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Lantern Rescue 5K Run

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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July 29, 2023 12:00 pm

Lantern Rescue 5K Run

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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July 29, 2023 12:00 pm

 Today, Robby speaks with Whitney & Bree of Lantern Rescue. Listen as they share about the fun 5k event they are starting on August 19th!

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we search the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and helps set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

For more sensitive content, listener discretion is advised. Oh, what a great time to be tuned into Lantern Rescue because we've got a way that you can really get involved with what Lantern Rescue is doing around the world as they have a first-time event that I'm aware of that's just an amazing opportunity for all of us to be involved in it. And so, Whitney, tell us what's going on.

Yeah, thank you, Robbie. We are really excited about this event. We are hosting the first annual 5K Rescue Run in Asheboro, North Carolina.

So this is really a neat opportunity for us because we're really wanting to gather our community around this event. There's been a lot of chatter about a movie that's recently come out, and it's really brought a lot of awareness to the trafficking component. And awareness is a great thing. Awareness is a necessary part of this fight, but it doesn't necessarily save some, right?

So we want to turn that awareness into action and really give people a place to learn more about how they can get involved and be a part of the action side of it. And that action looks different, right? That action could be a call to prayer. That action could be giving.

And in this case, that action is really taking a stand and being a visible part of the community to say, hey, I'm not going to stand for this, and I want to link shields with an organization that is working to fight the good fight. Wow. And so, Bree, tell us what's going on with you in the event.

Yeah. So I've been a part of the Lantern Team for about the past six or seven months, and part of my role is to plan events. And so as an event coordinator, this is one of the biggest ones that we're kicking off with for the year. And I'm really excited because it's a way that we can involve people in our community, like Whitney said. So there's a lot of people, especially more local to where we are, that want to be able to come in hands-on, volunteer, and hear more about our mission and what we do. And so we're really excited to have the opportunity to respond to our community and even to just our state and people that have heard about Lantern but have a hesitancy in coming closer because it seems like so much of what we do.

It can seem as though it's kept secret. But as people hear about us, we want them to know that we do want to be known. We do want to share our mission and share stories. And so we designed this day so that we would be able to be right in the middle. We'll be downtown on a Saturday morning gathering people for the run and then just for a family event afterwards so that we can respond to the community and tell people, again, what we stand for, answer their questions, and tell them about what we do internationally and also what we're building domestically.

And just have conversation. Right. And for those people living in North Carolina, it's central to everybody, right? Whether you're in Raleigh or Charlotte, that's why they put the zoo there. Exactly. Right in the middle of the state. So hopefully it's worth it for people to come in any way.

From anywhere. Yep. And so that event actually takes place August 19th. So we're coming up on it quickly.

We are almost at the first of August. Right. So, and I do while I'm thinking about it, because I will forget later in the podcast, but don't do it now. But they can sign up to run or walk at backslash rescuerun. They're able to sign up as a runner or walker. It is a timed run. So for those of you that are avid runners, it is a timed run. So it will count for that.

Those of you that are walkers, I'll be walking with you in the back of the line to make sure no one falls behind. And so is it, you know, one of those things where people would have an opportunity to tell their neighbors or friends, look, I'm going to run in the land and rescue 5k. Would you sponsor me that kind of thing? We have not set it up as a sponsorship in that particular way. But yes, absolutely. Please take that. I mean, we would love for people to take the opportunity to involve even more people in this.

Right. So if that looks like asking for someone to sponsor you in the run, and then donating those proceeds to Lantern, by all means, we want to give people that that freedom to be able to come into this fight however they see fit. You know, it's very much like Bree just said, we often have people ask, Well, how can I get involved?

And, and what can I do? And this is one of those ways where you can come into the mix with us and get to speak with Lantern representatives and just learn more about what it is we're doing and how you can be involved in a bigger way. This is just a great way to kind of kick that off and get it started. And we've also had some local businesses. And you know, this is open to any business. I know this rate, this podcast and radio reach across the nation, but this is open to any of our business owners or anyone that would like to, or churches, even we've had churches come alongside of us.

