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From Valley to Victory (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 7, 2019 3:00 am

From Valley to Victory (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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You could not possibly watch television for any length of time without being bombarded by these commercials.

The enticements to try to get our genetic makeup tested you not talk about their will, tracing one's genealogy has now been a transforming concept of identity.

One of those commercial shows. Amanda said that all of his life but he was German and discovered he was cut. Well, I was tempted one, but I might try it and just for a brief period of time. I thought about it but then I feared that there might discover them. Swede now have to be very sunburned. Three. So I give the deer up the skeptic in me thought that this whole thing is really a multibillion-dollar hoax, an article recently published in the Oxford University press reads and audit in part say very talking about these companies that are making a fortune doing all the stuff he said very often use acts of deliberate manipulation, as well as actual distortion of the historic reality that they are supposed to document in the court but there are also some who blame their genes for their immorality. Well, I just couldn't help my immoral behavior's in my genes is just the way I am.

That's an excuse. That's just the way I was born. The truth of the matter is, the Bible tells us there are some inherited genes that every human being on the face of the earth have inherited and are born with in the Bible tells us that we all have inherited unborn with Adams defective genes of rebellion against God, that one you can take to the bank on many university campuses today. It is fashionable among the progressive leftist secular militant secular humanist to say that man is really born very good. He's only got corrupted by capitalism right but the Scripture makes it very clear that while we are born in sin and while we are inheritors of Adam's sin and rebellion in his genes of rebellion. While by nature. We are born at enmity with God. The cross of Jesus Christ.

Current transformers into the very image of Christ himself. Anyone who says I cannot help it. I cannot help my immoral behavior because that's just the way I was born that person has never experienced the transforming power of the cross of Christ and they don't want to that person refuses to accept the in describable power of the Holy Spirit that can work in us that power that can turn us from sinners interchanged that power that can change us from rebellion against God, to being in a relationship with God now, but I would listen to me. The root of the tree of our lives is the inherited sin. We know that that's the root of it, it's a sin nature, but the Holy Spirit can produce his fruit in us defiling our roots in the root of sin nature.

The root of the tree of our lives is born of a seed of self-centeredness about the power of God's Holy Spirit can define those inherited genes and produces in us the fruit of the spirit that the best example of this that I have tested through the years as an illustration of one of the most extensive research on the study probably in history. This research in allied numbers varies and if you look up and go do your own research you gonna find a those numbers might not be exact, but the research itself is very accurate in this research is followed to family lines from generation to generation to generation. One family inherited sin, just like every family inherited sin, yet they chose to live in sin. The other family inherited the sin just like every other family on the face of the earth. But that second family came under the transforming power of God the Holy Spirit through the Lord Jesus Christ. The first family began by man by the name of Max jocks. Jocks rejected the gospel out of hand. He refused to take his children to Sunday school, even when they asked to go jocks had here the numbers again or just give affect my maternal 20 had about 1026 descendents 300 of them were sent to prison. On the average of 13 years sentence hundred and 90 of his descendents were prostitutes, 680 of them admitted alcoholics that family during the time of the research had cost the state $420,000 they made no contribution to society. By contrast, the researchers started the descendents of another man.

He lived during the same time and actually not very far from the jocks. His name was Jonathan Edwards. He loved the Lord he saw to it that his children were brought up to know and love the Lord, he himself serve the Lord, the best of his ability. Jonathan Edwards had 929 descendents 430 of them became ministers of the gospel 86 of them were university professors, 13 of them become university presidents, 75 of them offered good books, seven were elected to the U.S. Congress, and one of them was vice president of the United States by the name of Erin Brewer, Jonathan Edwards family did not cost the state one cent but they made an immeasurable contribution to society and beloved, when you read this and when you see this, and yet there are some foolish army and foolish progressive professors or some educational leaders and the cultural elite who refused to believe that the root problem of mankind is a problem of the heart. They blatantly outlaw the prayers in the name of Jesus in public places. The in the schools outlaw prayer in the schools that met the Bible to be a forbidden document that they have replaced or are national heroes with those who are feel victimized, they militantly fight against any admission that sin is our root problem. They fail to acknowledge that the devastation that our nation is facing that the violence of refacing in the lamp has its roots in the biblical sin. Why, because of their knowledge that the truth.

