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Stories From the Safe House

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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August 13, 2022 12:00 pm

Stories From the Safe House

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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August 13, 2022 12:00 pm

Robby is joined by Mark's wife, Jamie, Alan's wife, Tammy, and Ren, who have been in the Dominican Republic following a rescue operation that resulted in the liberation of 80 women. They emphasize the importance of recognizing adult victims of trafficking and share some of these women's stories.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.


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The following program contains sensitive content listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue training and normalized among program and not now and not signing away a lot of the currently out on hearing along the way. Moneywise a picture of themselves and maybe it wasn't even fully immediately get a little money going to pay them $20 and being 18 and up around the way to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness truck. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about once a let it not be said I was silent when the we definitely have a live on location at the center of lantern rescue today as both Jamie and Tammy, what you might recall from our wives episode. Jamie is Mark's wife and Tammy is Allen's wife and we have room to her location, but both Jamie and Tammy are still in the Dominican Republic and so Ren can you gotta bring us up-to-date on what's happened that though you called me a liar agreement and buried in the number of public that will operate in a later habit that by operate and what going on going on for about eight and it culminated, and over 80 and they have put them into a PayPal that are working to help repatriate them to their country and that they want if they want the public were looking at me with that look like and where working brought that back during that process we were able to do that. I felt Amy Danny were able to go out and get it but I'm a girl at the neighbor so Jamie can you come to take us to what that was like you and Tammy and I went into the safe house little birthday.

We looked down I felt and in question will tell them why were there. We started out by saying we are here because indeed that then our heart to help free you started out with that and and told him that each one was special to God and leave the room. There, there, I build.

I'm sure they haven't felt special. Over the last little while.

Tammy to talk about where these guys are actually from there not from the public all that we thought well soon so Jamie howled with these things for the most part, I would say between 18 and 24. There were a couple that were a little older but I don't think anyone with over 30.

So what were some of the other persons you have Tammy as you get a chance to meet one of the first girl seen. They didn't seem overly strapped court therein helpful girl but they didn't seem strapped out as far as not knowing what happened but they did seem relaxed. Not everyone would want to talk to the American women that were there, but there were some that wanted to talk to and once they realized that we were there to help a lot thank you, that's kind of what you guys want to be sure with our listeners.

What did the yet so great a long process going for time and then we later brought back to their every writer there, but one that got dinner problem about three days Brookfield acted down and talk to talk to about every day we were able to down and want to go to Dr. Eric Doran how they got whether at what caused their life that brought them to the public about the belt. One of the first girl to be interviewed. He was only 19. Two very young. He had been. By a friend of a friend to go to the Dominican Republic for a top and she didn't know that you be doing escort working. If you reworking entertainment but didn't know for sure if you been at court. He had been really got there. Country he had actually terminated if you had an abortion is very better… A taking a medical on her and she was suffering with depression and anxiety and other issues, and friend of a friend hit her when she was vulnerable and that you know you can have a better life in the Dominican Republic and and all you need to do is begin your document going to get you over there.

You know your fee forget you have a great life. A live miserably how great Hoffman back.

I was really similar and not lead-in about a friend of a friend offering a plane ticket still had to think that all the earth.the Dominican with $3000 in American money for the document and better travel and they thought they were told to be something you do.

Everyone no problem. Well, they get their loan interest rate is now a thousand percent and now to be incurred for food and water and housing, and he realized pretty quickly that there there never paying off that that this is never happening.

Though the first the first probably talk to see he had been diagnosed bipolar and depression and her previous country and was struggling with that she turned to work in the and and if you have to think client by 4:30 PM client 2008 seven Sundays nine and the weight really handled that he made a best friend there that you called it there and they would buy cold hand through their being raped by client does not believe that the girls act like it was not, though, I'd like to call later this is great when you solicit a victim affect mapping that is great. They would hold hands while they are being raped by their client and I got a well Jamie what was your experience with caught your attention well all of it. But one thing girl so many were aware of what they were going for out of option to take care of their family member and also unaware of the old it would take on them physically and emotionally. And they started sharing about the disease a physical problem they're having an emotional toll taken on them and they just broke down and thought, I think all but one we all ended up holding Molly just bobbed in there so broken and destroy.

And one girl that is very well fed my body, not the pain am my emotions are not in pain all broken.

Everything is completely broken and very devastating experience Tammy.

How about you hard part for me was the one that came and left children behind in their country. They left as young as 2101 girl left her two month old baby to come here to make a better life.

Make the money to have a better life in their country and we had some that have as a euro though he realized the agents that were telling you these women have children very young but the fact that they would leave two month old intact. One of the things the girls were saying is that she was the lactating even though she had left her two month old back in South America extremely difficult even when you have your two month old deal with the postpartum effect of giving birth will only be doing that country to be subject to grateful sometimes it's really full but I know you're probably thinking that I just like I am.

