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You Want Me to do What? (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 9, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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January 9, 2020 1:00 am

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Dr. Michael you sent with encouragement and not yielding to God that he is a tricky thing about yielding documents. The government doesn't know Michael, it would be very nice for you to you that he doesn't. He demands why so why his glory.

That's why, why is it we don't have joy or peace until we deal started among 31 welcome to leading the way teaching the Bible teaching pastor and selling author Dr. Michael you sent everyone lives under authority. Just try telling your boss that you want to do what he or she is asking to do. You'll find out real fast when authority means God's authority will today on leading the way.

Dr. you set help you understand that being under God's authority mean a list of thou shalt not's. On the contrary, it means abundance and freedom in life and in living here now is Dr. Michael Yousef continuing his encouraging series.

You want me to do what you sign is there for a reason, but human nature.

The word is if you pass you fine family on your way to work or school the day off today. I have a deep punch.

Most of us probably get used to it will ignore and after a while, actually we don't even notice it anymore. We become oblivious to.

We know it's there. Subconsciously you know it's there. You know what you're supposed to do when you see but then you get used to it and then you give it kind of a cursory glance as you pass it by. Until closer that comes when you get into trouble, and you find yourself sitting on the side of the street and say why did not you know I was there know all about the yield sign is there for a reason. When you buy your blast in your safe when you don't even though you might get away with it for a long period of time. Sooner or later to catch up with you in a fog right away in a far more serious way in a far more important way. The entire Bible from cover to cover, is that sign saying you are God.

The message of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation is one message you are God for meaningful life so peaceful hard for a contented spirit for effective witness for Jesus Christ in your workplace or in your school for fruitful and productive life, so victory in the spiritual battles you and I must yield you to the Lord's will in our lives.

Yield to his command in his word. Yield to his direction that is revealed in his word. Yield to his instructions in his book nominal level with you yielding is never easy to see. Yielding is fashionable, yielding is never popular by the masses but yielding is the only option that you and I have this only option that God gives us out of a mold preacher from the old times. Back in the days of the horse and buggy and he and his wife were driving the person buggy along a narrow and dangerous stretch of road and the woman got so nervous and and she immediately grabbed one of the straps. One of the reins to the husband as calmly as he knew how handed her the other strap. No no no no no I don't want to take both of them, or manage this animal by myself husband to go to make a choice either drive it or I drive it we can both draw the same horse in the front console quickly handed back the other strap to the husband and then make their way home safely and this is where we find the Israelites in Joshua chapter 5 turned to it with me please very odd. At that point where God is saying to them, you must learn to you me at this point of the journey to the promised land.

God has taken them across the river of impossibility supernaturally.

Miraculously provided for them and now you are facing the fortified walls of Jericho, not the river which dried up supernaturally in molecular sleep is behind him now is flowing at full force, and then is no turning back in front of them. There is the fortified wall you talk about court between the rock and a hard place. This is it so they have no choice but to yield to the leadership of the commander-in-chief, let me just stop for a moment here and give you the explanation that was in the chapter, the Israelites who have come across that river of impossibility have not seen fortified walls before they were all born in the wilderness, they have never experienced climbing obstacles that a formidable and Joshua in his perplexity, thinking about the river that is flowing from force unhooking adult fortified wall and indent perplexity in that time when he doesn't know what to do, where to go next. He sees this man with a drawn sword and he didn't know who he was and so he says to him, are you with this or you're against us. Are you with us or are you with the enemy. Are you here to take sides and he said no. I'm here to take over the beloved. Listen to me, that is yielding that he is a tricky thing about yielding you ready for God demands it doesn't come in as a no Michael, it would be very nice for you to yield to me that he doesn't he doesn't say you know would be a great honor for me. If you you may know God doesn't do that. He demands it demands it of me why so my good and his glory. That's why we try so hard to wiggle out of it. Why does God have to go to the trouble of ensuring that we have no other option and we come to the end of the road was okay I give up.

Why is it we don't have true joy or peace until we yield state to tell you why you see in the last message Joshua told them to consecrate themselves. What does consecration mean is he consecration is that big word we use in Christian circles, which only means one thing yield that's that that's what it means. This week I saw an email from a couple in our church and it says that God kept on impressing upon them to host a backyard Bible club and got kept impressing upon them Impressing upon them, but they kept on resisting and resisting and resisting and for a very good reason. Let me assure you, it was very good reason. They have a three-year-old and a two month-year-old that is a good reason not to host a Bible club right that's what the natural mind would say, but they could not get away from God's persistence in getting them to yield that this very time in their life. And so with couple of other apostles members who live in the neighborhood stuffed my boxes with them. Announcements and guess what 51 kids turned up drunk is in my backyard in the great, but that's not all. As a result of this nine moms started coming for a Bible weekly Bible study in the same home. Listen to me for you to be used of God for me to be used of God, whether it be in our workplace, our neighborhood communities where we live with the schools. We must be willing to yield, the Israelites had to yield before they can even get across the fortified walls they had feel spiritually that had to yield mentally. They had to yield emotionally.

