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The Satisfaction of Completion

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 18, 2019 3:00 am

The Satisfaction of Completion

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This unknown writer put these words together. Socrates taught for 40 years Plato for 50 Aristotle for 40 and your Jesus only for three yet the impact of the finished.

The emphasis here on finished work of Christ. Three years infinitely transcends the impact left by the combine hundred and 30 years of these three great philosophers of antiquity. Jesus painted no picture and yet some of the finest paintings of Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci received their inspirations from him, Jesus wrote, no poetry, but yet Dante and Milton and scores of the world's greatest poets were inspired by him.

Jesus compose no music, and yet Hayden handled Beethoven and Mendelson reach their highest perfection of melody and hymns and symphonies that they composed in praise of him every sphere of human greatness has been inspired by the humble carpenter from Galilee. But his ultimate transformation of the human race is the salvation of souls philosophy could not accomplish that no art, no literature, no music, and accomplish that only Jesus can break the enslaving chains of sin and guilt on the power of Satan.

Only Jesus who paid the price fully on the cross could speak of eternal peace into a human heart. Only Jesus can strengthen the weak, heal the sick and give life to those who are spiritually dead. And as we come to this seventh and last statement from the cross, we find that only John of all the four Gospel writers record that lost word.

Don't forget John was there, he heard the loud cries and he heard the soft words he heard every word from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross. In fact, Mark 15 said Jesus give a loud cry and died.

Matthew 27, said Jesus again gave a loud cry and breathed his last. Luke 23 said then Jesus gave a loud cry, but then in John 1930. John said Jesus said it is finished. And with that he bowed his head and gave his spirit now. The original seventh word which comes in three words in English's one word and I wanted to memorize itů Left thigh is finished. It took three English word to get that one word more accurately, it has been finished or it has been accomplished.

Some of you hated grammar and syntax in school I did to. But then when I got older and I learned how can grammar and syntax and excite me in reading the Greek New Testament, literally. I became a devotee of grammar and syntax, and I hope there's gonna bless you in the same way that word catalyst is a perfect passive verb is that when Michael was so exciting about that I want to tell you what does it mean to be perfect passive verb. Listen carefully, it means that the purpose has been fulfilled. It means that the goal has been realized. It means that the objective has been achieved. It means that the end have been reached. That means that it is finished, but hold on, that's not all. When you say it's perfect passive verb means that the effect of that realized goal goes wrong and on and on. It means that the result of that fulfilled purpose continues forever. It means that the benefits that has reached by this end will go on till eternity. It means that the impact of the benefits that accomplished on the cross will go on until Jesus comes back. It means that the blessings will be forever and ever and ever. When Jesus said it is finished. The result of which he has accomplished will endure for eternity. When Jesus said it is finished. It means that in every generation, and from every nation anyone who would come to him and bow at his feet and receive and accept the blessings that come from that finished work of Christ will be eternally saved at all to go to get excited about grandma see the medieval church taught that the priest has the power to offer Jesus Christ on the altar. Every time he says the mass in the reformers and hold on knowing the mail you know the sacrifice was finished there on Calvary. The sacrifice was completed there on Golgotha. The sacrifice was completed there on the hill called the skull Jesus could not possibly be offered on the altar. Every time the masses said it's impossibility why, because he is writing and ruling in heaven. He is sitting on the right hand of the father. He is sitting in unapproachable Splenda.

He is sitting on the rim of the universe. He is sitting on the throne of God and he cannot be offered as a sacrifice again and again listen to me. His sacrifice was once and for all, but it's a fact.

It's resolve its blessings, its benefits continues on and on and on to everyone who would come and bend their knees before him and acknowledge him as their Savior and Lord. The action is finished, but the results continue the work is done at the effect continues only if the effect is felt and remembered by us and there's something else here that I don't want you to miss. It's very important. His sum total of his ministry and mission. The very reason why he come from heaven was perfectly and completely summarized in that word is from his birth to his boyhood to his adolescent years to his manhood to his public ministry, the cry of his life has been. I must finish the work of my father.

I must complete or accomplish the work of my father when he was baptized by John the Baptist in the river Jordan. He set the John is a John permitted to be so in order that we might complete all righteousness.

I must finish the work of my father and his temptation in the wilderness when the devil came and try to give him a shortcut to avoid the cross and he thwarted the trick of the deceiver that adversary and insisted he says I must finish the work of my father, Jesus entire ministry was built on that statement.

