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Coming Out of Isolation

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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July 19, 2019 1:00 am

Coming Out of Isolation

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hello my friends Michael Yousif here. I just wanted to thank you for connecting with leading the way.

Our entire team is wholly committed to passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth of God's word and it cannot be done without you learn more about what God has charged us to do around the world by clicking around that's Thank you and may God richly bless you as you seek to serve. Reggie Wyatt, who played for the Green Bay Packers wrote a book on minister of defense in the book he tells the story of a pastor friend of his who had a vision of in the form of a dream that in the divisional of the dream.

He went to visit a hospital that has three different wards all the beds and all the three different wards were occupied by injured Christians.

The first Ward was occupied by those who were discouraged and the loss of doctors and nurses who are there ministering to them and slowly but surely bring them back to spiritual health. The second Ward was occupied by Christians who were injured in the course of ministry who working for the kingdom of God and the God hurt although the number of medical personnel not as great as those who were discouraged but nonetheless there were. Slowly but surely getting back to health. Then he went to the third Ward. This was altogether different. The folks there were not only different in terms of their situation.

But these patients were far worse off than all the other patients in the other two wards. Their injuries were so terrible that was disfiguring and to make things worse.

There were no medical personnel to attend to and Reggie goes on to explain the hag argues that vision or that pastor and with him to realize that those who are wounded by their fellow believers, knowingly or unknowingly, they did not only feel deeply wounded but that will cause them to isolate themselves from the Christian community and they basically shut themselves down from all possible ministry that could have helped restore them into wholeness before I get to the passage I wanted tell you that there was a major study that was done by the Gallup organization right across the board, not necessarily among Christians but right across the board in the United States and the conclusion of that study was that the living in isolation and loneliness has increased in far greater proportion than any time in the past, and yet people are longing in the heart to break away from both loneliness and isolation, but they don't know how to go about it. Furthermore, those who isolate themselves. It knows no limits in terms of age and in terms of gender and in terms of marital status. There are teenagers who are lonely and isolated.

There are single adults who are living in loneliness and isolation. There are married couples who live in loneliness and isolation. They all feel deeply the pain of isolation and loneliness, and yet seldom know how to remedy the problem. Listen, I have first-hand experience or of isolation from family and friends and even country of birth and not just one several times. The second time was really one of the furthest, on the other side of the globe in Australia when I landed there and but because of the body of believers because of Christians there because people reached out to me. I was able to fellowship with folks my age and it wasn't very long after I landed there, my eyes zeroed in on a specific person in that small group they give the word fellowship another meaning before I get to my text. I will make sure that you understand the difference between the importance of living in a small Christian community and fellowship and studying the word, and accountability and the importance of having a certain time period of time not long time, but a short period of time to go into a self-imposed isolation as self-imposed time alone with God. Occasional self imposed isolation to spend time with God for a limited period of time can be a great blessing and I've done that. Personally, I still knew that when I need to spend time alone with God when I want to be quiet and solitude were just me and the Lord when I want to hear from the Lord alone and all the noise even of good people and their friends want to shut that so I can hear from God alone. All of these temporary times of aloneness with God can be an enormous blessing. Jesus himself, he went alone for a time with his father to hear the father to speak to the father he went to the store lonely place alone to be with God. But that's not what I'm talking about in this message and I am talking about those who for whatever reason, find themselves isolated from a close Christian fellowship. I remember a time when I was running away from God I hated Christians. I really did, and somehow several Christian leaders in my town, so me as a project only and they were really going to help me get back with the problem is, every time I see one of them coming to visit him and I ran away. As with the back door and disappeared and only around him and I'm telling you, if you are staying away from Christian Fellowship. Ask yourself the question, is there a sin in your life by running away from God and just taking out on Christian belief, ask yourself the question. Those who deliberately place themselves in isolation whether it be for health reasons, whether it be for social reasons will be for personality traits will be for fear of rejection, whatever it may become a host of other reasons. Whatever the reason. Maybe I wanted tell you you are doing that to your own personal detriment. Please turn with me to Luke chapter 8 beginning at verse 40 I want to show the importance that Jesus himself placed on this rejection of isolation because sometimes coming out of isolation can be the very secret for healing and restoration now in the divisional degree and beverage wide describes in his book the hardest people to move out of self-imposed isolation of those who have isolated themselves because of wounds they receive from other believers. For some reason they say I have been wounded and I'm not going to go back again now this woman and look chapter 8 belongs to the patient's in the third Ward in the vision, not because she was wounded by others. She was wounded physically with Hitler preventing disease, but she was wounded spiritually. Also in that community. Again, I'm gonna tell you in a moment why because of her desperate need.

