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12 Evidences of Faith (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 28, 2020 1:00 am

12 Evidences of Faith (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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January 28, 2020 1:00 am

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Standby as today on leading the way. Dr. Michael you sent me into the pages of James to get tools for defeating temptation have something handy to take notes of the biblical practical tools for living a victorious spirit filled life while facing the temptations that life throws at you when no one forgot each one is when his bride away by his own evil desire desire is conceived and grown both from it comes from these words from James reveal about strategies to drag you away from God today and leading the way.

Dr. Michael you sent Tatian to remember that leading the way is a listener supported ministry means that Dr. Yousef relies on the prayers and generosity of those who experience blessings and encouragement as they listen and grow through the messages each day want to partner with Dr. you set give us a call 866-626-4356 or online LT do it right now or wait until after the message which Dr. Yousef is ready to start right now. Listen, let me I don't have to tell you that everyone of you. Every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ phrase crucial decisions every single day. Many decisions why because every day, then email your soul has pointed at you on unseen weapon pointed at your heart and put it on your mind every day.

It's tempting believers equipped and drop out of the microphone on face. Everyone of us knows that the what is that temptation listen very carefully. The greatest temptation of all is whether we acknowledge soon and confess it or deny and rationalize it but always love to tell the story where the kid was always eating cookies before Benetton and his mother kept telling him not to do it but the good mom. The devil made me do it. So she said okay here's the deal. Next on the devil tempts you to eat cookies before dinner. Just say what the Bible said behind me Satan so sure enough, a few days later she goes neighborhood visiting comes back up before Benetton lunch cookie jar was empty. She said Bobby did not tell you that when the devil tempts you say get behind me Satan is a mama dead and as soon as he got behind me pushed me straight in the cookie jar. I know we can laugh at this but I'm going to tell you right now that we as a goal, do the same thing every time we eat the forbidden fruit.

When we say Russ my parents fault and that's my wife's was my husband's what my bosses for somebody's fault list goes on and it all began in the Garden of Eden when God confronted Adam about his sin what it is say sorry Lord I abdicated my spiritual responsibility. My headship of the whole. I am so sorry father I fell in this trap and I'm the courageous man blamed his wife.

My wife made me do and when God confronts the what is your site, the devil made me do.

And ever since that time. This false response to sin and shame and guilt has been repeated in every heart I just couldn't help she drove me to.

I was lonely and I needed someone I needed money and I just I had to do this in my situation with done the same thing. My goodness never stops, but did you know that actually God is the one who gets the lion share of blame God allow me to be in this situation that God did not stop me. He couldn't stop me but he didn't.

God created me with these lustful desires of my heart. God allowed me to be tempted. It's God's fault really is God's fault for giving me free will. That's basically the vast majority in our culture. The other extreme is people who breathe themselves to death with guilt some real guilt, but most times it's false guilt. Let me give you an example.

Parents will have raised up their children in a Christian home to the best of their ability. They imparted to them biblical principles to live by. They tried to model their lives to their children, but one of them goes into a rebellion stage. Goes against God. Here goes against his parents teaching your bills and against all the things that he or she knows to be the truth. What happened in some of these extreme circumstances. Parents beat themselves up. Maybe I should've done this. Maybe I should've done that maybe I should've said this might be ushered are constantly beating themselves up and on and on and on. No one on the guilt feelings you suffer deserve them out and whether these guilt feelings you suffer authentic or not listen to me. There is a spiritual sickness and needs to be dealt with spiritually. God wants to deliver you from shame and fear of guilt and sin. That's what he came from heaven for the Scripture is very clear we should not live a life that is mired with guilt, real or false. Jesus Christ came from heaven Cross shed his blood rose again on the third day so that he might deliver not just from sin. But guilt now book of James versus 1314 and 50 when tempted no one should say got tempting me for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone, but each one is tempted when he is dragged away by his own evil desire, and enticed. And after the desire is conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it's fully grown gives birth to death. Beloved temptation is not come from God. Can you say that with me.

Temptation does not come from God comes from the enemy of your soul. Satan tempts us by appealing to our desires and when our desires become uncontrollable.

