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Why Does God Allow Evil? (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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August 28, 2019 1:00 am

Why Does God Allow Evil? (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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August 28, 2019 1:00 am

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LTW.or how, loving God allow evil to exist.

This is the age old questions. What is it all depends what you mean by answer all depends on what kind of answer you're willing to accept it all depends whether you're really looking for an answer, or you make an excuse for not believing the depends whether you're willing to humble yourself before a mighty God and acknowledge that God is the only one who can give a perfect answer and he is the one who chose not to give us the perfect answer. Not for now anyway. Penrod on this one.

If you're looking for an explanation. If you're looking for a perfect answer to the question, where did evil come from, how can God perfectly take evil and let it serve his perfect will. And I can tell your dad said I don't have an answer. As a matter fact nobody has in its but if you're looking for an assurance and encouragement to trust God in the light of evil. I can help you if you want to be assured that God is all good all just all-powerful and all lies. The spot of skepticism when you come to the right place. I can give you some answers.

You cannot possibly have lived as long as I haven't experienced what I've experienced and seen what I have seen and poured upon the word of God. For as long as I have without having some answers on learning few things that's what I want to share with you. But before I get to this need to say to you, couple of important things first. I never dismissed out of hand. The personal pain that sometimes associated with that question are never dismissed or where is God when I'm hurting I do not take up likely, for I have asked that same question myself and so I treat that with respect.

I never, never dismissed the intensity of the emotions that come from some people who are asking that question might affect when I wrote the book of God is in control was my life. Such a mess is the story of my life. The second thing I want to tell you is this, please, please, please try to remove from your mind. The notion that God owes you or me an explanation. I know this is very hard time no I know we feel that God owes us an explanation where very pragmatic and and we feel entitled, we are entitled to answers. Somebody said that we think of God as a cosmic Butler who must explain himself to us as he dutifully serve every whim of our lives.

Yet that is not the God of the Bible that is not what the Bible teaches the word of God tells us that there are some answers to some questions that God chose not to tell us not to reveal to us and that's his prerogative. Otherwise he will be just another man who was just a man if and I refuse to worship such a weak God would have to explain himself to me. Furthermore, this is what heaven is all about. You see, we will have an answer to all the questions of life, but only there when we get to heaven, God will reveal to us everything for now we are to trust him even when we don't have all of your answers. We have to trust him that he has the best interest at heart. Even as I did once I saw that my best interest was conflicting with what he thought my best interest is my whole life story.

Nothing can be summarized under the following rubric when God does not make sense. He made perfect sense to himself and that's really element of faith and trust is all about.

I trust him and I am so thankful that the at least for some things I can look back at my life and I say all he did not make sense but now I understand the movement of why he did this.

That's a privilege that's an honor and I really believe that the Bible said that God reveals his secrets to those who fear him, but as you feel the Lord is your walk with him as a keep on trusting him and nearly for me is about almost 50 years that he began to show me just a little bit of what he did what I thought was senseless at the time, but perhaps there is no greater book about pain and suffering, unfairness and injustice as the book of Job, the book of Job is all about God not making sense to Joe and everybody else throughout the book, Job looks up to the heavens and he says why did he do that. I got why God why why why and by the way, there's nothing wrong with asking why when Jesus hung between heaven and earth, he cried out to the father said why the book God began to give Joe some answers.

If you can't answer Job asking questions. Joe, who created the heavens and the earth child who is in a position to judge the creator God. Job, who knows as much as God more than God Joe who knows more than God when it comes to the complexity of the whole universe who knows as much or more than God when it comes to the complexity of life around us. Job, who knows more than God about all the universe and all the way it operates. Joe, who knows all of the past perfectly all of the present perfectly normal in the future perfectly and the answer is no.

