we seem to be living in the society or because we overcommit ourselves when that happens and were given over stress pressure than life. You discover one thing begins to third place in betters the priorities in life becomes out of guilt priorities get mixed up and therefore the very concept of waiting upon the Lord for wisdom from above is so alien. I know so young people listening to me as if he was not waiting business on review. Register alien concept for them will always much we do everything faster we do everything it instantaneously.

We are so afraid that we going to miss out on something that might bring us fulfillment.

Things are going go after we go after wound up not finding it would try to seize and squeeze every moment one of the major reasons why people live frustrated lives is because we are charging ahead of God were forever chugging ahead of God instead of waiting behind him and allow him to pull us along.

In fact that's what James is saying here in verse 13 James chapter 3 verse 13 turned to it with me please. As we continue in this series of evidence of faith, he said, who is wise and understanding among you, let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in humility that comes from wisdom, not seeking and not waiting and not applying God's wisdom in every situation in life, not just daily, but in every situation in life. Living by godly wisdom, not worldly wisdom is the seventh evidence of faith. First of all, James tells us about the cause of stress and he said the cause of stress is Arimathea Arimathea that is an important word. That's why I gave you the word itself is a central word is an important word ERI THC IA LLC now so your Bibles are so selfish ambition but are really originally did not mean that it came to me that now, but originally it was not a word that has negative connotation. It was a positive word.

It meant somebody paid for hire somebody paid for work, but then later on, as people began to see work only as what they can get out of it not better gift to it become known as selfish ambitions when work becomes only what you can get out of it, not what you put into it. That selfish ambitions and today selfish ambition has become the highest form of idolatry in our culture. It's what I can grab out of my job. It's what I can grab out of relationships. It's what I can grab of every opportunity. When I and what I can get becomes the center. False wisdom worldly wisdom wisdom that is not from God sets him.

What are the symptoms of false wisdom. What here we are. Versus 14. This is better in the self-centered desires. Verse 16 when better envy and self-centered desires sexy and this order and chaos, and stress and impaired judgment become the normal question why does James call this worldly wisdom, satanic what is he call it satanic wisdom because Satan is the author of it the way you know it is, it focuses not only on self but it also focuses only on this life and has no room for eternity. It doesn't give a tendency to much thought. It cares only for the here and now. It tells you that you are in control of your destiny tells you that you are your own God and because of that lie comes out of the pit of hell when it said sooner cause depression. Another question other believers in Jesus Christ susceptible to this worldly wisdom absolutely true. I only fight worldly wisdom once a day several times a day you are not tempted by this systemic wisdom every single day in business and relationships in everything we do, but the only solution for that false wisdom that synthetic wisdom that worldly wisdom is what godly wisdom you replace it with godly wisdom to give you an example of how synthetic wisdom or worldly wisdom when it sits in. It creates deep bitterness that only heavenly wisdom God's wisdom can replace with express two-story was a very famous British playwright by the name of Frederick Lonsdale in one day was a New Year's Eve. Lonsdale was at his private club. It's a gutter club among them. Some of you might know talk about and there was a another fellow playwright and his name was Sir Edward Seymour Hicks while they're celebrating this New Year's Eve Hicks walked up to Lonsdale and he pointed to a man on the other side of the room where the party was taking place.

A fellow member of the club and Hicks said to Lonsdale. He said you know will trap this is a close of an old year and the beginning of a new year. Why don't you just go to this man across the room and touch up your past differences. What I do. Just go over now and wish him a happy new year will to Hicks a surprise. Lonsdale walks up to the guy with whom was feared and keep Him on the back of her shoulder and he says happy new year, but only one is a better envy produces deadly poison of resentment I would practice synthetic wisdom whom you're out on this one.

This better injury caused Satan to be thrown out of heaven. This systemic wisdom that is very easy because came to kill his brother Abel. This satanic wisdom is better envy caused Joseph's brother to sell Joseph into slavery.

