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Surely Not Me...and Definitely Not Them (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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August 1, 2019 1:00 am

Surely Not Me...and Definitely Not Them (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael, you sat. We pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit and definitely love them.

I'm on my own life more than once I have those words surely not me, Lord, and definitely not them. And you know what one of the characters that really illustrate this point. One of the ones you really are killing this attitude better than anybody else is a prophet Jonah. The Old Testament prophet Jonah know a whole lot of people outside of the Christian faith know about Jonah because they know about the great fish is like somebody said, you know. For years people have focused so much on the great fish that they have forgotten about the great God and I couldn't agree more. In fact, Jesus himself. In Matthew 1239 and following used the life of Jonah. For those who say well it's a fiction it's a it's a allegory of the Lord Jesus Christ himself used Jonah as an illustration when is it people are seeking sign. I give you no greater sign than the Son of Man like Jonah will die and be buried and rise again on the third day.

That to me makes it absolutely true from beginning to end with all the details don't tell you something very important about Jonah that most of you probably do not know even if you familiar with the book, even if you've read the book even if you know all about none of the unconscious in the call of Jonah on his lifeguards: his life, I'm gonna tell you something many of you do not know and that is that Jonah had been blessed of God before this time of the call in his life to go to Nineveh. Jonah had heard the voice of God before and obeyed it is not the first time God called him that's the first time. He said no to the Lord. Jonah was not the novelist about hearing the word of God and the call of God. Jonah experience the goodness of God firsthand Jonah 1st hand saw how God is a God who keeps his promises and never go back on his promises. God's call upon Jonah to go to Nineveh did not just come out of the blue. We see many times prophets in the Old Testament they'll be shepherding the sheep were doing whatever they're doing and then they hear the voice of God. For the first time God do this form is straightforward but not this one. This man knew God, this man heard God before this man obeyed God before, but now this call upon his life to go to Nineveh is God's way of saying to him. Jonah, I am now going to take you to greater heights. I want to take you into higher grounds of witnessing higher grounds of ministry. I want to take you to a bigger field of ministry.

I wanted to give you Jonah a great opportunity of serving me that most people don't know about the call of God before this time, but at that point in his life. The man who knew God, who heard God who obeyed God before would've said you would imagine after the experience. God firsthand. He knows how God keeps his word. You would imagine that he would have been ecstatic in this a while. Lord you are calling me to greater witnessing. You are privileging me to a higher level of service of you. You are wanting meet want to use me to do something that is so grateful you caught what a great honor that you are giving me you want me to go when no one has gone before, but instead what the Jonah say surely not me, and definitely not them in or out on this one. I know the Lord of the word of the Lord comes to everyone of us. If you are child of God. If you are born again, if you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. You no doubt have heard the word of God spoken to you. I want you to witness to this person. I want you to tell this person about my love for him or her. I want you to tell this person about.

I wanted to love the person formally. I want you to show love to that person. I want you to tell them how much it cost me to go to Calvary and die for them. How many times did we react when the opportunity came in with Moshe Not to Be Sure, If We like the Person That God Sends Us to Where All over.

If That Person Is Mean so Much to You. You Want to Do It and Say Yes Lord, You Know, Just Give Me the Strength I'll Do It Can Wait to Do to Bring It down Really to Our Level Here of Everyday Life.

You Have a Boss Was Overbearing. Somebody That Irritates You That You Can Standing in the or Her and Then God Says I Want You to Witnessing a Come on Lord That's Not Me. Surely Not Me, and Definitely Not Him but I'll Pray about Somebody Else Can Minister to Him. I Pray That You Would Send Somebody Else What If You Want to Be Blunt about It, You Really Want One to What What You Want to Do Is One of Troy the Lightning Comes from Heaven.

The Strike I Got Right. I Mean, You Want to Pray That God Will Remove Them from Your Area of Moving to Another City or Another Country Surely Not Land Definitely Not Him or Her or God Assist You. You Know That Jerk in Your Officer in Your Company. You Know the One That Constantly Marking Christians and Christianity. You Know That One When You Can Stand. I Wanted to Love Him in Order to Love Her on My Behalf. Tell Them about My Love and Calvary's Love and He Said I Mean He's a Jerk and Nobody Knows the Guy's a Jerk and I Don't Want Everyone to Be Seen Talking to Him Little Witness to Him. Surely Lord Not Me and That Medley, Not Him or Her, or That Neighbor of Yours. You Not Talking about the One Who Always Is. God Comes in and Messes up Your Beautiful Garden, Not You. Nothing about the Guy That Every Time Walks by Your House You Want to Turn the Sprinkler on.

