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Love Gives (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 31, 2019 1:00 am

Love Gives (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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December 31, 2019 1:00 am

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael Hesse, John 316 is one of if not the most recognized portions of the Bible.

Many can say diverse with you ready for God so loved the world gave his only son. That's where Dr. Michael Yousef would like to take us today guiding these powerful words helping you see how they're not only the core of the Christmas message to leading an entire life giving it a message Dr. Michael Yousef is calling love gives the challenge as you listen with me by now I'm sure you've heard of least 100 times.

One of the following statements.

Christmas is a season for giving the magic of Christmas.

Christmas miracles. Not only that, but at Christmas time we see some of the most amazing transformation takes place and people who might be hard driving screws like stingy or have an early regard for anyone else sort of don't even think of God than for some reason, around Christmastime some big transformation takes place in the life that they become generous and thoughtful and warm and fuzzy and even give a little and so for a short period of time. At least everybody talks about the spirit of Christmas right what is that spirit of Christmas. For those of us who know and love Jesus the spirit of Christmas is 24 seven year-round. Why, because we know firsthand that God love therefore he gave because we know firsthand. We have a firsthand experience all that indescribable, self-sacrificing love of God because of what was we were like before Christ came into our life and how we could not even comprehend that anybody could love us like that and that is why Jesus said for God so loved the world that he gave no other.

The rest of the world understand this or not. I know we do.

We know that the spirit of Christmas and the wise called the season of giving and why we talk about the miracle of Christmas to those who know and love Jesus.

Every day is Christmas day, every day we wake up and we go and open another box but a book every day receive a gift every day. Every waking moment. In fact, we are reminded by the Holy Spirit of the great gift because God so loved that he gave every day we are reminded from the word of God that God's love was not a partial love and is not a partial love because love is not part-time love that God's love is not an occasional love that God's love. Not only will he loves us when were nice, but he loves us when we naughty God's love is permanent and eternal than everlasting. In fact, the summary of the entire Bible. The summary of the whole Christian faith is this because God love so much that he gave so much. It is possible to give without loving but it is impossible to love without giving. In fact, the more you love the more you give your level of love is a barometer of the level of your sacrifice. I don't talk about everything. I'm not talking just about giving things on talk about everything. To those of us who are the recipients of that amazing gift of God the gift of salvation, the amazing mercy and forgiveness of all of our sins. Their amazing grace that promise of eternal life. There is no option but to give of ourselves in gratitude and thanksgiving. Today I want to take a very serious look at the clearest summary of the Christian faith. The clearest summary of what we all about, and the purpose of Jesus coming to us. By the way, you cannot find a statement like this. John 316 in any of the other religions. So when they tell you all the religions basically lead to the same place. All religions lead to God in all the religions, there is not a single religion and I've studied them that says for God so loved the world that he gave his only want begotten son not want. There was a strive hard, try harder and you don't even have a clue. Not even an inkling whether God is hearing you or not.

But our God is a loving God.

God is a giving God our God is a sacrifice to God. Our God is a condescending God, our God is the one who reaches down to us in love and that's what's at the Christian faith apart. I remember very clearly back after September 11, 2001 that horrible day in infamy.

When we had terrorist attacks upon the mainland of this beloved nation.

One of the government officials were speaking to a group of people who said these terrorists, they sacrifice their sons for Allah that God our God sacrificed his son for us and I want to see him in the lungs here. I want to break down. John 316 into three parts for follow with me place giving is God's nature loving is God's essence.

Our salvation is God's desire is because, longing, desire giving is God's nature of the Bible says, out of pure love. He gave what did God give a token of himself 10% of himself a day out of his busy schedule a few hours a day. What did God give Epictetus of himself, a gift that he received and did not want, so he regifted it a gift to avoid chair too many so he gave one will pay a gift that he bought at a 50% savings. Listen to me when God loved. He gave his all.

In fact, he had nothing else left to give. When he gave Jesus his son.

When you and I give back to God.

We know we can give so much but probably not more. Why because we have responsibilities with families to take care of whoever the family needs to meet with whereafter provide for our daily needs. And so we divide only major replan but as I said, at least my experience, my family's experience in the last 40 years. When we give God off the top will give God the first fruit we found that we got more left over, not less. But when God gave he gave his one and only begotten son. Why, because giving is his nature. Secondly, loving is his essence. I want you to imagine the scenario okay. Just imagine with me a couple who have been dating for long time.