And then, if you would like to be a sponsor for the event, we actually have that information up on the website as well, and different levels that you can come in as a sponsor. But really, it's a great way to let the world around you know, and the people around you know, that you as a business owner, you as a business feel passionate about seeing a change, right? And about coming alongside of someone willing to fight for those that are exploited, persecuted and displaced around the world. So it's just a neat way for our businesses to come into the mix as well and our churches to stand beside us in this fight. I think when we can see a bigger scale look at people linking shields, it makes us feel a lot less alone.

Yeah, that's one of Satan's biggest tactics is to make you feel like you know, you're the only one. And so that's beautiful. And so is there a fee to a registration fee or that is that part of the way people are donating? Yes, Robbie, thank you for asking about that. So the registration is $35 per participant, again, if they want to walk or run, and that includes a an exclusive rescue run 5k t shirt that we've seen the design for and we're super excited about. So each person will get a t shirt, and then they'll get a branded drawstring bag that says lantern rescue on it. And a couple of yeah, we've got a little couple of goodies that are in that bag as well. So we're excited for them to receive those. We don't give it all away.

But right, just come with some goodies in the bag. And we also have some, some partners along with us that are coming out for that day. So and I'll let Bri kind of tell you the four different groups of people that have come along, but we've invited some local NGOs as well, that are just there in the site as well with us. And we want them there to be able to answer questions and let our community hear the outcry of people willing to fight the site.

Right. So that Yeah, that is another thing that we're really excited about is that it's not just going to be us as lanterns represented there and at the event. But because we designed this day to have conversation about the reality of human trafficking, especially what it looks like in our community, and to know that it's not something that's just far off. We've invited a few other local nonprofits to come and share about their resources and their mission and what they have to offer to those in this community that would possibly be for some of the other groups.

That would possibly be for different reasons vulnerable to trafficking or exploitation, and so that we can all be aware of how we can serve them and then how to plug in those that we know that have needs to resources that are adequate for their needs. So four of those organizations that will be present that day that we're really honored to have are Your Choices Randolph, which is a pregnancy center here in Randolph County, Keaton's Place, and Guardians at Lydom, and then, fourthly, Randolph Family Crisis Center. I'll be there with tents and tables set up and sharing about their resources as well.

And this day is my family. So we will have food trucks and face painting for the kids and live music going the entire event. So we're excited about that as well. Yeah, and just think how cool it is. I was sitting there thinking that with people, and I've seen these t-shirts. I mean, you will be styling and profiling in your Land and Rescue t-shirt. And what a great conversation starter, right, is you have that t-shirt and you go around and people go, oh, what's Land and Rescue?

Well, let me tell you about this podcast. Let me tell you about what, you know, let me tell you what God's doing and, you know, not only shares the information about what Land and Rescue is doing, but more importantly, really what God's doing, right, Wendy? Amen. That is the, that's the gist of it all, Robbie, is to be able to share with people that God is still on the move, you know. And I know sometimes, you know, especially for our listeners, so often they tap into this podcast and it comes with heart-wrenching stories. But we do want to just remind you that the Lord is still, he's still doing big things, you know, and I know I've said it on here before, and even more so recently, I've mentioned this to people, in the work and line of work that we do, there are days that are difficult. But so often we feel like we're at the throne room of the Lord because we get to see him move in absolutely miraculous ways for people across the world. So we serve a big God and he is still performing beautiful miracles in the lives of other people and it's important that we acknowledge that as well. Yeah, and being where I am in this, let me just tell you all listening that God has been doing some huge, you know, I'm still kind of just unfounded at what I've come to understand this week that you're going to hear in future episodes of what God has been doing. And my mind's just blown at the protection that he's had for the team at Lantern and the, oh man, the rescues and the people coming obviously out of trafficking, but more importantly, actually coming into faith and around the world. I mean, it's just beautiful what God is doing and, you know, obviously this is all of our opportunity.

Obviously, if maybe, you know, you're in Pennsylvania or some of them, you can't come down that weekend, then you can be praying. You know, you can sponsor, you can do a lot of things, but we're just glad that you're listening and that you're joining with what God's doing here. And I love this event, Bree, and what a neat, neat way to kick this off in a beautiful event right there in central North Carolina. Right. And Robbie, as you mentioned that those that aren't able to come locally, those that are listening now and those that have been aware of Lantern over the past few years, we are excited to say that this is the first annual 5K Rescue Run because this is something that we'll easily be able to replicate it in years to come.

