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Celebrating 10 Years of THE KINGDOM SAT (Reprise)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 31, 2019 1:00 am

Celebrating 10 Years of THE KINGDOM SAT (Reprise)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth you have joined us for a very special broadcast, as we are celebrating 10 years of the kingdom set the kingdoms that is leading the way is 24 seven satellite television ministry broadcasting to the Arabic speaking world, and Michael. The accomplishments in this first decade have really been amazing. Absolutely the most astounded of anyone, even though the division incubated inside of me for five years before it come to fruition because I wanted to be sure that God is the one who gave me the vision is not my idea or even because I saw the need.

So I am absolutely convinced as I'm sitting here in front of you today that this is God's idea, and that is why has God's blessing. Now we are told by Christian leaders all over the world that this is the most serious minded evangelistic apologetic teaching channel and all of the Arabic speaking world. So for that I'm very grateful to the Lord, the kingdom said only the Arab world as American set is our innovative satellite television channel taking the good news of Jesus Christ of the Arabic speaking world available in more than 190 million homes throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The kingdoms is reaching the lost good areas where the gospel is not legally allowed to be shared 24 hours a day seven days a week kingdoms presents the truth of the word directly under the privacy and safety of Middle Eastern home channel provides translated messages from prominent Christian speakers from the United States, United Kingdom, as well as some of the best Christian teachers from the Middle East region who speak to the viewer in their own native language and culture. The kingdoms that offers the gospel message to the lost and discipleship training for new and mature believers for 10 years. The kingdoms that has been spreading the love of Jesus into some of the darkest parts of the world over the air 24 hours a day seven days a week. Kingdoms that claims the truth of God's word changing hearts and impacting lives.

The kingdoms that has been such an active means for reaching people who have no access to the gospel message. Michael, you understood really the power that the satellite television aspect also the privacy that satellite television offers to people, absolutely.

In some areas not everywhere in the Middle East, but in some areas where it's illegal to convert it's illegal to witness it's illegal just a guess. A law, and therefore so many of the young people from whom we constantly hear is that they go and they watch in the privacy of their homes, and especially if their parents were not there. But when the parents command and discovered they dismantle the satellite, but what they don't know is that we also online to the meter to go into the rooms and I got online and they watched the program 24 seven.

Watch it online at my house in Atlanta Georgia. I have a dedicated box that I can watch it in my study anytime day or night and I do on a regular basis, and so online or by satellite. Either way, they gonna get the message and the message is getting through to millions of people and certainly other European countries we've heard from Arabic speaking people in Europe who watch kingdom set because it's on your set and now Australia is going to launch it in their country because they have such a large Arabic speaking population and so they gonna stop launching it in Australia through one of the satellite channels we can talk about the power of the kingdom sat in the impact it's having more powerful than if we allow you to hear from people whose lives have been changed to this ministry. My story began when I started explaining and comparing many religious texts. I finally found my card lean toward Jesus Christ family Christian searching online trying to find a solution I can go to any church because of my background on the security issues in our country and the following programs practically every Michael. He is, I contacted the kingdom sets to know by phone asking them to help me become the for the love of Christ.

I keep the new relationship with Christ to myself secretly connecting with kingdom set help me grow in Christ. I found that I finally got what I was searching for all the questions I consider the kingdom sets as my church unrefuted is my family always answers my questions about Jesus Christ to know him better grow in my faith right away. The kingdom set now, our worship life and the source of spiritual nourishment explained what Christianity and how God planned save humanity through Jesus Christ. Despite being a conservative Muslim Jesus knocked at my heart I want to become nobody that can help my country.

There are no tickets I can go to as well.provide a full spiritual meaning the Lord bless you all me use you serve us in Syria, the kingdom Santa is my church that introduced me to Jesus Christ.

Since the closing of taxes kingdom sent channel has been only spiritual food you and I and God talks to people like you is so uplifting.

It is so humbling that he was in it to hear these testimonies repulsing solitude and pain.

I have no church you are my church. It's really humbling for those of us in the West to have a church on every corner of the kingdom sat has become their church absolutely and in countries where there have absolutely never church building especially. They say that on the Friday which is there weekend. They gathered together in an apartment or house families together who have a satellite in deliverance and we feast spiritually feast on kingdoms that we just watch for hours and hours and hours and in countries where there are churches is still for a person who came to Christ finds it very difficult to go into a church because he doesn't want to be seen by security or by other people. And then there being questioned. Have you become a Christian. And so either way, this is a place that is a refuge that God has created 10 years ago for so many people to minister to tens of thousands are field team has been a busy day am not answering calls ministering to people discipling where volunteers now there are helping and so I'm just so humble before God, because that was his vision that was his idea.

