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Real and Unreal Expectations

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 10, 2019 1:00 am

Real and Unreal Expectations

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Dr. Michael you set introduces you to Simeon today on leading the way. Simmons expectations were not fixed on the world, the common expectations will not fixed on the stock market provisions will not even based on his long-run justness which is qualification, but his expectations based squarely said and rested on the promises of God.

Christmas 2019 is just to read and as we look forward to this year's celebration. We must remember that those living for Jesus's birth have very different perspective. They were all living in expectation of the coming Messiah living and hope for the future and in 2019, we understand that Jesus is the fulfillment of that hope next on leading the way. Dr. Michael you set helps you look closely at the Christ of Christmas and the fact of his birth, life, death and resurrection, and what it can have on you today. This is a message Dr. Yousef calls real and unreal expectations. Listen with me as he begins breadcrumb early month and 77 my family and I moved to the West Coast from Australia and being an observer of culture. I noticed that there are more people in the United States who suffered emotional depression than I've seen in other parts of the world that, probably a little bit. I wanted to know why authors are not talking about chemical depression. I'm not talking about clinical depression.

I'm talking about sheer emotional depression and the question that plagued me for some time. Why and photos to your first two years I lived on University campus where many of my neighbors were studying to be doctors of psychologists also thought I might be able to help me and the gun class and why is this the standard answers you know justice. The fast-paced society in which we live, how the population is not able to keep up with the technological advancement but I wasn't tempted. I knew there was something else I was not satisfied with those road answers from one thing why, for example, there are more emotional depression and the Tom Christmastime with silver holiday time will should be a prime for celebration and joy of the birth of Jesus. Why isn't in this richest nation in the world. Why is it in this freest nation in the world. Why is it in this highest per capita income in the world. Why is it that in the nation where pets and animals live better off than so many people in the world population. Why is it and finally I got the answer. You might not agree with me but at least our satisfied and are basically two words unrealistic expectations. Unrealistic expectations and it is a fact that the higher and the more unrealistic expectations are, the greater the disappointment when these expectations are not fulfilled. It is a fact of the breadth of the hype of the heart of the letdown of the greater the build up the heart of the fall. The higher the expectations the deeper the despair when those expectations are not met, the more unrealistic these expectations are, the greater the emotional despair when these unrealistic expectations are not met since the time of course I have had several years of experience of seeing it. I've heard it over and over and over again unrealistic expectation of a husband of his wife unrealistic expectation of wife of her husband unrealistic expectations by children of their parents unrealistic expectations by some parents all the children unrealistic expectations of employees of the employer and unrealistic expectations from employers. Although employees and the list goes on and on and on unrealistic expectations of a church and are even better say unrealistic expectations of a pastor that will let you down sooner or later take it from me. Many of these unrealistic expectations stem from comparisons, compare ourselves and then we conclude by saying well I have how life if I have his life.

If I have his or her money. If I have her husband if I have his life.

If I have ever had if I had to make me happy. The truth is, it will not.

It is not a secret that most discontentment in marriages are due to unrealistic expectations slugged the two women who run into each other have not seen each other for years. In fact, had not seen each other since we both were single and then they run into each other in the streets and one asked the other, and she said the has your husband lived up to all the promises he made to you when you got married she should just one. She's about which one the one when he told me that he wasn't good enough for me unrealistic expectations.

Of course, is the other extreme, that other extreme is expecting nothing when you expect nothing whatsoever you really belong to the pessimist club. One man's would always borrow money from a pessimist who never expected to buy back the pessimist motto is this blessed is he who expects nothing for he will not be disappointed. But today I want to tell you about an expectation in expectation that you can absolutely certain it will never disappoint you, and that is when you place your expectations firmly and solidly upon the word of God. When you place your expectations firmly on the promises of God. When you place your expectations firmly in the covenant making and covenant keeping God no matter what happens, no matter what goes on around you, no matter how long it may take.