You know, kind of written word is a go from here so that worked out great question and we have a lot of avenues that were looking through brawl event was brilliant about the girls as a lot of them had started college or have some form of college education and a lot of them want to go back to point the work will figuring out what exactly happened to look like them. Some of them want to go back to their home country. Some of them don't. The working very closely with immigration and other therapist be able to provide them whatever they need and whatever were able to provide to get in summary statement so they don't have to go back to they don't they don't want to go back to work. None of them enjoyed what they were doing but they still haven't think that the duration you know they thought they were coming to Dominican Republic make about the money for their families and now they're going to return to return with no money. Nothing to show for it. And one of the girls even that.

But what am I going to tell my family I don't want to know what I was doing, but also on coming back with nothing like what I like plain though there because their movement.

That doesn't mean her home situation suddenly remedied in a be Disney World when they get home if it's not now we have to figure out what next, and there is because a lot of people don't be adult victim victim. There is a medical report that for women like that is a work in progress and were committed to the new growth through an doing the best we can provide what we can for them in the future and helping get them set up in a safe like that not connect the dots and the kind of media one of great strides that God would give the team wisdom and resources, there is a safe house during the Dominican and the wisdom to know you know because obviously all these ladies you know they had a situation that they were trying to figure out how to manage and it didn't turned out into a catastrophe.

But you know 80 women are so that's a lot of people to take care of the real issue as I see about us as well.

Jamie what you think you will definitely lining just to be straightforward to help the girl because talking about 80 light here and if each one of would like to go to college that they can actually do something upstanding to help care for them felt connected.

One girl is doing it care for her sickly grandmother then a lot of money to help them at the reality of the situation, though, you know, I find it one girl who literally I don't know. We talk to her an hour to maybe two hours. That one took a long time and she thought the entire way.

She could barely talk to this Ukraine way through and I my day we mentioned we worked really hard or they were hundreds of people working many hours in any month all working to free you and she said we are now free, you can help me do something else when you were out of here I will be free because I have no other option.

And so the situation of the lady is extremely desperate, they wouldn't have gone into this option. So will break.

I know many other stories is because it's been another couple days there and all that and some other things. Obviously, prices will freeze will conversations be right back a lot more the slide from before faith-based organizations, international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking specializes in sending you a special operation of law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with close visions and assist them in reading specialized combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is frozen to the second largest from elected reaching an estimated $50 billion rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates were trained in a national network of women and children six labor slavery and facilitates for operations right now and see how you can support the following program contains sensitive content description is advised.

Welcome back to 11 rescue exhibitors come alive on location. Report from this hugely which we praise God for all the prayers to hear from a number of months and that we would be able to get these horrible people you know and and make a case against him little stickers keeping these people off the streets is is huge for the security of all these girls).

Yeah, absolutely. So common among all the girls. Sorry, wasn't that $3000.

They were all brought Dominican and told her they owed $3000 for getting there. Forgetting a path for getting it identified a back debt hanging you know in the universe.

According to the trafficker on our income better day. All the girls may arrest the trafficker, but to build. We have made very clear, the girls that… Doesn't exist you know everything about you. Everything… Again. Don't worry about but in reality that's not that simple. That is our plan and they will not… But the problem is they are looking but I money someone did pay for the ticket limited paper.

The passport in the paint help you know well most of the people arrested people their partners in another country that got them to public nonperson invested in fighting is girls overthinking of ever getting everything, and now they're out to me and then we heard with the girls is you want to rock your home country. While yes I want. I miss my family. I miss my dog my cat make it your all that but that it without usually followed by but there the person is looking for me because I owed the money for getting here and defend my family. I'm afraid they're going to find you when I get out.

They know where I live. They have friends there in the Dominican that no when a minute believing, and they want that so there's this other concerned with their safety when they go back to their country and not something they were trying to figure out how to remedy that. And how we can keep you girls think the defendant you in the right of it very impactful and it's amazing but it is that the drop in the bucket from what we owed you girls what happened that there's something going on) the forgot and you know everyone high-fived me on our merry way that so much more with providing but I'm getting them into better life eating and faith making. They're not like that again. The stories are complicated, you know, each one has their own. But there was one girl apparently there was somebody willing to ship cervical cancer, you will talk about yeah so when the girls very very early 20 C had found out that he had cervical cancer.

She had a CD and interned in the book and that he found that out while he was being held captive and it was very painful and cute. Big a lot of company not anyone knows of a pandemic not treated, it can progress very rapidly and it most treatment is removing the uterus, though that means that children have any building currently in a very good chance you will ever get up to you to have biological children. The one of the client was actually somewhat nice to her. It's hard to say that because they still are raping sex trafficking victim for this particular client paid $20,000 American by her freedom when he found out that you think that he wanted to take away not get her medical care and expected the money for data letter grade in her debt was $3000 20,000 is significantly more than that also shows that that that that the number that they pay is not real, they're never gonna let them go there an investment every day that there there there making money off and they don't care they got there will camp and are in pain don't care if Ellen pays off their debt and never letting go. This is never a voluntary thing they might have chosen to come to the Dominican Republic but that was a lot free choice they made was so sick and so Jamie you and Tammy with Kim thereafter room got on the plane yesterday. You guys have more time with them and I imagine I started to open up even more. As you have a chance to talk to him yesterday so well. Overall I thought the line that was pulled a greater number for number 4500 and then she said when she got here. They actually locked her in her room and would not let her out until it paid off that I can't remember what she said like a month or two. Then when it paid off. They kicked her out and then she went to somewhere else where they told her they would give her security security because life was threatened have a confusing story, but life was threatened by this previous trafficker.

