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Hope and Forgiveness in Times of Judgement (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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December 6, 2019 1:00 am

Hope and Forgiveness in Times of Judgement (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier
Core Christianity
Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier

On 24 May of 1998 a sermon was preached from my portrait of a major Protestant church in the city and the point of the sermon was this today with all the modern technology and science.

The Bible cannot be believed and then the two examples at the preacher went on to give as to why the Bible cannot be believed in modern days the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and the resurrection of Jesus Christ because there are scientifically impossible. I felt like one of my kids when they were little insight and then the sermon concluded that God is not out there that he is in you, or else is dead. Nothing new in the way we understand in us in the Christian concept but he continued on to say that God is in all humanity. And it is up to each person without the kill God within or keep them alive. This type of blasphemous preaching is far more common in the churches today than you will ever realize. But most of them however not as blunt as this.

Most of them are a little subtle. Most of them use deceitful language.

Now they don't call it deceitful language they call it neutral language by: deceitful language. That's why they don't love me as I expose the truth that is not to say that within each of these groups are are some faithful people hanging in there who are trying their best to be like. But I want to tell you about like lot of old, they are tormenting themselves by associating and listening and hearing and being in fellowship with such apostasy. The fact is this pagan ideology of the most radical anti-Christian nature is taught in university departments of religion across the land, and theological seminaries across the land and mainline church agencies across the land. They adopt the name of Christianity, but in reality, true Christianity is unrecognizable. One of their own scholar described Christian orthodoxy as a night court mental illness.

Believe it or not, that's exactly what Nietzsche said and it wasn't long after Nietzsche's philosophy began to spread across the land of Germany. That philosophy took hold to the one we had the rise of Nazism. In fact, Nietzsche described Orthodox Christians in our court as bigots living on the lunatic fringe in the record, I have heard some of our political leaders describing Christians in the stone. Some of those so-called religious thinkers are teaching and I court that the ecological disaster that competitiveness in economics and academic fields. The repressive sexual norms are all the wrapping fruit of the jaded Christian fundamentalism and if you doubt their success.

Listen to me please if you doubt their success. Listen to the statistics in 1994, a major study and major research was done and discovered that 40% of evangelical Christians do not believe in the absolutes, Don Shriver, a Presbyterian minister said in 1993 to keep the church alive. We should develop partnerships with Eastern religions. Someone commented on this and said if this is Presbyterianism. John Calvin was a Buddhist in the fall of 19 9300s upon hundreds of women ministers from the mainline churches gathered in Minneapolis Minnesota to worship Sophia, the goddess of wisdom, many of them declared publicly and I court Sophia is a divine Savior who would lead humanity into another more perfect and loving civilization because she will lead us out of the dualism of the Scripture into the merging of humanity with nature. Listen to me. Please nature worship is exactly the idolatry that Hosea has been speaking against. There is nothing wrong about being good stewards of the earth, a good stewards of the bounties of God, but to worship nature and hide trees and lit frogs. Let me tell you something. It irritates God the Sophia that is worshiped by hundreds upon hundreds of modern-day feminist ministers in the mainline church is not other than the Egyptian goddess Isis. In fact, one of their own scholars right this is the connection between Isis and Sophia is very significant and it shows us Sophia's strongest link with the ancient goddess tradition. I know all about Isis, my ancestors worship and Isis is the goddess of magic and witchcraft magic and witchcraft has replaced the Lord Jesus Christ and many altars. The church is a process land those participants in this conference call reimaging this ministers and Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian churches they invoke the blessings of Sophia, saying, our maker, Sophia, we are women in your spirit. Some of you probably saying what has all this got to do with the book of Hosea has everything to do with it.

Everything in fact, sometimes I feel that history is repeating itself with such precision that it is mind-boggling. Sometimes it appears to me at least, that the God of the Bible is in Mortal Kombat for the souls of people with these goddess of this revival paganism. But you know what, there are two major difference between Hosea's day and hours between apostasy in his day and apostasy in our day and that is why I believe with all my heart that the judgment of God is going to be more severe than what happened when the Assyrians came which Hosea prophesied. It took 40 years to happen, but it happened and I don't how many is going to take before the judgment of God is coming. I believe is going to be more severe than what the Assyrians dip and if you read what this is that after the prophecy of Hosea to the people of Israel would absolutely tear you up in the two differences.

This they did not have 2000 years of Christian thought. 2000 years of Christian light 2000 years, Christian knowledge and the second thing is that while I know the anti-God forces have always stalked the churches throughout, but rarely in history. Rarely, religious paganism has entered into the temple of God with such arrogance.

Is it happening today. Most of us are going around in our Christian life blessed me, God give me God do this God and realize that God is heartbroken with the priest of Hosea chapter 10 beginning at verse one. Listen to what God said.

