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Freedom From Fear

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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June 21, 2019 1:22 am

Freedom From Fear

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a message from leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat we pray that it will encourage you in your walk of faith. If you would like to learn more about Dr. you Seth for leading the way, please visit LTW.or growing up under dictatorship. You are not allowed to verbalize what you think. Especially if it's critical of the socialist dictator who was running the country and so in public places.

What you do if you ever want to say something, even to a family member and you in public. You have to whisper you have to lower your voice. You have to look around to make sure nobody is listening and then you say what you have to say. In fact, rather saying the.

The walls have ears and otherwise be very careful.

And that's how we were trying to be terrified and that's how dictators dominate and rule really destroy by the power of fear. You cannot speak your mind you're terrified to speak your mother cannot express your own thoughts. In school you basically parent the dictators party line and they're not say anything to the contrary. Otherwise your problem disappear and nobody will know what you are.

So I understand this incredible power after escaping to the freedom of the West. It took me a long time to get out of the grip of fear. In fact, I remember one time in a restaurant and I was talking to a friend and I was saying something and then I turned around I was looking around and then I said what I said and he said what did you do that and for the first time I came face-to-face with that incredible power of fear that had gripped me and continued even though I have been away from the country for several months. At that moment I came face-to-face with the realization of the enormity of the power of that evil spirit I knew of course, what the Bible says about fear.

I knew the Bible warnings about fear. I knew the Bible repeatedly said fear not, fear not, I knew that intellectually.

I understood that from the Scripture. I knew all of that but knowing it and actually overcoming fear and having freedom from fear of two different things. I thank God every day that I live in the West and the freedoms that we have in the West the freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom of assembly them all over. I will not have it for too long, but at least I'm thankful why we got it. But here's the incredible irony. He really is incredible irony.

While we have these so-called political freedom and have all these freedoms and yet fear imprisons millions of people in this country. Fear is bounding millions of people in chains. Fear is holding millions of people as slaves to its mastery, fear is paralyzing more people than all of the dictators and all of the despots put together. Why, because fear is a powerful evil spirit and many believers who know the Lord Jesus Christ who know his word and have never learned to master fear have never learned to live free of fear. We need to know a few things about fear is he originally in God's plan. Fear was a gift from God. Is that whatever you just said fear is an evil spirit. Yes, fear is originally it was a gift from God. The same thing as sex.

Sex is a gift from God. The fact that those gifts got perverted and twisted an inverted doesn't make them any less of a gift, the gift of fear was given to us by the hand of God so that we might fear God. It has been terrified of God but Allah Rivera respect God, the Bible said that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom to exercise the gift of fear in its proper context is to render reverence to God. Honor to God is to render respect to God that is healthy fear and that's your original gift of God, the Bible said that children are to fear their parents.

Again, it is meant to be terrified of their parents now but to honor their parents. Respect their parents owned by their parents. That is healthy feeling God intended for us to have that healthy fear. The Bible said that we are sinners and other fear the law of the land that it means we respect the law.

That means that we honor the law of the land the gift of fear tells us that if you step in front of the traffic you gonna be mincemeat I mean if you gonna jump out of a 10 story building. You probably won't make it. That's fear that's healthy fear. So the gift of fear was given to us for self-preservation. The gift of fear was given to us by God for survival.

The gift of fear is given to us so that we may live in harmony in our homes so that we may live in harmony in our society. That is the gift of God.

But when Satan succeeded in hood winking and deceiving Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Fear that was gift of God. God inverted that gift of God become twisted the gift of God became provided at. So instead of fearing God we fear people instead of fearing God we fear the future instead of healthy fear of the law. We basically fear getting caught instead of children having healthy fear and respect and honor for their parents.

They disobey their parents and lie about it.

The consequence of the perversion of the original gift of God is not only anxiety is not only frustration is not only in security but even more than that and fear comes in all kinds of forms. There is fear of failure, which basically paralyzes us.

There is fear of success, which gives us all sorts of insecurities that can be fear of rejection, which keeps us in a foxhole. Others all kinds of fear of people fear of all days. Fear of a loss of healthful loss of fortune or loss of the future loss of a loved ones, or even the big anyone you know the fear of death. There are all sorts of fear in all of these fears are orchestrated and manipulated by a general under the command of Satan, known as a spirit of fear, he's constantly manipulating us to fear the wrong things and that is why the apostle Paul calls that spread out in second Timothy chapter 1 verse seven he calls him by name. The spirit of fear.

He named that spirit, but listening, the spirit of fear is not from God but fear has greater impact than just worry and anxiety, and living a life of frustration really does. Did you know for example that some scientific research have shown without a shadow of doubt that 90% of the chronic illness in the United States of America have their origin in fear that Dr. Fosdick of Northwestern University proved that anxiety that stems out of fear even causes tooth decay. Another extensive study of 5000 college students across the land from 21 different universities and colleges have shown us the most extensive study shown that constant anxiety that stems from fear lowers the grades of the students. Even the bright ones. In fact, fear affects and undermines your stamina, fear weakens your immune system fear actually hampers the process of healing and when God created us. He gave us the gift of fear but when Satan entered into the garden and deceived Adam and Eve.