As she reached the point of desperation. She makes her way through the throng and touches Jesus in Luke chapter 8 verse 40. This is Jesus come back from the Galilee Lake into the ground there before. If you read at that point, Jesus stopped the storm rebuked the wind and perhaps some of them were seeing that on the edge of the lake watching and seeing how he did this and so the crowd and the masses of people where they are waiting for him to land there would desperately in need, and among them was a very desperate man by the name of gyrus. He was desperate for Jesus's healing, his only daughter is only child, a daughter who is 12 years old gyrus was basically a big shot in the synagogue. This man's desperation he comes and brings Jesus to come to his house in order to heal his daughter and I want you to feel the desperation of gyrus feel the desperation feel the sense of pain heavenly urgency in his heart he knew that if Jesus does not come and heal this girl that's about to die, she will die and will be all over people that Jesus could heal the sick, but not resident their parents and grandparents. I know you, you can feel that since we have a sick child. You know what it's like and so he was there making Jesus come on quickly Jesus to blog about, let us move move faster. Lord Jesus was taking his sweet time in he was in no hurry, but gyrus will hence have you been there many times in my life I've been in a hurry, but the Lord was not cooperates in all different structure, but feel the frustration of gyrus when Jesus started walking like on egg shells to his house. Lord, Lord, Lord, to move quickly.

Please give this one healing. This one blessing. This one, and the man wasn't absolute desperation feel the anxiety as he was trying to move Jesus faster to make things worse, Jesus stops altogether, is no longer walking slowly, taking his sweet time he just stops altogether who might of his membership,,,,, stops in order to speak to an unidentified, an unknown woman who touched his task by now gyrus probably was completely freaking out and the disciples themselves become incredulous when Jesus said somebody touched, Lord what you mean somebody touched you and if you have not been in the middle of a massive crowd of people who pushing and shoving and you can have.

We have no control. If you've never been there. Thank the Lord I hope you'll never be. I know how frightening it is when you get caught in masses of people that are pushing and shoving and you have no control over your own strength.

Jesus what you mean somebody touched you. It's a medically didn't get knocked down to the ground ministry was shoving and pushing and some attachment. This power left me somebody touched a woman with amazing how Luke being a doctor as he recorded this incident. He draws parallel between the age of the girl 12 years old and the gears which this woman is been sick 12 years she has been as sick as many years as this precious little girl is been alive and out of desperation she come from behind and touches his cloak and immediately the hemorrhage stopped. Now you have to ask yourself the question, if you haven't initiated why this was not the end of the story. An amazing miracle took place but also medicals everything in place anyway. Jesus does medical take place, a wonderful healing took place, but lots of healings have been taken place anyway. Jesus tells us healing hundreds of healings that John said if everything was written that Jesus did not look big enough to entitle, but is a reason for that.

John explained to you, but I wanted to hang in there with me for a minute, this woman had a severe medical problem for 12 years 12 years for the 12 years this woman been living in misery and pain and agony and suffering. Her condition produced a dilapidated dating fatigue and weakness that is a result of a blood loss but as bad as her physical pain was there was something even worse, if that's possible that her physical pain.

What wasn't. In Leviticus chapter 15 verses 19 to 27 a woman with a bleeding problem like this one was considered to be ceremonially unclean, as long as you hazardous conditions is ceremonially unclean. That meant that she could not go to the temple. She could not attend any of the synagogues. Even her own family had to stay away from her. Otherwise, they need to become ceremonially unclean. Talk about me all the walls are closing in. I doubt any of us here understand the depth of this or experienced, but that's not to minimize what you might be going through talk about isolation. Talk about alienation.

Talk about beings of all she was an outcast in society. She was an outcast. Religiously, she was outcast from the church.

She was an outcast from her family. Obviously, her situation was medically helpless, just hopeless. Medically, was it says when Luke does as a physician. He rightly said no one could heal her. You know Mark and Matthew report the same incident and each of them reported from their point of view when Mark recorded this mark chapter 5 verse 26 she had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and she spent all that she had yet instead of getting better. Mark said she grew worse, her money is gone. Her health is wrong and out of desperation she comes in pushes through the throng of the craft. No doubt embarrassed really embarrassed and humiliated by the secret condition has secret condition. She probably was terrified lest her secret be revealed, and she would receive the scorn of the entire community. She probably dreaded that this horrible condition is revealed. And then she gets a worse horrible reaction from the folks so she comes from behind and takes hold of the tassel Jesus was wearing with his and him of his garment will, in English, they can go to longer explanation of the shawl of the rabbi on the tassel in the shoulder. So I said to him of his garment, but the word doesn't mean she just touched it or tugged on it. The word here that is used it means she clung to it.