No matter how unrealistic other people think about your expectations, you can be absolutely sure that God will never disappoint you turn to Luke chapter 2 beginning at verse 25. This prayer by Simeon or song prayer you can take it either way has been known throughout the ages by its Latin derivative.

Knowing the Mrs. which literally means you will now dismiss. We know very little about Simeon. In fact, beyond this passage we don't know much about them at all. He was a man who placed his expectations fully and squarely upon the promise of God the Holy Spirit that he gave him and therefore he was not disappointed. Now there's something here.

I don't want you to miss. It's one thing to know that he had placed his expectations on the promise of God the Holy Spirit revealed to him it's another thing for you to know that this man was just an okay person because we often think of God only uses big-name preachers or clergy appraisal pastors that God only uses people who have greater platform.

The reality is, and I believe the Holy Spirit wants us to learn this. The truth is this is your study history and the history of revival. Specially you gonna find it will lay people who ignite God use did not revivals, not people in the pulpits and here's a man. He was not a priest, he was not a high priest who is not well, but he was not a scribe. He was not a leader of the Pharisees.

He was not a member of the Sanhedrin P was not a prominent person in any religious sense whatsoever. And yet God chose to reveal to him the coming of the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ humor out of this one.

Simmons expectations were not fixed on Rome's expectations will not set on the movers and shakers of his time is expectations were not set on the religious hierarchy of the day's expectations will not set on the world economy is expectations will not fixed on the stock market is expectations were not even based on his own righteousness, which is his modification but his total expectations were based on squarely set and rested on the promises of God, for it is only when you and I firmly place out expectations on the promise of God revealed in the word of God, will we dare to believe the impossible and to expect the unexpected and to hope for the hopeless and to attempt the undetectable to be convicted of that which is inconceivable and to see the invisible and do the undoable is not a single person here today so I'm just an openly Christian God specializes in using ordinary Christians. The Bible tells us very little about this man actually not only tells us what matters to God the Holy Spirit tells us that this is how Simeon is been judged by God. This is how he is viewed by God.

Look at verse 25 now there was a man no titles in Jerusalem, whose name was Simeon. What school did you go to makes no difference what degrees did he accumulated probably none what status did he accomplish.

We don't know what is a statement of his net worth makes no difference on the number and a piece of paper that was important to God to the Bible tells us that this man basically was standing guard to standing guard is with the word to explain the minute daily.

He was on duty. Bailey was expecting of the fulfillment of the promises of God from Genesis to Malachi.

He was promised by God the Holy Spirit that though he will personally see the Messiah. The word here indicates the term like a sentinel watching, waiting, praying, serving, giving, trusting, and so when he saw the baby Jesus with his own eyes when he held the baby in his arms when he saw the center of the world to be born when he saw the one who is all sufficiency had come into the world this would now now I can be released from my duty now. It can be dismissed from my whitening now I can leave my post now I can depart from my service. Now I can go to glory and be with God forever.

Now it is time for me just For My Watchtower. Now That I Have Expected God's Deliverance and Trusting in His Promise. And Here I Have Seen It with My Own Eyes.

Now That All My Expectations Have Been Fulfilled More Fervently Than I Thought Possible. I'm Ready to Go to Glory. I Can Go in Peace, What Confidence in the Promises of God.

Incredible Confidence What Fulfillment of Expectations of Him in the Word of God and the Promise of God with Peace That Passes Understanding What Joy Unspeakable That Comes from Trusting in the Promises of God and the Word of God.

Look at Verse 29 Now Let Your Servant Depart in Peace, According to Your Word. What Brought about This Confidence. What Brought about This Piece in This Man Who Had Been Waiting and Praying and Giving and Serving Verse 30 Because My Eyes Have Seen the Fulfillment of All of Israel's Expectations. Now I Can Be Set Free the Blood. Listen to Me When You Set Your Expectations on the Promises of God and the Word of God, God Will Never Disappoint You. What Was Expectations of Similar.

