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July 12, 2019 3:00 am


Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Early in the 19th century, King Frederick William III was a King of Prussia of one time he found himself in a very precarious position on the one hand, his nation was involved in a very costly war. On the other hand, he is embarked on a tremendous economic program for developing his nation to be a great nation and in the midst of this incredible situation. They run out of money and I'm running out of money. He was contemplating one of two things. One is stop the progress and disappoint all his people or capitulating to the enemy which is unthinkable.

As he prayed and deliberated. He finally approached the women of Prussia.

Whenever get into trouble. John asked the women will help you become to the women of his nation and he asked them if they would sacrifice the gold and silver jewelry that it might be melted down and made into money for the good of the country. He told them that for each gold or silver ornaments that they will give.

He will give them back one of bronze or iron as a token of his gratitude to their sacrifice. Each of this declaration of metal and bronze that were given to the women had the following inscription I gave gold for iron 1813. Now, the response was incredibly overwhelming. It was so overwhelming. What was even more overwhelming was these women comprise these gifts from their king far more than gold and silver that they used to own the reason was very clear the Braum's in the iron decorations that they received from their king where the mark of their sacrifice for their king. As a matter of fact it is a matter of history and you can check me on this, that it became unfashionable for women in Prussia to wear jewelry and thus the order of the cross of iron was established in all the members of the order were no ornaments except that of an iron cross what had happened.

Here is what happened. Generosity and sacrifice for the king became their way of life, generosity and sacrifice for their king became the mark of true citizenship goodness and self giving became the on a bandage that they wore in all of Prussia. In many ways that's exactly what the apostle Paul is saying here and that's what he means.

Here in Galatians chapter 5 verses 22 and 23 the fruit of the spirit. Turn with me please if you have your Bibles to Galatians 5, beginning at verse 22. That word goodness with the love, joy, peace, long-suffering, I would come to goodness one word and get false negative thoughts which is translated goodness and most of your Bibles.

It literally means giving to others as an outflow from the character that is filled with goodness as what really means. It is like a fountain, a multilayer fountain and when you turn it on and begins to fill the top layer, then the second layer, then the third layer, then all of the boundaries of the fountain. Then everybody also comes near the founders going to get wet. It is a character that is so overflowing with goodness that it cannot help but feel everybody that comes anywhere near it. That's what it means. That's what goodness means not just as a good guy, good woman know it's a lot more than that, you know, in reality, people have a variety of motives for giving giving of themselves substance. Whatever. And I have learned only in the piece, never to judge people's motives. That's not my business is God's business only judge action. Some people give because that makes them feel good. Some people give because it's a habit to give some people give out of obedience.

I guess because of obedience.

I give of myself of myself because of obedience to the word of God and yet there are others who give out of selfish motives you say what you mean by that selfish mother talking about to give out a selfish motive. I'll give you an example. Few years ago, Miami's Sir Flagler Street. Some of you know what I'm talking about was lined by beautiful Royal Palm's and one day six of those Royal Palm trees were vandalized and chop down in the city declare that they have no money to replace the trees but within a very short period of time a donor was found. A generous donor came up and said to the city. I will replace those trees now want to do some I'm going to tell you the forward trees were 15 feet high and they formed a magnificent and perfect foreground for a very large billboard advertising Delta airline. The donor who don't noted those six trees. The trees were 35 feet high.

They all will have the right of the billboard and nobody could see the Delta airline advertising is who the donor was guest of dried Eastern airline well I have to tell you what it isn't before I tell you what it is. This is not the kind of generosity that overflows from goodness that the apostle Paul is starting about here in Galatians. Okay.

Remember that that is not it. I wanted to listen very carefully from going to tell you because in this day and age were left to use soft words and soft language and we don't like to speak the truth very well. The opposite of goodness is evil.

There is no in between. There is either goodness or evil, and the two are on opposite side. The two are diametrically opposed, but I wanted tell you something about evil. Evil does not like to look like evil evil works very hard on developing a good face evil works very hard to put on the face of goodness evil works very diligently on pointing on wearing a goodness mask. The Bible calls that hypocrisy and deception unescorted for what it is when we give some examples, a politician gets caught in a web of lying and then he tries to put a good face on so he says really is not my fault it's my mother and my grandmother didn't get along with each other, man or woman walk out on the family and daughter to put a good face on it. They say well I really ought to myself to become happy in my marriage and since I'm not happy in my marriage. This is a good decision. Someone drinks to access and tries to put a good face on it.