I must finish the work of my father in the Gospel of John.

He speaks so clearly about the hour his our VL my hour as if Jesus had an internal clock that nobody can know except himself, as if Jesus had was hearing the charms over an internal clock that no one else can hear it except him.

And so, in the second chapter of the Gospel of John. When he went to attend the wedding of a neighbor in Cana of Galilee, and there his mother asked him to help them because they ran out of wine and he turned water into wine, he said to her, woman, my hour has not yet come to see Jesus was motivated by that hour he was compelled by that he was propelled by that hour it is for that hour, that he came from heaven, and in John chapter 7 verse eight when his brothers were taunting him and saying to him, going up to the feast and declare yourself to be a prophet little that they know and he with majesty and with dignity said to them, no, my hour has not yet come. No wonder after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his brother James was so glad to die for his sake and his brother Jude calls himself slave of Jesus Christ. Many times the enemies of Christ try to kill him. They tried to destroy him. But they couldn't. You know why because he's hour has not yet come in in John chapter 13 that famous passage where Jesus washed the disciples feet. It tells us, knowing that his our has come what our the hour of finishing the work of the father. I know some of you are right now asking the question here waiting what about the promotion you been waiting for, what about this spouse you been waiting for. What about the job that you been waiting for, what about this child that you been waiting for, what about this feeling that you been waiting for. What about Mr. Levens that you been waiting for a new cry as Lord when when will it be done when it will be accomplished when wanted been fulfilled and yet you and I have no option but to wait for his our his our because his hour is perfect his hour is marvelous is ours magnificent his hour is the right hour is the right time and in the right place.

Amen belongs here when Jesus spoke his last word on the cross. What is that word that was not a cry of resignation that was not a cry of sorrow. This was not a cry of helplessness. No no no no no no million.

Those this was a cry of accomplishments.

It was a cry of completion accomplishment of God's plan for salvation so that from that moment on. Only those who come and receive that finished work of Christ on the cross that accomplished work of Christ on the cross will receive forgiveness of sins and return the life not only that but the entire Old Testament history, the entire Old Testament history has been waiting and looking and longing for that word. The word is Abraham by faith long for the day when he could hear the word Moses prophesied of that day in which the word will be altered in the blood word David song songs and prophesied in many of his Psalms.

Looking forward longingly for that day.

When that word is uttered. Word is profit after profit after profit declare the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and they look forward to that word and the word is the cry of every book in the Old Testament, from Genesis to Malachi is the longing to hear that word that the die in fact, the 10 Commandments, the very 10 Commandments that are supposed to convict us there supposed to condemn us there supposed to counsel us, possibly like a schoolmaster. They just guiding us until we get the Christ, the cry of the 10 Commandments is eight is not finished. It's not finished. Why, for the only one who could have The 10 Commandments perfectly all the time had not yet come.

That's was not finished but when Jesus came there you'll find Sinai bowing to grow growth and says it is finished that the list by the fact Old Testament itself is like characteristics really without Christ is puzzlement. The Lord Jesus Christ is the one who provided us with the Rosetta Stone so that we understand what the Old Testament is all about this in the Old Testament the tabernacles and the temples were all symbols of the presence of God among his people. Today we have no need of them anymore.

Why, because Jesus said, Mark 1538 tells us that when Jesus God will not cross the veil of the temple was ripped from top to bottom.

Why, because everything that the temple stood for was buried with Christ and now you are not the temples of the Holy Spirit we are the temples in which the spirit of God dwells and that is why it is such an important and awesome responsibility for us to spiritually cleanse the temple, and that is why the Bible repeatedly said don't grieve the Holy Spirit by sending don't claims the Holy Spirit by disobedience but allow the Holy Spirit to reign supreme on the temple and in the temple. In fact, when John said Jesus gave his spirit was a fulfillment of what Jesus already told him that when he goes and dies goes to the father. His spirit will come to the work the moment Jesus died, his spirit began to work. Of course we see it manifest in the day of Pentecost completely, but his spirit began to work with power in the believers the moment Jesus.even the symbol of the land, that is, without blemish, and the sprinkling of the doorpost with blood that would be meaningless without understanding the cross. They are meaningless unless we hear that lost word of Jesus that says it is finished, but there is one last thing that I don't want you to miss about this final word, the Jesus spoke to the list. I most likely Jesus was not the only one who said it is finished and the reason I say most likely because I cannot point it to you chapter and verse from the Scripture, but is very clear from reading the Scripture.