He could've given it to somebody who's much better than me but somehow I'm honored to be the one to carry that the water and forth for God's kingdom. You heard the voice of the Lord you acted on the voice of the Lord, and this is the fruit of that at this ministry. We are so blessed to be able to hear the stories of the lives changed as individual stories as well. We want to share with you now. Daniel story. My name is Daniel. I was born in Tassie and now I live in limine I grew up in a completely Islamic environment. My dreams and ambitions led me to pray to no avail. I did not get any answers. I lived a strict religious life, but it was far from extremism or hate. I used to believe that if I prayed frequently and grew closer to God, he would answer my prayers but I heard nothing and this negatively impacted my strict path in his letter I got to a state of despair. If there was God.

He would have answered me, where is he quietly slipped me to reconsider which religion is the true one, even asking does God exist. I started reading into Christianity in search of the truth.

God's love deeply moved me as I learned that he redeemed us here on out I was impacted greatly and they found peace and joy when I read his word. This is why I am convinced that Jesus is God appeared in flesh the way the truth and the life.

When I decided to follow Jesus.

I prayed in full belief and God answered my prayer. I was convicted that this is the truth I was seeking the kingdom set help me so much and had a great impact on my Christian life I really want to thank all those who donated the kingdom set because it impacts many and allows the kingdom of God to spread into all the air, especially that of world I would like to convey a message to Dr. Michael Yousef. I want to thank you for your service to the Lord. The fruits I see in limine from your ministry and from those who are in partnership with you are many.

I am one of those who benefit from your ministry little truly your ministry has impacted my life tremendously when I was in need your ministry and partners here are limited where of great help to me what you have done shows how much love you have for me and for the Lord. Through my faith in Jesus Christ. I gave my soul to an eternal life in the kingdom of God. You know what these Christians face you grew up in the Middle East and Egypt under brutal dictator, a Muslim country you grew up Christian so you understand what they're talking about. To a certain degree I was privileged to grow up in Egypt because Egypt has a very sizable Christian population amend their thousands and thousands of churches they just approved the government approved and thousand new churches so to that extent, while things were not easy, but nonetheless we were more fortunate than other people in other countries is where C and so even now the Egyptian church and the Lebanese church and in the countries where they have some freedom. They now reaching out with mission to the rest of the Arab world, will there be north Africa or my home church has missionaries all over the church in Cairo where I will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of kingdom set and so I'm so grateful that they realize that even though there are a tiny minority by 10 to 15%. Nonetheless, they are reaching out themselves and that's a great blessing in their own country, but also to other countries how powerful that we talk about the kingdom set broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa and clearly that was the beginning, but there also so many native Arabic speakers integrating into your mouth were also reaching into that continent and the gospel is really having a huge impact, particularly in the United Kingdom American sentiments. The cost of living with a cherished association based in dealing with London and that was so happy to have medical spending homes of people. I have my home myself fun teaching only it was like a Bible study watching every day so when speaking every time I feel he is feeding my spirits. Some other citizen okay and England's ways Scotland that a lot of our lives and they don't have an so the only source of the word of God have the children's medical one of the agreed tenants and source of the word of God and teaching the word of God to contract his peace and name is really sick kingdom of God is IN the Trinity is a great blessing to millions of speaking people in the UK and in Europe is pretty impressive. Support team all around support anything absolutely amazed because the very people that God laid on my heart because this is an Arabic channel, but the head of the Bible Society in the Middle East back in 05 when some my colleagues talked with him. He met her statement.

He said tell Dr. Yousef that what is needed in the Middle East. The best of the West and the best of the season and he said that is something lacking, and was struggling to expand even more and beyond the names God gave me their friends that I've known like a Johnny Hunter and David Jeremiah and Gemma got these people I knew I could trust the preaching of the word of God so we could translate it with the subtitles or dubbing. Either way, they have a unique message. For example, British partner: Di Pastor Colin died of Kensington Temple in his teaching on the Trinity has impacted more Muslims than I've ever realized. Even an Arabic speaker.

Greg is the Trinity can be a real stumbling block for the one thing that is a stumbling block because the founder of Islam misunderstood Christianity when he traveled as a merchant and and trading in Syria. He saw some Orthodox people bowing to Mary he thought the Trinity is father, mother and son and so he defends the virginity of the Virgin Mary strongly in the Koran, but that's a misunderstanding.

And so even the term son.

Although God had doesn't have a son explained that what that means and specially in a simple language that eyes are opened all of a sudden set we understand what it means to say. Like father like son and so these things.

He said these are obstacles once explained in God opens their eyes. Of course, to see it. They come to the fullness of the knowledge of Jesus and of course there have always been dark. Opposition forces pushing against the gospel message everywhere else. Arlene and Middle East Isis may be the most recent, the people are familiar with one of our team leaders demanding Peter has an incredible testimony of trusting God's leading.