The problem is in the biblical sin, then you will have to acknowledge you have to accept the antidote to sin. The only antidote of sin, namely the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Romans chapter 5 verses 12 to 21. The apostle Paul, after showing us that salvation is by grace alone, and that is not the cheap grace that is preaching many appropriate today.

This is the grace of God to transform lives as if hurriedly caught Spurgeon many times the grace that does not change a life is not the grace of Jesus Christ and that salvation comes with the sixfold guarantees that we saw in the very last message here the explain the origin of sin and the only solution to sin. Here he goes again. The apostle Paul is anticipating the questions of the readers and the question here is this why is it that so many also much only to one person great? So here he begins by providing an analysis.

A contrast if you like between Adam and Jesus the two are not equal. I'm going to show you in a minute but a contrast between the acts of those two men. Please follow with me. Romans five beginning at verse 12 all the way to 21 I actually have simplified and boiled down this whole passage into three sentences. Adam fell, Christ arose and the believer wins versus 12 to 14 we see Adam fell, and took all of humanity down with him, verses 15 to 19 Jesus arose, and he raised the believers up with him from death. Thirdly, verses 20 to 21. The believers are the winners. Let's look at this very quickly when Adam decided to activate his rebellious jeans he had to face the consequences of his actions. More importantly, he passed these defective genes to everyone of us to all of humanity. I read not long ago about a very prominent scientists who is a professor at a very well-known scientific university, and he was addressing a group of doctoral candidates is what he said with all of our scientific progress. The mortality rates remain at hundred percent death comes to all of us. Death comes for the rich and the poor death comes to the young and the old death comes to the Blacks and the whites death does not discriminate in fact in the Middle East.

We have a saying that goes something like this, the black camel of death kneels once at each door and each model must mount to return no more.

The question that has plagued humanity. Ever since the beginning of time is why does death reigned supreme. Why must everyone die. How can death be so indisputable. Victor over my car. People asked that question for hundreds of thousands of years, and here in Romans chapter 5 verses 12 and 13 and 14, Paul answer the question in a logical sequence followed with me please is at first it was Adam sin against God that activated the power of sin that activation of the power of sin brought Adam and all of his descendents. Physical death.

Please don't misunderstand what the apostle Paul is saying here he is not saying that sin and rebellion against God originated with Adam is not what he say. In fact, sin originated with Satan when he rebelled against God and try to conduct a coup d'tat in heaven, and he got thrown out of heaven.

Adam had a choice. Should I obey. Satan shall obey God. Beloved, listen to me, all you need to do is believe and realize that you are not a facing that same question every single day many times a day. Should I obey the word of God and what I know God's word of said or should I go with the temptation of Satan we have face this every time, and in most times are very clear. Occasionally the ambiguous. Either way, we have a choice. The Bible says that even for the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ those who have received the new nature in Christ inside of us. Those two natures of fighting with each other. The flesh against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh on the you heard me say this before that inside of us that two dogs fighting the dog you feed is going to defeat the week dog okay which one do you feed on a daily basis, the flesh of the spirit, just in case just in case one person hearsay man this miserable Adam. You know he got us into trouble if I was there I would've fallen for this right your narrative exactly beware Adam was in fact there are so many experiments through the years of the new my training and such other experiments and has nothing to do even with the Christian faith. But these experiments have done with the old and the young and social anthropologist and so sociologist try this test again and again and again where there's a room filled with boxes and a person is put in that room and he says the sign says open any of these boxes except for this one angry time with mom let me go for the box that says do not open just a human nature. You see, we by nature want to do what were told not to do this into me so mother as a weatherman of micro elementary Brenneman.

Why does the Bible hold Adam responsible why is Adam get all of the flak didn't even sin. First, why does Adam get the full blame and not leave well I'm glad you asked. Elements of the question is a perfect interior. This adventures me but this happened really 1989 I was in a meeting with a large number of merit very militant feminists, I'm telling you I stood out like a sore thumb. But their debate was we need to get the Bible translators. We need to get the theologians to stop referring to God in the masculine pronoun he father and all him and was going on was going on and I did want to fight.