From what I hear.

Now remember, I try to stay up with an extra younger generation.

My generation or else my generation.

We dated for two months and said marriage.

Now they tell me that they can make up your mind the commitment government simply relating five or six years but be that as it may want you to imagine this scenario couple been dating for a long time and finally the guy looks at his girlfriend. Then he says I guess we better think about marriage now wanted to imagine with me think with me. Okay, think about her excitement. Think about her elation. Think about her enthusiasm. Think about her going to her friends and say hey guess what I daily repeat word for word.

He said I guess we better think of marriage. Now I want to contrast this with the following scenario. The man comes to his beloved with his entire life savings in the little box. A bouquet of flower in his hand and he says to her baby. I want you to know that you mean everything to me baby. I just want you to know that I'm ready to die for you. You know that I love you with every ounce of my being brave. I want you to know that when I wake up you the first person that comes to mind when I go to bed at night you the first person I'm thinking of what I go to sleep baby I want to tell you if this string me by my ears in the marketplace. There cannot stop me from loving you now been isolated?

Or does he just keep quiet on the legs of the church.

Please answer me loud and clear. Okay you can you can yell it's okay, God. God doesn't get offended you prefer. Scenario one the scenario to Chubb blessing, but listen wonderful as that second scenario might be eight panels and approximation of God's love for all you see when the Bible says God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son.

He's not talking about someone who's beautiful and attractive, or someone is going to fulfill her's is indeed our wives to he was talking about people who were filled with enmity and hatred toward him. People who are prideful and arrogant and self-sufficient. He was talking about people who did not care for him only for his blessings.

People who have no gratitude in the heart of thanksgiving to God. People like me who snubbed God a run away from God. For a time, people indeed go despised his love because he did not give them what they wanted people who chose to worship his gifts, but not him. The giver that people with me, and that people as you and why we were year disobedience sinners, Christ died for us, for God's love loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son human heart.


There was nothing endearing about us through God. There was nothing attractive about us. For him to love us. Think about this and think about it this way.

God, the greatest lover so love the greatest degree the world the greatest number that he gave the greatest act. His one and only begotten son, the greatest gift that whosoever the greatest invitation believes the greater simplicity in him the greatest person shall not perish the greatest deliverance but have the greatest certainty of eternal life.

The greatest possession. Amen and amen and amen affect God-given priorities? Where does this incomprehensible, loving me, I was talking to a friend.

Just this week, and I set up the I will not know I will not understand them or will this life only when I go and see him face-to-face book where this is incredible, incomprehensible love come from winter come from. Not from anything outside of God.

God loves you because it is his nature to love. It is his essence God's love springing from the beneath the everlasting throne. God's love overflows from the spring of infinity. There is no computation that can ever measure the love of God. That is why the Holy Spirit who offered the Scripture the spirit of God. One of the smallest English words used in order to explain so can you say that with me so he so loved the world, gives the greatest of the largest gift of all.

I've often thought about this and often save here. Why didn't God just shot from heaven, everyone could hear his godly could make the whole world.

One is just shot from heaven to Humana and said I love you and how do we know that how do we know that people do your best reach out to me. What's our best.

How do we know what our best is people.

I hope you make it up here one day, no, no, no, no, beloved, listen to me his love come tell him to do the unthinkable is love, compelled him to do the impossible is love compel them to do this incomprehensible his love compel them to do the undoable God gave his all those who love much give much love can only be measured by the degree of sacrifice by the degree of self-denial that are entered into that expression of love. God's love for us is the kind of love that spared nothing, spared nothing and gave everything. I often think about this, and if you're a better mom.

You'll understand what I'm talking about.

I don't mind sacrificing part of me.

I don't mind, even sacrificing myself or my children but I can assure you there's no way I'm ready.

Sacrifice my children to understand not talk about this is the intensity by which God wants us to begin to comprehend that amazing gift that he gave see when God wanted to communicate to our finite limited mind.

He wanted us to comprehend a little bit of what it is for the Godhead, father, son and Holy Spirit. When God wanted to communicate something that would be familiar to us to help us understand he chose the image of father-son giving is his nature loving is his essence. Our salvation is his longing, his desire, he longs for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Don't miss what I'm going to tell you, please something that's propagated in a much wider scale than you'll ever imagine. Here's what the Bible do not say, here's what Jesus did not say in John 316.

