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You Want Me to do What? (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 7, 2020 1:00 am

You Want Me to do What? (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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So you I know probably a miserable in your work you saying I know God doesn't want better news for your brothers want to. There is going to move you from there you stay there until God moves you being there. Even the difficulty in the difficult circumstances and the difficult people that you dealing with. They are part of God's overall plan to bless you and bless them in your wake, you sometimes can contemplate why you're working where you're working. After all, there's probably something out there more enjoyable with higher pay right welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set passionately proclaims uncompromising truth each and every day. Today Dr. Yousef addresses some of the flies of lifelike why God placed you in your job in your neighborhood, even in your family. It's a look at the life of Joshua and how God led Joshua to become one of the greatest leaders in all of history here now is Dr. Michael you set to begin today's leading the way back in the 60s there was a well-known spy by the moon over Italy: in fact, he was probably the greatest spot in Israel's history really has infiltrated the highest echelon of the Syrian government.

He had access to the high military secrets he got the master plan of the Syrian defenses to God the precise locations of the armaments and of the fortification of that country and he transmitted all of these from and hidden location in Damascus all the way to Israel unicorn live deep into the enemies territories unicorn became close friends with those who are at enmity with his people and as a result, Israel experience victory back in the 60s what we call the Six-Day War in 1967 now in many ways this is a modern story that is a replica of the story that is found in the book of Joshua chapter 2 and I will encourage you to return to it.

Joshua send to spy's to the enemies territories.

Their job, that task there. Call their mission was to bring victory to the people.

Of course, today we have satellites that are so powerful that can literally see into people's bedrooms. Today we have the AWACS planes we have reconnaissance planes. We have drawings we have all kinds of technology and yet the cry of all of the military experts around the world, particularly our military experts is good good and helpful as all of these technologies might be the greatest need and there are no substitute for people living and breathing behind enemy's line military experts and by the way so many of our generals, including MacArthur literally started the book of Joshua and they followed the book of Joshua and Joshua to them was a great military leader. But military experts will testify to you that there is nothing like sharing the experience in the life on the other side, and in many ways. I am grateful for technology.

I am thankful for technology for the preaching of the gospel.

I am grateful for television. I'm grateful for regular I'm grateful for the Internet.

So many people watching around the world.

Even now, we use every form of technology that's available to us to penetrate into areas where no man has gone we do it for gospel dissemination we do it for gospel proclamation, but they are no substitute for a person life lived with another person. Life on life they could never take away from the absolute necessity of the walking and talking and breathing with another person on the other side of the divide.

Let me apply word of God to every one of you with you at school and college, whether you're at the office or the factory or in the golf course wherever you are, the call of God on your life is where you are and where you spend the majority of your time and around there. There are many people who might be sitting next to you in an office or in the classroom, but in reality they are living deep into enemies territories. They are living deep into Satan's domain.

Many of them are living deep into the territories that most of us, if not all of us have lived before Christ came into our lives. Let me make this very clear your non-Christian coworker, your nonbelieving fellow students. Your antagonistic neighbor, your hostile colleague. They are not. They are not your enemies. Did you get that they may declare enmity on you, but then at your enemies, and they may live in enemies land and territory.

But they love your enemies, and they may be living under the control of the enemies power with another enemies. They may be enslaved by the enemies chains, but they not your enemies. They might be enslaved by addiction, but they not your enemies.

They might have adopted the enemies characteristics in the life on the Norwalk but they not your enemies when you see your work as God's gift to you is God's opportunity to you when you see your place at school wherever you are in the classroom or in the playground as God's mission field for you when you see your neighborhood as God's mission field for you when you see your workplace as a fishing pond and you are the greatest fishermen that ever lived.

When you see your surroundings as God's given opportunity to penetrate deep into the enemies territories and you will be able to reach people. Nobody else can. You're going to see them as potential brothers and sisters in Christ. You can view them was something you gonna view them with compassion. You can review them with love and longing to help them be saved internally. Now this is the second in a series of messages entitled what you got it. Let me ask the question, and you give me the first answer okay. Read the second. Today the ask a question you already know what step up as a first step and the second thing I want to talk to about today if I asked the question, you can give me the answer you want me to do what God to the enemy's territory is that's what God wants you to do today.