This is the first kickoff for us here. But as we move forward next year when we do it, this could be something that we could have little breakouts across the states in their community, big or small, to host a 5K. And then we could just have a day of it where we all come in unity and continue to raise awareness and possibly have people partner with other local nonprofits in their area just to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Because that's really our heart is to just make people aware that it's a reality and that there is something that everyone can do about it, just having their eyes opened. Right. So if you're in Washington, D.C. or wherever, you could talk to Bree about putting on your own 5K once you've got this kind of structure. What a great idea. Yep. We're laying the foundations right now. So then we'll have something to run with in the future. No pun intended. You've got to take the ball and run with it. You know, that's what that's what the whole idea is.

And so we've got to go to a break here. But we just are so grateful for what you guys are doing at Landon Rescue. And again, as Whitney mentioned at the beginning, it's all there at Landon Rescue dot org slash backslash. Right. Rescue run or I'm sure there's just a link there at the main Landon Rescue dot org registration.

Again, if you want to run and walk, whatever your situation may be, only thirty five dollars. And I'm guessing if they register, they get a T-shirt even if they're out of state or whatever that you'd be happy to do that. Right. Absolutely.

Yeah. Robby, there have been a few people that have asked about if they can participate virtually. And that's exactly what we've told them, that if they want to run where they are, then they can just reach out to us as they register. Just send a message to light the way at Landon Rescue dot org to make sure we know of their names and their mailing addresses so that we can send them all the rescue run swag also. I love that. Run where you are. That is so cool.

We'll be right back. Landon Rescue is a USA based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking. Landon specializes in sending former U.S. special operation law enforcement and intelligence personnel to partner with host nations and assist them in creating specialized units to combat ongoing security problems such as genocide, terrorism and human trafficking.

As a nonprofit charity, they offer services free of charge to their host nations. Human trafficking has grown into the second largest criminal activity in the world, reaching an estimated 150 billion dollars in annual activity. Landon Rescue has developed rapidly to combat trafficking. Landon operates through a trained international network in order to rescue women and children from sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic aftercare services. They're gearing up for operations right now, and you can go to Landon Rescue dot org to see how you can support them financially.

Welcome back to the Landon Rescue. Today we're talking about this amazing run that is coming right up. What's the date on that, Whitney? Yeah, August 19th. So it's coming up quickly. We are right around the corner. Three weeks away.

Yeah. So yeah, it's Saturday morning, August 19th. What time does it kick off? The race kicks off at 9 a.m. At 10 a.m. we'll have live music, food trucks set up, face painting for the kids, and that will run until 1 p.m.

So it gives plenty of time for people to make their way out if you're not planning to run or walk in the 5k. We'd still love to have you come out and just commune with us and gather. You know, we've talked about this being an opportunity to really be a voice for the voiceless, to rise up in the community and let people let people know that, hey, we're not standing quiet. We want to see movement and action take place in fighting this fight for those that are trafficked and exploited.

Now, what an amazing event. Again, if you go to, you can see a link there to the Rescue Run, or you can just put in backslash rescue run. You can register to run for $35. I like the idea we talked about right before the break. You can run where you are.

So if you're in California and Alaska or wherever you are, I suppose you could even do it if you're in India. So, you know, I know it's a really lighthearted podcast compared to some of ours that we've done. But Whitney, we've had, God has really blessed Land and Rescue with an amazing year. Can you kind of update our listeners a little on that?

I would love to, Robbie, because really it flows into why we're doing the things that we're doing and hosting these events and just bringing people into the fold. You know, at the end of last year in December, we celebrated a thousand rescues from inception, right? So in 2020, becoming a nonprofit, we celebrated one thousand rescues December of 2022. And that is an incredible feat. That's a thousand lives that have been changed forever. But to update our listeners, and this, I think, paints a picture of just how widespread the evil is, but how we are making our way into those dark places. Just this year alone, we have added to that thousand number and we are now sitting at eighteen hundred and sixty four rescues. That's eight hundred and sixty four rescues this year alone.