Listen Carefully That Israel's Messiah and the Gentiles Only Hope for Salvation Would Come to the World and That He Would See Him with His Own Eyes That the One Whom God Have Promised Long Ago, Which Come in His Lifetime That He Would See the One That Previous Generations Have Only Hope for and Hope to See You to See but Did Not. Now Simeon Sees with His Own Eyes. One That People for Thousands of Years Have Been Expecting and Waiting for You Must Understand, Simeon Was Not the First Generation to Hope for and Expect the Coming of Jesus That Was Thousands of Years of Trusting and Believing That God Will Do What He Said He Will Do. They Have Waited on They Have Watched for the Birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. For Thousands of Years. They Kept on Passing That Expectations for the Next Generation and the Next Generation and the Next Generation Will I'm Dying. Maybe You'll See the Coming of the Messiah. I'm Done. But You See the Coming of the Messiah but Me Ask You This, When Was the Last Time You Told Your Children to Move Expectantly of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Sad Irony Is That the Return of Jesus Is like an Alien Thought among so Many Believers, Particularly the Younger Generation and yet Everything We Do Every Time We Serve. Every Time We Give Every Time We Minister Should Be with an Eye on the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, Which Appears to Be Closer Now Than Ever See the Jewish Expectations of the Birth of the Messiah Goes Back All the Way to Adam and Eve. Simeon Was Not the First Generation to What for Jesus and the Birth of the Messiah As a Matter of Fact When Adam and Eve Were Thrown Out Of the Garden and God Led Them a Promise and He Said That the Seed of the Woman Is Going to Come and He Is Going to Be Your Savior.

They Did Not Know How Long Is Going to Be and so When Cain Was Born They Thought Was the Seed of the Woman Their First Son, and That's Why They Named Him Cain, Meaning Users That He Was the Messiah, but They Have To Wait Some More and I Was in Genesis and in the Generation and the Book of Exodus Were Also Waiting for Him to Come, the Lamb of God, and in the Generation of Leviticus, Waiting for Him to Come Who Was the High Priest in the Generation of the Book of Numbers Waited for Him to Come the Smitten Rock and Then the Generation of Deuteronomy Followed the Book of Numbers and They Were Waiting for the Prophet, Followed by the Book of Joshua Where He Is the Captain of the Lord of Hosts Followed by the Generation of the Judges, Where He Is a Great and Final, Judged, Followed by the Generation of Roof Where He Is the Heavenly Kinsman Redeemer, Followed by Several What He Is the Anointed One, Followed by the Kings Where He Is the Lord of Lords and King of All Kings, Followed by Chronicles, Where He Is the Glory of the Temple of God, Followed by Ezra Where He Is a Teacher from God, Followed by Nehemiah Where He Is the Builder of Broken Lives, Followed by Esther Where He Is a Protector of His People, Followed by Job Where He Is the Comforter.

In Times of Trouble, Followed by the Psalms When He Hears the Good Shepherd Followed by Programs Where He Is the Wisdom of God, Followed by Ecclesiastes, Where He Is the Preacher of the Kingdom of God, Followed by the Song of Songs Where He Is the Bridegroom for His Bride, the Church Followed by Isaiah, Where He Is the Righteousness of God, Followed by Jeremiah Where He Is the Potter Shapes the Clack of Our Lives into the Image of God, Followed by Limitation Where He Is the Weeping Prophet, Followed by Ezekiel, Where He Is. The Wheel inside the Wheel, Followed by Daniel Where He Is the Son Of Man Coming in Clouds with Great Glory.

And the Stone Does Not Talk with Hands in the Fourth Member Who Walked in the Fiery Furnace, Followed by Hosea, Who Is the Love of God for the Backslider, Followed by Joel Who Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Followed by Amos Who Is the Author of Judgment and of Mercy, Followed by Micah Who Is a Great Intercessor between God and Man, Followed by Nahum Who Is a Stronghold in the Day of Trouble, Followed by Habakkuk, Who Is the God of Mercy, Followed by Zephaniah, Where He Is the Establishment of the Kingdom of God, Followed by Hagy Where He Is the Desire of All Nations, Followed by Zechariah, Where He Is the Branch of Jehovah. Finally, by the Book of Malachi. The Last Book in the Old Testament Just before the Coming of Jesus Christ Where He Is the Refiners Fire the Son SU and of Righteousness, the Prizes All over the World with His Wings. Simeon Said I Have Set My Expectations Not on My Positions, Not on Accumulation of False Hopes, Not Even on People, but like All of My Ancestors. I Have Sent All of My Expectations Firmly.

