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What We Can Do to Prevent Human Trafficking

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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May 2, 2020 3:50 pm

What We Can Do to Prevent Human Trafficking

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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May 2, 2020 3:50 pm

The team discusses ways to prevent trafficking in your hometown, as well as ways to pray for both victims and perpetrators.

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Welcome to lantern risk a ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern risk. We tell the stories we talk about arrestees we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the man I am so excited about the show that we have for you today. Mark and his team from lantern rescue is still stateside so we get another opportunity to Davis, stay stateside and even talk about how to prevent trafficking in your hometown, plus get an update on what's going on. But as we learn from last week show and if you didn't hear it.

By the way I go back and get the podcast just absolutely awesome lantern rescue that Jesus is not only rescuing the victims in this, but it if you think about it he's rescuing he's rescuing the perpetrators and he's rescuing us into the battle and so along those lines mark know what, what's the update Robbie Goodby here week. A lot of people don't do it.

Glad to be all of course we are have a thought that maybe where you have to find all of the tree. The goat you know. XO trap 305 date that year wasted 19 but what will it for you on like the prophet, not the oldest profession. It builds depression and didn't get to doing it very strong and very active with the team are active Berkeley training think that making plan or operate our international network last week they were your gift this week were involved in a K referred to a country we work in the case from US and will be called on right now to help the Belgians gathering to bring about the very act of working hard. That's intense. I am absolutely sure Randy really have some force today.

You want to teach on how to prevent this in your hometown so home right now. Now the great time fairly far down and think about warning being daylight-prevent and help people that are vulnerable to tracking area and the biggest way that you can actually act without one of the things you can never ever paperback. Even if anything welling they are being forced into backpacking is not something anyone actually want Dale and also do not engage in photography but you can take to help people around you and prevent navigating or actually acting out very easy and you are suffering active addiction or any public that all you're really just meant for the world that's real mouthful. You just shared but yeah there's no doubt statistically by the you know that some of our listeners right now are actually engaged in paying for these things, for lack of a better word, and you know that's an interesting thing that that they think you know that the person they're paying that they're doing you know that their help and support are you know they actually have a different idea of what reality is than what's going on and your experiences.

That's not it. Can you kinda speak into that right Kyle, I want to be at that dock.

I want a lawyer. No one goes up wanting to be where people find that they feel like like we talk about laughing look at ground and they feel like they held that life but in reality they don't want that life they don't want to be living that way so or that you feel like you're helping them out you getting money or providing for them and you can eat on getting right on you. They wanted to beat anything) doing it, but in reality they have their being forced into it. Nobody act they want. Nine by paying them to death reinforcing. I get it, but I have to do to survive that when you take that factor out. You need someone you know it working in effect writing you come at them for a place of love and offered it to get help or give them human trafficking Hotline or for them.

A way better way than to get that money back. So then the other thing that you brought out which is just all my goods and it really has almost where the where the source of all of the starts when people engage in pornography may not be paying for it is free all over the place of their actually people that are selling to get the advertising on the hips or whatever in the world you're actually sponsoring you know the poor victims that are being brought into this and actually you're being becoming a victim yourself. You, but if the perpetrator you your kind of got your own Namesake right away that you know to make money off of. They make money act of working the girl into black and then every time that you played online making money is not the one time they make money back there in a continually keep making money people are watching it and not only that, but when they do a new person into effect trade and they start the groom a new person. A lot of times they'll have them what pornography he said what do you when it went there with the customer felt.

There's a lot of reasons that ethnography is very document on you the mental health of the entire world and is at terrible evil ever combating right now but you not only to make money, but also to make new victim because all these men to be instilled by this. Obviously, you know, they've got to go somewhere with whatever passion that was being raised in them some Mark hello yeah I was thinking about your your concept on pornography and how that pours into the whole problem. What I would love to call me about something we collectively with our by working toward more on that matter and that drafting an effort to take down the websites that have been no documented factual.

They are showing little you know great abuse of minors and that they're making money off of that. Yeah got going around down part and if anyone wants to go, follow the link and sign the petition, they can find on the ground lantern rescue that's shocking how the letter but I'm not out.