And we're only in July. And so you've almost doubled your number in just what God has opened up doors and just some amazing as we talked about those miracles that you're talking about, where God has really, really come to the forefront of these things and updates that will be coming very soon on this podcast of absolutely miraculous things that are going on. And so, you know, what an opportunity, really. And as I think about the event, Bre, I, you know, how fun from my standpoint to come talk to the people.

There's going to be a lot of people from the team there. And really, you know, sometimes you think, you know, you picture how people look when you when you hear them on the on the radio. And and it's the God is God has got a lot of power sometimes and not such big packages. And so what an opportunity that you have to come and ask questions and see what God's doing firsthand, you know, really so that you can take that message back to your church, your community, you know, in the places that God has you to be a witness for what he's doing with land and rescue. Right. Exactly.

Yes. Again, we're just excited to be right out in front of people so that they know that we're not out of distance. You know, we want to share with people what we do and for them to see the faces behind our mission. And then that moving forward, that those that get to meet us on this day and get to hear more about our mission.

I think that, like you said, totally does change the way that they listen to podcasts or engage with our stories that we put out there on our website or on social media, because they know the closer reality of what we do at the event to where we're looking forward to sharing stories. And so there will be stories that are more exclusive and conversation to rescue to bring the reality. And we also have local representatives that are going to be joining us that day as well to kind of speak to what trafficking looks like right here in North Carolina. So we're excited to be able to bring that awareness and information to our community as well, so that they can see a more just realistic picture of what that looks like for our local law enforcement and sheriff's department. So I think that'll be a really good opportunity just to break some of the myths and stereotypes and ideas that are out there, but also to bring insight into the realities of trafficking locally. Yeah, you're right, because I know every time that we have a chance to talk to one of those local folks, it just blows my mind how prevalent it is all around us and we don't necessarily see all that's going on. And I love what you brought out at the beginning of the show that, you know, with all the interest right now, you know, with the recent movie that's come out and everybody, you know, what a time to leverage that discussion, right, into what God is doing in the midst of all this, right? Because I'm sure a lot of people are coming away from that movie really like, man, you know, where's our hope?

It's in the Lord. And this is a great way to, you know, connect folks with that particular idea through Lantern, right? Absolutely. We've had a lot of discussion around that recently. And, you know, what I think is encouraging to hear and to remind people is, yes, there are bad people out there and there is evil taking place in the world around us, but there are also good people out there still fighting the good fight. And I think we have to hold on to that because that is where our hope is. Our hope is in the Lord, you know, and he is rising up people to go in and fight for those that are lost and, you know, feeling hopeless and in those situations.

And we are so humbled that he's allowed Lantern to be a part of that plan and to be a part of that mission forward. You know, just watching him work really, we just are obedient to the call, but he really is the one that is putting our feet to the pavement in it. Oh, you're using the feet puns again, okay. Yeah. So, you know, 5K of putting your feet to the pavement, right? You're going to put your feet where your mouth is?

Yeah. However that works, you know, it's an opportunity to really, you know, what a neat event. Again, it's right here in central North Carolina in the city of Asheboro. And so is it down – where in Asheboro is it? It's right downtown in Bicentennial Park, which that's right off of Sunset. It's like the old school downtown Asheboro. It's only a couple of miles long, but it's a very central place in Asheboro on Saturdays for families to be spending time. There's coffee shops, like breakfast spot, and then we're really known too for the antique shops that are down here as well. So a whole day could be made out of it for those that are traveling in from further.

You know, we would love – we're excited to bring people into the local businesses as well, because we really just love our community and there's a lot of small businesses that have so much to offer, all within walking distance from that downtown area. Including because I've eaten down there many times. It's like some amazing food. So, you know, if you're wondering, is there any food in Asheboro? Let me just share that, man, especially in that area around downtown, there's some spectacular places to eat, right?

Right. You won't miss out. You can park in one place and then everything is within walking distance. Yeah, that is a neat part of that downtown area. And I'll bet you Whitney would take you to someplace, you know, and show, oh, that's where you want to eat over here, because you've had a chance to sample all this. Yes, we'll direct all the good stuff. And we have food trucks out there, so you can't – you're not going to miss out, I promise you that. We're going to make sure you get the full Asheboro experience.

