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July 5, 2019 3:00 am


Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LW.if I'm talking to you want to want to rock on down to where you are and also do you ask your other one is a one word in the English language that is more abused, misused, I'm really overused what would a good love is just examine this from moment parents. I've met some who absolutely refused to discipline their children.

They refused to train the children.

They let them run wild on the side. It is out of love, love is that there are some husbands and wives who refused to be honest with each other all open with each other transparent with each other unless I was out of love that we do that, what kind of love is that friends do not speak the truth to each other under so I just don't want to hurt his feelings out of love that I don't say the truth to them. No, love is that all whole denominations that refused to condemn sin and called what is wrong, wrong, and they say this is out of love.

What kind of a love is that there are couples who cohabitate together and refusing to make this a lasting commitment in marriage on the call that love on the television screen. The movie screen we see all kinds of selfishness and all kinds of loss in the call that love. In fact, in July 1999 in the city of Berlin. There was a something reticle lovefest is the most revolting thing you've ever seen in your life and then they have the organizer on television being interviewed by a BBC correspondent and the correspondent asked the organizer he said one of the more accurate to call it the last fast. He said yes but calling up lovefest sounds much better. I think I know a little bit about history and I can tell you're probably there was never a time since the time of the early church when the concept of love has been more confused than our time and yet in the midst of this auto distortion. Listen to me please. In the midst of this auto distortion in the midst of this completeness, figuring of the beautiful meaning of the word loving biblical terms.

You are not under obligation not only to restore the beauty and restore the real meaning of the word, but you are not under obligation before God to practice biblical love. I couldn't help but think about some cynics who define love is what happens between a man and a woman who don't know each other. Another one said that the love is a temporary insanity curable by marriage and no one of the most important challenges to biblical love is how to practice it. First, understand it and then practice it because it is the opposite is on the other side of all that we've been dished up to us as love and that is why it is on the top of the heap among the fruit of the spirit in Galatians 522 and 23 love is not only first in the list of the fruit of the spirit. But it is synonymous with the fruit of the spirit. Why, because love encompasses all other characteristics of the fruit of the spirit encompasses all the other characteristics of the list. Love is the first fruit of the spirit and it is not just pleasant feelings that is not just the goosebumps is not just that good feeling.

But love primarily is self giving that fit. I wanted to hear what I'm going to tell you very carefully because I don't want you to misunderstand me.

I understand this is as I said in the early part numbers confused subject but true biblical love is not accurately demonstrated when everything is going great and wonderful in your life. True biblical love is not accurately manifested in the times of plenty an abundance true biblical love is not accurately I'm using the word accurately very carefully here is not accurately portrayed when everything is hunky-dory in your life you have goosebumps all over know true love can only be visible in the tough times in the testing times true biblical love can only be demonstrated in its fullness in the times of the screens and the stresses of life master this and how in the world can you demonstrate really biblical love when you just all over yourselves trying to please one another and impress one another. True biblical love comes after two years of marriage.

You know with diapers opportunities and bills to pay. Snoring sickness, balancing checkbooks who moment us at Holman pressure artwork. That's what true love of God. That's when the biblical love this one true love can really be demonstrated. Here are some wives would tell you that their husbands are courteous and thoughtful in public alike to use to be when they were dating, but at home, his rude and selfish wives. Likewise the husband says say that wives are gracious and vivacious in public.

Just that used to be when there were dating, but at home there are moody and crabby old time have I stepped on the left those yet too often we want to hurt when we get hurt one hurt back, but the fruit of the spirit says that we do not pay evil for evil melodies, auditory summary, listen to me. I hope you know that I say this out of love but listen to me please ladies getting your husband the silent treatment when he wrongs you are disagrees with you is not exhibiting the first fruit of the spirit guys. I wanted tell you something hiding behind a newspaper or your laptop computer, all the golf course all your work when your wife hurt you or angers you is not demonstrating the fruit of the spirit love as the fruit can only truly be manifested precisely these harmful times at these angry times. These annotating time. Parents loving your teenager in the midst of the ranting and raving fits you not been through it is truly exhibiting the fruit of the spirit kids listen to me. Loving your parents in the time when they tell you you cannot do this, you're exhibiting the fruit of the spirit students questions God's people loving your Christian brother or sister when you know that they have deeply wounded.

You is the real time when you truly exhibit and demonstrate the fruit of the spirit of love that most Christians when everything is going well all I will tell you how much they love God but let them get the slightest not the slightest financial reversal who gets cut out of the budget first God whom this item. It was many years ago when I was talking with a person who can to ask me about diving and offering and giving in and I did not seek him out USC sought me out so you know those of you ever talk to me you know I am in the pulpit, as am in private. I'll tell you the truth don't come to me if you don't hear the truth so he will not we were we were talking. This is been troubled about something. I just told him the truth about loving God and in you and your finances and visit but I can afford diving right now because we are putting all our money and building a vacation home. I said that's fine.