It becomes like a river and arrange now the river is beautiful is magnificent between its banks as it flows were beautiful freshwater, but when it goes into a rage goes out of control. It sweeps everything in its path, and the very blessing in the ravel of the river becomes a curse. Sex is a gift from God and it is to be used within those banks of the river of marriage between one husband and one life, but sexual perversion is like that raging river. It destroys everything in its path in the way Satan attacks us or tempts us as a double barrel shotgun one barrel is aimed at our mind and the other one is aimed at. I and is constantly going back and forth to the mind that I mind the I in fact, that's exactly what he did believe sensitive mind and he said to her. Oh what a beautiful garden. You've got wish I could live in the garden like this all girl you got it made. What is he doing is numbing the mind. He is Lisa tossing the mind and the soon as they get some mind Lisa sized what happens if yesterday I just look at the dutiful three in the middle of the garden, not the thousands of other trees. But just like one in the middle of the garden. I the fruit is luscious all girl let me tell you the fruit is to die for. Pardon the pun she did die spiritually and went back and forth the mind.

The mind uses no no no no you don't understand that trees forbidden all really all I suppose God just doesn't want you to have fun doesn't want you to take control of Finn's. What a selfish God you must be forbidding you from something that is so good, so delicious to man. He wants to keep all the good things to himself.

What is Satan doing is bringing doubt to her mind about the goodness of God the mercy of God, and the fact that God has our best interest at heart is something you must never forget Satan could never force you to do anything he cannot force you to do anything you don't want to do all he knows who he tempt you. He worms his way into your thoughts, but he can never force you to do what you don't want to do. Listen, Eve made a choice.

You and I make choices, to be sure we like to pretend that we are really are victims of our circumstances where victims of our upbringing were victims of schools where victims of our society where victims of we don't have a choice really, and that's why another language.

We basically go back and say the devil made me do, but resisting and fleeing temptation is the second evidence that you have saving faith and daily faith. If you claim to have faith, you will contradict the very claim bar always underline the word always or habitually falling in the temptation and the reason I said always in habitually for a reason, because every one of us at some point somewhere sometime going to fumble on we do fumble but I'm talking about the one is as I just have no power over this is going.

I'm just going to be its victim. Did you know that 20% of the Lord spread 20% has to do with power over temptation 20% lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil one. Listen to me you will pray this prayer every time you're tempted to fly off the handle. You pray this prayer every time you're tempted to betray your marriage vows you pray this prayer every time you're tempted to going to pornographic sites. You will pray this prayer every time you're tempted to use substance in order to numb your senses and you will experience the power of God strengthening you to overcome. That's a second evidence of faith. Let me give you three principal ways in which Satan tempts us, tempts us spiritually contentious, mentally, and he tempt us physically. How does he tempt us spiritually by bringing doubt in our minds constant down the God God exist in the preexistence you really care about your little problem so busy running the world and is the Bible really relevant for today. I mean look at all these things that we don't practice that's in the Bible. The Bible really be trusted as God breeze. Is it really God's self revelation.

Are you really save them and your sins are forgiven and on and on and on but that doesn't stop there. He goes into tempting us mentally after he works us over spiritually. He goes into our minds and I just like you did relief.

Listen, I'm going to about myself and because it's important that you win or lose the battle for your mind the moment you wake up in the morning. The very first few minutes of the day can decide whether your winning or losing the battle for the day is like computer garbage in garbage out if you continuously feed your mind with false information you going to experience false results. If you continuously fill your mind with sinful damages your actions will be to file the battle for your mind begins at first moment you wake up you see how you start your day will make all the difference in the world. Whether you lose or gain the battle for the mind the moment your feet hit the ground from your bed go in the first is Phyllis.

Let me help fall month. Well before you do anything.

The first hour of the day spent with God in prayer and reading of his word.

You will be amazed at the transformation.

After several weeks of doing that you'll be amazed at the change to begin to take part in your life contentious spiritually tempt us mentally, but also tempt us physically how let me count the ways face frustration frustrating situation and before you know it you flew off the handle is I was singing praises to God and somebody cutting family confessing. I know you know what I'm talking about you had a cantankerous boss of a cantankerous coworker said something to you that angered you start swearing and cursing on the phone to see you might begin as a social drinker and then all of a sudden your see yourself fully addicted you see an opportunity to cheat, and you take it to the next level. But the most common physical temptation is when he lures us by somebody else other than your husband or your wife how quickly we set aside our faith conviction listen to me.

The Bible does not change because some pastor said this change.

I'm telling you the Bible makes it clear that adultery or fornication, or homosexuality, or any expression of sex outside of a marriage between a husband and wife is a sin and bring us onto the Lord him.the thing is, Satan never gives up constantly trying time. I'm sure some of you're probably asking us of Michael will what's the difference between trials and temptations or temptations and testing you talked about trials and testing last time.