I'm Squarely on the Promise of God, and Now My Eyes Have Seen the Fulfillment of the Promises of God of This Baby Virgin Born May Be the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I Have Seen the Fulfillment of the Hopes and Dreams of Previous Generations.

On This First Christmas He Is Seen with His Own Eyes. That Is What He Said Now Lord Let You Go to Glory Look You Go to Glory All My Expectations of Been Fulfilled Is Nothing Left for Me to Live for. Let Me Tell You This Is Come to the End.

Listen to Me, Wrongly Placed Expectations Falsely Believed Expectations. Unrealistic Expectations. Expectations That Are Placed on People Sooner or Later Is Going to Disappoint You Going to Disappoint You but Expectations That Are Placed Firmly in Squarely on the Promises of God in the Word of God Will Never, Never, Never, Never, Never Disappoint You or Depress You. Jesus Promised That Is Coming Back. Not As Helpless Baby That Is a Helpless Body Hanging on the Cross, but Is Coming Back with Great Power and Great Glory. And Even Those Who Have Rejected Him. Those Who Refuse to Believe in Him Would Bow and Confess That Jesus Christ Is Lord Is Coming Back. The Question Is If He Comes Back Today.

Can You Be Absolutely Certain That You Will Be with Him Forever When He Comes to Take His Children, His Believers, His Church, from Every Nation. Never Try. Would You Be with. What If You're Not Sure He Can Be Today. All You Need to Do Is Come to Him. So Lord Jesus Christ. I Know You the Expected Messiah to God and the Foster Placement of the Wages of My Sins and Rose Again to Assure Me of My Resurrection.

Powerful Reminder to Set Your Expectations on the Promises of God from Leaving the Wrong Dr. Michael You Sent an 80. Today's Message Helped You See That Your Expectations Are in the Wrong Place and If so, Maybe You'd like to Have a Conversation about the Truth of Jesus Will Take a Moment to Visit Once You're There, You Can Begin a Conversation to Find out What It Really Means to Be a Christian in 2019. I Think about This. Your Blast Did You Think What I Mean.

It's Here You What You're Listening to Dr. Michael You Set Probably A Few Other Bible Teachers Writing on This and Other Stations. Not Everyone's Able to Do the Contact in Some Places, Telling People about Jesus or Going to a Church for Worship and Teaching Is Illegal, It's Dangerous and That's Why Leading the Way Goes beyond This City Reaching into Nations around the World with the Truth of Christ to Be in Many Forms of Media. In Fact, Recently Our Office Is Herded out an Email at a High-Level Leader in Islam, Responding to Messages Heard on Our Satellite Channel in the Middle East. It's Called the Kingdom Sat at. This Was an Amazing Sequence of Events. He Was Prompted to Watch and Listen to Leading the Way, Which Got Invented Contact Our Field Team in the Area That Ultimately Led Him to Step Away from His Islamic Tradition and to Embrace the Saving Grace of Jesus in Your Community Is the Gospel Changing Hearts and Changing Lives through Leading the Way in All Parts of the World.

May We Encourage You to Partner with Dr. Michael.

You Sacked during This Month's Getting Challenge Change Lives Right There in Your Neighborhood Change Lives across Six Continents Worldwide. Give Us a Call Will Tell You All about It. 866-626-4356 or Online. Again, 866-626-4356 or throughout This Last Year. Your Faithfulness and Generosity Have Helped Leading the Way. Take the Light of Christ into Some of the Darkest Places of the Globe As We Seek to Finish 2019 Strong. Dr. Yousef and Leading the Way, Are More Determined Than Ever to Stand Firm in the Truth of God's Word Is We in Our World.

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