You have no argument with me visiting service along that serious. You have an argument with me but don't tell me how much you love God don't tell how much you love God. Listen in the book of acts when Barnabas sold a piece of land in Cyprus that he owned. He came to the apostles and he placed it all at their feet. There were a couple in the church of Jerusalem at the time who wanted synthetic sainthood. Barnabas did it, we can do it to me to thoughtfully so they went out and sold a piece of propaganda come over except the did one thing before they came over the Good portion of it at home and they place the defeat of the apostle Peter citizens all the business and they said yes.

Should you have to lie to the hottest is what he said to them I wanted to remember this season when the language it was not your when you sold it was not money your he said but why do you have to lie to the Holy Spirit and both of them.

As you know, drop dead on the spot. Tell me love God and keep him out of your pocketbook. I don't understand that because God himself said where your money is this your love. I know this is hard in the Bible is read what he meant is what you love where your money is.

That's what is real love is something I want to make a confession to you so wanted to listen carefully. I'm not preaching at you I'm telling you what I know firsthand biblical love is a challenge that all challenges for me personally it really does more than temptations more than anything else. It is a challenge. It is all challenges and that is why precisely why we talk so much about it and practice it little because we don't understand it because we see this so challenging is beyond our ability to comprehend the prevailing thought in our culture is that we have the right to act as we want, and if necessary get even tell you how God reacted when God said I love you. He did not say I love you, only if it's convenient for me to say I love you all… Not going to cost me much as I love you. Only a few God didn't say I love you all later if you work hard are no when he said I love you. He took all that is precious to him.

All that is dear to him. He took all that is all of the most value to him and to don't all that is most all to him and he gave it away when he said I love you. He was not only willing to pay the price he paid the price to never make the mistake of thinking the love cheap words are cheap words, no. When God said I love you is what he was saying he was saying I love you all of the time they said I love you under all conditions. Please sir God loved you when you're rebellious.

I love you when you're disobedient. I loved you when you did not love me back.

I love you when you turned your back on me. I loved you when you ignored me. I loved you when you kept me out of your life plan. All yes I love you even when there was nothing in you that deserves my love.

You see, love is a choice. It really is.

It's a choice when a couple come into my office and head in the clouds and all we love each other loving each other.

I try to bring them down to reality dim sum tests that through Scripture are bringing down to reality. Let them understand that love is a choice, listen to me you choose to love the person when your feelings with tell you to get out and 1/2 and slammed the door as hard as you can see this love is a choice that a feeling you choose to love the person who cut in front of you until the last parking space when you're waiting for, for 10 minutes and then in the back of the car says God loves you and I love you to know feeling feelings once you to go out and grab that's bumper sticker and shut down his throat.

That's feelings loves is loving you choose to love the person who was unfairly and unjustly criticizing you when you're feeling says give him a piece of your mind you choose to love the family member all the church member who disappoints you again and again when you're feeling says give them up, you choose to love your coworker who is trying to make himself or herself at your expense. When the feeling says, get them back on the tell you something that was a time in my life when somebody ever question my integrity or anything about me, my temptations always to try to rearrange the facial structure. I'm testifying to the Lord. I really am now a writing love letters he said how come how come you changed want to tell you something very important even before you make the choice as it is a choice.

But even before you make the choice before you even get to that point, you have to have power to make the choice. I believe the choice is easy easily made, even if you wanted to listen. This power will not come from self-determination that you going to love you love you love I've tried that and it failed that trial will not come from strong desire in your heart to love you read the Scriptures of the love of God love the look I tried that and failed. That power will not come from sheer willingness to love the person come that way is why the apostle Paul says love is a fruit suffrage, the spirit and the fruit will manifest itself. If the branch is so tied into the tree and the good tree produces good fruit does some spirit filled life.

Two things that will stop you from living the spirit filled life. First is the quenching of the Holy Spirit is when you constantly hearing the voice of God speaking to you saying to you serving the children minister serving this ministry do this and do this and you can sign yes yes yes sometime down the road when I get old. Somehow later later you are quenching the Holy Spirit and the other one is when you grieve the Holy Spirit of the Bible, said grieving the Holy Spirit is when you know what the word of God said and you don't obey it, quenching the Holy Spirit grieving the Holy Spirit will not allow you to live the spirit filled life. And if you do not live the spirit filled life. You are not able to produce the fruit of the spirit.

There is no way on God's earth listen to me please. There is no way on God's earth that I can with my own strength and power. Love someone is myself.

No way no way I might say I do I might even think it but deep down I don't have the power to know it and you know what is in use I have for you neither can you, neither can you. Only when I come daily single every single day when I allow the time between me and my precious heavenly father.

When I stay early in the war hours of the morning before him, the powerful, the Almighty God who called me by my name, only when I come to him and empty myself of my own ambitions and empty myself of my own desires and empty myself my own wants and empty myself of modern greed and then I said, here's an empty vessel and empty container, fill it with your presence fill it with your power, fill it with your strength.