In this chapter I will protect you. So she was thankful because the other Booksellers fishy expected protection from another chapter. Now off the flickering, debt bondage, and so she gets going from one bad situation to another where she has no freedom.

She stuck in that room for that debt is paid off.

Then they figure out that your son now another one had taken her on any protection now but were going to charge you for and so she hadn't gotten back debt paid off yet but I'm sure rescue and she also has physical things going on. She had had a fibroid removed they cannot bleeding so she is.

I can't work this way. But then she's also like this is destroyed my body is destroyed my motion. My mom did this to provide her her kids and now I'm doing this to provide my family and I don't want to do this ever again and she just sat there dog and beg leave. She begged me anything everything you can to help me in any way that I never have to do this again.

I don't think I can do this anymore. It was really bad, really, really, really screwed this church family. The other girl that we talk to was a friend of the girls who Jamie was just speaking about and she was the one that entered into law enforcement.

She attempted to going to law enforcement borrowed money from her family could do that because there's upfront cost of uniforms and such that she was doing for the law enforcement she didn't pass all of the test and was then sent out about Academy and while she's in the she had the upfront money and as she is there.

She had a death that she is accumulating as they pay for them to be had. The she read Academy not only with the death to her family members that helped her get additional money and she was told about the opportunity in the Dominican and she thought long and hard about it. She would come over here and attempt to make the money to send back to her family. She was very concerned that her mother would find out because her mother only think you here being a waitress, so fear he kept thanking us and thank you Stefan telling us that she loved the it was heartbreaking to hear that she was just trying to make a life for herself in that country and do a professional job and was able to again all boils down having a death, even though the deck with the family members and there was no threat, she still felt responsible to pay that debt back the she was doing whatever she could pay that debt back and then come here and actually goes, the more that I see around this proration is just while reason printers.

Such situations, but room so you you really want to explain know how serious this is for anybody that thinks this is something right you got going about yeah so a lot of the girls knew they were very honest about it. They said I need to be on if I know I knew I was coming here to work it brought it to be an expert, but they didn't know that they were going to be held against their will, didn't know there really for the over a dozen client that I didn't know any of that in there were broader under fall in the lives all by they might is that you're coming to be an escort but he forgot to mention that your $3000 that will make sure you can never repay that you'll never be extent of any of the money to make and that you're going to do what we tell you or working to kill your family were to kill you or hurt the people you love.

Though I think sometimes people have a hard time being victims that are the age of these women and men as victims and women were, they were of age. There are over 80 a lot of countries in the world.

Prostitution is legal over 18 having a temper having someone that solicit clients for you is not a have you girls, but even legal. You know there over 18 and it is… They got him and that they're being held there.

Well by on winter walking around the theater to both the client they look legal. Though it's hard for people to imagine that those are victim to the girls that are in 23 and keeping the indictment. She can't be evicted. What you volunteered come over the Dominican Republic. The snow is aptly not a voluntary week and can become human trafficking and slavery very easily. It is a lot. 19 all on a plane from country to country, that is, you look around. Why do you want them to think they're going into something by their own choice that is going to be a good situation you easily get in there and not been in the script splits and all of a sudden there is not able to leave and never indicated that so I want people to understand it.

Victims are not as minor and they're all described up to three and taken kicking and screaming.

A lot of them go voluntarily in the beginning and that it completely changes. One third of the controller trafficker. I really think that the important and what we been posited in the past and I really want to buy that this is the Dominican Republic. I I love the public have been working there for years vacation, you know they go there buddies on vacation. They go to paradise. You know it's all smoking and joking and let's get a look at the populace all go out get prosecuted for that because of these beautiful women and will hire them for the night. He and I can be so amazing we might be in paradise there and help in your writing, and you might not realize that or how that intention could be that when you're being perfect. It is not voluntary. It is not a voice they've got in their life that they have no other option and are being held against their well so I think the illusion is be scattered around in that it this cool thing in that it worth going over to other countries to rate people. It's disgusting and it meets all the new girls and see their faces and hearing them cry about how they did would pretend they were there when they were being raised better clients dozens of times a day.

It's heartbreaking and they are victim to be seen about so I know a lot of our hearts are going out with a prayer request home with the Lord will provide resources for these girls in a few clicks of your heart right that you can go right to Lanham and certainly submit a donation. There's place to do that again just your mark this money that you want this to go towards 80 women or whatever you feel what you want your mark the money for all means for putting on your heart rescue thank you so much for your prayers and for the list Lanham rescue. Thank you all so much for this report to the this is the Truth Network

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