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Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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October 17, 2019 1:00 am

Psalms Of Deliverance (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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We all have giants in our lives. And I'm not talking about the good Giants because there are great giants in my life and whose shoulders I stand but I'm talking about the negative giants those giants that harasses that Marcus those giants that frustrate us those giants that discourages those giants who are constantly trying to defeat us day exactly like Goliath of old their span mocking the people of God, the Bible said that day off today. Goliath will come out and he would mark the people of Israel, day after day, he would challenge the people of God and nobody was able to defeat him until a young shepherd boy by the name of David, the son of Jesse who came on the scene using the giants in your life may be different from the giants of my life on the giants in my life may be different from the giants in your life. But unless you know how to slay giants Satan will use these giants to discourage you. He will use these giants to keep you defeated he will use these giants to keep you from being effective soldier of the living God. These giants whether be the giants of fear giants of worry and anxiety whether there will be the giants of depression, whether they be the giants of addiction, whether they be the giants of restlessness, whether they be the giants of greed whether there be the giants of envy and jealousy whether there be the giants of bitterness and anger.

What ever kind of giants. They may be. These giants have one purpose in mind, and designed basically to defeat you and to render you ineffective for the kingdom of God while you slay giants audit not so long ago about a Sunday school teacher in Texas who decided one day to build a life-size statue of Goliath and she took it into her Sunday school class and she said to the children children. When you face a Goliath like this I giants like this. What would you do a four-year-old boy said I would call 911 is one way of dealing with it. The story of David and Goliath is really probably one of the most known stories of the Bible. It is known to believers and nonbelievers alike. A Philistine who was huge in size and stature was mocking and harassing and defeating the people of God but then came the little shepherd boy by the name of David, and he took on this heavyweight champion of the world and none of the cable operators with their cutting of life.

This battle in the Bible, understood to be a type of representation of the battle between Satan and the Lord Jesus Christ and this battle has began from the very beginning back in the garden of Eden. But is he here Goliath is representative of Satan.

He is like all the giants in your life and in the giants of my life.

He was Satan's champion and then comes David a type of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is God's champion and don't you ever forget that Goliath was defeated and David was victorious to see David the shepherd boy was a foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ, the chief Shepherd, David put a stone in the sling and he threw it at glasses for head and once it hit him. He yelled timber because he knew his God was giving victory when David put the stone in his sling.

It was a foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ. The solid rock upon whom the church is built. Jesus, the one who crushed the head of Satan on the cross, Jesus, the one who defeated all of the giants whether they are real or imaginary Jesus is the one who destroyed the power of sin. Jesus is the one who defeated the sting of death. Jesus then Venice as he promised in the book of Genesis that he will do crushing the head of the serpent. And that's exactly what he did back in the book of Genesis, God said that the seed of the woman will crush the head of the serpent, Satan himself and Jesus did this on Calvary was right after that victory that God gave David over Goliath. David set down under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and he penned these words in Psalm 80 Lord, Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. You have set your glory above the heavens, from the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies to silence the fall and the avenger. When I consider your heavens, the works of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, the Son of Man that you care for him. You made him little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor. You made him ruler over the works of your hands you put everything under his feet all flocks and herds and the beasts of the field and the birds of the air and the fish of the sea and all that swam the path of the sea, all rolled Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth, precious father we pray in the mighty matchless name of Jesus that you will open our spiritual eyes that we will see wonderful truths from your word, and having been opened, and having seen, we will be bent toward you to obey what you have taught us in Jesus name, amen.

After this great victory that David had over the evil one over Goliath.

He sat down and began to celebrate and he began to celebrate in two ways.

Number one he was celebrating the surpassing majesty of God. Secondly, he was celebrating the solo regiment of man that were not the other way around DC for our understanding of humanity to be correct. You have to start with God.

I studied anthropology for six years. Anthropologist means men anthropology is the study of man and I saw these dear people going all over the map.

