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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 22, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 5)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Children grow up so I know and understand the joy of being reunited with a loved one. After the period of separation, no children tend to be a little bit more exuberant than adults and I remember many years ago, when our children were small, and I was traveling overseas a great deal of such a great joy to come home to the exuberance and the welcome of our children. Adults also feel the same way about them. The kind of don't let it all hang like children do. And the reason I'm saying this is because Psalm 24 is a Psalm of an emotional reunion and it is expressed in a childlike exuberance, not in the reserve of those who are uncertain of their faith, but of a childlike trust and confidence in the Lord. It is not surprising you know that Jesus often used the child as an example, it is not a surprise that Jesus often referred to a child's faith in the child's class system in the child's innocence and child's enthusiasm and none of the adults cynicism when we put Psalm 24 in its historical context before I explain this uncontrollable exuberance of the psalmist in Psalm 24 the nation of Israel lost the Ark of the covenant to the Philistines, the ark of the covenant. For those of you who don't know, it's a boxes are really very small box that God told Moses he said you put the think amendments of two tablets in the pleasant dark of the men and his staff and to keep it in the middle of the people in the tent where God will show up. It is an indication it is a symbol of the presence of God in the midst of his people. It was a very significant object. It wasn't just any box.

It was to them God in the midst it represented God's presence in their midst.

It represented their national identity represented who they are. Without that box they are nobody and they are nothing. So I want to impress on your mind the importance of the box of importance of the ark of the covenant because for seven long months, the Philistines thought that if they can hijack the ark of the covenant and dedicate them very mixed that they can get the same power and the same strength of the presence of God in the midst of his people.

How many churches and how many Christians try to practice Christianity without Jesus Christ in their surprised at the lack of power in the lives for seven long months, the Philistines fought that they could rob the Israelites of the source of their power and you shall prepare themselves and it backfired because the ark of the covenant to them.

They brought Beth. It brought pain. It brought a curse upon the Philistines, so they decided it was too hot to handle and let's give it back to the Israelites.

So as the ark of the covenant comes in the midst again and as they celebrate with thanksgiving to God for the return of the sacred object. David brought Psalm 24 the earth is the Lords and everything in it, the world and all who live in it for he founded upon the sea and established it upon the waters who might ascend to the hill of the Lord whom I stand in his holy place. He who has clean hands and pure heart. Who does God lift his soul to an idol or swear by what is false, he would receive a blessing from the Lord and vindication from God.

His Savior, such as the generation of those who seek him who seek your face so God of Jacob. Lift up your heads, your gaze be lifted up the ancient doors that the King of glory may come in who is the King of glory the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, lift up your heads, you gates, lift up your ancient doors that the King of glory might come in who is the King of glory the Lord Almighty. He is the King of glory in Jesus, we come to you in your name today and we ask you that you will give us a fresh revelation of who you are.

Father I pray that any erroneous teaching of who you are be disappearing today that father everyone in this room will know the Lord Jesus as a victorious Lord in battle that the resurrected ocean power that is worked in him may work in us today so that we may walk in victory in conquering of our enemy.

In Jesus name, amen. You know after the temple was built and this was several years after David. David could not build the temple, God set the limits of your hands it to blotted the more I'm going with his son, Solomon built a temple of the temple was built. The priests decided that there are certain songs belong to certain days and the in the temple that would sing as certain Psalm in a certain day.

Let me give you some examples on Wednesdays.

That's every Wednesday of every week they would sing Psalm 94 men on Fridays. That is every Friday of every week there was sing Psalm 93 and on the first day of the week. That's on Sundays not the Sabbath that the Jewish Sabbath, but the first day of the week. On Sundays they would sing Psalm 44. Every Sunday in the temple. The song Psalm 24.

Do know that means is what it means.

It means that when Jesus was entering into Jerusalem triumphantly on the day, which we called Palm Sunday.