You can read more about it and you can find so that's that's really helpful so we can go to lantern and they will find a petition and how specifically would we find that petitioner got word Google trafficking had, and I'll take you directly to even out the ramp in your follow the link and sign your name. Really think that they have a minute okay yeah you would set Instagram I need to follow that better so she go to you a lantern rescue it Instagram you guys are posting there about this trafficking hub where you can actually access this petition and do something about getting an and so the people that are that you talk about here on this petition are literally horrible victim. People I just watch stuff like that of a metal must close my mind, but I guess they do absolutely really not out there and a lot of really horrible thing that people look up there and went away big and cannot take that back off-line and make a fan again and tell the world not right and we well now that's heavy duty so it's it's it blows my mind. What's another way you said you've got lots of ways to stop the stuff at home so so what are some of the no I think now would probably be a great time, but wanted a personal story is able to happen. We can get to see so to see if you got a story along these lines force to provide long living on super small town America not New York City America first story is an officer we came across a guy good actually prayed on a couple young girls who were there really a drug rehabilitation house. He literally sat in the parking lot outside of the drug house in order to see who would come out and actually put these girls back in by offering them drugs when we actually caught him. He was actually shopping with them for them that Walmart caught them. They actually were committing retail stuff they got caught and then from there we tell the story. Once you were able to see it through some things around us talk about. You could see the there were literally being drafted is not an area may be 20,000 people. It also smelled super buildup trafficking. My other account is labor trafficking literally across the street from the Walmart is a little bistro, the owner of the bistro would bring people over from his country keep their passports would have to work for him at the bistro for your pennies.

He kept them in a flophouse and mentor for ever upset Murphy was done with them just kick them out and had no place to go.

The passport no power, no voice to correct the situation so that's really a normal little town America no later while you bring up another huge point that we have not discussed in part of human trafficking is obviously not just sex trafficking.

But there is labor trafficking and what are some of the signs that that we would look for to report something like that to see will be more typical, more what people would recognize, but the girls look you know they look well they look like they were strung out and they were shopping there were not free to do so, but without this man was Pam am directing them really good.

Probably would've gotten away with it girl committee refill Walmart slowed so you know they look the part, so to speak of what we might think of as for the bistro goes you wouldn't know you would not know the only reason I knew because I was in law enforcement on a guided kicked out by the owner was no language skills were English and that he was drunk. No place to go so the point. No intervening part of you that very difficult to break. We come back today's show, preventing All this that show today and wondering what can I do to support lantern rescue firebrand fitness is paraded away giveaway to benefit lantern rescue and give a home boxing gym bundle to one lucky donor. So here's the bundle sample whereupon century wave master freestanding heavy bag is washable boxing gloves RDX hand wraps and I just jump giveaway go to lantern donate any amount and put firebrand fitness your email address in the comment section on the donation winner will be chosen May 17 20 2:40 PM Eastern time. Good luck to everyone that enters and thank you for your donations percent of all donations, including those for the giveaway go directly to lantern rescue. Actually, if you're not in the box you just want to donate their and of course as always, we would covet your welcome back to lantern rescue where will we get to hear how Jesus comes through the rest through this amazing organization marked TCL and the renter with us today talking about what they're doing stateside that speaking about stateside topic is essentially how can we prevent trafficking hometown and Jesus was long words on these ideas and to see you have really found something that you feel like you can hone in on with for this week show very literally last night and I saw all the depressions and hold the tears of the oppressed no one to comfort them on the side of your pressures there with our no one to comfort them.

I think it's clear that the oppressed. Our loan cheers. The Scripture shows that hurt deeply, but they have no protector. They have no one to help them. I think even your pressure at some point time for about allowed them to think your own thought think they are turned into the creditor and they need not be alone think it's very important that we are intelligent and spiritually minded and coming alongside both keeping them from being singled out by saying or fellow man so awesome and Alan gave you some Scripture to based on last fictional little bit aware of all the various talent killed. Help one another on market said last week was the rescue perpetrator custody and he felt his heart and one of the guys I struggle with at some time, so we know my heart. But what TC said and I was looking through Scripture found Peter chapter 2 verse 9 to 12. Click to give you a chosen generation of royal priesthood holy nation or people you feel should show with called you out of darkness marvelous light in which time when other people, but I know the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy dearly beloved deciduous strangers and pogroms stamp fleshly lust which war against the soul of your conversation among the Gentiles, but where's they speak against you as evildoers, they may by your words which they shall behold glorify God day visitation that really spoke to me about how Mark looked at individually the work.