This better envy caused Cora and thousands of others to rebel against Moses's leadership and the ground opened up and swallowed them all better envy. Cost selfish ambition and selfish ambition clouds your judgment, selfish ambition, says my way or the highway, selfish ambition causes us to scheme and plop and maneuver and manipulate selfish and mission wrecked homes that selfish ambition flipped many a church selfish ambition with the very meaning of love that the Scripture talks about of being selfless and self giving and mixer to be selfish. James said this top of wisdom is earthly, why because it's produced by the world system. This is a synthetic wisdom is unspiritual because it does not come from the Holy Spirit visit wisdom is demonic because its author is Satan himself. And yet the sad part is that there are ministries and there are churches that operating by worldly wisdom work out their plan is a let's plan God never wait upon the Lord to hear and listen.

The Bible shows us the negative side of worldly wisdom, then it comes in to tell us about godly wisdom. Godly wisdom what it looks like his verses 17 and 18 and having illustrated what worldly wisdom look like in the life of this playwright. I want to begin by illustrating to you a real live example of godly wisdom.

There's a couple who live in Little Rock, Arkansas, last name is long and all injury. Mr. Mrs. Long have both had their careers spend more than 20+ years three or four, five years each in the Armed Forces United States Armed Forces served our country so faithfully, and therefore it was not a surprise when their 20-year-old son was trying to focus on his career. He signed up and enrolled in the U.S. Army report on the Army uniform. His first job first task was to be a recruiting officer and he was a sign in the recruiting office of the U.S. Army in Little Rock, Arkansas.

One morning he was standing outside the recruiting office wearing the US military uniform. When a Muslim terrorist drove up the not knowing from Adam but just because he is wearing the US uniform miniature form shot him and killed him. Fast forward a few months later, it was on the news. I get a letter from Mrs. Long in Little Rock, Arkansas and enclosed with the letter a generous check for leading the way no longer read it to you. I am the mother of the young soldier prophet William Andrew long killed in Little Rock Arkansas in front of the recruiting station by an Islamic terrorist. I can think of no better way to honor God than to use part of the money left to us by our son to reach the unsaved Muslim people are beloved, listen to me, that is godly wisdom that is not a natural wisdom that is not worldly wisdom.

They are drinking deeply for the loss of their son. Grief stricken pain and hurt and yet this couple who operated on godly wisdom wanted to be sure that the very people who killed her son there son, hear the gospel message of the love of Jesus Christ. That's why James said godly wisdom comes from above. In the Hebrew language when they say anything comes from above, meaning come from God is in comes from below comes from the devil is just the way the Hebrew people speak that on James says every good gift comes from above. Godly wisdom is the kind of wisdom that comes from the very heart of God who is all lies, all wise to make no mistakes.

All wise that has your best interest at heart even when you can see it all wise and his perfect will.

Operates for the good. And then James goes on to give us eight characteristics of the godly wisdom underline them in your Bible verses 17 and 18.

First is pure. Second, it is peaceable or peaceloving.

Thirdly, it is gentle. Fourthly, it is open to reason five is full of mercy six. It has good fruit seven is impartial, number eight is sincere. We give you a short summary of each of these very quickly. What's pure mean he's talking about the purity of motive because only God can judge motives we judge action, but he is the only one who judges motives. This purity is the purity of the inner experience not doubt with expression. This purity is seen only, and examined only by God himself. While God is concerned about action, but is far more concerned about what's inside of us.

The inside purity because he knows that the action will follow and I don't know about you that gives me peace that comforts me.

Everything was because even when people misjudge you and misjudge your motives and question your motives and they don't know and they falsely accuse you, you can look up to heaven as the Lord, I am so thankful that you know the purity of my motive, it is possible to do the right thing to say the right words, it is possible to give the right impression. It is possible to go through the right motions with impure hearts and have the heart is impure activities attainted secondly is peaceable when the heart is pure, you're a piece you're at peace with God and you are at peace with yourself and actually also at peace with others even if they are not at peace with you when we deal with evil people and fallen people in sinful people falsely accuse us we still experience it in a piece, false peace loves to sweep sin on the carpet false peace rationalize sin and call of grace is false peace, false peace focuses on the outward display look at me boys, but their lives on the inside is in turmoil is to strive to strive from within and only God knows.