The priests and the temple were singing the song in the great. It means that on the very day that the Lord Jesus Christ outweigh the bars of death, and marched triumphantly out of the tomb, the temple choir was getting ready to sing Psalm before so you understand the power of the song is located under three headings. First of all, in verses one and two, you see the Lord's ownership of the universe. Secondly, versus 3 to 6 the Lord's offer is the ultimate and thirdly versus 7 to 10 the Lord's overcoming is unavoidable.

The Lord's ownership of the universe. Look at verses one into the earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. Some of the same or wait a minute, is in the earth belong to Satan is in the Bible. Call him the Prince of the air those in the Bible: the prince of this world will hang in there with member and explain to do in a minute. Just keep in mind there is he the Lord's territorial claims is the ownership of all of the galaxies in the universe. The countless stars the empires of space, the unfathomable orbits in which they move all his. They belong to him. He owns it all.

One planet in the midst of 100 million galaxies is the Milky Way tens of millions of stars spinning around the center in a form of a giant disc and enormous.

This dog stars you've seen them in science books. 100,000 ly from rim to rim and inconceivable 600 million billion miles of stars and the all his he owns it all. Some 30,000 ly from the center from the desk of the stars is a modest sized planet which we call the sun. The sun springs around the hub of its universe, carrying with it a family of baby planets is how you can imagine they are spinning around in this tangible stars holding onto the sun like kids holding onto the mother's skirt and that mama and her children made her all around the center of the galaxy once every 200 million years all his and then you find some teeny weenie brain Prof. somewhere says I think it is no God, my God, have mercy on him one of those baby planets holding on its mother's skirt is called planet Earth CS Lewis. By the way calls it the silent planet and the reason he calls it the silent planet because he visualized the stars in the galaxies and the planets, making many music as they scurry around the throne of God except for one that he calls a silent planet because it has no soul is quarantined is a planet that is deceased and the subtenant that is sick and that's planet Earth. You know others have called it, far from calling up the silent planet. Others have said you should call it the shopping planet.

Why call it the sobbing planet because it is filled with screams and cries of agony of those unborn babies being butchered in the mother's womb is filled with violence and bloodshed is filled with sin and guilt. It is filled with sleepless nights and one refill morning, but out of all lease millions and millions and millions of planets, the maker and the creator of the mall focuses on plunder one planet Earth is the Lord's and the fullness zero.

But while there, why there why not Morris.

Why not Mercury one of Venus were not sucking. Why not Neptune YY the earth, that is a tiny speck in relationship and in comparison to the size of the other planets. Why why the earth I want to tell you why, because nowhere else in the universe. Does God have need to reassert his claims long before Adam and Eve long before the garden of Eden long before the serpent in the garden of Eden long before creation.

Lucifer the Angela fly rebelled against a holy God, and he was thrown out of the heavens and he wanted to take the earth for his domain and he couldn't until Adam handed it to him on a platter in God had to reinstate his authority over planet Earth. Don had to rescue planet Earth from the foreign invaders of his property and he did this on a hill called Calvary, the earth is the Lords no matter what the atheists say the earth is the Lord's. No matter what the agnostics say the earth is the Lords no matter what the people for the American way and the secular humanist site. The earth is the Lords no matter what some of the scientists say the earth is the Lord no matter what the NEA say the earth is the Lord's. He rescued it he arrested for his ownership.

How many of you book real estate read a book, real estate, you know that you have to go through what they call a title search.

What you have to do a title search in order to make sure that no one had a claim on that property from way back in. The reason you buy a title insurance is to protect the property from some past all the newcomers that I own this thing and the guys solitude was an imposter medicine. It is in the same way that God can endure 2000 years ago. Why that he may reclaim his title leave and throw the imposter and the Lord's ownership of the universe.

Secondly, the Lord's offer is the ultimate look at verse three of Psalm 24 who may assume the hymn of the Lord who may stand in his holy place. Do you know what the real answer to that question is no one no I do not mean no one is the real answer. That's a real answer to that question. No one is good enough to stand before God. No one is righteous enough to stand before God. No stand before God. No one is clean enough to stand before God. In fact, in David's day. Only the high priest could go into the holy of holies and then it was once a year, and for a very brief period of time, but here through this prophecy, the Lord is issuing an all-inclusive invitation, the Lord is making the ultimate offer available to everyone. The Lord is giving an open door. The Lord is giving an opportunity for everyone who wants to come. Verse: five says those who come here are their qualifications before I tell you what the qualifications are.