And God Says to You, God Loves That Person for Me. Tell Them That I Died on the Cross so That I Might Redeem Them That I May Give Him Life and Give Her Life and Give It More Abundantly. And You Say, Lord, Abundant Life to These People. I Wanted to Have No Life at All, Surely Not Me, and Definitely Nothing Now Want You to Turn to the Book of Jonah Versus Only the Word of the Lord Came to Jonah, the Son of a Mate. You See It's Very Important to Know Who Son He Is Because When I Show You Later on the Same I Guess a Different Jonah Knows the Same Guy in the One of the Lord Came to Mrs. Go to the Great City of Nineveh and Preach against It for Its Wickedness Has Come up before Me, Please Listen to Me Very, Very Carefully. There Is No Way Any Human Being Can Explain to You Can Even Illustrate or Even Comprehend the Ludicrousness of That Call of God. It Is so Ludicrous That You Can't Even Comprehend It and You Can't Fathom It If You Lived at That Time.

This Is Not Just Somebody You Don't like Is Not Just Somebody None on This Was so Ludicrous That Jonah Can Understand Why Would God Want to Do That Nineveh Was As Pagan As They Come in All of History. It Was Founded by Nimrod. Shortly after God Change the Language When the People Were Trying to Build the Tower of Babel, Which Is Really a Temple of the Zodiac and Worshiping Satan and God Change the Languages and That Moment Nimrod Built That City Admin about Today Is a City Still in Existence or Just outside of Baghdad in Modern-Day Iraq. But Back Then, Nineveh Was so Developed As a City Is the Capital City of the Assyrian Empire. It Was so Developed They Had They Had Roads and a 20 Miles Long. The Wall That Surrounded the City Was 100 Feet Tall That the Wall Was so Wide That Three Chariots Were Literally Can Ride on It.

A Brash Three Chariots All at the Same Time. It Was a Developed City and I Hope You Get the Picture. Imagine John Is Feeling Alone for Is Going to That City Proclaiming a Message from the God of the Human Progress Only. It Did Not Make Sense to Him and He Still Would Not Make Sense Today, What Would One Line Do Who in the World Would Listen to Him They Would Laugh at Him. No, Probably Using Him As an Entertainment As Phone, but Not Only That Never Who Is the Capital of the Ancient Assyrian Empire. It Was so Wicked That They Were Known to Skin the Lives Their Enemies. The Atrocities I Can't Even Go on and and Describe to You the Atrocities and the Horrors That These People Inflicted on Anybody Who Just Looked at Them the Wrong Way and Jonah Not Have Begun to Wonder Lord What's Going on Here. What Are You Doing What's Wrong. I Thought We Are Your People with the Ones That You Love Where the One Who Should Be the Recipients of All of Your Grace and of All of Your Mercy with Audio Forgiveness Where Your Chosen People. These Are Wicked People. God I Thought Your Idea Is That You Want the Socket to Them Not Love Them, Not Forgive Them and You Know There's Some People Running around in Christian Community Teaching That the God of the Old Testament Is a God of Justice and Graphic God of the New Testament Is a God of Love. That's an Era from the Pit of Hell. Obviously, They Have Not Read the Book of Jonah. Listen to Me. God Loves a Repentant Sinner Was in the Old Testament of the New Testament, but I Want You to Notice Something This Very Important Here in Verse Two. Verse Two Chapter 1, the Verbs in the Chapter, All in the Imperative Mood Go Preach Not Know If You Feel like It Not Go If the Circumstances Are Feasible Not Go If You Really like the Person Not Go If They Belong to the Right Social Circles Not Go and Make Them Feel Good about Themselves Not Go and Stroke Their Egos Not Go and Tell Them That What They Want to Hear Not Going Tell Them That If They Try Hard Enough They Were Going to Get the God No Go and Speak the Words of God That He Puts in Your Mouth and Give That Message Go and Deliver My Message That I Have Given You to Do during Class Going Craft and I Thought about This Long Hard Listen to Me.

There Was a Time When Believers Weep over Soon, but You Know I Would Laugh at Sin Now We Don't Weep over and the Reason We Don't Weep over Sin Simply Because We Are Children of God Are up to Our Knees in Sin and Disobedience and Self-Centeredness. Please Listen to Me, Almost Desperate Need in This Nation Is Not for More Education Is Not for More Psychology.

It Is Not for Better Economic Conditions. It Is Not for More Slick Politicians Is Not for More Laws, Our Greatest Desperation in This Nation Is to Weep over Sin, Our Greatest Problem Is Sin and Wickedness and Disobedience. That's Our Greatest Problem Today, Almost Desperate Need Is for God's People to Cry over There Sin First and Then the Sin of the Nation to Repent of Their Own Sin First and Then On Behalf Of the Nations, Obeying God First and Jonah Did Not like His Assignment Anymore, but Most of the Believers Are Liking Their Assignments Today like Jonah, We Want to Flee to Tarshish I'm Going to Say More about That in the Next Message Listen to Me.