Verse 20 said Israel is a lecture oriented vine.

It's a lush vine that use its own fruit, the more his fruit increased.

The more altars the bills as his country improved.

He improved his pillars. Their hearts are false, but needed to from the living Bible, permit me to do that hits it right on in this particular verse, verse two is what God is saying, the more wealth I give her the more she pours it on the altars. All of her heaving God, the richer the harvest, I give her the more beautiful statues and idols she erect Israel was referred to throughout the Scripture as a vine of God's own planting.

God is the one who planted Israel. He took them out of the slavery of Egypt and tenderly provided for them in the wilderness and their in the wilderness he provided for them so supernaturally so miraculously so lovingly it was that vine that God took out of the wilderness and he plays supernaturally into the promised land.

It was there he planted the divine and the people of Israel said all God we got all by you. We gonna serve you worship you all, but few generations later, they denied him and then mixed him up with all the other gods of the neighbors. So much so that Jeremiah called Israel a degenerate vine. So much so Hosea calls it a lush vine on the outside. Isaiah said that God looked for grapes in his vine and he could only find poisonous grapes.

Why do you think God planted a vine for his glory to produce fruit much fruit. But instead of the fruit Israel turned around and produced poisonous fruit on the outside all year as it looked magnificent because of lecture oriented upgrades on the outside, green and lush sleeves looked wonderful. But when you look a little closer and there the grapes, sour more than that they are poisonous.

What kind of fruit are you bearing what kind of fruit are you producing in your life is at your own fruit or is it God's fruit is it what you want what God wants. Ask yourself that question, please let the word of God be imprinted upon your mind and upon your hearts and asked what kind of fruit. Am I producing do I bring peace, joy, love, unity, or do I produce division disunity, heartache and indifference.

God called Israel why to bring glory to his name, but it turned out to bring shame to his name Jesus planted his church, why to bring glory to his name, but it produced bitter fruit.

God planted the Reformation why to bring people back into the word of God to bring glory to God. But what now the very talkers of the Reformation are bringing fruit. Israel is a lecturer in vine says the Lord, it puts forth its own fruit not God's fruit. Be very careful. Be very careful that you are producing God's fruit not the fruit you want to produce because I want to tell you goddess patient and his long-suffering and is going to wait, but the discipline of God is going to chase you whatever you might go there. Many Christian churches today.

They look like a lecturer oriented vine. They have steeples and crosses on top of the steeples, but inside these buildings. They have poisonous fruit. Many churches go through the motions of worship, they look like a lecture oriented vine, but they bear the fruit of apostasy and the fruit of denial of biblical truth. Many churches open the Bible and look like the real thing but there poisonous fruit is manifested when they deny that this Bible is God's own self revelation.

There are many churches that preach Jesus to be lecture oriented vine, but they only believe in him as a mere man like all man who has no power to bring salvation.

Be very careful of lecturing vines outed not so long ago that the New York City is a witch.

She was teaching, which we one night a week.

Guess where the Christian cathedral. What is happening in many churches today reminds me of the incident that took place back in 1952, just in terms of the speed by which had what had happened to the church when King George VI died. Princess Elizabeth Turner hurriedly from Australia where she was visiting and when she arrived in London on official who greeted her the atomic and he said the king is dead, long live the Queen and with such speed I think is happening today modern-day apostasy in the church is crying out God is dead, long live the goddess. One of their own writers said the gods and the goddesses of Greece are our heritage.

Sooner or later it is they who will reappear in Noah. They will reappear in a place from which I'm going to be 1 trillion miles away. You know what is on the regulatory orders I'm not going to be new or near another one. Rorty said, is a living breathing conscious being to be regarded and respected as God himself.

Be careful of worship of nature are forever from the day God created Adam and Eve. The temptation is to worship the creation instead of the creator. It's always been there will always be there until Jesus comes back. Be careful of it, Israel is a lecturer in vine who is producing its own poisonous fruit on the outside. All everything looks wonderful but inside the fruit is deadly. No wonder that the Lord Jesus Christ. In John chapter 15 he says these words literally. I am the vine, the true one literal translation. Most Bible says on the true front I am the truth that I am the vine, the true one when Israel failed to respond to the love of God, they failed to respond to the mercy of God. When Israel failed to respond to the prodding of God. God, in the fullness of time, sent his only begotten son that clean and only vine. No wonder today.