Man, did this man can do that man cannot do this man will do this man because he started with man and that is a faulty start to begin with. David is saying at the outset that we will never understand human beings unless we seize them as God sees them that we will never understand humanity and human being and human behavior. Until we understand them the way God who made them understands them. We will never understand human beings unless we recognize that they have special responsibility to the creator so he begins with the surpassing majesty of God's word always has to begin not with the sobering measurement of man. Why, because any understanding of human beings.

That is not from God's perspective is the understanding in his study of human beings that does not began with their Creator and take him into account. First and foremost.

At best, is faulty. It's wrong, but there's another reason I believe why David was writing the song is another reason why David began with the superiority of the Lord God that surpassing majesty.

I would tell you why because David understood that when you are defeating and when you're facing giants in your life and when you are under attack.

You do not panic. You do not fret. You do not tranquilize yourself. You do not try to escape. You do not put your head in the sand and pretend it's not there you go and live your life in despair. You do not surrender to your fears. You do not give into the defeatist attitude. David said listen carefully place he said from firsthand experience what you need to do is to do some name-calling now not calling the names of any matter what us a temptation to call your enemy names.

I know the temptation I have fallen for and of some town, but I'm not sorry Mr. he's talking about good is talking about calling them a little more look at verse one.

Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth may ask you this so you discouraged are you feeling defeated your word are you concerned about the future call upon the name of the Lord because the Bible said there's power in the name of the Lord there is strength in the name of the Lord. There is victory in the name of the Lord, but David is saying more than that. Listen to what is saying that is saying when you look at the creation and see its magnificence. When you look at the creation and you see it majesty you are only seeing a very, very, very tiny, pale approximation of the real glory of God is saying if you can even catch a glimpse a tiny glimpse of the real glory of God or the flow of God in heaven. If you can get a tiny peak into God's full glory in heaven you will realize that your praise of God is totally inadequate. You will be ashamed of how little you praise the Lord is with that is saying here verse two, Psalm eight, every infant and they can praise God, not just for adults. In fact, this very verse was courted by the Lord Jesus Christ. You remember when he was coming into Jerusalem and their bill appraising him and then those hardheaded hypocritical self-righteous Pharisees were trying to stop them from praising the Lord listen to what Jesus said he quoted Psalm eight verse two, he said God from the lips of infants ordained praise now.

If you have read my book, empowered by praise. You need to read it, study it, live by it would encourage you when you came into the battlefield and he saw Goliath blocking the people of God, and I don't know what's marking you right now you know better than I do.

When you saw the Goliath mocking the people of God.

She said what is this Philistine was mocking Micah in his big brother said are you blind boy.

His prey is mean can't you see the boy get out of here and that amazing that there never a short supply of the profits of figure there is never a short supply of those who are nervous Nelly's. There are never short supply of the water warts. Let me tell you how I see it right now as I see them I look at the globe right now and I see what's going on in the world was going on in our country.

This is how I see it.

It is now becoming high noon under only two forces that are left in the streets. They are the faithful remnant of the Lord Jesus Christ and there are the forces of evil and it is time for the faithful to stand up and say enough is enough. I am absolutely convinced of that.

The time has come that the glasses of this world are challenging the people of the living God. It is time for us to call upon the powers of heaven. It is time for us to humble ourselves before God in prayer.

It is time for us to stop having 1 foot in the world and 1 foot with God.

It is time to be jealous for God's righteousness. It is time to be jealous for God's name. It is time for us to appropriate the power of the name of God. It is time for us to claim the promises of God. It is time for us. Wanting to be accepted by pagans. It is time for us. Wanting to be loved by everybody. It is time it is time for the defeated and despondent discouraged army of God to rise up and recognize who they are and who God is. Philistine thing.