We talk to the lawyers and judges and those involving the law of them or just ask a question. Can an honest judge really render a verdict without all of the evidence presents now is honest. Now if you want to sit on judgment against God, then you must ask yourself the question, do I have perfect knowledge of the universe. Do I have all of the answers about every question surrounding the universe. Only the legalists and the Pharisees think that they have answers all the questions they really do man I have met some of them and I know that you have to give examples. Job's friends we know the reason why a suffering. Job we know why we do it you know exactly why you're in the fix. We know why you and the pain your euros in order, God looks down from heaven is a bunch of twits as a useless translation but you get the meaning look at the Pharisees in John chapter 9 the man born blind.

That thought that either he or his parents have sinned blood you get a chance to say anything.

They got the answers they have all the answers all of the questions doesn't matter to them. Don't confuse them with the facts that audiences in looking for an answer be very very careful. Be very very cautious last you jump into conclusions that are erroneous and inaccurate see from many of the answers God gave us what we need to know.

He revealed to us what we need in order to believe in him and trusted him and surrendered to him. But there are many of the answers can only be discovered in heaven want to look forward to having different all the answers here and you don't need me to tell you we are as far from heaven as you possibly can. Getting worse. But listen before you put God in the dock and accuse him of unfairness and accuse him of injustice and accuse him of not doing the right thing.

Look at what he himself did the perfect holy, righteous similars, God took the punishment of sinful, wicked people on himself. Think about this is that fair is fair for similars, zoning, medicine, none of us can claim that none of us are guiltless mother similars, but he was the son of God, similars, perfect in every way. Is it fair for him to take the punishment of the blog*it's not fair at all.

In fact, the Bible and the Christian faith is the only faith in the whole universe that addresses the whole question of evil.

It addresses how the evil entered into the world through the garden of Eden. It addresses and it tells us about how that sin left its ugly marks not only on our psyche but also on the nature of their creation as a whole. It tells us how God dealt with that sin on the consequences of that sin once and for all. It tells us how a loving God provided the only remedy for evil.

Not long ago I read story about a missionary doctor who was practicing in the hospital in Haiti and the doctor was puzzled when this man brought his daughter for treatment and he was particularly puzzled about her name something like an arm and not pronounce it right to assist dentists which roughly translated enough teeth. The doctor kept on probing and asking the father questions about the daughter why he named her enough teeth and this doctor was astounded when that voodoo worshiper explained to him why he told them enough teeth means enough suffering and death enough destruction. Is he, like all natural religions.

The voodoo people believe that they are the victims of these spirits fix these spirits can do miserable things to you if you anger them, but they might leave you alone will probably do some little good if you appease them, keep offering things to them.

I wanted to him about this is important your view of God will affect your view of life back to the story this father had eight children, seven of them already direct number eight is the only one left. So the mediums in the trombonists in which doctors told him that in order to appease the spirits call her enough teeth to appease the spirits. My beloved history provides us with a long list of God's they all have one thing in common. There are demonic forces as whether all these gods were source of all sorts of evil Romans and Greeks are just as bad as the router that God so like all men, almost with all sorts of misery from Zeus to the rest of them if they wake up on the wrong side of the bad boy, you're in for it they going to create havoc in your life. If they have a bad hair day who watch out for this guts, but all individuals, but nations, all of these God so called God's.

They are demonic forces of the demons that were rejected out of heaven, and that is why there are millions upon millions upon millions of artists in the Hindus and analysts and natural worship because who live in terror of the gods, and that is why my beloved friends.

We as a church taking the gospel to the ends of the earth hundred and 95 countries 4000 times a week, so that millions of people can be set free from the fear of these demonic forces a man all but the Hebrew God listen to me, but the Hebrew God who revealed himself first to Abraham is a totally all holy God. He is all righteous God is and all just God is an all good God, he is a God who are poor. Evil is a God who hates evil.

He is a God who resists evil he is all good and in the New Testament when God fully revealed himself in the person of Jesus Christ his son we see what God is like. Can you that we are condemned by very life because we are lawbreakers. So what does he do, he does not add to our misery does not demand from us, what we can never do know he paid the penalty that is ours. He took the punishment that is ours. He took the judgment that is ours upon himself. He took the eternal pain that belongs to us upon himself.

He served the sentence that rightly belongs to us.