They had to yield. Yes, physically, and if God is teaching us anything in this whole series of messages. Beloved, listen to me if he is teaching us anything, anything at all.

Is this consecration precedes conquest that yielding proceeds harvesting what kind of yielding the got us Israelites.

Well, you can see it in the passage therebetween versus 229 there was a physical circumcision. I'm going to come to that in a minute. In verse 10 there was a celebration of the Passover in verse 11 and 12, there was the appropriating of the fruit of the pioneers of Canaan and then versus 13 to 15. There was the following of the commander-in-chief, and taking direction from him now on the face of it, it just all these things, they seem to either kind of outrageous insanity or rituals that are really not necessary at all.

Why didn't God just like his fingers and get them across the walls of Jericho like some other way all listen to me. The whole question of yielding is not yielding what I want to you, but yielding what God wants you to yield end of God is God's got to tell you and you have to obey you have to ask you Lord what is it that you want to yield.

However, I have a hunch that you already know what God wanted you problem is that you not willing to do it easy. God may say to you might be saying to you for weeks or even months, no years. He might be saying to you to yield something that to me is not really a big deal at all easy, but you it's huge you and he knows me and asked all of us to yield the same things you might be asking me to yield something that the user that's easy but it's huge and it's a challenge. Now I know I can hear some of you are literally kicking and screaming right now that all listen on the expert kicking and screaming.

I've done my fair share of screaming and kicking in the past. I know all about some of you might be saying what God is asking of me does not make sense. Do it anyway what God is asking of me I can do.

He will give you the power to do it. Think about this. Just think about this from the human logic to have the Israelite males to be circumcised in the greatest battle of their history's to this is not a seven they all baby in the hospital where a lot of hygiene and clinical stuff and and the baby doesn't know what in the world is going on.

There are cultures where the baby is going to circumcise until 1011 and listen to this call physically incapacitated physical pain and had no painkillers by grant diesel grown man how are they going to fight this battle. This is facing. This is unbelievable enemy of all that kind down the rights of the mosquito bites face the next day.

It does not makes sense for God. You know why because God never wanted to say we, God said, we accomplish that God did not want to say where the victory when God strips you when God strips me of the last vestige of personal strength. That's the beginning of working in you supernaturally as long as we rely on our wealth, our numbers are resources on strings on intelligence intellect on strategy and the willpower as long as we rely on these things, God says go be my guest. Keep on spinning your wheels keep on trying. Go for it. See this generation of Israelites were all born in the wilderness as the writer tells us again and again, only a handful of them are just one Caleb really know what it was like in Egypt in the land of slavery. Only a handful of them saw what is like for the mighty Red Sea department. Very few of them knew what it was like to see the mighty Egyptian army to be drenched. Not only that, but this generation was not circumcise, which is the sign of the covenant God made with Abraham, I'm so grateful pulses of the circumcision as a circumcision of the heart that they participate in the Passover before you see, there were three Passover's. This is the third one the first Passover was in Egypt when God told Israelites to slay a lamb and then to the blood on the door posts so that the angel of death will go to the firstborn of the Egyptians, but then would miss those who have the blood on the door. He said I will see the blood, and I will pass over. That is the very first Passover the second Passover was in the Sinai desert and this is the third time that they are celebrating the Passover and this was God's way to remind him that in the past, God brought them out of the slavery of Egypt is also in the present that he is delivering him today and that in the future he will deliver them when he sent the Messiah of the Lord Jesus Christ shed his blood on Calvary so that all will cover themselves with the blood of Jesus Christ will make it to heaven. See circumcision strip from the physical strengths Passover reminded them of God's deliverance appropriating the produce of Canaan as a foretaste of God's fulfilling his promise to Abraham and giving them the victory, but the ultimate yielding you see here the end of the chapter surrendering to the commander-in-chief gesture did not know who he was. See this is what sealed the deal, just short encountering of the commander of the Lord of hosts to me is one of the most exciting, the most thrilling part of the whole Scripture is most theologians refer to this as a theophany. It's a big word means the appearance of the present, Christ in the Old Testament. He appeared to Abraham under the oak of memory.