I don't want you to miss and if you're writing I wanted to write this down. When David's slate Goliath used Goliath's own sword what it don't forget that one. Remember that when you're facing your giant with every problem that you are facing with every difficulty that is harassing you with every giant that is challenging you there is anything that problem. The very weapon of defeating the problem. If you know how to look for. I can imagine some of those Israelites panicking wringing their hands day after day.

Goliath gets up and he marks them and they bring their hearings in this room who man is a shiver in their boots man would not be a great day for the church when Goliath becomes a Christian military or something who becomes a Christian is God's business is our job to tell the truth is our job to proclaim it is God's job to change parts. Nowadays something else.

Maslow vomited. Somebody asked me not so long ago they said to me as a valued is your church a seeker friendly church. I said oh yes we are very seeker friendly who said really and said, yeah, absolutely. So what you do as a seeker friendly and said listen is what we do. We believe that the Bible said no man seek after God.

No one. The Bible said that God seeks out the man and if you are here today seeking after God is because God is seeking out the something we are very friendly, toxic right was not the answer he was looking for, but it is biblical. David understood first and foremost, the surpassing majesty of God, for that is the secret to victory. Secondly, David understood the sobering measurement of man. Look at verses three and four of Psalm eight that when I look at your heaven. The work of your fingers, the moon and the stars which have been established that you are mindful of him know what David is saying this is when I look in the billions of galaxies around the globe as I lie down in my field as I look at the vastness of the universe that you have created and you have put together when I realize that the light coming to us from the most distant part of the universe has taken billions of years to get here when I see all of that I am nested that the God of the universe, the God of this vast universe. The God who made it all the God who sustaining it all the God who maintains it all cares about me that you care about every single human being on the face of not only that but he cares about single detail in the life of every single human being in the face of your but David is saying more than David is saying that means that God, the God who has given human being who are really a tiny speck in the universe.

He has given them higher priority than the galaxies been that exciting. David is saying all God. It's mind-boggling is mind-boggling that you are more interested people then planets God. It is mind-boggling that you are more interested in souls then in stars God in his mind like that you more interested in us that in the universe because God cares and is interested in us. He came to us from heaven, so that he may be only one of us, but so he may save us from our sin and the condemnation of sin.

Don't you ever say God does not care for me to say you might not like the way he cares for you. I understand that I had a talk with him few times about the way I want for care of me in the way he's taking care of me. I understand that but don't ever fall in the trap of thinking that God doesn't care for you. He cares for you. How foolish. How foolish of trying to define who we are without understanding God's definition of who we are to give you some silly examples through the years. These dear people.for example, said that men is a highly developed animal. Freud said that man is undeveloped child, Mark said that man is merely an economic factor. Pascal said that man is a read thinking read Mark Twain apologize for man by explaining that the man was made by God at the end of the week when God will start but before all of these Plato once defined man is a frivolous bird.

Then, of course, until one of his rivals showed up at his doorstep with a plucked chicken and said, behold, played as man and then later changes definition and call man being in search of meaning. But listen to what God said about man Saul made verse five God said man is crowned by God with glory and honor God said the Bible said that God created men and women in his own image God created men and women to reflect his glory.

God created men and women like created being that God has set man and women apart from creation, so much so that he made man to be his vice president in charge of the earth. That's how much God thinks of man. There's something about Thomas Aquinas is a great, great theologian, and he was the first one to explain what Psalm eight means.

Here is what he said. He said men is midway between the heavenly beings all the angels and the animals. He said angels above and they are above man and the beasts are below man. He said angels have spirits but nobodies, animals, and beasts have bodies but no spirits, but man is the only of God's creation that has both body and spirit.

There's a reason why the Bible did not say that man is above beast.

This is a little lower than the heavenly beings why the Bible not reverse that and said man is higher than beast. I want to tell you why listen to me. The reason for that is to emphasize the fact that men and women have been given special privilege and DOJ to look out for angels and beyond angels to God in order that they will reflect the image of God.

