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God's Power for Daily Living (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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August 22, 2019 1:00 am

God's Power for Daily Living (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Back in the late 70s I met with the minister, whose church we were considering to attend and the first thing he said to me, I don't believe in sermons that are preached.

I believe in sermons that lived so that's a nice cliché. I understand that will after hearing him preach.

I surely understood what he meant.

I found out that the use of the cliché was more of an excuse for not faithfully preaching the word of God. It was a sad day when preachers gave up preaching spiritual truth. Today there are preachers who resort to pop psychology preachers who resort to platitudes and moralism got preachers who resort to man centered sermons of the preachers who resort to sermons that were designed to make people feel good instead of being good.

We have preachers who preach someone that's about all the producing your Christian it's in fact I had about one of his ministers who was preaching one of those kind of philosophical mumbo-jumbo that I would even understand.

And the six-year-old boy tugged on his mother's sleeve and he kept tugging on his mother sleeveless as mommy, mommy.

Are you sure this is the only way to go to heaven. It was CS Lewis who tells of how he went to hear a sermon that was preached by young aggregate minister and the young preacher saw CS Lewis on truth is he panicked, but but he saw CS Lewis in the congregation and he basically said and I quote, is that if you will not believe in Jesus Christ you will suffer greatly if eschatological ramifications. Afterward, CS Lewis come out to the young preacher. He said young man did you mean to say that those who choose not to believe in Christ will go to hell. Is it precisely.

He said why didn't you say so I know that in this age of sentimentality. Bold preaching is not very popular. I know that I know that in this age of make me feel good bold proclamation would not win an award.

I know that I know that in this age of easy believers in people would rather be entertained then be called to repentance. I know that no wonder we have few biblically sound churches these days. But if you look at the first church you gonna find the bold proclamation of the truth was the central focus of the worship that the bold proclamation of the truth was the very heart of the worship that the bold proclamation of the gospel was not designed to make them feel good and be entertaining and is not designed for that enjoyment, but it was designed for the conviction. But if you want to have a true model for bold preaching.

All you need to do turn with me to the book of acts chapter 2 in the last message. Let me remind you as we looked at the day of Pentecost on the 50th day after Passover. We saw the Holy Spirit was given for the first time ever to dwell in the hearts of the believers in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit came and performed a task upon a man of God, a woman of God and then went back to heaven. But in the day of Pentecost. He came to dwell permanently in fact was somebody who said that in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit was like a very light drizzle but then on the day of the cost. The outpouring the deluge came in there. Also, I told you that there were two reactions on the part of the hundreds of thousands of people who gathered from every corner of the globe, the known world at the time there were only two reactions. There was the reaction of those who were seekers.

Those who are puzzled by the sign of the coming of the Pentecost of the fact that these people were speaking recognizable foreign language but then there was the reaction of the skeptics. Those who superficially rejected supernatural work of God to reaction those who responded and asked questions, and those who have rejected and those who have marked so here the apostle Peter stands up in order to proclaim to these hundreds of thousands of people to explain to them what this Pentecost is all about whether this phenomenon is not what this assignment is all about, and he began to address the seekers and the skeptics alike in the five things by the way just to keep focus.

First there was a confrontation of the skeptics. Verses 14 and 15.

Secondly, there was that clarification of the sign versus 16 to 21. Thirdly, that was the condemnation of sin versus 22 to 25.

Fourthly, there was the confirmation of the Scripture verses 26 to 36. And finally there was the consolation of the Holy Spirit versus 37 to 42 confrontation, clarification, condemnation, confirmation, and consolation.

Please listen to me carefully for any witness for Jesus Christ for any teaching for any ministry for any preaching. These five elements are essential. These five elements are basic.

First there was the confrontation of the skeptics. Verses 14 and 15, when Peter said, take heed of the words that I'm about to speak is what is doing. He was expressing boldness and confidence he was saying I'm no longer hesitant about this gospel. There is no equivocation about it. He had no fear nor apprehension.