This prize went in and they saved the whole household and a woman most unlikely woman, Rahab the prostitute. I couldn't help but think of another person in the Bible who went to the enemies territories, but instead of preaching the gospel instead of sharing the good news about Jehovah instead of talking about them mercies of God and the power of God and the sovereignty of God that he had seen with his own eyes with his uncle Abraham. He went in and he became part of the culture. His name was lost and he lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, but instead of being a light in the dark city to become a member, instead of being sold in the raw thing place to become dust instead of standing strong. He compromised but not these two people who understood that the job was God's opportunity to minister to whomever he said them to whatever you spend the majority of your hours that you mission field.

Whatever you spend the majority of your time that you mission field you are called by the Lord glad to be a missionary. And so the question that we need to ask ourselves is this am I helping to save those who are lost all around me, or have I blended with the environment that's a question I have, I forgot why God has placed me in my work environment. Have I forgotten that I have I forgotten and beginning to see my job, my work, my school wherever I am, as a grand jury instead of an opportunity. Have I forgotten that. Can you imagine if these two guys have gone to Canaan and there they saw the prosperity and their criticism.

Man, what we can do here. What a great business opportunity we can just blend with the rest of that community. We can just blend with that culture we can do great business deals here all God can take care of his own will and I thought about him, but they didn't. Why because they understood they understood that there were on a mission. They understood that there were said, for the purpose that they understood that there were to fulfill the plan of God in the history of mankind.

Their wealth to fulfill God's plan for this kingdom. And that's exactly what you doing fulfilling God's plan for his history and his kingdom there were to fulfill God's plan for the future of their people and in many ways your workplace or school, your neighborhood is your call that you call us your mission field is that's God's plan for you is God's plan for you. Some of you I know probably a miserable in your work and you saying I know God doesn't want me here by good news for you. God doesn't want you there is going to move you from you.

Stay there until God moves it. He has a purpose for you being there. Even the difficulty in the difficult circumstances and the difficult people that you dealing with. They are part of God's overall plan to bless you and bless them you are on a mission that's God's plan for your life. That's God's plan for someone in your workplace to come to the kingdom and to know Jesus and be returned or saved because of you that's God's call in your life. In fact, it is because of their focus on their mission and their workplace that these two spies were able to save Rahab and her whole household is a mistake that a lot of Christians make they think that people ought to clean up their act before they can become Christians. They think that they ought to look like us impressed like us and speak like us to live like us before they can become believers, that is a mistake. Big mistake. God saves from the got the most to the other most let me repeat that God saves from the got almost to the uttermost. God saves the very ones that we think are impossible to be safe. God saves those whom you think are beyond reach Jesus save the prostitute he saved the tax collectors and the people that the Pharisees thought.

There are beyond God's reach. The very fact that God chose a highlight of all the Kino not to chose a harlot by the name of Rahab and her household.

That fact alone that he would choose a woman of repute should be an encouragement to all of us love the Lord Jesus and love people.

God's grace is for the criminal God's grace is for the rebellious God's grace is for the most unlikely people, so don't ever say this person is beyond the grace of God that is a mistake, a terrible one and don't ever forget that God has shown his grace and he shown his mercy upon the brutal persecutor of the church of Jesus Christ by the name of Saul turned Paul and Paul turned to write one third of the New Testament. Don't ever forget that. So your boss might be foul mouth, your coworker may be living in an immoral lifestyle. Your fellow student might be strung out on drugs is your neighbor may be angry all the time. But none of them are beyond God's grace, none of them are beyond God's reach and God placed you there wherever you might be for a purpose, and the purpose to save that which was lost. I know people asked through the years. Was it right for Rahab to lie in protecting the spies read my lips no no I wanted to hear out on this one. It is never right to do the wrong thing for the right reason I want to repeat that it is never right to do the wrong thing for the right reason. The Bible merely reports it does not approve it and don't ever forget that I got one of her life.