He did not say, for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that every man, everyone everywhere would have everlasting life. That's also discrete about just known on this. This is false. This universalism is a false preaching love brought Jesus down so that only and only and only those who respond to his love will be saved from eternal damnation. When God gave his son. It was because those who will believe in him can escape the torment of hell why she salvation is his desire is his longing you wish that everybody would believe that is his longing. Who are the saved everyone who respond to his incomprehensible love those who compliment humility and gratitude and receive his gift.

Those who realize that there are unworthy and undeserving of his love and that's why when God gave us his son. He did not give him to live in Caesar's Palace. He gave him to be born in an animal feeding trough. He gave him to the carpenter shop he gave him to receive the lashing of the tongues in the scourging of his puerile character by those who were into religion and religious people. He sent him to people who spread false accusations about him like the morning you please send him the hunger and thirst to send him the homelessness he send them to utter poverty.

They sent him to receive the scourging and the crown of thorns. He sent him those who work when he gave his back to base my cousins Isaiah had prophesied in his cheek to those who would pluck a tear and ultimately gave him the cross where he on his sinless, perfect body cutting my sin.

The news and the sin of whomsoever, whomsoever, whomsoever, whomsoever question who are the whomsoever. Those who gladly receive him as their only Savior and Lord. Those who gladly love him back with all their hearts are trying to make the distinction between the false gospel that is preached a great deal about how Jesus died on the cross and therefore salvation was given to everybody in the universe. It doesn't matter what you believe what they believe in Jesus will not deny I thought about two-story back when Andrew Jackson was president of the United States. There was a criminal who was tried and condemned by the courts. Pres. Jackson offered him a pardon to the condemned man.

He offered them a pardon, but he refused a pardon. The prison authorities, the Atty. Gen. of United States all tried to convince the man that he should graciously and gratefully accepted. Pardon the man wouldn't do it.

They tried to explain to him that not refusing the pardon by the president of the United States is an insult to the present and the man wouldn't budge.

He refused the pardon. Finally, actually, the Atty. Gen. went to consult with the Supreme Court, whether they can force the mentor except the pardon but the Supreme Court decided not limited to you. A pardon was merely a printed statement on a piece of paper until it is accepted. Let me repeat this apartment was merely a statement printed on a piece of paper until it is accepted, it cannot be considered a pardon. Therefore, the men must be condemned the end of the court when Jesus said in John 316 for God so loved the world that he gave his only one begotten son so that whosoever believes in him have eternal life. He was saying that he paid the price for that part, but until it is accepted until is accepted until you claim that pardon your condemned for all of eternity that eternal condemnation hangs on us all.

Every one of us is a dark cloud until we accept the pardon today. If there's anyone here at the sound of my voice who would say yes I humbly receive that pardon that cost you everything that person. The Bible said to be set free from sin and guilt for all of eternity. Shall we pray father we know that you all hearts are open, and not all desires are known from you no secrets are hid Holy Spirit you're here your present because Jesus promised that he will be here when two or three gathered in his name until we know Holy Spirit you're here, you're convicting some people for the first time to come and receive the Spartan and become part of the family of God and for those who have received the Department of real loss. The spiritual way wandering off in the wilderness. In Jesus name I pray for them to come back giving you invigorated by this incredible gift you're listening to leading the way and a message from Dr. Michael Yousef called live kids listen to their send any other message from Dr. Michael Yousef when you visit the listen page and, or download the leading the way To your smart phone or to your tablet. By the way, if you had questions about your faith walk. Maybe how to begin a relationship with Jesus click over to it's a safe place for you to ask questions and have a faint conversation, I am so thankful to these friends who have said that we gonna manage your giving and eager to hear more details about this but I'm coming to you at the end of the year because this is the last opportunity to respond to this challenge because God has some amazing doors that he opened for us and we want to take advantage of every one of them.

And as you know I received no compensation from leading the way, this is my labor of love, just like your giving is a labor of love. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and God bless leading the way is a listener supported worldwide gospel ministry. Now is the perfect time to support the many outreaches because it's Decembers for forgiving challenge.

He heard me right $100 can become $300 $500 becomes $1500 $1000 becomes $20,000 triple the end.

As we move toward 2020.

The number to call 86662643561 online when for drop us a note we are leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. Time is gone for the day, but we do have just enough time to wish you a happy new year from each and every one of us leading the way

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