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You Want Me to do What? (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 16, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 9)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Jesus and only Jesus as Savior of the world. In this age of tolerance in this age of compromise this truth need to be upheld with planetary and with love, joy. Dr. you 7000s of other front-line mission partners around the globe for making a difference for the kingdom of God by becoming a leading the way front-line mission partner you are coming alongside our team as we reach the furthest corners of the world with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

The same truth you here each week is going out around the world across many different platforms radio broadcast navigator audio devices satellite TV and much more. The opportunities to reach the lost are many when you partner with leading the way.

Know that your gifts are in safe hands as we are dedicated to the highest integrity of stewardship, ensuring every penny given to the ministry furthers our main call to passionately proclaim uncompromising true B, leading the way front-line mission partner today free copy of the daily way. Dr. you sense 400 page book of daily devotional you will be encouraged to partner with us today. You can call right or visit us welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent the number to call about becoming a front-line mission partner is 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 and you set introduces you to can lead a man who lived a life of faithfulness for you and me a challenging example of steadfast and loyal service to God lesson we could all learning culture that promotes living in the here and now. If you're able turn with Mr. Joshua chapter 13 as Dr. Michael Yousef continues his life-changing series called you want me to do what back in 1993 I had the privilege of speaking at a very large breakfast of folks are professional in the real estate world is called the Urban land Institute, if I remember correctly, and they asked me to just say a few words and believe in prayer or back in the good old days. Not many people knew I was. I got up and I said my name is Michael Yousef and I work for the very largest real estate owner and developer in the whole universe and I talked to him at times to give you some of you at least part of the action. Please the ones I know and then you could hear a pin drop me and I'm sure there was saying in the world that this guy then I live in prayer or the vast majority got the point. But about 203 at least two or three who came back to me afterward at the end of the breakfast and handed me a card and said, in effect, if we can do business with your man please call me at the their gods and foolishly did not call them.

I should have.

I'm sure they'll be shocked but that is the absolute truth. God is the largest real estate owner and developer in the whole universe and in this series of messages entitled what the answer today is trust in the cosmic real estate developer Joshua 13 chapter 13 all of the 17 when you go home. Read it. We have seen the people of God crossing over the river of their impossibilities then receive them penetrating the impenetrable wall of Jericho and then we saw them in the last message having complete victory.

Just as God told him to end here in these few chapters we see how God is dividing the land among the tribes of Israel.

Land of promise that he promised Abraham for hundred years before they got into it because God told him not only to conquer the land, but also to distribute the land. It is God who gives us the territories in which we operate.

It is God who gives us all the blessings it is God who gives us all the opportunities that we have the Bible said that every good and perfect gift comes from the hand of God, the Bible said that when Jesus Christ was ascended on high, he gave gifts to people. The Bible said that God wants us to discover our gifts.

God wants his children to use their gifts. God wants his children to invest his gift God wants his children to put gifts into use. So you mask well how does God divide among his children today. We know this is a piece of land we know how get divided. But how does God today. Divide the territories.

How does God today divide the opportunities. How does God today. Bless his people. How does God today worked in the lives of his children well the first thing you need to know is that God does not arbitrarily divide the territories. He does not do that. He distributes them on the basis of your faithfulness to God. For example, the Old Testament teaches that the older boy must receive double portion of the inheritance, but you look here in the book of Joshua. You see Reuben, the firstborn of Israel did not get double portion infected didn't get much at all. He would say why is that because Ruben sinned against his father, Israel, and therefore his unfaithfulness determined the territories that he supposed to get the Levites.

The tribe of the Levites did not get everything piece of action. Why, because there were the priests and they are to minister across boundaries and across borders and therefore they did not have a land but in the book of Joshua chapter 14 Caleb gets singled out to get the best part of all the greatest and the best part of the territory I'm going to come to Caleb and minute effect.

I'm going to focus on Caleb but before I get to this I want to press the point I want to press the point because if you get one thing today just one thing I hope you'll get the point, because you have to ask yourself what's going on is God is an unfair God is God and unjust God does God understand that this inequality of dividing of the territory and the land among his children is going to create jealousy is going to. This is going to create the vision does God understand that and the answer is yes he does and is not unfair and is not unjust, but because God sees the beginning and end all together. We don't because God knows the secrets of your heart and mind. We don't because God knows everyone's motive.