He appeared to Jacob Pennell. He appeared to Moses at the burning bush, he appeared with his chariots of fire to Elisha and his servant when they needed victory over the Assyrians and he's appearing to Joshua is appearing with sword drawn ready for the fight. This is Jesus had not died on the cross yet and completed the victory. What kind of a military force that the divine command delete. The Bible calls them the host of the Lord. The Bible called in the hosts of heaven.

The Bible calls him legions of angels, beloved, listen to me. They are always ready to be deployed on your behalf when you the moment you yield to the Lord's call upon your life to be an effective witness for him. His minister in your workplace and in your school.

The moment you yield to him and accept the call of being a missionary in your mission field of being an apostle in your environment of being an ambassador in your world by being a warrior in your battles. God begins to deploy these mighty invisible forces on your behalf when you yield your will to God's will. When you yield no plan to God's plan. Please hosts of angels are always ready to be deployed in your behalf when you yield to doing the work of God. They are ready to be deployed on your behalf when you're ready to yield your timidity and your fear, and fear of rejection and go forward in his name.

He's ready to reply all the zombies on your behalf when you yield protecting the sandal off your feet.

By recognizing that the very place in your neighborhood where he placed you in your workplace where you work in your school where you go when you see those places as holy places he is ready to deploy on your behalf.

Mighty armies to fight for you when you yield your desire. When you yield your wants. When you yield your opinion when you yield your comfort zone when you yield your self-indulgence when you yield your time and talent on your treasure when you yield your frustrations and depression and your helplessness in your bitterness. He is ready to deploy that my John listen to what Hebrews chapter 1 verse 14 said he said they are ministering spirits sent out to render service for the sake of those will inherit salvation. Those of you read my book. Know your real enemy you read.

The fact that how it is absolutely thrilling to me to know that when Satan fell from heaven.

One third of the angelic being. So we don't know how many there could be billions of could be trillions of the Bible says untold number so we don't even know, maybe even it cannot be counted but the Bible said. When Lucifer thought that he could depose God and similar throne and become God. He was thrown out of heaven. One third of the angelic being followed him and that foolishness and was thrown out of heaven and to me that is absolutely the most exciting thing because it says to me that two thirds of the angelic being a ready and committed to be deployed on your behalf.

That means that for every demon that's harassing you for every demon that is warring against you.

There are two angels fighting on your behalf when you yield to the commander in chief. Jesus is going to show up is going to show up in your workplace in school. The neighborhood and he doesn't show up to take sides. He shows up to take over and you must be willing to let him take over will show up put words in your mouth you will show up to soften hard hearts.

He will show up to change lives. You will show up to bless your work.

He will show up to give you favor. He will show up to encourage you feel show up to meet your needs will show up if you victory your show up in the best thing that you can say today is Lord you you know that matter the defender of the Holy Spirit is pointing to in your life and saying this, Lord not now. This lot I can do it. This Lord you know that I'm struggling with that blood in due course, I'll be able to overcome this and we worship the supernatural powerful God and the greatest thing that you can do in the greatest thing that I've ever done in my life is when the finger of the Holy Spirit in my heart and my mind and my life and since this enough to kicking and screaming as a motor yield is the greatest thing we could do today words from the life of Joshua a life that was fully committed to following and obeying God you're listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael used to like to find out more about what it means to follow and to obey God.

Let me encourage you to visit, you know, one way to staff of leading the way, stays encourage testimonies from listeners and it came to our offices recently that brought a smile to many of our team. Egypt rights summarizing here.

I was proud to be born in a Muslim family, never considering that I would leave Islam. However, I begin to see how Christians face persecution and still maintain their love for those hurting them. This made me question my sonic fate. One day I received a Bible from a customer. I read it, but also search the Internet for debates proving the Bible is wrong. Eventually these searches led me to Dr. UNICEF and the kingdom sent the more I read the Bible and heard Dr. UNICEF like change, so I eventually called the leading the way team meeting Jesus. I've since been attending church and thankful for the help. Now as I too am experiencing persecution because of my new friends. Staff was so encouraged by this message. Seeing how daily work played a part in reaching an other sulfur Christ read and watch other encouraging stories when you visit Dr. UNICEF online that's

You can also speak to a ministry representative about leading the way.

When you call us at 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 I time is up to join us again next time right here for more passionate teaching from the book of Joshua on leading the way before we run out of time for today I would like to ask you to do something very special for me as an encouragement to our fellow listeners. I would like to invite you to share how God is using this program to encourage you in your walk of faith. I believe it is important to give testimony of how God is working in your life and if leading the way. This part of the we would want to know you can call our customer hey 779417934 now want to hear all about and we just my chair on the program that is 877-941-7934 today. Thank you in advance and goblins

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