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Jesus The Only (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 24, 2019 1:00 am

Jesus The Only (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael.

You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LW.perhaps to guide more than any other time in history or in the parish. We need to be equipped to defend the truth. Biblical truth sometimes through people in the churches for when you hear statistic after statistic the sales that 60% of so-called Christians believe that all religions are the same in all founders of religions will point to God and that all roads lead to God when you hear this kind of statistic is not just want some in this repeated, we not only need to be equipped to defend the truth of biblical truth, but we need to quit the next generation so they too can stand for biblical truth. The fact that Jesus is the only revelation of the creator God. That is the very core of the Christian faith and any other deviation is falsehood that Jesus is the only way to salvation in heaven. There are no other name under heaven by which men can be saved that Jesus did not appear in a vacuum. Like all these other founders but thousands of years before he was born of a virgin in Bethlehem Judea. God has been telling his people over and over and over again that Jesus is coming, the Jesus, his anointed one, the only anointed one, that Jesus is the only way to eternal life and salvation. These prophecies regarding the first coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

They are in every book of the Old Testament, beginning in Genesis 315 and there in every book of the Lord, take books to write about those prophecies not just few sermons, but more specifically through the prophet Isaiah, God chose to give us details about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ about his virgin birth about his life about his suffering about his crucifixion and resurrection, details, and this was 700 years before Jesus was born in Bethlehem and so we need to understand and be equipped to understand where we stand and why our faith is the only faith to faith.

Therefore, throughout this Advent season all the way to Christmas Eve. I will be with you meditating on one verse only one verse Isaiah 96 were gonna read it together. For unto us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders and he will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of peace. Amen. It is astounding to me. Every time every time I read this verse in this passage, particularly that God the sovereign God the Creator God. God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. The first description of him who is to come. 700 years later the first description that he is a wonderful counselor now today, counseling has become a major necessity in our culture and our life. With the increasing isolation.

The social change in the speed by which social change and technological change is taking place have caused us a dizzying dislocation, we are unable to deal with all these brand-new problems that are coming at us every single day unprecedented on a daily basis and so almost just everyone of us at some point need counseling and so counseling is become a necessity. Now so much so that the Calgary Herald. That's the Canadian paper reported that 85% of Canadian psychiatrists are in therapy themselves after what they go through the needed is like the man who felt that in a was getting some sound advice. He said the 99% sound than 1% of vice please him a lot because the end of all good biblically sound counseling is built on a simple enduring principle on a simple eternal principle, and it is this… Triune God has spoken to us through the Scripture, and that is why one pastor said I do not make counseling appointments on Sundays but God does. During Sunday worship. In fact, I just learned recently that we even have cyber therapy entered add go something like this got the blues can't stop eating nachos needs therapy add cyber therapy at your newest list of things to do online as that I've seen everything, but 700 years before the Lord's incarnation desire said of him that he will be called wonderful Counselor, not some scholars interpret the Hebrew syntax here, but these are two separate words that he is wonderful and that he is a counselor we all agree is wonderful and is a counselor, but the accurate reading of this is that Jesus is the most wonderful counselor that you can ever hope to meet the three characteristics about our Lord Jesus, that truly qualify him as the most wonderful counselor. Three things I want to share with you very quickly. First of all, is called wonderful Counselor because his wisdom is supreme. He is called wonderful Counselor. Secondly, because his will for your life is superb.

And thirdly, he is called wonderful Counselor because his work is supernatural. Let's look at these ones very quickly. His wisdom is supreme. If you look at Colossians chapter 2 verse three. Here's what the word of God said about Jesus in whom talk about Jesus are hidden all can say all all the treasures of wisdom. All of the treasures of wisdom in Jesus and because he has all of the treasures of wisdom and therefore he himself does not need counseling. He does not need a counselor, but the wisest of people. The best of counselors. The greatest of teachers. We all need some counseling at some point or another, all but Romans 1134 says, who has known the mind of the Lord, who has been his counselor and the answer is no one, no one, and James explains his wisdom is not only that he has all that wisdom, all of it, but he also said in James that he will give it to whomever asked for who prays for who needs it and desperately come to him for an James described that wisdom this way. He called pure, peaceable, gentle, full of mercy and good fruit, without partiality and without hypocrisy. It means that his counsel is not tainted by worldly or selfish gain.

It means that his counsel is not contaminated by bias or prejudice. It means that his counsel is not stained with a desire to manipulate people see anyone can give you advice. Only the wonderful counselor can counsel you only Jesus can counsel you.

I know many of you read Oswald Chambers devotional and the great.