Thirdly is gentle, what is it mean we all roll down and become doormats, absolutely not. That's not what it means. It means that you have strength that you do have power but you got them under control that when you have it in your hand to hurt somebody you don't do it. That's the power you are filled with compassion, but never never never compromise your conviction.

The truth fourthly it's open to reason God's wisdom expresses itself this way. Just listen to me, but I am not stubborn, but I have strong conviction. I am not unreasonable, but I have high standards.

I am not argumentative, but I stand for the truth is a that is godly wisdom and that's with reasonable means being reasonable means that I'm willing to listen. I really am. I'm willing to learn alone from even gutless people.

I learned, but never cave into the pressure to compromise number five, full of mercy. The word here used actually has a double meaning forgiving those who wronged us, but then be willing in our hearts when the time comes, and they need our help will give it to them. That's mercy mercy is contrary to human nature.

Number six, full of fruit. What is this fruit is all about love, peace, joy, and that cannot be manufactured.

I can sell life.

I do these things.

I'll get the fruit of the spirit doesn't work that way. You cannot manufacture the fruit of the spirit. They grow from the inside out like a plan like a tree up a small plan grows up to be a big tree and it's only happens to those who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit who are seeking is wisdom day in and day out moment by moment number seven impartial God shows no favoritism and those who receive wisdom from God, who constantly seek wisdom and apply it in their lives. They do not going to show favoritism. Worldly wisdom would make a person like a chameleon you know is one thing here. Another thing there don't know where they stand. Worldly wisdom will make a person be what he is not the what she's not worldly wisdom puts a mask on worldly wisdom want to please people, so that what people think of me as the most important thing in the world. Worldly wisdom will be like the old commercial image is everything. Norm talked about worldly wisdom is inauthentic. Number eight sincerity. What is it mean it means whole complete United all one unit and that's why this almost cries out the government since all Lord your God, my heart to fear every 70 could have a divided heart, but I believe it people going in so many directions these days, and they think Appel is going to help the mayor cry with the psalmist, unite my heart unite my mind you're not my will, everything is ready to fear you that you walk by your wisdom in fact defined in the Scripture that this unity unity of the heart and the personal unity and the unity in the family and the unity in the church that is unique blessing both in the Old Testament and the New Testament, but I haven't come to the most important questions are through some of your asking okay. It's always about worldly wisdom. You told us about godly wisdom. How and where can I get this godly wisdom. I'm glad you asked me to go back to the very first message.

James 15 James 15 tells us how to get this godly wisdom. In fact, you know what he says. I give you the bottom line very diverse. Bottom line is that it's yours for the asking that amazing that you know that you can get it for the asking, but we don't ask for this, and what is Jim's one thought if any of you lacks wisdom, usually last God who gives liberally or generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to you pledge with me. Beginning today, you will seek the wisdom not just once a day every time you confront the situation. Every time several times a day you wisdom. Lord, you promised in your word that if your lab get that has ordered your give it to me and as you receive it day by day, moment by moment.

You gonna wake up one day I am operating God's wisdom you're listening to Dr. Michael you set and this is leading the way. Perhaps today's message helped you to realize that you really need to began and develop a relationship with Christ that we would love to help you explore that begin a conversation with one of our team members when you visit LTW.Ord/Jesus now as we close out today I want to mention some great free resources available for download from the leading the way resource store. First of all, here's how to get there to look right at near the top of the screen and click on store, then you'll see a link on the left for free digital resources and when you go there you will be able to scroll through a lot of great items that you can learn about add to your cart and have the download in just a few clicks. One of these free items really complements what Dr. Yousef talk about today.

It's called truth taps it will help you grow in discernment in our noisy world of competing ideas, false beliefs and twisted truth.

The website again. LTW.Ord go to the store. Then three digital resources and you can always call and ask a ministry represented about available items. The number to call 866-626-4356. They can help you with product orders gifts in the ongoing ministry of leading the way and more the number again 866-626-4356 hello my friends just a quick reminder that in addition to listening to this radio broadcast, leading the way also produces compelling television programs seen in this area. Just like we do on radio.

We did deep into the truth of the word of God and unfolded to make it practical for daily living. If you've been encouraged by this today. Check your local television listing and watch leading the way television find out where watch in your area when you visit LTW.RG.

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