That gift of fear became dislodged from its natural place sin replace the fear of God with the fear of man is a how come all the Bible said that Adam and Eve before they sinned actually fellowship with God. They were in an intimate basis with God dammit for Gwen, when I heard the voice of God because they were able to have sweet fellowship with God is so hard to even imagine what that was like. In fact, we don't know how long that was probably years. They enjoy such intimacy and fellowship with the mighty God, the creator of the universe honoring God, reviewing him delighting themselves in him respecting him. But after sin came in what happened they become terrified of Godů Change he's the same God, but they got terrified of what is the cause of that sin, in the same way when we fellowship with God. We are communing with God when we are exercising intimacy with God when we hear and obey the voice of God and the word of God.

When we revere and respect and love and adore God.

Fear takes its proper place.

It's a gift of honoring God of revering him of being delighted in his presence. But when we disobey God when we disobey his word.

When we stay away from God when we are too busy for God when we do all of that what happens would become prey to Satan and his command.

General name the spirit of fear and when we sin we live in anger and frustration Enterra instead of reverence. Even those who don't know Christ. They are terrified of God but that terror is not reverence is not honors, not a door it's terror because sin does that and that's what I mean by the gift of God. God inverted and got twisted and perverted because their conscience and sin caused them to be terrified of God. Why else do you think Adam and Eve hid after they sin the one that they been fellowship with enjoying his presence and delighting themselves in him and all of a sudden the hiding from him. Why sin can and inverted that wonderful gift and perverted it and their healthy fear gave way to turn today though so many people who are hiding from God, and they living in fear.

Listen to me, but God's desire is to ship with us.

God's deepest longing is for fellowship with us that we would have healthy fear healthy respect of him God's continuous invitation for men and women and boys and girls come to me and fellowship with me. Come to me and experience the joy of being in fellowship with me, God's will for his children is not to live in fear God's will for his children is not to live in anxiety that only happens when we get away from him when we don't fellowship with him when we get away from his word and we give you another illustration for my life. Ever since I was four, five, six and seven in that those years, the moment I was able to reach the door knob and opened the door I ran away from home and that happened again and again and they get search parties going out and looking one day I can the be more five or six hours doing the same thing soon as the door open.

I ran away I kept running and I kept running in several streets over from our house. I got attacked by Doberman and nearly destroyed me literally devastated. Blood was streaming wasn't for good Samaritan who came in literally delivered me. I don't know what would've happened, but I became terrified. From that moment on, but what happened is more than that. It took me a long time. What, at least to me at that time felt like eternity to get help. It was on a long, long, it wasn't very long, but it was felt that way I try to learn something spiritual, something meaningful in my walk with the Lord from every experience that I go through and I became aware of the fact that had I is a little boy holding my father reminds one of my siblings hand and I'm walking down with them hand-in-hand down the street, even a pack of Doberman would not have affected me. You know what liquor bottle because it takes me seconds to jump into the arms, but when I'm running away alone and the evil one is attacking you.

It's a long way home, but at least feels that way and I learned spiritual lesson from that time on, because I can tell you with certainty that when I'm not walking hand-in-hand with my heavenly father. When I am not walking hand-in-hand with the Lord Jesus when I am not in fellowship with him.

I tell you that gruesome demon called the spirit of fear can take group of me so fast and I say the same for you and he can then take hold of you in and take a grip of you but when I'm walking hand-in-hand with my heavenly father.

He couldn't bark all he wants, he can scream all who want things can fall apart all around me. But I'm at peace.

Why because I'm hand-in-hand with my heavenly father. That is something I hope you'll never forget. I know that from firsthand experience are no because it's a word of God is when you are surrendered to Christ. You will not surrender to your fear when you are hand-in-hand with Jesus. Fear cannot take hold in your hand when you have peace of Jesus. Fear cannot steal your peace when you have confidence in Jesus.

Fear cannot shake that confidence when you allow the promises of God to fill your mind and your heart and your spirit. There is no room in the end, for fear that is why the Bible is filled with promises, fear not, fear not feel that one you think the God of creativeness knows us and knows our problems in our susceptibility to fear the reason the Bible is filled with promises, fear not because God knew that when sin did its total job in the garden of Eden. Everyone of us every one of us have become susceptible to fear, and have become vulnerable to the exchanging the fear of God to the fear of people and circumstances and future. This is very important. Sin switch. The question that you and I must always ask when we are facing a major decision. What would God say what does God think how can God view this to what people say how people react to this.

See that's what sin does revert it traverses the question and at that point what you will experience is irrational fear, irrational fear can take hold of anybody irrational fear comes from all sorts of areas and that is why we must practice the fear of the Lord in our lives. We must teach our children to fear the Lord, because when they fear the Lord. Then I got a fear man is the only way you are going to experience freedom from fear in your life.