There is no doubt in my mind that Caiaphas that high priest who prosecuted the religious establishment.

He probably said when he heard that word he said it is finished and he thought I managed to squelch another movement by a man who claimed to be God in skin and incidents finished. I have no doubt the Roman authorities said it is finished.

One last chapter in their tenuous relationship with the Jews and the two said that is finished. The Crowder stood there watching the spectacle. No doubt they said when they heard him say it is finished by two said it's finished and they went home confuse even the disciples who have heard from his lips that is going to die and rise again, that is going to die and rise again, and he told them how many times and yet they just did not want to hear what Jesus is saying that you two went on to the upper room lock the doors and said it is finished, but beloved friends listen to me. All these finishes very different from what it is different from his. It is finished.

Because when Jesus said that this guy the gates of hell shook and the demons who tormented the human race for a long time they trembled. The commander-in-chief said to them boys. I've had tried to stop him but I couldn't. I try to stop him in his childhood by getting Herod to kill all those babies and I couldn't. I tried to stop him in the wilderness and I couldn't I try to stop him in the garden, and I couldn't I try to stop him at the time of this trial and I couldn't I have failed and now boys will finished every man a man why were they finished because they understood that when he said it is finished that is going to give his children authority over the demons and to defeat them because they knew that he's going to give his children authority over the works of the devil is going to give his children authority to overcome and to live in victory and to defeat him day in and day out, and they will finished about also. When Jesus said to tennis thigh. All the angels in heaven then rejoiced and they saying what Abraham saying hallelujah have you now what I long for is here. What Moses sang a song of victory and he said I have let them out, but he led them up. It is David heard the words of Jesus on the cross and he began to pin down his hundred and 54 Psalm and when the prophets heard that the list they praise God for his faithfulness for fulfilling all of the prophecies that they have prophesied about the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ date through saying hallelujah now my beloved friends is your responsibility and mine.

If you know Jesus as your only Savior is to take that word, the finished work of Christ across the street and across the world.

That is why the last words of Jesus in Mark in Matthew and Luke and John and enacts what be my witnesses go and tell make disciples as the father sent me. I send you that is the message the last words that he left them with before he was ascended to heaven's only message that we have in this church and that is the only message that we take to the estimated 4.1 billion people who have access of hearing the message of Jesus read your television or the Internet are all the other technological things this week. Jonathan shared with us some letters from Albania.

He has visited Albania and met these people face-to-face and he sent us a number of letters, one that touched me so deeply is an Albanian woman named Yolanda. She is a 24-year-old's along letter I give you the highlight our camp to the Lord by hearing you on radio seven raised in a strong Muslim traditional home where women are worth nothing.

The loneliness was killing me and I had made plans to kill myself. Then I heard you say that Jesus really loves me, she finishes by saying thank you for helping me understand the value of life here on earth and in heaven and beloved, you made it possible for the hundreds of thousands of Yolanda's to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ you going to meet many people in heaven who thank you for making the gospel available to them, but I was thinking in the early hours of this morning when there be a tragedy of all tragedies.

If we are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth and the somebody's watching who have never committed life to Jesus Christ that have never really understood what that word means it is finished and that is not by effort to snub our churches, not by denomination is not bought doing things but it is by faith would not be tragedy and that is why I want to give you an opportunity if you've never come to him about the knees to the cross and say Lord Jesus. When you said it is finished.

Everything was done. All I need to do is come and receive from your hand, the forgiveness of my sins, and that I can rejoice in eternal life is mine here and now, let me plead with you, not one person would leave this place without praying this prayer father. What a mighty God you are, you have left yourself not without a witness, and I thank you for that father, I thank you that these words are heard again and again and again, again, to serve as a witness. If we do not come to you and receive you father let those words sink deep into our hearts so that we would turn to you with all of our hearts and father. For those of us who have known you have got his greatest secrets on the face of the earth and yet we keeping it ourselves father for give us for that and motivate us today to walk across the street to walk across the office to walk across the golf course wherever we are. Father and to the end of the earth that we will take the gospel to everyone who's desperate to hear it and receive it and be saved eternally in Jesus name, amen. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael. You sat recently featured on leading the way. If you'd like to know more about us, please visit that LTW.Ward

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