Why, because this is a different Peter from the Peter denied his Lord before a slave girl in Caiaphas's house. This is the spirit filled Peter. This is the bold, fearless leader, and the first thing that he does in his sermon is refute the false accusations of drunkenness is what is saying to them, the use of translation, you silly people I heard of anybody would be drunk at 9 AM. I think I would've put it a little stronger than that, I would've said if you had half a brain, you would not have made such a stupid groundless accusation. Whoever heard of anyone getting drunk, not in the morning. Just because you cannot accept the supernatural dong make such irrational statements. I think that's what Peter really meant.

Once Peter confronted the silly skeptics he goes along. Secondly to the clarification of the sign explanation of the sign of the day of Pentecost you know in the Old Testament there were two comings of the Messiah. I want to do is going to tell you very carefully because we have people running around saying all kinds of things about this, but there were two comings. These two comings was separated by a long interim. Of time. What I mean by this.

What if you look at Isaiah 53 you gonna find that the first coming of the Messiah was going to be in suffering that the first coming of the Messiah is going to be impairing the sin of the world that the first coming of the Messiah is going to be for death and dying for the sins of the whole world according to Isaiah chapter 9 verse six, the second coming of the Messiah will be in great glory and power and majesty establish his kingdom forever his seat in the first coming of the Messiah, the rule of God is over the hearts of his people, the believers, but in the second coming of the Messiah, the rule he is going to rule supreme in the first coming of the Messiah, he establishes peace in the hearts of his believers, but in his second coming of the Messiah who establishes perfect peace in the first coming of the Messiah, he judges his people through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, but the second coming of the Messiah would judge the whole world and what Peter is saying here as he clarifies the purpose of the coming of the Holy Spirit is saying the Holy Spirit is been prophesied by Joel Conlon the beginning of that. Why in order to minister to God's people in order to convict God's people in order to sanctify God's people. He is given to minister to God's people. After the first coming of the Messiah. This he said was prophesied in the book of Joel. What Peter saying here is that the what Joel prophesied is now a reality and you seeing it with your eyes S was telling him many of these Jews who were very familiar with the terrifying picture of judgment from the book of Joel. They wanted to know what can they do in order to escape this coming judgment and Peter tells them in verse 21 he gives them the answer is that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Our salvation for those who turn to him as Savior. And that is why he goes on to give them the first step toward salvation, which is my third point condemnation of sin. I wanted to think with me very carefully on this one because there is a lot of preaching about salvation without repentance.

There is a lot of preaching about salvation without confession of sin, and I wanted to listen and see how the apostle Peter handles the situation confrontation of the skeptics clarification of the sign condemnation of sin. What you think the sin of these people who Peter was speaking what was her sin. Their sin was that the Messiah long for, but for to come.

They waited for all other readings and all of their prayers are focused on the coming of the Messiah, so the Messiah comes, he performs one miracle after another. He performs one sign after another becomes sin supernaturally reveals himself watching with amazement, but the rejected they saw him raising the dead.

Supernaturally they saw him healing the sick, supernaturally they saw him feeding the hungry supernatural. They saw him calling the storm supernaturally. Whether they do they refuse to believe in him instead of trusting him with their salvation. Instead of enthralling him to be the Lord of the lives they nailed him across want to click about this longing for the coming of the Messiah, and I sure peace, nausea, joy to come and bring salvation. And then we came the crucified, the crucified, all but I don't want you to be quick and judging them.

This is happening today. This is happening with your coworker this is happening with your schoolmates.

This is happening with your neighbors is happening all around us from the outside. Even those who look wonderful. Those who live in mansions and those who look like you got it all together.

Let me tell you something is the truth.

A promise use of truth deep longing for peace of mind. Deep down they all longing for relief from the guilt deep down were there all along. They would long to be able to overcome anxiety to be able to overcome fear. They long for the true contentment in life, longing to be able to overcome anger in the life there are longing to know that their sins are forgiven them. I not tell you that longing for and yeah when you point them to the only one who can give them all of the rejected. Don't tell me that Jesus the Messiah is only saving the work that's not a mess, beloved, I want to tell you the truth is, until sin is reprinted off until sin is condemned until sin is dealt with.