I just have to many problems in life and I need time to forget my troubles so they put good face on what is destructive to their life and their bodies, to say nothing of the misery that the cost of the loved ones protect the person who is blessed of the Lord and instead of being faithful with the blessings of God that God has given him or her. Instead of turning back to God what belongs to God very keep it and then they tried to put a good face on it. All we have lots of expenses brother Yusuf. Don't you understand and surely you must know that God wants me to pay cash from $100,000 car. Did you understand that we as I do, I do understand that infected somebody told me and said you know I am doing so within the market. My investments have done so well, I'm not giving anything to God. And because I'm going to double everything and when I do I'm going to give God a big lump sum what I told him something I'm sure his pastor probably likes before I told him the story about RG Latona, RG Latona, the founder of Caterpillar movie earthmoving equipment was one of the great stewards of all times. One of the real generous men of his time and the one day he testifies that he made more money one year than he ever made before in his life so he said will look hundred B is generous this year I'm going to take this money and I'm going invested for God and I'm gonna really more than double the next year I'll give him a lot more than I've ever given before so he testifies what happened. The following year he lost it for less that investment altogether and one day he said he was praying he was praying and feeling bad about what happened and he heard the Lord to be speaking to him and the Lord said to Mrs. Bob next time, give me my money and I'll do my own investment, you see evil works hard, looking good and presenting the face and the mask of goodness and lately there's more and more of this thing of evil. Put it on the mask of goodness than I have seen in a long time. Lately I've seen more hypocrisy and lying." Talking and doubledealing becoming respectable. I'm going to tell you why because, listen to what I'm going to tell you very carefully. People look like the leaders people act like the leaders I believe that we have not yet seen.

Listen to me. We would because we have a very short attention span.

I believe with all my heart that we have not begun to see the ramifications we have not begun to see the consequences of putting a good face on evil and the good mask and we call evil good and good evil, listen to me it's a matter of time.

Mark my words, what's gonna happen to us as it is people in the word of God is telling us unequivocally. Clearly the generosity that is the outflow of the goodness of character is the true fruit and spirit of the spirit.

Be careful of the false goodness.

Be careful of the inferior goodness.

Be careful of the faint goodness. It is nothing but evil, with a good face on it. I got false negative thoughts and our thoughts refers to the pure, sincere goodness.

Agatha also refers to the goodness that springs forth in a godlike action toward others. Agatha Ross is characterized with honesty with truthfulness and with a boy using integrity. Agatha Ross is generosity that flows out of the goodness of your self giving to everyone around Agatha Ross does not mean just giving of things or even giving of oneself. It has a deeper meaning than this I wish I could even personally comprehend it with along able to explain it to you. Agatha's is the attitude that you have to load all those around you.

Agatha Ross is having an outstretched hands.

Now that clinched fist. Agatha Ross is the desire to help and comfort and encourage and motivate. Agatha Ross is a virtue that cannot be contained cannot be bottled up and cannot be hidden from view that is reflected in your finances is reflected in your thoughts. It is reflected in your speeches is reflected in your emotional reactions. Agatha, goodness, generosity you know of all the fruit of the spirit goodness or generosity that is the outflow of the goodness of character. Probably most uniquely the attribute of God. If is an innocent man crucified fruits wow is that incredible we talking about God here who left the glories of heaven. He was there before the creation and yet he left it all. He took it off like a rope. He came down as an embryo in a paper and then he hung on the cross in order to satisfy the justice of God so that whosoever comes to him, believing, reprinting, turning to him will be eternally saved from hell to heaven. That's it.

That's the generosity of car that flows out of the goodness of the heart of God. People become like the leaders and we become like those with whom we hangout and when you hang out with God you will reflect the character of God when you hang out with God you will be filled with the Holy Spirit of God on a daily basis when you are hanging out with God you will bear the fruit of the spirit. Please listen to me very carefully what I'm going to tell you is very important because I've seen that all across the world among Christians and churches of varieties of denominations of background. There are so many Christians who think the Christian life is a drag.

There are some people in the churches who think the Christian life is hard work. There are Christians in the churches, who think that the Christian life is a drudgery and or even some who think the more drudgery it is the more spiritual they are want to declare to you listen to me carefully wanted clear to you as loud as I can that this is wrong. This is not the spirit filled life. This is not the life in the spirit of God the Spirit filled life is this. Listen carefully. Please the Spirit filled life. Is this the closer you get to the flame of the spirit, the more joyful you will become.

The closer you get to the spirits fire the pure you'll become the spirit filled life is that the closer you get to the Holy Spirit's light. The more glowing you become the spirits of life is that then you get to the fountain, the more overflowing that you will become the spirit filled life is that the closer your walk with Jesus, the more you look like Jesus. That's it. Do you want to bear the fruit of goodness and generosity that flows out of a good heart, then get filled with the Holy Spirit of God on a daily basis. Every day empty yourself of yourself and even of your own opinions and save Holy Spirit of God fill make take over today. Get to know the character of God on a daily basis due to talking to God on a daily basis get to hearing the voice of God on a daily basis. Listen to what Martin Luther, the great German reformer said who ever knows that God is gracious to him.

Whoever knows that God is gracious to him walk through life along the path of roses is winning tribulation and for him. The land flows with milk and honey, that's it.