Only thing can I bear fruit of the spirit only thing I can love somebody even if another consultant even if I know they have rejected me even if I know that they have despised me even if I know they habitually criticize me.

It doesn't make any difference.

You know why because I no longer love the person but the Lord Jesus Christ is loving them through me. I have become a conduit. I have become a channel exit dear Moody, back when he started his school he used to do every year he has part of the curriculum that he taught the students over and over and over again.

He'll take an empty glass and he would say how do I get the air out of his glass and every student will come up with all kinds of ideas suck the air at his I will crush the glass and finally he will take a picture of water and he fills the glass with water so the way to get the aircraft is developed with water and the way to get me out of the way, is to be filled with the spirit of God, so I can bear fruit.

The fruit of the spirit beings spirit sealed and bearing fruit is an exact science really is. It's an exact science.

Just like up a horticultural is an exact science. Now you bear fruit. If the tree is good and the sword is good but there also have to be cultivation that takes place in order that the fruit be manifest the food be beautiful.

How do I cultivate the tree by pulling the weeds by cutting the dead branches by cutting the useless branches by fertilizing and watering all of this is very painful.

It is not easy, but they are necessary for the tree to bear fruit. Good fruit fruit of the spirit cultivation by itself, of course, does not produce the fruit.

I hope you didn't think I'm saying this cultivation by itself will not produce a fruit but I tell you it will do, it will help the fruit to be manifested in the same way that is stressful times, tough times, testing times, hard times they are in themselves will not produce the fruit of the spirit, but they will give you an opportunity to manifest the fruit of the Spirit in your life. None of us can manifest the fruit of love and forgiveness. Unless your heart is absolutely filled with gratitude to God for forgiving you your sins and can do it you can do it. I wanted to hear me right.

Please don't misunderstand me. If you are a person who does not see you soon as repulsive. But God loved you and cleansed you when you repented you will not be able to love others. If you think that God loves you and saved you because you are sophisticated because you are debonair because you are our brain because you are a cut above, chances are you're not saved. God doesn't save those people. It's only when we come in brokenness and humility in confession and repentance we get saved but if if you think you are saved, because who you are or what you've done or anything else let me tell you something you're going to have a hard time loving and forgiving others give you an exercise some exercise that I personally go through when you come across a repulsive individual right to use the word but I'm using it to make a point and then you look at this person start looking down at this person and their self-righteousness begins to well inside of you and you're ready to vent your spleen, take a moment look up to heaven, and thank God for forgiving you because you were just like him or her. God he loved and then ask God to love him or love for you. I want to tell you this number conclude story told about her retired chaplain who was sitting on a train. This is number of years ago, and next to him. The train set.

The young man late 20s early 30s in this wise old man realized very quickly that the young man is is very agitated.

He's very disturbing is very anxious. He said that the something wrong and gently engaged in a conversation in the young man began to review who he is but he comes from a small town where his family is well known in that town, godly family family known for loving God, but he has committed a crime for which she went to the penitentiary and had just been released from prison and while he was in prison he had no visitors of his family. He had no letters from members of his family and he was confused, agitated as he was going home and he told the chaplain he said you know he said the app sent a letter to my folks and I said to them, assertive you still love me and you have forgiven me is a signal and the signal will be the big apple tree at the outskirts of the farm. The family farm put a white ribbon then I'll know that you still love me and you have forgiven me if not don't see the white ribbon.

I'm just going to stay in the trailer. Keep on going West and as I got closer and closer to the family farm boy couldn't even look for becomes how agitated the wiser man put his arm around him and he said simply look for you and the boy covered his eyes as he did want to look. He did not know what to expect and as a pastor family farm. The man looked out the encounter with a broken voice and said to the young man. He said you know there is no ribbon on the big apple tree, but before the man could react in any way.

The chaplain continued and he said you know there are white ribbons all over every tree. The white ribbons on the phone. The telephone poles. The white ribbons all over the house white ribbons everywhere. I see this dear man of God said this it I felt like I have witnessed a miracle. My precious friend I want to tell you there's always something miraculous about deep abiding love that transcends troubles and overtakes natural tendency of pride and hurt shall reply somebody said years ago that God did not make two of us alike. In the same way he does not deal with us to alike he deals with us individually. You know who you are and where you are, the way the Holy Spirit spoke to you is different from the way he spoke to me and what he brought you under conviction about is different from mine, and vice versa.

My urging of you is this. If the Holy Spirit has spoken to you in whatever aspect.

Please respond to. Do not quench the Holy Spirit to God. I want to be a loving man a loving woman loving boy and a loving girl father forgive me my unloving ways. Forgive me for taking your love for granted and think of something that is due to me of father your kind of love is a challenge. It ends all challenges and yet you called me you called us to love with the same kind of love of God in the flesh.

We know it's impossible but in the power of the Holy Spirit, all things are possible tolerance and forgiveness strengthen us so God, we cry that in this fallen crazy world we understand the shining lights as the stars in heaven because of our love for you present in Jesus name

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