The dividing question between those who claim to be Christians and those who are is the person of Jesus Christ. No wonder when you go up and down the public prayers are all dimension of Jesus mother will be dead before I do that I don't get invited to do a lot of public prayers talk about God all you want but you come to mention the name of Jesus and cold icy breeze comes into the room listen. Argue all you want but Jesus said I am the true vine, you either abide in me or your history as a rough translation but you know what I mean you either believe in me as I am revealed in the Scripture, or you are up the creek. You either trust me with all of your heart, not just for salvation but for all of life or you have no salvation. You either believe that I am the only way to heaven or you'll never make it to heaven. You either believe that he is the divine son of God or you going to spend eternity with the sons of the devil. You either believe that his resurrection physically and literally taken place or you will never see your own resurrection. You either believe that he was and is the pure, sinless, divine God of very God or you spend eternity in torment.

It is that simple.

I am the true vine.

So Jesus and everyone cannot tell you when this gets to me every now and again but I gotta confess it in the way out. Feel better after I confesses I have some decent good believing people who say to me you know Michael you can win more people to Christ. If you just soften your telephone you can get a lot more acceptance if you would just be more positive and not talk about judgment.

All you can be more effective if you just tone down your preaching.

You know what my responses is that the devil tells me that every day he really does don't think because I stand here and proclaim the truth and declare the truth doesn't mean that I don't have Mark hand-to-hand combat with the devil. But I want to tell you this, when God called me more like it grabbed me by the back of my neck and made me to preach. I didn't want to do it.

I did not want anything to do with the ministry and I said to God will preach the truth because I want to tell you with all honesty that I would rather have people thanked me in heaven then hate me in hell for not telling the truth. I would rather have people blessed me in heaven for telling them the truth, then curse me in hell for muddying the truth. I often wonder as outed this particular chapter again and again I couldn't help but ask the question whether it is arrogance or apathy that is the greater of the two evils in our culture.

I cannot help but ask the question, but you know what the answer for Israel, between versus three all the way to six of Hosea 10. The answer was that Israel was swinging between one of the other apathy, arrogance, apathy, arrogance, apathy, arrogance, and that is why it wasn't long before they experience the incredible judgment of God. When any person or society or church consider heaven to be empty. Sooner or later the words and the promises will follow suit Israel as a lecturer in vine but it's fruit is sour. It's poisonous, but I want to tell you this and I want to leave you with some thoughts that there are Christians, born-again Christians, who are producing sour fruit. I pray to God that none of them listening to me right now because I wanted to remember this producing sour fruit producing poisonous fruit. It will bring the discipline of God. But Huber says because he loves us because he calls us children. He chastises us he disciplines us. Ask yourself today. Please what kind of fruit on my producing what kind of fruit is my vine bearing God was broken hearted over Israel. As we have been seeing in the book of Hosea and then in chapter 11. He goes on to say, but you know what is not too late, turned to me. Return to me as he does throughout the book of Hosea God is broken hearted over the apostasy in the church. God is more brokenhearted over the indifference of his people who know him who claim him to be the Lord and Savior God is brokenhearted over the centrality of self among his people. God is brokenhearted over the wrong motives for which he is worshiped and followed but he still calling is still calling saying the opportunity is here. The time is now. I love you be broken before me before I break you often wonder how long does it take for the average churchgoer to abort the message that the just heard the God of the church and don't do their thing. Whether it is for Traverso that the other thing and the next thing the work is completely evaporated from the minds. I wonder I was sometimes of God's people will be as passionate about the gospel as the homosexual about their abomination. Sometimes I wish that God's people as passionate about Jesus as those women that the national organization for women are passionate about abortion.

All I wish I pray to God will people sometimes say autotune restores out intelligent stories to number going to conclude with a story, but only conclude by giving you six things that I heard you before God to commit yourselves to do. First of all, be always thankful to God for revealing the truth, and for saving every waking moment. Be thankful to God is his grace and his grace alone.

In the second thing is this, be continuously humbled by this truth far from feeling an air of superiority that truth should humbled you, and should humbled me and the third thing is this, be continuously broken before God over your own sin and over those who are caught up in the web of deception.

Those who are caught up in the spirit of witchcraft in the church and the fourth thing is this, be always vigilant be always vigilant that you yourself never, never, never, never compromise for keeping the peace. And just to get along because it's going to take one little compromise in the next I was going to be another little one and the next thing will be a little one, and before you know it is a gap in the first thing is this, be lovingly willing to show the truth as it is revealed in the Scripture, even to one person, one person and originally had five in the north of the 61 today, learn and be equipped how to witness and share the truth father sometimes you choose to burden some of your people with what burdens your heart and I thank you for the privilege of burdening my heart far from being a burden. It's a joy and a privilege and I declare that to you all got up royally that you will increase the tribe of those who will carry the same burden that you carry have the same loving concern for the lost. As you do, be passionate about the gospel and the Lord Jesus Christ as we are about sport and all kinds of things strengthen your people raise up men and women as the day draws nine to be willing to give up everything and be abandoned for Jesus is remembering thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael you Seth recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that's LTW.Ward

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