There Are a Whole Lot of Cruise Ships That Are Heading for Tarshish, and It Is Filled with Believers Fleeing from Their Call to Witness Their Whole Lot of Cruise Ships That Are Heading to Tarshish That Are Fully Booked by Believers Fleeing Their Call to Love the Unbelievers for Christ There a Whole Lot of Cruise Ships That Are Heading to Tarshish, and They Are Overflowing with Believers Who Are Fleeing Their Call to Cry out to God. In Fact, I Daresay Whole Churches Heading to Tarshish I Told You Earlier, the Jonah Was Very Selective in His Obedience to the Word of God. Here He Was This Not the First Time God Called Jonah's the First Time. He Said No to the Lord but Not the First Time He Called Them Just like You Just like Me Wanted to Turn with Me If You Can. Second Kings Chapter 14 Second Kings, Chapter 14 Beginning at Verse 23, but Particular Verse 25 Couple Versus Follows There You See the Word of God Saying the Word of God Came to Jonah and Just to Be Sure That Nobody Was so Walmart Is a Different Jonah Said the Son of an Attorney Same Guy Same Guy All but Listen That Time Jonah Jumped at the Chance.

As Soon As God Called Him and Said Yes Sir. How Soon Can I Go, How Soon Can I Pack My Bags Ready to Go and You Would Say, but Why, Why Did He Jump at the Chance and Why Did He Refuse to Go the Second Time around. Well Listen Carefully. Please Listen Carefully, Because the Message That God Gave John of the First Time Was a Message to Announce Blessings upon Israel Made in You Call Me and Send Me out to Announce Blessings. I Am Ready for Tell Me That God Will Prosper Me and I Am a Willing Vessel Tell Me That God Is Favoring Me and I Will Tell You Preach It Brother You Tell Me That God Wants Me to Be Obedient. Oh Yes, That's a Real Downer. Tell Me about Crying out over My Sin and the Sin of the Nation, and That God Wants to Use Me to Bring Revival to the Letter As a Real Downer As a Real Downer Tell Me to Lift up the Name of Jesus in My Workplace in My Neighborhood in My School and My Community and That's a Real Downer. All Tell Me to Be Fruitful for the Kingdom, Tell Me to Be Faithful with My Tithe and Offering Men. I'm Out Of Here. I'm Going to Find Me a Warm and Fuzzy Preacher. I'm Sorry.

I'm Just Not One of Them on Them Tell You the Truth, I'm Not Going to Tell You What You Want to Hear Voluntary What God Wants You to Hear This One Thing You Need to Know about Jonah. Jonah Was Not a Doctor He Really Was Not a Diagnosis He and You God. You God to Be the God Who Keeps His Promises. If It Takes Years in You God to Be the God Who Will Have Mercy, I Would Have Mercy on the Ninevites If They Repented and You God to Be the God Who Will Forgive Them If They Turned to Him and You God to Be the God Will Bless the Ninevites If They Turned to the Lord. He Knew All That and That's Why He Didn't like It Is Writing like the Blessing Should Be All His. The Problem Is the Blessings of God Was Nothing Tarshish It Was, and Then Beloved the Blessing of God Is in the Obedience Is Not Where You Want to Be What You Want to Get the Real Blessing of God Is in Obedience. That's Why Jonah Headed the Other Way When You Say More about Tarshish in the Next Message. It's Very Significant but the Question That I Want to Leave You with an Operator God You Would Not Rest. None of You Would Rest. I Would Not Rest until You Answer the Question to Yourself When You and God Because That's Where All Begins Is in Your Quiet Place. The Question That I'm Going to Leave You with Success.

Are You on Your Way to Nineveh or Have You Bought Your Ticket to Go to Tarshish. Those of You Are Opting to Leave Your Spouses and Your Marriages and Walkout Are You on Your Way to Tarshish or You're Going to Nineveh Were God Called You to Be.

Are You on the Road to Obedience or European Sitting on Joppa Waiting for Your Ship to Go to Tarshish or Are You and the Battleship That Will Bring You Victory That Will Bring You True Blessing Though for You. True Joy That Will Bring You True Contentment Today. You Can Say Lord the Cruise Liner That I've Been on for so Long Brought Me Nothing but the Satisfaction and Discontentment and a Mediocrity in My Christian Walk with You Today Lord, I Want to Get on the Battleship and I Want to Serve You with All My Heart Father, You've Created Us for a Purpose You Created Us to Serve You. You Created Us to Glorify You.

Your Credit Us to Be Salt and Light. You Did Not Create Us to Hide As a Father I Cry to You That You Will Begin with Us. Begin with Me That Father Would Say with the Apostle Paul, I Am Not Ashamed of the Gums.

I Will Not Hide, but I'll Go

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