I kept my mouth shut, but when I was young I always had the sense of Ludacris and me. Now that I'm a little older hopefully a little wiser and the I said that I can ask a question the ground whenever I get up to say something in those meetings. I used to be booed before I say anything I said can we also refer to Satan as she lay was really stoned to death. In all seriousness in all seriousness, you need to understand when Eve sinned, and then she invited Adam to join her. She actually thought that she was doing Adam a favor understand that you see when Sidney told her that eating all that fruit. This forbidden fruit is gonna make her great wheel just like God she did not want her husband to miss out on the blessing Eve is the first person who lived the lyrics of the song stand by your man is he Eve wanted her husband to get ahead.

Eve wanted her husband to succeed in life. He wanted her husband to climb the corporate ladder. He wanted her husband to receive promotion and you say that's just natural, but it was Adam's responsibility to have said no.

Are you with. It was Adam's responsibility to take the spiritual leadership in the home was Adam's responsibility to bring his wife to repentance and confession. It was Adam's responsibility to say to his wife EV sugarplum, do you remember what God said EV Buttercup. Let's go to God and ask for forgiveness but instead he fell for it had first see that's why the Bible talks about the sin of Adam and from that time on all the sins of our children inherit inherited from the father.

So mom every time you spank your little boy spiking Debbie out of to make things worse. To make things worse instead of acknowledging what he did and ask God to forgive him. He blamed God's guidance really your fault you gave me this woman I'm going to move on a regular home to then have lunch on the value of the Scriptures for us.

And Paul is telling us here in verses 12 to 14 of Romans chapter 5 that the real poison that that fruit had was death, not only for Adam but for all of his descendents for you.

Even babies die not because of committed any sin. But because they're still morning soon and that therefore sin brings the and because the recipient of sin nature. Don't miss this very important point Paul is making here. Please don't miss it. A person does not become a sinner by committing a sin, but rather a person commits a sin, because he is a sinner by nature a person does not become a liar when he lies, but a person lies because the heart is already deceitful. A person does not become a thief when he steals, but he steals because he's greedy. No wonder Jesus said in Matthew 1519 for out of the heart comes with evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony and slander.

Sin leads to death.

Death leads to separation from God and Adam experience that separation immediately when he was thrown out of the garden as a result of disobedience, and I've heard people through the years the site is not fair it's not fair, Adam sin, and will come inherit his mistake. Beloved. Neither is it fair for the sinless, perfect holy son of God to carry the sin and pay the wages of the sin of everyone who believes in him, Adam fell, Christ arose verses 15 to 19 because Adam chose to activate his rebellious jeans all humanity is born with these defective genes you want to find out your origin Bible tells you what they are defective genes and therefore all will experience physical death, but when Christ arose from the grave he made it possible for all who believe in him to rise with him never to die eternally. The believers will never die physically though.but internally they will reign on rule supreme with Christ. Beloved, when Adam stretched out his hands and took the forbidden fruit. He calls us all to die.

But when the perfect sinless Jesus stretched out his hands on the cross.

He made it possible for everyone who believes in him to rise with him. Adam selflessly promoted humanity and pulled us all down.

But Jesus is selflessness made it possible for those who believe in him to be cleansed from the promotion of sin.

Adams act of disobedience brought the curse of sin upon all of humanity. But Jesus obedience to the father made it possible for all who believe in him to be freed from the burden of sin and from the curse of sin. Adam went where he should not have gone he went where he is not supposed to go and he led all of humanity down the road to lostness. But Jesus obedience to the father took him where he was led by the father and he there offering all of humanity the opportunity to walk down the highway of salvation.

Adam fell in Satan's deception instead of becoming like God. He was separated from God.

But Jesus, when he defeated Satan, hell and the grave he made it possible for the believers to be reconciled with his father. Adams one big act brought us damnation, but Christ one big act on the cross brought us salvation.