I want to tell you it is not once a year, and is not for just a brief period of time, and certainly it is not in fear and terror. It is not an uncertainty and doubt and surely it is not y'all come you hear I didn't do it justice but I'm getting ahead the qualifications for those who could come into the holy place the qualifications for those who will enter into the holy of holies not only spiritually right here but physically at the end of life. Here are the qualifications those who are justified before God. Those are being washed by the blood of the land the Lord Jesus Christ.

Those whose sins are forgiven and forgotten those whose outward life reflects inward your hearts. Those who have clean hands and the clean hands reflects inward integrity.

Those who have search, not after the temporary and the shallow and the superficial.

Those who love God, not the world. Those who live for God, not for the self. Those who said your hearts on things above, where Christ is not on things below those who have been sanctified because in order to be justified. That's a qualification of those who can come. You know what the problem with most Christians. Modern day Christians and I see it all over the world, not just the United States has a problem with most Christians, most of them really live in the Old Testament is and what he mean by that explain it any customer is already told you the high priest is able to go into the holy of holies once a year on the day of atonement, and even then it was for a very brief period of time and that he offers the sacrifice animal sacrifice in the blood of that animal only covers the sins of God's people for one year and have to go through the hall. Regular row one more time.

The next year all over again and then the next year and in the next year and in the next year. You know why because the blood of bulls. The blood of animal sacrifice can only cover the sins for one year, but for those who are in Christ Jesus. Those who have countrymen humility and brokenness. Those who have asked for God's forgiveness, their sins are not merely covered for one year. Their sins are being brought to the way they have been friends forever.

I wanted to him about on this one. There is one thing that God will do and that is remember the sin of the truly repentant sinner. He cannot remember the sins of those who have come to him through the Lord Jesus Christ and cried. Father forgive me because Jesus's death on the cross was for my payment of the penalty of my sin.

But there was something else in the Old Testament. The Old Testament, nor a person to be redeemed has to have a kinsman redeemer know a kinsman redeemer in the Old Testament has to have to qualifications number one is gotta be very wealthy in order to be able to pay the payment of redeeming someone the second qualification is that he has to be related to the person who's being redeemed. A stranger cannot just walk in is is okay. I'll give you the money that Anna you had the money is only one part of it. The other part is, it has to be related is gotta be a relative and ask a question who is richer than the Lord who is closer to us in the Lord, why do you think Jesus said to all of his followers to call his father that it would be nice if you just trying to be equal employment opportunity no busy making people feel good now because we have to be blood relatives and we have to be beloved children in order that he might redeem us.

You can get closer than father the Lord's ownership of the universe. The Lord's offer is the ultimate Sudley the Lord's overcoming is unavoidable, unavoidable, no matter what goes on in the world. There gotta be a war in the Middle East. The laws can overcome terms were running wild in the Europe and the United States doesn't matter because the Lord will overcome his overcoming is inevitable five times in the last three verses of Psalm 24 the Holy Spirit speaks of Christ as the King of glory. Only thing is only of that part of the sound does not excite you something wrong with you and men.

The challenge goes out twice who is thinking of glory, and that the answer comes in twice the first time since the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle, then the challenge comes in the second time. Who is this King of glory and the answer comes in. Again, the Lord Almighty. He is the King of glory. You know what I'm going to do something or say something in a minute that is going make some of you misunderstand me, but since that's nothing new. Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and do it but just hear me out.