That's the only way you going to have victory over fear in your life. That's the only way that things will be falling apart all over Wall Street and all over Main Street and you can say I have my confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the one who gives you freedom from fear. Again, not Tara but respect and honor and reverence me ask you this, this, the question between you and God between you and yourself. What kind of fear are you experiencing right now. What kind of fear that is gripping your heart, whatever it may be you can defeat it. You can have victory over it. You can be free from fear. Today, well after this brief introduction. Now I can get my text don't panic though supposed to scare you and see where the Excel have fear of nothing during the time of the prophet Isaiah. There were going through a tough time much tougher than what we facing there were having a time of economic upheaval. There were going through time of insecurity that they were having loss of family relationships and in familiar surroundings that the loss of loved ones, and there were going through confusion and fear. If you ever read the history of that time you will understand the upheaval that God's people going through at that moment in through the prophet Isaiah, God was speaking to his children, and it's a promise that is to you today even though it was written 2700 years ago, and here's what God said in chapter 43 verses one and two in the book of Isaiah. He says fear not for I have redeemed you.

I have summoned you by name. You are mine.

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you when you pass through the rivers, it will not sweep over you when you walk through the fire, you will not burn the flames will not set your blaze name and belongs here in this regard. To say to every faithful believer when you get into deep waters. God is saying, and we all go through the deep waters of life at some point, don't panic. Why, because God is going to see to it that you will not drown when you're going through the fiery furnace and we all go through some fiery furnaces in life. Just press the panic button and the he will make sure that not a single hair on your head that will be singed. Don't miss this point, beloved friends.

Don't miss the point. God never never never said that you will never go through deep waters. He did not say that he never said that, you'll never pass through the fire did not say that in fact he said it is when you go through the deep waters is when you walk through this fiery furnace.

It's when that happened, you will experience his presence with you in a way that you could never experience in 10 lifetimes when things are going well. It is only when you are in deep waters.

It is only when you walk through the fiery furnace would you experience the power of the deliverance of the hand of God, but the something else I don't want to listen carefully when you go through a frightening times. Others are going to say to you.

Hang in there baby you know I hate that as it is hanging there value assembly.

Give me a break. But you know what I will listen to these people. I listen to God and your God says I am holding onto divorce.

Do you tough it out. But God says I'm carrying you people the world would say to you, just grit your teeth and keep a stiff upper lip.

But God says my everlasting arms are underneath you. The world will say to you, where is your God, and God says tell them I'm right here. I am making sure that you're not gonna drown you are going to burn something else I wanted to notice he did not say when you are in the middle of the rough waters of life. I'm going to build a bridge for you.

He did not say when you are really in the rough waters of life, and send your boat. He didn't say that you notice pleading sailor you know why you know I gotta say, when you are there not about you want to actually learn drown when you're in the midst of a fiery furnace. I am not gonna send a fire truck got a show and what more can you get because he himself is going to show up for every one of his faithful children. He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Why did God say don't fear don't fear don't fear him.

If you look at the first verse of the passes out of it you the short verses. He says he begins by saying, for I have redeemed you. In fact, he started with the reason that he goes down say what's happening. He starts with the reason why you should not fear I have redeemed you know he's talking to Israel about redeeming them from the slavery of Egypt, but to every one of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ when he God redeemed us when Jesus Christ God of love Cross God gave everything that is in heaven for you today need to save your time early in the God who redeemed you and save you eternally will he not take care of all your needs come on now because of her didn't you. I can promise you one thing for sure that when fear sits in in your life, either because you are not sure of your salvation or you have undermined your salvation is not a big deal. Well, you know. So what Jesus died on the cross. You don't understand the enormity of the cost of God paid for your salvation. You understand the enormity of your importance to God why he redeemed you fear will sit, and when your salvation becomes marginalized in your life.

Fear will sin when your total dependence on God starts to wobble when Jesus redeemed you he redeemed you from all sin including the sin of fear.

He said his fear of sin, yes because whenever it shows its ugly head.

It's an indication that the believer has forgotten to trust in the promises of God here. Some of God's promises in Genesis chapter 15 verse one God said fear not. Why, because I am your shield and your great reward in Genesis 26, 24, is it fear not.

Why, because I am with you and I will bless you in Exodus 1413 God says do not fear, why because you will see the deliverance of the Lord in Deuteronomy 23 and four God said, do not fear, why will the Lord goes with you the fight for you against your enemies to give you victory in first Chronicles chapter 28 verse 20 God said do not fear, why because I'm with you in Isaiah 41 in verse 10 God said, do not fear, why because I will strengthen you, I'll help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Navan finish Old Testament Never got to the New Testament through your mind, your heart, your spirit with the promises of God, and I promise you, you will have victory over fear. People all around you. Be terrified and you have confidence in the living God father you are the searcher of every heart you know the secrets of our lives. Even the nearest and the dearest may not know that you do and father. You know that that spirit of fear is powerful and that spirit of fear was nagging our friend, your servant Timothy and that's why Paul calls that spit it out and says he has not given us a spirit of fear, it is not from you shop right in the name of Jesus, the deliverance will come into this camp that deliverance will come into the lives of everybody who's trusting you right now to deliver them from fear and to give them the strength day off today to live with you to walk with you to be in intimacy with you day by day, Lord, that there will claim the promises of God so that we be testimony to a world that may be falling apart with fear that we have confidence in the living God in Jesus name

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