It is knowing that God is so gracious to you an understanding comprehending appreciating responding to the graciousness of God that will bless you in life. I know some of you are familiar with this common psychological disorder in children, which is called attention deficit disorder IDD for short. Those with ADD have difficulty concentrating and focusing on the task at hand. I am convinced listen to me please. I am convinced in my own heart, that the vast number of Christians have what I like to call S ADD spiritual attention deficit disorder. They can concentrate on their prayers, they can concentrate on the Bible study they can concentrate on serving consistently they can concentrate on ministering faithfully. Why, why, like the ADD child. They are fighting through many biological unlearned forces that is the distraction to be sure we are fighting we are fighting we are fighting the fallen nature distraction where fighting the devil destruction. We are fighting the world system distraction. We are fighting the television and in the media destruction.

To be sure.

Yes, but the only way you and I can overcome. The only way you and I can develop the character of God. The only way you are not reflect the character of God.

The world is going to hell in a basket is right daily making time to be with God. You might have to get up an hour early. You might have to turn the television off an hour early. You meant that somebody will hold you accountable for spending time with God. Do whatever it takes to be filled daily with the spirit of God in order that you might bear the fruit of the spirit will tell you this, and on the close.

It's a telling story hopefully will illustrate what I am desperate trying to convey to you story has taken place back in the mid-50s where a beggar was walking down the street.

He stopped a well-dressed businessman and he asked them for 1/4 quarter was a lot of money back then and this businessman looked at this bigger in the on looking at him and kept looking at him and he said that I know you from somewhere. I have met you somewhere you face is so familiar. And the bigger said he should sit on your former classmate is if you remember second-floor old manhole and sit sad laugh course I know who you are and without any further questions.

The businessman pulled out his checkbook and he wrote a check for hundred dollars.

Again, a bit of money back for and you give it to him and he said look, he should take this go and get a new start.

I don't know what I don't care what happened in the past is what the future of the train account, go get your life together, cash a check in with that each of them party the wrong way separate ways. The men stood with the check in his hand as well. With tears you walk toward the bank to cash the check and then when he got to the bank and so the well-dressed Stella behind the desk. The spotless floor cleaning interiors should himself is very close I can going Cancún. There was think I forged look like the people inside that will never give me this kind of money elsewhere that I forged as he muttered these words, he turned away from the Bakken went away next day. Two men happen to meet again in the main surprises that Sam what did you do with my money did you gimlet.

Did you drink it away. What did you do with my money man from his hands dirty pocket, pulled out the check and he told him why he didn't cash it in. The businessman looked him in the eye.

He looked in face-to-face with their eyes meet and he said to me said this in my frightened what makes the check could is not too close is not your appearance.

What makes the check good is my signature on cash it beloved friends. I want to tell you, you know, there are many Christians who are spiritually in ranks. Oh yes physically they may be in the latest fashion but but spiritually there on and ran's is spiritually architected in the bedraggled and the fruit of the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Under looking from the outside began on this. I can't do that I can't do like the beggar on the outside of the bank looking in the same can't do it is impossible for me to do that in the devil loves to see you defeated the devil loves to see you helpless. The devil loves to see you in a state of resignation. But here's the good news. The good news of the word of God says God comes in through his word and he was sent to you. It is not your spiritual rags that matter. It is not your efforts that will help you. It is not your trying harder. That will bless you, it is not your public image that you're trying to project that will bless you and help you know it is my strength that calculators your identity with me.

That will give you the power it is hanging out with me and my son through the Holy Spirit and spending time with me. That will bless you and will allow the goodness to overflow with generosity go cash it is God signature that count shall we pray, there may be someone here is been trying so hard they think they can earn their way to heaven and heard for the first time.

It is only by grace that your saved networks. This is a critical moment when you can say yes to Jesus. Thank you for dying on the cross for you receive the gift of salvation that is offering you today. Repent and turn to him. Remember somebody here is been a believer for many years there walking the Christian life and drudgery, trying hard spirit of God has spoken to insist you know you heard my word. It's not through your hard work and your effort.

So when you come under my authority that will flow in you and within you and through you with goodness and generosity that you have never ever ever experienced before.

If the Holy Spirit of God has spoken to you between you and God.

Nobody else is business it's your business. God knows he spoke to you and if he did big you respond. God is been gentle to use been speaking to you don't harden your heart I'm tired of the drudgery. I want to live the spiritual life. I want to live a joyful life and daily the field of the spirit of God, not just now yes now but on Monday and Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and Saturday every single day be filled with the spirit that's what it's all about Holy Spirit of God, we bless you that you have spoken to us.

Your spoken to me. I bless you and thank you, and Holy Spirit of God lift up our prayers take them to the father.

All father would cry to you, pray to you that we have come in obedience that we have come in surrender. Father, we thank you that you have given us your Holy Spirit, that when Jesus was lifted up on high, he left them and send them to us in order to bring us into conviction all God with Roy that as we filled with him that we would never grieve him by disobedience that we would never quench him by refusing to hear his voice, and Lord God up right in the name of Jesus.

Amen. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that LTW.Ward

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