Okay there are so many churches that are dead and dying throughout this land and throughout the world. There are so many lifeless Christians all over the world today and the reason for this is because the real Christ is not the center of the lives I stack my life on it. The real Christ is not the preoccupation of the minds and heart and soul. That is why they live lifeless life. We have been so brainwashed by the concept of the meek and lowly. Jesus, that we have forgotten that he is a conquering Jesus. So many people confuse meekness with weakness. Yes, Jesus was meek but he is not weak and that's a false image of the victorious Jesus. That's a false image of the resurrected Jesus. That's a false image of the conquering Jesus and the reason we have insipid churches, and the reason we have insipid Christians and the reason we have in separate Christian life is because we have forgot that all God is a God of powdered light that God is the Lord of hosts that God is a conquering God that God has defeated Satan and sin that God defeated the grave that God has conquered sin and guilt that God has conquered hatred and bitterness that God has conquered fear of rejection that God has conquered worry and anxiety. Since I started a muzzle finish. Please, the church of Jesus Christ is not made for bake sales and bazaars. The church of Jesus Christ is not made for candlelight suppers. The church of Jesus Christ is not made for backslapping. It is not made for moping and soaking and combining the church of Jesus Christ is made to conquer in his name in the church that is not conquering is not the church of Jesus Christ. This, and when you come to worship the sovereign conquering Lord, you need to remember that you're not here to worship because you're not the servant of a defeated weakling dead hero, but because you come to celebrate the living power of the conquering King is the King of glory the Lord mighty in battle doesn't say the Lord wimpy in the struggle, mighty in battle, mighty in battle. In fact, between verses eight and nine.

There are several centuries of this age of grace.

This prison time of grace. What is that mean the first 1 Took Pl. when he was asked who is this King of glory was the day of his ascension when he rose victorious spend 40 days after his resurrection. Then you ascended into heaven.

That was the first question, who is the King of glory, the mighty in battle Lord Jesus Christ victorious and right now that's where say right now God is gathering all his children from all over the globe from all over the world is gathering his children from every tribe, from every nation from all over the world is gathering his children and you and I do use to be used of God as his instrument of getting his children home.

The conquering Jesus right now is gathering his own. Those heaven born in heaven bound is gathering and soon and very soon the dead in Christ shall rise us from our perspective because I been dead but from Christ perspective the going to come back with him in glory. In the clouds and we got to see them with him because DOS they are dead but those in Christ as living right now as they've never lived before. When the trumpet shall sound, and the world will come to a standstill.

Then we all shall look up in the sky on the all of the peoples of the earth shall see the believers moving upward moving heavenward faster than Superman ever dreamed of those who are on the highways.

Those who are in the air.

Those who are at work. Those who are imprisoned for Jesus sake, those in Africa goes in Asia doesn't America those in Europe close to New Zealand and Australia.

Figure look up soon. That means God's and all those who have rejected those who have rejected the conquering Jesus will cry to no avail.

They will call upon the name of the Lord no one would help them.

They who have thought that God doesn't care what you believe or how you live. Those who have been misguided by church leaders. The Jesus is not the only way those sorrowful souls would tremble and there will go to churches but no one will be able to help.

They will see Custer God will not find him there will knock no one will open their will ask the no one lengths and as a conquering victorious Lord leads his own into heaven of heavens.

Again, the question will be asked by the angels in heaven who is the King of glory, and he is going to point all of his own multitudes of thousands upon thousands those who have been redeemed by his blood is not applied to them and says to use the King of glory, and that that point, we get the same triumphal entry into heaven is Jesus himself had on the day of his ascension and so shall we be with the Lord forever.

Are you going to be with those who would ascend to his holy place. Are you are you among those will be ascend to heaven. The very fact that you hear today are watching the television or listening bar radio is the Lord's way of inviting you to come because God is saying to you right now you can ascend into my holy hill. You can ascend into my holy heaven but first you must trust in my son Jesus to get you there.

Shall we pray father, I thank you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart that back on the day when I said yes to you when you open my blinds spiritualize and recognize what a miserable sinner without you and what an eternity in hell I'm going to spend and turn to you receive me with open arms.

Thank you that you gave me the gift of salvation and I pray that you will given many today pray this in Jesus name, amen.

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