The tremendous nuggets and that those devotional are about 20 lesson 20 years ago, every 20 years ago I had the joy of meeting his daughter in London where a great conversation about her dad and one of the stories that comes out to us about his his wife Mrs. Oswald Chambers said she's there. My husband has a powerful and very forceful personality, and he's got a break and she said because of that there are people always want to come to him and literally tell him about all the problems and most intimate details of annual report their hearts out to him and say she got used to it you said one night after a meeting when they decamped damages at all.

Mr. Jemison, I have the problems and nobody can help me. But you and I want to tell you about it is it finds that he goes in there and talk to her. So Mrs. Chandler said that, I got used to that I found myself a loop.

Quiet corner and I resigned myself to long wait but to her other supplies. Mr. Chambers came back very quickly, only a few minutes, and so on the way home. She commented on the speed by which you completed this counseling and Oswald Chambers said to her, he said I just asked the lady if she had ever poured her heart to the wonderful counselor and she said no. I said I told her go home. Rock your heart to wonderful counselor and if you don't get help. Come to me now. Chambers knew experientially as many of you know, as I know that how wonderful the counselor is and how wonderfully he ministers to everyone of us when we come to him pulling out our hearts to him, leaving nothing out.

Listen before you talk to anyone else see Karen seek his counsel stay in his presence seek his wisdom seekers advice because he alone has all of the wisdom to deal with all of the problems no matter what problem you have.

He has all the wisdom to deal with it for them at his feet bring them to his presence let his wisdom for peace into your troubled heart letters, wisdom, harm your troubled spirit with his wisdom help you overcome the disturbance that sin might have brought into your life or the sin of others that my brought into your life with his wisdom relieve the pain of rejection that you might be experiencing or suffering. Let his wisdom elevate you above the turmoil of doubt, by his gentle assurance he is what wonderful counselor, but the something else. Colossians 237. Not only that in him all, how many all the treasures of wisdom, but he goes on to say that in him all the treasures of knowledge, all of the treasures of knowledge, not just some or all of him rather than this one because it's important to see the wonderful counselor not only knows everything about you, but he's the only one who can answers your deepest longing, the wonderful counselor Mount only knows all of your life secrets but is the only one who can forgive your secret sins. The wonderful counselor not only knows every dark corner in every dark chamber in our hard he's the only one who can shine his light in the dark corners and point the way out.

Naaman belongs here he is called the wonderful counselor 700 years before he was born of a virgin in Bethlehem of Judea because his wisdom is supreme. Secondly, because his will for your life is superb. Now I have met people through these 40 years and ordained ministry that really afraid of the will of God because they're afraid the will of God is going to get them to do something they don't want to know all the will of God is going to make them to suffer as a deception from Satan directly because God's will for you is superb even when you cannot see. Even when you cannot understand it, even when you can't comprehend them explained it this way.

If you have marriage problems you not going to go to get counsel from somebody whose marriage is in shambles right, right. If you have problem overcoming anxiety and fear. You not going to go to a counselor who is fearful and anxious. Jesus is the only one who has all the right things to give you and all of life's problems.

You can go to the wonderful counselor and you gonna receive power to receive strength you can receive healing from the wonderful counselor why because his will for you is superb in every way in every way. Not only that, but the wonderful counselor Jesus he meets you where you are missing what your he meets you whenever you come to him.

You don't have to wait for an appointment. You don't have to improve before you come to him. You don't have to jump through hoops before you come to know you got them right away as you are.

Why because his will for you is superb and because his will for you superb everyone can come to him the week will find strength the sinner will find forgiveness and purity.

The fearful will find faith to give her the rejected will find a well, the broken hearted is going to find healing and mending of the broken hearts the angry and the bidder who will find restoration.

The disappointment will find in him sympathetic. The bankrupt will find them all of the riches in the world. The confused will find in him to be the guide.

The sorrowful is going to find the wonderful counselor. Through solace, the discouraged will find encouragement the betrayed is going to find confidentiality and the rest them.

He is the hole filled counselor only telling you what he says only if the guy just going to tell you about Jesus. No wonder Jesus said in his the only one who could've sent this, to me what all of you come to me all who are labor and are heavy laden, and will give you rest. Not may. I will give you rest.

Proverbs 27 nonsense perfume and incense brings joy to the heart and the pleasantness of one's friend springs from his earnest counsel that Jesus see when you got the counselor, Sir Mme., I have a problem was the first thing they don't say tell me about right. Tell me about your problem. But when you come to the wonderful counselor. He will say to you, I know all problems. I know them before you experience them and already have the answer for you. I have been waiting for you to come. I been waiting for you to ask 700 years before Jesus was born of a virgin in Bethlehem Judea. Isaiah described him as what wonderful counselor why because his wisdom is supreme because his will for you is superb. And thirdly because his work is supernatural. I can tell you that any of us who have received counselor will get counsel everyone of us only to conscience of the human limitation with conscious of the human limitation. The other day I saw a quote from a counselor.