When you look up when you look to God. When you look with gazing in the face of God. When you try to imitate God. When you examine the characteristics of God. When you focus is on God, you will increasingly become godlike notice and godlike. There are some preachers running around and saying that man is God, with a small G heresy created in God's own image were not equal with God. But when you gaze downward and that's what the psalmist said he was created lower than angels lower than heavenly beings, Elohim, when you gaze downward. What you see you go sooner or later you will increasingly exhibit a beast like behavior something. The reason the merchants of the theory of evolution. Though many of them know is false. The reason they selling the product so hard is because they want man to be more beastlike. The reason why evolutionists are telling us that we are just like monkeys is because they want human beings to cohabitate like monkey. The reason why they want us to look down instead of looking up is because they want us to be beastlike instead of godlike getting the recognizer of Babylon the great empire. The moment he turned his back on God. He was like a beast raising in the field I wanted to listen to what he said in Daniel 430 and I wanted to compare it with the attitude of the secular humanists of our day. Listen to on the recognizer said is it is not this great Babylon. I have built as my royal residence by my mighty power and for the glory of my Majesty, and God flicked his fingers and there he was a beast grazing in the fields. The reason why the secular humanists want to illuminate God out of society's collective consciousness is because they want us to derive identity from the animal kingdom, and that is contrary to God's purpose for man. Indeed, they are doing things that even animals would not do. And thus their agenda. In fact, the book of Hebrews tells us that God is in the person of Jesus Christ become lower than angels so that he may achieve the salvation of all those who put their trust their confidence, their faith in him. God sent his son, the Lord Jesus Christ in order to save us from willful ignorance and therefore you have no excuse. Buying into the humanist agenda. He came to save us not only from willful ignorance, but he came to save us from rebellion, God sent his son, the Lord Jesus Christ from heaven, so that he may fulfill Psalm eight because he and he alone could fulfill this song.

Hebrews chapter 2 verses seven and eight tells us that God put everything in subjection under the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why because he made it possible for us to identify with him and one day one day those who love Jesus are going to share in the inheritance of Jesus one day that all things we are in subjection under our feet. Jesus left his glory and splendor to rescue us. Then he went back to his glory and splendor illustrate that Queen Elizabeth II when she was a teenager it was right about the beginning of world war two, and she went to her father, King George VI and she asked special permission that she will volunteer in the Army, just like other teenagers and her time were volunteering. Her father was very reluctant but finally he allowed her to enroll allow that to join the auxiliary territorial services as a private jet, a superior officer who took pleasure in bullying her who took pleasure in bossing her. It was private when you do this, private ones that do that and Elizabeth respond yes such yes Sgt. she was made little lower than a noncommissioned officer for the sake of the people. But then, on February 6, 1952 when joy is the six God had father died that very moment you became instantly became the queen of England. She was no longer private. Windsor she was no longer battered and badgered by a small minded noncommissioned officer.

She was her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

She inherited a position for which she was born. Never again would you recall private wins wanted to listen to her from getting ready to conclude in a fog right away in a far superior way our Lord Jesus Christ for the devil on the cross Christ.

His hair gained the victory and now he is raining I'm ruling in heaven and all who love Jesus very Peugeot rule and reign with him. But the question is will you when you rule and reign with him without submitting your will to the kingship and the authority of Jesus Christ will not, most assuredly, and that is why he's inviting you today. You can come to that moment of surrender. That moment of receiving victory from his hand here and now and for eternity. That is the message of the gospel that is the heart of the gospel and that is what was fulfilled what fulfill Psalm chapter 8.

If you have never done that today you can do that if you have never invited you've never surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ you know him as Savior. But you do not know him as the Lord and the master of your life.

You can say Lord Jesus come into my life. Rule supreme take control of all the areas of which I have control over in all the areas that I don't want you to take control.

I surrender them to you now, Lord, I know that I can only reign and rule with you when you reign and rule over my heart for it is in your name I pray.

Jesus, thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way.

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