Adam selfish assertion brought a curse, and death brokenness and endless grains and endless grief, but Christ's sacrifice brought grace, power and joy to all who call upon his name. Adam insistence upon having his own way brought humanity low into the state of utter helplessness and sentence into eternal grave, but Christ's willingness to grow with the father's way, made it possible for you and me to live beyond the grave into the glories of the Lord Jesus Christ is something you cannot miss Paul is not saying that Adam and Jesus. A perfect pattern. No no no no no and the Mormons teach that the many other cults. That's a heresy not perfect parallel. Paul is really contrasting the two acts.

One destructive and the other restorative.

Adam brought death once Jesus brought life forever. Adam disobedience brought guilt once Christ's death brings forgiveness for his believers. For all of eternity. Adam's disobedience brass equality with God. But Jesus is obedience caused him to lay aside for a season his own equality with God, which he had before. All foundation of the earth. Adam fell, Jesus rose the believer wins when Adam fell he brought about one dimensional dress, one dimensional dress, but the gift of grace provides us with multidimensional resurrection from the death death is measurable. Grace is in measurable death is great but eternal life is far greater here} here's the most fantastic news of all is the most fantastic news of all. Don't miss it.

If you've never accepted the good news today.

You can do that is the most fantastic news of all the gift of grace, not merely restore the believers to the state of Adams original estate before he fell. No no no no no, the gift of grace did not only reverse the curse of death, but forgiveness and cleansing us from sin. Indeed, the gift of grace provides a way for the redeemed of the Lord to put on the full righteousness and the glory of God with the believers in Jesus we are the recipients of his grace the gift of salvation and eternal life. We have the very life of God in us, living a life of godliness, don't ever forget. This is when you get into trouble. That's what I get into trouble and I forget this when you get down and discouraged when you're grieving deeply when you're hurt so badly. Remember you have the life of God in you, Adam. One selfish act, deliberate as it was, is now now now overwhelming by God's grace. Death by nature aesthetic and empty, but life in Christ is active. It is full. It's alive and his fraternity. Verses 20 and 21 look at them with me please. Paul is saying that even though the law of Moses was given, but when it was given and the reason for it.

It was not to give us life that was not the purpose of why God gave the law through Moses.

It is not to give us life it can never give us life. The law was given as a temporary custodian. Why, for the purpose of sending people running into the grace of God, the law is like a dentist. Mira it shows that that is where the companies are a kind of a fill the cavity. The law of God reveals the problem but it does not provide the solution to the problem. The law of God is like a flashlight.

It will take you to the box where the fuses are but could never store electricity. The law of God was like a builders line. It can help the builder to see whether he is going straight through crooked, but it does not fix the problem.

The law cannot take away the curse of sin. It merely makes it visible. It merely makes us aware of the curse of sin. The law cannot take away our guilt and the guilt of sin. It only increases the guilt of sin or not. This is important only the grace of Jesus can defeat sin only the grace of Jesus can overwhelm sin only the grace of Jesus can subjugate sin only the grace of Jesus can permanently cover sin from the side of God. That's why that's why see that's why only those who recipient of the grace of these are going to make it to heaven, and if you do not have it, you can receive it today. Verse 20 says where sin increases grace also abound even more. Listen to me that some false preachers going around saying that means the more I sin the more experience aggressive God. So sin boldly. That's a lie from the pit of hell. It's a lie from the pit of hell. What is that mean where sin increases grace also bounded means that when Adam fell, Jesus rose in the believer wins where sin is found. Grace overwhelms it where sin is acknowledged and confessed and repented of grace covers it completely but if sin is rationalized and explained away and soon given. Also some explanations of why and who and what for that sin will fester like a cancer in the body when you're tempted to think that your sins are two great remember that the grace of God is greater than your sin when you are tempted to think that your guilt is too powerful.

Remember the grace of God is far more powerful than your guilt when you're tempted to think that your past sins are too dark. Remember the grace of God is brighter and will dissipate the darkness of your past. When you are tempted to think that Satan is too powerful and you cannot resist. Remember that God is more powerful than Satan ever hope to be when you are tempted to doubt your salvation. Remember, it is well with your soul because Jesus said so. Thanks for listening to this message from Dr. Michael.

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