We don't because God knows the future better than we even know our past and therefore he gives us our territories based on a measure of faith. Based on our faithfulness to him. He gives us opportunities based on his omniscience, he sets boundaries based on his perfect knowledge not based on an imperfect, selfish, subjective decision, but I'm sure. Probably some still saying well but how can I get more of God. How can I be more for God.

How can I do more for God.

Jesus gives a sense is what is said those who are faithful with little are going to be faithful with much those who are faithful with small things of going to be faithful with the big things. This is how it works. God gives us a small blessing to gives us a small territory. He gives us small opportunities and then he watches from heaven and he watches and he sees what are we doing with the small blessing. What are we doing with that opportunity.

What are we doing with the small territory. Why, why is he watching you because your future blessings your future territories your future opportunities.

Your future use by God are dependent on how you handle the small one am in Valencia. Jesus told a parable and we call it the parable of the talents, but it really a very simple parable. There were three guys imagine an investor see money managers to give the first 110 talents invest give the second 15 gives 1/3 one went out and he sends them on their way was God unfair why he knew the hearts you how each of them is going to react hitting you how each of them are gonna respond.

The man with the 10 talents went and worked hard and brought 10 more handed in 20 the men were the five went out and worked hard and brought five more, and he gave him 10. They both doubled investments, but the master commended them both equally safe of the one who brought you did a great job much better than the one who brought five know why he had commended them exactly in the same words he never expected the one with the five to God to make dinner bring 15.

He did not expect that because he's a fair and just God, but what about the one who got that one talent you know what he did. He walked out held a pity party from the Bible but you know what I mean is helpful and then feel slighted feel insulted. I feel distrusted. I didn't get as much of those guys me lonely, that's not worth my effort is not worth my energy is not even worth me walking up in the morning. I get five of them that I am being unfairly treated. I am being unjustly treated and he went on and on and on that you hated when people hold for the parties so he bundled that one talent dug a hole and buried his or at least I keep it safe? Would this man have reacted differently if he was given 10 or even 20 talents got to see the amount does not do. The amount is not the issue, and that is why Jesus said the one who is going to be faithful with the small blessing with the small opportunity with the small territory is going to be faithful with the big one. Therefore he be entrusted with big things, not just in this life within the life to come.

How many of you know that we gonna rain and ruled the universe with Christ, a man, a man will arraign how I got a random real lazy people around.

Amen, I say for you and the question here in Joshua chapter 14. Why did Caleb get more than the others. Why was he singled out for a special honor in the division of the land with McCallie about Caleb don't hereby Caleb. This man is incredible. Caleb and Joshua were two of the 12 people that when they are in the wilderness when the people of God came out of slavery got into the wilderness.

Moses sent 12 people. Despite the land the promised land. Moses was very democratic. He believed the representative government. So he called each driver select select the guy select one person and will send 12 of all the 12 tribes of Israel and let them go on spy the land and come back and tell us what's going on so they go in there and they look around this by the land research. It been looking at the people did appear that activities be looking at all that's going on the economy. Everything that's going on. They see everything and then they come back and they bring two reports there was a majority report and there was a minority report. The vote was basically thing to do very democratic but as I'm so glad God overrules all that and so the report was from the majority 10 people said the land was full of giants that lunch.

We can never go anywhere we can take them on, and then it become to feel miserable things I would die in the wilderness go back to Egypt. What was going to happen to us do when gloom and doom and gloom then comes Caleb and Joshua and Caleb says nonsense about inset on site by the basically that's what they would've said the spoke English nonsense right off what I think that giants that are not giants at all. And furthermore we have God's promise that is going to be whether that is going to give us the victory that he will never leave us nor forsake us. We can take a long, let's go listen to me you do not have to have a similar degree to know that God loves faith that God loves optimism that God loves those who trust in his promises that God loves risk taking, faith that God is honored by a childlike faith and even here in Joshua 1412. No can you do a little bit of mental gymnastics with your math all this.

I told her about Caleb that happened 45 years prior. Joshua 1412 35 years earlier when they went to spy the land and Caleb come back as it will take a long, was 45 years later, that we come here now. In this passage Joshua chapter 14 verse 1245 after this incident, Caleb says to Joshua, this is a mountain that is filled with giants.