She has only heard about Jehovah God, you have not experienced them yet. In fact, when you see your workplace in your school and your factory in your neighborhood in your environment is your mission field you are going to be amazed of who's going to come out of the woodwork yoga may, I am convinced I'm convinced there are people who are just waiting for you to open your mouth. You see, it works that way when you begin to see your workplace is your mission field. God is going on. You and these two Israelites probably could not believe there is when there heard from Rahab what they heard.

There were not prepared for this.

Look at verse nine of chapter 2 book of Joshua is what you said. She said I know that the Lord has given his land to you and that a great fear of you has fallen on us so that all who live in this country are melting in fear because of you.

Look at verse 10 we have heard about the Lord drying up the water of the Red Sea for you so that you can come out of Egypt can imagine this coming from looking at each other. He said you know. Can you believe this issue really she she for real clicking of camp is terrified of us a bunch of an old rag tag. There were former slaves but brother listen to me while it is important to be equipped for the task. While it is important to have knowledge, but you do not need a PhD in apologetics to tell somebody about Jesus for forgiveness. All you need is a God. Going ahead of you in preparing the heart is all you need and that's why we pray for the lost. We pray because we know that only God can do it and therefore we trust the living God to go ahead of you and with you and decide you in order to accomplish his purpose. In fact, Rahab told him all that they wanted to hear all they needed to hear and she just gave them encouragement, they never thought was possible. They never dreamed that this will be the case, God had a ready terrified the hearts of the kind of heights. Go ahead of them is on his spade work here really prepared everything for them. All they need to do is to walk in and get why would the Canaanites be terrified of this ragtag army former slaves all they were not terrified of them listen to me when I terrified of them. There were terrified of the God of Israel. There were terrified of Jehovah because his reputation as a God of power and Mike had already gone ahead of the it is the power of God that melts people's heart. No matter how hard they may be reviewed again in the first message we saw the dancer. Do you want me to do what was in the answer today is go to the enemy's territories see right have new that a nation of former slaves had no strength of their own to take on the Canaanites.

She knew that what you heard about their God. She heard about their God, and now she's delighted to meet to his children.

I have no doubt that whatever your wherever you spend the majority of your time in your office or school affected clinical neighborhood wherever your there are those who are in pain and anguish. There are those who are tormented and in sorrow. There are those who are lonely and fearful. There are those for saying to themselves.

I've heard that Jesus saves. I've heard that Jesus heals heard that Jesus transforms lives are very rare that Jesus gives strength to the week that Jesus liberates the addicted. I have heard that Jesus it's a prisoner free. I have heard that Jesus binds a broken hearts. I have learned that Jesus forgives us and removed Bill and that person is waiting for you to speak a word of healing were the forgiveness a word of restoration there waiting for you to say all you know the Jesus that you've heard about.

I have first-hand experience with him. I know him, I know him. Let me tell you about it. Jesus set me free from worry and anxiety. Jesus set me free from fear and dread.

Jesus forgive all my sins and took all of my guilt away. Jesus put my feet on the solid rock. Jesus gave me a spiritual garment that no one can take away from that person would say amen. Give God glory, God will SI SR amen for that is not your testimony.

It ought to be the person would say. Where have you been in all of my life in this been here all the time. I just kept my mouth shut.

Been here all the time, but I've been waiting for an opportune time. I have been praying, spying the territory and not been waiting for you to give me the chance and just like God saved Rahab without regard to her former life without regard to the life that she lived. God is ready to forgive the sins of any repentant person no matter what he or she has done. God is ready to give eternal life to those who come to him and ask for God is ready to dispense mercy to those who cry for God is ready put out his welcome my those who seek him with all of the hard, that same grace that worked in the Canaanites life is available all who ask for challenging words today from our teaching and leading the way. Dr. Michael you sent it.

He had to step away and perhaps Mr. part of today's message.

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