There can be no salvation. Peter said you nailed him to the cross we ask you this. These people who were listening to Peter at the time.

Actually the ones who had to hammer the nail and nail Jesus to the cross and why.

What is that you nailed him to the cross because everyone everyone who will not accept Jesus the Messiah as his or her Savior. They might as well be the ones who took the hammer and nail Jesus to the cross, someone might as well you know if he was the Messiah than what was if he was the Messiah. Why didn't he use his power to escape from the cross all the answers in verse 23 book of acts chapter 23 Peter gives you the answer.

He said he was delivered up to die. According to a definite plan and foreknowledge of God, what McMichael you confusing here. You really are confusing me which one is it that the people killing him and nailed him to the cross or did God deliver him up to die on the cross know which one is it both both the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man die together as two sides of one point tried to go to one extreme or the other you get into Hersey. Listen to what Jesus said in Luke 2222 is easy to remember. Write about Luke 2222, the Son of Man will go as it has been decreed, but one of the man who will betray him both confrontation of the skeptics clarification of the sun.

Condemnation of sin falsely confirmation of the Scripture.

Peter said the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is all the proof that you need. We can talk about the existence of God until the cows come home.

When I got to go very far. You want to prove all the proof you need is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is what Peter say and that is why without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his death would've been just another heroic death of a noble martyr no more, no less. The greatest proof of his Lordship the greatest proof of his Messiah ship is his bodily resurrection from the grave. You don't need any more proof not is teaching not his miracles, not his death.

Great as they may be, but his resurrection from the grave. Peter devoted one verse to Jesus's medical here in this passage one versus ministries one versus death nine versus the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why because he is improving from the pages of the Old Testament that the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ was prophesied accurately and carefully and methodically 1000 years before he rose from the grave. David prophesied in Psalm 16, verses 8 to 11 that Jesus's body in the tomb. During those three days will never experience corruption. So David said that song again. Psalm 16, verses 8 to 11. Not only that the Old Testament prophesied that Jesus would rise from the dead.

Peter said, but the Old Testament also prophesied 1000 years before Christ, that he will be exalted in the heavenly that he will be glorified with all power and authority and registered dominion not only Psalm 16 prophesied his resurrection, but Psalm hundred and 10 prophesied his ascension and his glorification 1000 years before the place I wanted to look at verse 34 the Lord said to my Lord set up my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet. What's the implication here.

Please listen carefully. The verdict is in and there were on the wrong side guilty of opposing God himself and rejecting his Messiah, and unless they repent they are condemned for eternity, confrontation of the skeptics clarification of the sign condemnation of sin. Confirmation of the Scripture.

Fifthly, consolation of the spirit. The most momentous question that any man, any boy any woman any girl would ask the most momentous question is this was must I do to be saved saved from what saved from hell, which is the destination of everyone without Jesus Christ a wrong answer to that question, no matter how correct a person is in all other areas of life will be the path to eternal tragedy please him right because of the biblical importance of this question.

I believe today Satan is working doubly hard in order to confuse people in order to confound people from finding the answer. He is working doubly hard in order to pervert the only answer to that question is only one and one answer all the other answers are false.

What must I do to be saved. Listen to some examples, the legalist says salvation comes through the works of righteousness. The moralist says as long as my good deeds outweigh my bad deeds. I am hoping to be saved. The Jews in the time of Peter who were listening to Peter priding themselves. They will be saved through the racial heritage the Universalist which is a vast majority in the mainline churches give people false hope by saying that everyone will be saved. The ritualist says salvation comes from observing the ritual. Sadly, all of these would need millions of people into the abyss. Somebody loves you enough loves you enough to tell you the truth and the truth here is God's word is the answer.