He experienced hello how is our God bless the true God as the only God is worthy of so with everyone who would humble themselves and come to him and receive the gift of salvation from his hand be eternally adopted as sons and daughters and even when they don't understand everything they know God. The trust God many years ago Russia was all tribal in this great leader of that particular tribe had only two laws the first law is that the everyone in the tribe must love their parents and the second law was that they must never steal never steal this man's leadership in these laws made the tribe to be one of the greatest of all of Russia evolved in one day they discovered that someone in the tribe stealing and this angered the leader under angered him greatly. And so he brought the people together and he said, let the thief come forward and receive 10 lashes. Nobody can the up Danny's he said 20 lashes nobody funny lashes 40 lashes to stop there because he knew the think a strong man to be able to take that many lashes and still be alive and so he disperse the crowds, but he sent his men to find the thief to have to find the thief within a week they found the thief they brought the fee forward and the leader looked and gasped when he saw who the thief was was no other than his own mother. His own mother. So the guards began to wager among themselves.

What this great and wise leader going to do when he keep his word and obey the second law and with his mother, or will he obey the first law and love his mother and let her go. But if he does that he has disgraced himself and his own laws that he sought to enforce but if the crime goes unpunished.

Everybody start stealing and so he gathered the tribe once again brought forward his mother took off her bareback in order to receive the lashes. The people set is going to whip his own mother than just before the whip master brought the whip to bear.

The leader strode over to where his mother was as he was turning his own shirt off and he draped his body over his mother's and took the 40 lashes himself. Beloved, listen to me when Jesus Christ hung on the cross was a lot more than just lashes. He took the lashes, but that separation from God the father for that moment that has never happened since eternity is something we will never comprehend until we get to heaven, but he did this for you, for you and for everyone who would come to him and he says you did this for me that's the reason why the only answer to the question of evil in the existence of evil is not to blame God, but to allow herself to receive the new heart and a new spirit in the new set of eyes that he wants to give you as a gift for when you receive this new heart, and then use. A new set of eyes you'll be able to at least a certain degree begin to comprehend the problem of evil and you begin to comprehend how our God is a mighty God, you begin to comprehend the truth that's in the Scripture, when you have this new heart of the new spirit you begin to comprehend that in all things God works together and all things the bad things the good things in all things, the tough times and the easy times the painful things and the pleasant things the senseless things and the sensible things and all things God works together for the good of those who love him, but Paul continues that's not what he stops.

He continues must be. But there is even some people take it out of God exalted works were good, no, no, no, no, you missed the whole point is for those who love him. In verse 31 of Romans eight what shall we say in response to this. I'm in this thing. But what shall we say in response to this if God be with us, who can be against us who did not spare his own son, but he gave him up for us all, how will he not also give us with him graciously give us all things. But then he continues it doesn't stop there. Verse 36 for your sake we face death all day long we are considered as sheep to the slaughter. That was the testimony of the apostle Paul. That was the suffering that he was going through, but that this is not no no no, but all these things will more than conquerors through him who loved us and then he continues for I am convinced that neither death nor life, nor angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in the creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

If that question is really keeping you from coming to a loving God. If that question is keeping you from coming to Christ.

The non-imploring you, imploring you to humble yourself before him and look up to heaven and say you are the judge and I'm not. You are all knowing, and I'm not. You are all sovereign over all and I am not tell him that you long to receive this new heart.

This new spirit. This new set of eyes so that you at least begin to see the world differently for until that point, you're not able to see the world from God's eyes, at least from the word of God's viewpoint because when you come to him and you receive the new heart than the new spirit in the new set of eyes. Then you will understand that he is not the maker of evil. He is not the author of evil. You will see that evil cannot overcome him evil can never defeat him. That evil will never, never, never walk's long-term plan is long term purpose. When you that you will understand that one day he's going to throw that evil one who is the author of evil into the lake of fire, and that for all those who love them all. Those who trust in him. When they did not understand what rejoice forever and ever and ever with him in heaven a man

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