The Holy Spirit sent him right into the hands of the Prince of license. Peter is our new follow-up coordinator said he received a phone call on his cell phone rebroadcast on our channel. It was from a man: Mohammed Mohammed said I need to meet with you nonnormal your guys would say not a good idea to start first phone, but he felt to be what is called the Prince of Isis. Some of the other Isis members swear allegiance to die for. Prince was a religious person.

Isis considered him like a lead of people had to memorize the percentage grew up on that day to take back to that of Mohammed have begin to form groups to defend the country and is one day somebody asked me why am I doing begin to search a defense on I wanted to find proof and evidence that the law exists at the slimmest right. I found nothing. The Prince heard that I evangelize to Muslims. He got my number and called saying that he wanted to meet and talk had a strange feeling that he was from Isis and the team I tried to kill me, but I had a piece inside the Lord will protect me. The reason behind this encounter. So I set up an appointment knowing that he could try to kill me when I went to Peter. I will skip what they wanted to search for the truth so he went and met with Mohammed and he said the Lord spoke.

He said people I sit indirectly on God is not yours. When I listened to Peter, I felt his words were etiquette his words had awakened Mohammed the tactical because of my anger for the moment I forgot why can't I suddenly had one. How should I kill boldly proclaim the gospel to Mohammed this. He started crying when I was telling these words made me cry. I don't know why he was crying. I put my hand on his shoulder and started to break even got I felt he was nothing. They met, they went their separate ways. He called again. Mohammed came back very shaken. I had to. Peter came to me and gave me a white envelope dripping with blood. The blood had a good fragrance like muscular perfume. When I saw the blood, I will skip Peter set.

Don't be afraid.

Then I will later Peter told me without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins Prince asked what should I do to ask forgiveness said the Lord gave it to you for free just need to accept it gradually begin to decide. So they came together. Mohammed said I have a confession.

I have to tell you the first time I was going to meet. I intended to kill you and I'm sorry he fell on his face and began to visit regularly and I saw love existence. He stopped walking right away. He shaved his changed his whole life. Then he asked to be baptized. Once I got out of the water evicted joy. I cannot describe. He's conducting a Bible study for three book in my Bible I found in Jesus Christ because I surrendered my life to the Lord himself will never Michael. It strikes me, Peter trusted God so completely absolute. These Christian leaders literally put their lives on the line to proclaim the gospel. Every time every time they go out meet with somebody they don't know that they got to come home and not but thank God that our God is a mighty God is a powerful God. He kept them safe and we pray that all of our audience around the world can pray for these Christian leaders who go out and share the gospel at the frontline we can share the gospel in America, Australia, Ukiah, Canada.

We know that nobody's going to kill us there.

My Marcus but not kill us. That is why it is so important for all apartments to unite with us in prayer, but also financial support because it was a man in Nebraska dear friend of mine whose sacrificial gift. He literally sold his farm in order to give us a seed money to start kingdom set and I cannot imagine the joy that this man has because of his sacrifice kingdom set is in existence for the last 10 years and so many of you. So what can I do well. You can pray for us. He can pray for the follow-up team and you can get involved become a frontline mission partner with us or you can just call the site. I want to support the kingdom set and as you know I received nothing from leading the way anywhere in the world. This is my labor of love and I wanted to share with me so that together as David said to his soldiers. The reward of those who stayed by the stuff that's you and I who are not in the field is the same as those who went into the battle and so your reward in heaven will be equal to mine or anybody else who's been involved because you and your support is what really Kingdom set on the air's owner. Thank you in advance. 40 going to do for the kingdom of Jesus as a part of vision 2025. We believe God is wanting to double the impact of the kingdom set to reach twice as many homes by 2025. This will happen as we launch the kingdom set on new media platforms like Apple TV, Roku and other smartphone devices expand to additional satellite platforms throughout Europe and Australia increase the number of live interactive programs create new content specifically for children reaching the next generation for Christ producing a series on apologetics programs addressing the biggest questions Muslims face when presented with Christianity as well as on the ground. Bible study series filmed direct from locations where biblical events actually happened.

Want to join with us and become a part of vision 2025. Help us expand to reach new home, new friend first for the truth of God's word partner with us today and you too can be a part of this vibrant movement. This 2025 caliphate with Dr. Michael and participate in the ongoing impact of the kingdom sat well, speak to a ministry representative right now at 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 website again and that we encourage you to go online so you can watch today's uncut discussion experiencing what we shared in much deeper level once again that that Broadcast for the day. Keeping with this and do plan to join Dr. Michael yourself tomorrow right here with passionate message that he's called preach, it's right here

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