Exactly. And now you guys, you know, along this, you know, after the 5K, you've got this great new opportunity for our listeners to be involved, you know, on a more regular basis, right? Yeah, we do, actually, Robbie. We're excited. We're actually going to launch our Liberator campaign. It's something we've been holding onto.

And I think this has been in the works, honestly, since the end of last year. We've been working through this and figuring out how we wanted to bring our donors into the mix in a new way. So that Liberator campaign, what it looks like is for our donors currently and moving forward that donate $35 a month or more. They receive very exclusive updates via mail, email, and text. They receive a Liberator-branded bracelet and t-shirt, which are exclusive only to our Liberators, so that $35 a month giver or more.

They receive a sticker, I think I already said the bracelet, yep. And then they also receive sneak peeks of any kind of merch and discounted shipping on anything they purchase through our store. And the reason we're doing that is really twofold, right? We want to bring people into the mix.

And financially, you know, actually I had a good friend share this analogy, and I think it's so perfect for this. You know, we know, we have this roadmap and we know where we're headed. We've got it pin marked on the map and we've got the vehicle to get there. But what we need is the fuel that goes in the vehicle that allows us to get to the people that are in need and need to be rescued, right? So that fuel is really where our donors come in, and that is not to be understated by any means because our donors are truly the lifeline to what allows us to move forward in these missions. And just to give you an idea, Robbie, we had 11 countries right now seeking for Lantern Rescue to be working there to help them with their trafficking needs, right?

Eleven countries. That doesn't happen without people coming alongside of us and partnering financially. And so we need the fuel in the car to get where we're going. But we know where we're headed, you know, and that Liberator campaign is really just a great way to start getting in the mix of things.

Right. We all can become Lantern Liberators. I mean, that's just absolutely cool.

And that t-shirt, again, is going to be amazing. Well, I hate we're kind of almost out of time, so we want to get in some prayers, right, for the Lantern team because there's a lot going on in the world. A lot going on in the world. And so if it's all right, Brie, why don't you start us off and then Whitney and then I'll close. We've got about a minute and a half. Okay. Sounds great.

Yeah. Father, we thank you for the opportunity to pray for all the things that you have initiated. God, knowing that it has been such an honor to come alongside of the invitation that you have had just to use each one of us, both here and all over the globe, just those that are willing to be the light and to give the fight within themselves to those that can't fight for themselves. And so we just ask for your continued favor. We know that you will continue to be with us in our team, and we know that you push back darkness and that all light and all good things come from you.

So we just ask that there would be just a binding of our team to one another, that there would be unity and favor in all things that we do. Lord, we just thank you for the opportunity to come to you and set your angels charged. Lord, we come in the authority that you've given us in Christ Jesus, and we send our angels charged over our partners that are on the ground in Ukraine right now.

Lord, that you would just place a hedge of protection over them and keep them safe in the midst of what they are seeing and dealing with. Lord, you know better than anyone, God, and we know that your angels go before. Lord, we also send your angels charged over our operations in the Caribbean right now. Lord, God, we know there are a lot of women and children waiting for us to get to them.

Lord, I pray that you just sustain them as they wait. God, just give them a peace that only you're capable of giving, and prepare our group to be able to get to them and reach them quickly, Lord. We pray their protection, and we pray that you just light their path forward so that they will not death astray, that we will just be lined up directly where you need us to go, when you need us to be there, and that you will sustain those waiting with hope and encouragement until we can get to them. God, you are so good and so faithful, and we just thank you and praise you for all of your miraculous work. We're so grateful and honored to serve you, Lord. Thank you in Jesus' name. Amen. And Lord, I thank you for every person listening, and I thank you for what you're doing in all our hearts to set those captives free.

They're captive in so many different ways. So, Lord, we thank you for Lantern, and we pray for the team, Lord. If we ever needed protection, we need it right now, Lord, as they are in harm's way in big ways. And so, Lord, we pray that you would let the Holy Spirit speak through us, because we really don't even know how to pray or what to pray. Lord, help him speak for our behalf, that we love them and we love what you're doing. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.
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