What's the difference come glad you asked because I am anxious to tell you if you have a pen and write it down is a world of difference between testing and temptation. It will go. We enjoy temptation, but we did test testing temptation involves pleasure testing involves unpleasantness temptation is easy, testing is hard. Testing says sacrifice your desires, but temptation says satisfy your desires.

Now James puts his finger on the difference between testing and temptation. Of course, in verse 13 says he when we attempted no interest. I got tempted me. So what's the answer.

Confession you know when you confess and when you really own up to your sin.

You basically agreeing with God. God knows you did you know you Muslim agree with God because when you do agree with God. He gives you victory over and he forgives it, but rationalizing sin or passing blame will never give you victory and that is why John said if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.

But if we want your forgiveness shifting the blame is an evidence that you don't have a living faith. What makes us vulnerable to temptation versus 16 and 17th after he says God doesn't tempt us.

He goes on to say, don't be deceived. This is important on the lot. Don't be deceived for every good and perfect gift is from where above you know what the greatest gift.

Next our salvation. The greatest gift that comes from above the Holy Spirit, God's own breath. God's own spirit to come and to dwell in us to empower us and therefore when you find yourself trapped in the grips of sin and pleasures and evil desires is because you don't value the gift of the Holy Spirit. All you know about it. The Scripture, but you don't daily, moment by moment allow the power of the Holy Spirit to fill you overflowing.

It is not because you leak that you need the Holy Spirit more more. But the Holy Spirit is a win and as the wind blows the sale and pulls the boat you need that Holy Spirit to direct you and to lead you into thinking the right direction when you don't daily yield to the control of the surpassing strength of the Holy Spirit you fumbled your fumbled far from tempting us, God gives us the greatest gift his own breath, his own spirit.

Why so that will not overcome temptation. Every time so that we might be able to have victory every time so that we may be able to flee temptation is something very important I want to tell you because I know that some Christians who think that Michael agree with your great great and they think that the Christian life is lived. Gritting your teeth. Don't be tempted and I want to be tempted to be tempted and then living, uptight life. I remember back when I learned to drive gearshift and special in the upper Hill and you don't know where you put the brakes over and the cover got down an exhilarating some people actually think that's how that you live the Christian life. No no no no, my beloved, that's not how it works. In fact, that is why James tells us.

Don't be deceived deal.

Murray probably said it best I can improve on dealing with used to teach the classes of his students with what he bothers to do now but one of his most important, memorable lessons is it would take an empty glass and insights of the students. How do I get rid of their vacuum and suck the air out of everybody comes up with an idea finally take a picture of water and he feels the glass and he said the way you do it is you crowd the aircraft. Beloved, listen to me. That's how you overcome, you feel overflowing moment by moment.

Constant surrendering to the founder of the Holy Spirit and gets crowded out you have joy and peace. Your relaxed and your strength but the strength of the one who's upholding with his right hand. See you will experience the joy of every time you temptation comes filled with the Holy Spirit. I don't do this made for hire, I made for the glory of God and immediately you're able to overcome temptation. If you missed any portion of today's leading the way. Message with you. Listen to more of the 12 evidences of faint series. Just download the leading or streamed from the archives. Both can be, is nothing more encouraging to me really to all of the staff of leading the way in hearing about lives changed someone to share quick story that our team in North Africa shared with us recently.

It's a note from painful white speaking about her husband who she says once lived a life. She writes my husband watches leading the way was recently saved after viewing the program. In speaking with some of your staff began attending her class at church and was baptized is growing quickly and his new faith and wish he had found Christ long ago because he is a much better person and our home finally you know what's interesting is this wife is not yet a believer and she has seen the impact that leading the way to salvation has had on her just another example of how leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set is changing one life at a time, lives in your neighborhood lives all around the world impacting those who once lived in hate and now live in peace and love you partner with Dr. Yousef today.

Here's the number 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 or it's more than a website. It's a community where people from all over the world come to participate in what God is doing. or write us a note. We love getting your letters right to leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. Again, that's 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 that's our broadcaster today. Thank you for being with us and to join Dr. Michael yourself next time right here as he continues his series called the 12 evidences right here on leading the way. Dr. Michael yourself is the founding pastor of the church of the apostles in Atlanta and leading the way is a listener supported media ministry reaching the world with the message of Christ what you consider being a part reaching the world with the gospel through your prayers's financial support. LTW.this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael yourself passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the world

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