She can't do it.

She clung to Jesus by holding on the tassel official now Matthew when he reports the same incident in chapter 9 verse 21 is what he must find out from her. She said to herself, if only I touch the shawl. I'll be healed in Jesus honored her face. He honors her face as soon as she grabbed hold of this tassel of the rabbi Jesus shawl.

She immediately was healed in the hemorrhage stopped. Please listen to me very carefully.

Jesus often healed people who had faith and people who did not have faith healed a lot of people. But Jesus never saved anyone who did not have faith, and that word here is go your faith made you whole. You're not only physically healed.

You emotionally healed your spiritually healed USA. This woman was not only healed physically but healed spiritually. Your faith a major hole. In fact, Jesus goes on to call her daughter daughter.

She went from shame to royalty. Just like that. Hey man amen amen amen amen those of us have been saved know what that's like. She went from deprivation to being the king's daughter in a flat second. But the question still remain. Why didn't Jesus just keep confidential things confidentially when they just keep quiet about good question. If you asked it on the right track. Because this is the whole point of my message I would come to my message you did you know that is a long introduction, but always get them a message. I have no doubt in my heart. This woman represents untold number of people who go to church all across the land. People who occupy pews in many a church there are well-dressed, they are intelligent, there were beautiful clothes and beautiful masks, but on the inside they're hurting like the Dickens very maybe hurting physically, then maybe hurting emotionally. They might be hurting socially. They may be hurting spiritually. But above all, they feel all alone and they live a life of terrible desperation, quiet desperation.

They may sit in an executive suite, or they may live in mansions. They may be occupying high place in society. And yet they share the private life with no one in the have one thing in common with this woman, this woman who so tentatively so timidly pushed her way through the four home the hope that their inner anguish is not noticed by anyone.

The secret pain and isolation.

Hopefully not discovered by anyone, young people, all people single people marry people all people listen to the truth from the word of God.

There is power ready to come out of Jesus for you if you exercise a faith all mustard seed. As I said Jesus could have just left the matter confidentially or he could have whispered in E's faith make you whole know what happened.

Just of the secret between you and me, but he didn't. He didn't and you got understand why he didn't. It's vitally important to know why he didn't. He could have let her keep her face private Holcomb on elevators. My faith is very private really unconvinced when somebody says that their faith is so private they can find it is my effect when I was saved I told everybody who would listen to me. Jesus saved me to forgive all my sins, I am now new it can keep your mouth shut when Jesus worked in your life. Jesus sort to identify this woman publicly publicly.

I is this some sort of a cruel joke on Jesus's part and all because beyond the physical healing. Jesus wanted to bring it out of her social isolation.

Jesus wanted to bring a lot of her alienation.

Jesus wanted to publicly bring around to face Satan's oppression that kept her down him down for 12 years.

Jesus wanted her to come out and testify to the liberating power of Jesus to tempt out and testify against Satan's snare and the loneliness that she experienced Jesus wanted to give her the courage. Not only that you may receive ministry, but also that you able to minister to others, God the son wanted to bring her back to publicly so that he we are 2000 years later be challenged. Come out of your isolation come out of the self-imposed alienation came out of oppression of Syrian private or public, whatever it may be that is holding you down, and Satan loves to keep your loan from Christian Fellowship because that's the way he can have his way with you. When Peter said that Satan is like a roaring lion.

You know when one of the few times a lion roar is when he got his primary role. Get away from here… That's mine. That's what he does. He keeps Christians isolated from each other instead of being in fellowship and accountability keep them isolated so that he can have his way with and it is known shame that hundreds and hundreds of people come to church every week and they get blasted and participate in the worship but then they leave the way they came in isolation, and isolation and Satan loves it. Beloved, I believe this with every ounce of my being and the fears in ministry that God wants to move from the outskirts of your life into the very center of your being, and he will use his church to do it.

The question is, will you let you let you allow him God wants to move from the silence of your shame and bitterness and the bitterness of battle the spiritual battle that you been through. To overcome barriers that He Did Not Pl., Satan just like the Englishman. We do here is

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