The same spot as true all this because you let out of darkness that we had the opportunity to be the light, saying that brings me back to the house. We all have sharp but they open us up to new things better serve those in need. Those that they also find out later as well so Wanda was that my perpetrator so we need that light so desperately and Mark. You even have some light for parents right this is where looking at how we can prevent these things in her hometown. We talk about that earlier about don't bring up our country pollution trapping the education of the next generation that cannot be done any better be got by.

The caregiver, they they could play that vital role in teaching the next generation about date dating how to treat other help you if you think something is wrong, reported really I have five dollars note today and probably band and their brand though. I've got a entourage nine people. My goal out of that document what you look for my girl to girl okay to get the build out like they are right, they might get the point and ricotta. Talk about that that what occurred that doesn't want to point her boyfriend Matt. We have to have brought you want to prevent drafting your hometown start your home. You know talk about the trapping box. Talk about date dating talk about a lot and I know that Brent Barth talk about the apparent. I've got to be the most from the Greek board that they have have to start the conversation with my children today. You know you want. You get off the radio show. The topic of no prevent being trapped in my hometown.

I want to be operated look to their children look like you know what it looks like back while that's even suppose this is got grand kids and since rents what are some of the other things that that we can do that you got on your list. There marked on really well you know people from becoming angry. Think about it people we want to prevent like never becoming a creditor and plow K and you are not earlier and get back I noted Alan both have the debris extremely well and that they may have an insight on how to raise the boy back.

Women enter back more than ever become a better like that so TC now and was asked TC from well his question drew quickly. My officer may bring jurisdiction for I was an officer so you grown up you know looking out for those who might be good to my but honestly what Mark said is exactly what we did have a conversation with them. Of the young man and told him it was always right to look out for others know so that's how I grew up with normal for him is normal in our family so really that's right exactly how Mark was getting six children total of three boys and three girls.

So I had a mixed bag. The biggest thing I found was that could not in addressing those things. I mean can be uncomfortable for some people, but your children look up to for guidance and actually get you what you know you're getting what what I found myself doing the situation at all by going around the open talking about various things and how to treat women be that example to my wife as a father and husband being completely open and allowing them to talk to you and address any questions they have become due, always being open those conversations and calling: all right from wrong base. That's awesome. So when well since you got force their way prevent caffeine, your hometown are on all of the key. There may then restart you really early identifier of the month in traffic.

If there aren't that you have very faint habit will find a different crowd all there anything parents should always have great communication with their school, with the key. With the administrator. There another wonderful resource. Our hospital work the dock. We are anything like that. A lot of time in their view and something happened that really can a damaged property. He will bring them into and not when once they are removed from the company and that can integrate time primary care doctor to step in and pay you need help with like the call for Monday can come down here without uniform and cocktail on their amazing amazing report that anyone in the medical field to clear all week here. I doubt something even if Iran is making on will not get you or any of being wrong and then another great thing I'd like to talk about it document Froedtert out so if you're heavily involved in. About the way you can get involved in the community and having that rebound it online. It if they're struggling with whether it porn addiction or if they are being A file there in the wrong crowd of people they don't know what you make yourself open to anyone your blood relative.

You watch her up.

You are an open door, and please don't be able to come to them talk to about the kind of thing is awesome Mark in the last couple minutes. You have fear could you kind of help our listeners to know how they could pray very specifically for you guys in the season.

Yes we really covet prayer for all know our team name.

I would out the report by name. We each have Billy family relationship and in light though, we need your prayers brought the individual freight route and pray for time to prepare for the next operate. Don't forget to pray for the group called always a always real. The fact that the day that I'm living I'm living it one way, my victim, but on the red living and she paid you to live it until I can get there until we get there and we make something changed, though.

Pray for the victim, you know. Pray that they are somehow their abusers get bigger. Are they are really door they say or they are somehow practically protected until that time Wednesday are hopefully complete directly by auto pray for the victim and not the thing that I think if we had we had prayer we got there got up everyday price brought by name right. The victim may not know would accomplish a lot a great thing yes absolutely. Since you have a time someone given these names so that you can write them down or Mark TC Allen and ran so Mark TC Allen and RAM are the people, specifically, of course, if God puts on your heart that you want to get the lead in rescuing the course accompanies these operations that are coming forward, not to mention in all the ways that God is is using these resources, you got a lantern rescue.O. Clearly, God is really cool.

He is the hero of the story is one that's behind them all I can rescue rescuers out of Valentina's so much for the show today

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