I'm going to take them all in line. But as strong as I was in my 40s. Let me have a word with those who think they want to retire from the work of God. I wanted to go home and read Joshua 1412 every single day. If you think you want to take it easy in the work of God hears what you need to remember every single day. Now give me this hill country that the Lord promised me that day you herself. Joshua heard then that the McKay lease of the Giants where their and their cities were larger and fortified the Lord helping me drive them out for the great great justice. He said because he put his trust in God, just as God said, I draw them out and listen to me. I don't want you to miss what I'm going to tell you, please Caleb's unshakable faith was willing to wait for 45 years, listen to me that somebody must can't wait before God for 45 now that's this man was willing to work for 45 years, gave up on the promises of God never wavered in his faith in God. He never let up his trust in God he never stopped working and waiting for God Fecko reminds me of the story of a shoe company. This is many years ago and they wanted to start a business in a foreign land.

In this and the guy who was like those 10 people obviously and he goes in there.

He comes back and he said forget it.

Don't waste your money. Don't waste your time. Nobody were shoes in that country so they sent another guy who was like Caleb. He cabled within a week.

He said manufacture all the shoes that you can get your hands on.

There's plenty of people here who need to wear shoes. Caleb was hitting 90, but he was ready for one more fight game. It might be getting minded, but he was ready to take the other kites he was ready to take on the Giants that all the other 10 were terrified off he was ready to take the pill for God.

You want to know how to increase your territories you want to know how to be blessed of God. You want to know how to larger opportunities for witnessing and serving and being useful for the kingdom of God.

Listen to me if you want to know that. Remember the words of Jesus.

Be faithful with the small things and don't be surprised when he give you the big things done dispositive small things.

Listen Caleb could've said Joshua Mall body living through wars together. We been through tough times together. We have exercise our faith together 45 years ago, all but Joshua, you look at me I'm about nine years old. Please give me this Valley so I can spend the rest of my years in peace. Reset all our Joshua give me the flush land so that I can spend the rest of my years in comfort. Peter said to him, for all time sake.

Joshua I worked hard all of my life and now I need some well earned last read my lips no way Caleb said give me the credit amount. Give me the tough assignment today. Mountain somebody said that you can tell a man sized by the size of the challenge that he undertakes.

And Caleb chose the ominous challenge, not because of arrogance, not because he trusted in his own abilities. No read what he said because he promised Izzy because he trusted in the power of his God because he had confidence in the promises of his God blubbered.

I'm getting really close. I don't plead with you. There are plenty of territories that are unoccupied right now there are blessings in heaven that are going unclaimed.

They are in the stores all of heaven because God's people want not be faithful with the little they will give it when you say with Caleb Jesus mount over. You say that Valley father, I thank you for these men of God of all the women of God, we thank you that you have preserved your word.

So today, here we are 3600 years later, we can be blessed and challenged by your servant Caleb, Lord, I pray that the spirit of Caleb will penetrate every heart that's listening to me right now in the name of Jesus that that spirit will come and dominate, improve and strengthen that we will put our faith in you that we put our trust in you in Jesus name, amen challenge to trust in the power and the promises of God. This is leading the way, you can listen to this and other messages with your smart speaker.

I seen the listen command for your device followed by claim leading the way. Podcast, for example, if you have an Amazon echo you would say Alexa play leading the way.

Podcast. It's that simple. And you're off and running an admission of leading the way is to proclaim the gospel to those living in spiritual darkness all over the world to disciple those of all maturity levels with broadcast technology and advanced as well as help believers growing their fate today, a few words about help. We have teams who are actively involved in evangelizing guiding listeners and viewers into a deeper walk with Christ. Not only does this help happen one on one either face-to-face or through Skype or other technologies, but also through ministry partnerships with local churches with people are safely connected to a fellowship of brothers and sisters simply can't worship together so they can deepen their walk with Christ. Partner with Dr. Yousef today be a part of helping all around the world.

Give us a call 866-626-4356 again at 866-626-4356 and or you can write to us. Dr. Yousef lots getting your handwritten notes right to leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325.

Again, that's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 music signals that it's time for us.

Again, thanks for this, and here's your invitation to join Dr. Michael you set next time. For more this program is provided by leading the way with Dr. Michael passionately proclaiming compromising truth around the world

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