What must I do to be saved. Verse 38 of acts chapter 2 Peter said repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. There is no other way but there are some ministers and ministries are running around saying well you know don't talk about sin, it turns people off. You know the sins of Ludacris and mesas turns them off. What the truth is this could not be safe you could not be safe. No one could be saved until they come to grips with the fact that they are sinners and can only be saved through faith in Jesus Christ.

Pride tell me why would you need a salvation. If you are not the center. Why would you need a Savior.

If you are not been convicted of sin. Someone, some time ago was her. I get a lot of advice you know is never sought never and I never asked for it, but I get this dear precious person, submissive look you preaching is too hard to hug you and all you need to tell them that Jesus is cool Jesus is cool but adding Jesus to the list of your friends know 3000 people who responded to Peter's message but I want to tell you something about these people. There was swimming upstream the reader were these people were going to answer culture. They were going against the families going against a nation that would go against everything that is that that they have known. Listen to what I'm going to tell you because I'm denigrated to conclude is a statement I hope you'll never forget your need for Savior is far more serious than any opposition that you might face your need for the Savior is far more important for more serious than any opposition that you might face with this and I'm going conclude bishop you like them or one of the great bishops of the Anglican church to together with Cranmer and Bradley led the Anglican Reformation does not affect all three of them were burned at stake by Queen Mary, the daughter of Henry VIII bishop you let them know was preaching in the court of King Henry VIII a king that was known for shopping people's heads for disagreeing with bishop brother preach the truth of the gospel.) The court of the king candidates did not like what he heard one bit, and he was angry. He was furious and he ordered a lot of other come back next Sunday and to apologize for what he said the previous Sunday. He has offended. The king is offended and greatly next Sunday. Bishop Latimer text to the appropriate kind of begins by talking to himself and addressing himself is says here lots of her.

Do you know, before whom you are speaking today. Turned around and said to the Martin monarch, King Henry the take away your life concert.

Oh well, Hugh Latimer, those words you were sent to deliver words of the great and mighty God who is everywhere present. People holds all your ways and he is able to cost your soul into hell. Therefore, take care that you deliver your message, but nothing got up continued in he preached the same sermon that he preached the Sunday before except this time he preached it was sealed.

This time the preacher with the study, preach with energy can imagine the royal court watched in hush in fear because expecting you know what's gonna happen to this dauntless preacher what's gonna happen to what's the king going to do. Henry VIII's with a stern voice asked Bishop Latimer.

How dare you be so outspoken bishop humbly replied and he said my first duty sire was to God, and he must be obeyed first and foremost rising from his seat. The king walked into Latimer by his hand and he embraced saying I bless God that I have such an honest servant, my beloved friend Onalaska today, would you stand for the gospel. If your job is dependent on it. If your net worth is dependent on it. If your livelihood is dependent on it. If you reputation is dependent on it. What if your life is to print on standing bold for the truth of the gospel, shall we pray this is a holy moment. I know that the Holy Spirit has spoken.

The question is how would you respond.

Someone here may say I really have never committed my life to Jesus Christ never received them as my Savior. I have been into church entity have been into religion of it into ritual and I thought this is somehow ongoing hope to make it today. You can say Lord Jesus come into my life you been a Christian for so many years and you been a silent witness for Jesus Christ because you're afraid when will the other. Today you can say, Holy Spirit of God empower me to be an active witness regardless of the cost. The Holy Spirit has spoken to you and things that I have my never said, but if you are under conviction don't allow that to be dissipated without you making a response not just today but a permanent response between you and God the Holy Spirit. He knows what your needs are. He knows what your circumstances are. He knows who you are and he is the one that you have to do with me at this church. Heaven sees God sees and he knows what your circumstances are and what you requested is, therefore, we come to him together.

Father God in the name of Jesus.

Touch your people father for those who need salvation come into the life forgive the sins except the repentance for those who are asking your strength in your power to move from being a silent witness to an active witness. Give them supernatural power.

Give them courage from above, they'll be able to testify to the father from practicing Jesus.

Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that's LTW.Ward

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