When somebody came to him and said I wanted to change me is what he said was recorded. He said the only person on adult can change is a babies wet diaper, profound, helpless phone because not counseling the world can never change another person. No one only the wonderful counselor can imagine because his work is supernatural in our thinking about for those of of counseling and counselor are thought of a low old story. Years ago a pastor who was actually renowned as a good counselor and somebody came to him one day and he said the past. I want to divorce my wife and this pastor looked at him and he couldn't understand it.

And finally he said to him, you said the do you have any grounds is one of the grounds for divorce him and said thought for a minute and then he said yet 1 acre in the puzzle pastor looked again, shook his head and he said the one I want to know is you and your wife do you have any grudges and he said no, but we have a wonderful carport and the pastor was truly exasperated by that point and is it Sir, I'm sorry. He said I don't see a reason that you should divorce your wife and the man said pastor you don't understand, you must understand that the woman cannot carry on an intelligent conversation and that is why Jesus 700 years before his birth. The father called him what for. He is the only one who can change people is only one who can change heart is the owner can change lives is the only one who can change circumstances is the only one who can change situation every time you go to the wonderful counselor medicals happen.

Transformation takes place. Supernatural power goes into effect. I was thinking about the wonderful counselor and how incredible his counsel is and I thought about at least three because another limitation of time, but at least three times we see the wonderful counselor to work with his supernatural power and all come from John's gospel chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 you find in John chapter 3, Jesus, the wonderful counselor begins to counsel a confused theologian is nothing worse than a confused theologian I'm telling Nicodemus was thoroughly confused and Jesus immediately put his finger on the source of his confusion that he had empty and lifeless religion, but he needed spiritual rebirth and Jesus said to him, you need to be born again. You must be born of the spirit of God in order to comprehend the things of God. And then in chapter 4, you see the wonderful counselor meets this woman a woman was abused by men hurt by men, distrustful of men in the wonderful counselor looks straight deep into her hurting heart and he sees her frustration and he sees how defeated sex life and he sees this one of passion without any power and he immediately points to her to hurt most desperate need the living water. The water that only Jesus can give the living spirit of Jesus who can truly give a contentment who can give her joy who can give a comfort that all of the men in the world could not do, and then in chapter 5 of the gospel of John. You see the wonderful counselor encounters a man who for 38 years is been living with infirmity, but every time he gets near the water. He gets disappointed 38 years.

They after day, month after month, week after week, year after year 38 years, and when the wonderful counselor comes to him. He ask him a very unusual question is what he asked the man. Do you want to be healed, really coming surely here in the Lord that he wants to be healed is here for 38 years near the water was to be healed, but the wonderful counselor wanted to hear it from his lips.

See is waiting for you until you come and pour your heart out to him. He wants to hear from you see in every case and lived there is a lot more only showing history every case, the wonderful counselor displays his supernatural power. Whatever they need.

Maybe whatever the need, maybe I don't know whether you are encouraged or discouraged.

I don't know today whether you're a living and hope all your living and hopelessness.

I don't know. I don't know whether you are living in victory or living in defeat. Only you know that what I know for certain is this with absolute certainty, the wonderful counselor can meet you wherever you are today. Now this very moment, I can't help but testify that I have experienced this wonderful counselor for well over six decades. He never, never, never disappointed me. He kept me waiting a lot of times but even then when I got impatient and I look back that waiting for his glory and my good, all people disappoint us. People will let us down people or turn on us.

That's humanity there prays he one day the dam in the next visit Hosanna on Palm Sunday, five days later hundred five this it crucified him. The mob always changeable people are changeable but Jesus, the wonderful counselor never, never, never, her loving father how I think you for Jesus, the wonderful counselor, one who never lets us down. He in heaven is interceding on our behalf in your eyes father on him and we thank you that he is a wonderful counselor and Holy Spirit of Jesus, we thank you that the sometimes when we don't know how to pray. You pray in us and through us and you take our desperation to the throne room of God the Holy Spirit to bring to us the answers and you corpse and so father lift up to you every discouraged heart. Every despondent person.

Father I pray that you humbled the proud, and that you give peace and comfort to the humble.

Because father you are the God of grace and nothing is impossible for you. Pray this in your name Jesus. Amen

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