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Social Media Exploitation

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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August 6, 2022 12:00 pm

Social Media Exploitation

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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August 6, 2022 12:00 pm

Robby is joined by Ren and Lantern volunteer, Whitney, to discuss how and when child exploitation and trafficking happens through various social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and OnlyFans - and how we can work to end it.

A warning: this program contains sensitive content. Listener discretion is advised.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline (NHTH) at 1-888-373-7888.


Blue chicken is so much to do lately. I feel like I have to do then you hear talk about a floating feeling back from vacation. That's mutually estate unchecked investment accounts in just in case you want to retire here with Vanguard advice. No matter what your retirement goals are, we can help you get there.

That's the value of ownership is a and explore Vanguard advice on the things up. At the risk fund euros on the fossil Vanguard services provided by Vanguard advisors, Inc., a registered investment. This is Sam from a magical journey podcast of our goal with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds to enjoy it shirt but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. The following program contains sensitive content listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue is so the intent was to be able to forge a relationship with our child protective services to be a resource and asset for them as well that they can utilize and then also to help aid and assist our local law enforcement, which is an extra set of hands to be able to work specifically as it pertains to children and so as we started this journey we realized for all of our law enforcement guys out there. Make no mistake, I don't want to make this sound easy.

The way that this was done was only God could have done this I would say moving forward that target person is someone that has extensive experience in law welcome to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest we tell the stories we talk about rest.

As we empower you to do something about it said that it not be said I was silent when the welcome to lantern rescue and and honestly today show has me shocked. I is ran and Whitney were describing to me the content of what they wanted to discuss today. I was totally blown away. I had no idea the stuff was going on, and so close to home and so close to my home in the way of social media and what is going on in the exploitation of our young people is just unbelievably rampant. It's scary so Ren can you kinda share what you were telling me how it a lot about our late.

Not only can you new feature lighting and we believe is coming, currently enrolled a lot. So with you being a schoolteacher actually experience some of this close to home right now. That comfortable level of thinking thinking that their conversation exactly right.

There is an absolute hyper explanation of our children and coming. I'm flying. On an electronic device thinking and glad to grandma only and not chat if we go back for a couple years relax and all the thing that I pretty line he was already much like yeah you probably but seeing and hearing me talk about application will in my mind, to the extent that they were willing to normalize manner them any way of life even galore, and being accomplished to be an only hand person or collect money for some of the things they're spending our time growing out of going to take our children back door and an infinity way that I listen to, but I think it's critical that we ran so actually these kids are being paid to do stupid stuff right so are online and illegal way to fabricate their are telling about getting paid out ALCOHOL. Whatever whatever it become of age, I believe. I'm sure there's some type of form of the meeting and make it legalized content in my young age and getting yourself child. Don't let direct relation child is still going to cause problems with this generation and credit card a lot emotionally and mentally. I know when you have a broad topic.

You now experiment were creating and normalize commercial tech industry among children is what is initially happening. I'm not in not finding a way that only progresses to work the uglier thing you think a lot of people probably are out on hearing someone along the way had told them how quick and easy to moneywise for them in the picture of them fell and 81 can even believe you immediately get a little bit with a picture and the money was going to pay them $20 I am then continued to ethically even being 18 and up.

There's definitely right around that I can find a way and with a lot of areas and probably in all of our own. We have had moments where we found a way whether it was the right thing right now. They're going to do that well and without going a lot of detail. There are a lot of stories out there. There are able to do mind that they're making off of the platform really does what you know, I've heard of cases where I will and going adult.

Now it is really weird thing about this perfect moment to view previous when you use the term C-SPAN delineate luster so they can talk about always happy to reiterate child sexual yard child has an implication that it is way voluntary, because there is a legal adult world, children, and never ever voluntary training children anymore at the top and not big voluntary romanticized idea like that. The child is produced from a child he actually felt it is not the is not enjoyable is child sexual material. So it's see so clean I still trying to grasp so many different things like oh my goodness, you know, I've got grandkids and you dislike just a lot of things rushing through my head.

The thing for you know they hear about all this easy money and these other kids are flash and you know fancy clothes or whatever they've gotten from doing them and then you know all of this is so easy. Oh my gosh Satan is just lining them up and that is just unthinkable. But yeah, you're right.

Obviously the people to get a whole these pictures of got all kinds of leverage that they don't need to have. Put out situations or have been tried to their account, then you're putting in adult situation where they have no place to begin with and then escalate. They want more inherent evil of what's going on here is the desire for more and feel that constant desire for more and easy money in Italy.

We talked about but there is a correlation between when children are doing not know about letter that was quite direct relation between people beginning to view and eventually not everyone physically, but people that relate to actual physical all children, so there is a line between arguing not everything young life now know they want the violent, dark, and now they want younger and younger and younger man and then actually going to physically assault child, line 30, then identify now, now not only are you getting direct access.

You can literally message and content because it is the child you have direct act that the now is not okay that Michael abused a child in the future. Now it is horrible and but now it is a particular child. They have ownership: a lot of believe location settings on on a snapshot and it is located. Child is getting addicted and they're going to go find that absolutely fine all involved.

Again, saving those are things we all know our kids have snapshot Instagram you never heard of him. Whatever. But one of the big man those are things that they're obviously arm all the time and are downplayed in etiquette and not enough about now or what they're seeing what their friends are doing not let them down at the dinner table and without the parent and the scary part of it is how you combat if you don't even know it there and it starts with knowing that the possibilities are there hard question. Being willing to take ownership accurate up on that they have in their hand you now and not found. What kind of questions. How would you frame your mom and your daughter. You know Whitney, how would you frame those questions got some pineapple and asked him now and I'm pretty straightforward on paying for it. Your living under my roof and over now but a big part of his expectations early on if you're getting to the point where you're handing your children electronic thing you're off to a point that you should be having discussion is if you're not keeping them what's going on talking to them about the possibilities and what that looked like it might start out in your you're only opening the world and that thing and the world is a harsh teacher really having open conversations with your children and adding boundary at just like you not need to let my kids have some of the begin with you now. Like, what is the purpose of undercoat is leading without poor analysis. There's nothing to hide. And why would you need something like that.

So I see things from a little different view, especially now sitting on the side of things in understanding evil in the world.

I like device alone until there at my house so you can see we got a whole lot will be right back with a whole lot national rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking specializes in sending you a special operation of law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with close visions and assist them in reading specialized combat on genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge trapping is relevant to the second largest from elected estimated $50 billion rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates with training, a national network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery facilitates for operations right now and see how you can support the following program contains sensitive content description is advised. Welcome back to lantern rescue and today's show is oh my goodness what's going on with this super sexualized generation and what's going on with the social media apps that are available to them and so room with the same question kinder to you. How do you approach families kids with these questions so frequently in my life talking about how their child is a girl and her friend had left and give young boy named Matt Billy. Tell me more conversation about this explained that this is talk of the time it will have everything know that you know in your life know what I'll be there issued every time you know where you're at will with the cat.

I think right now, not with my friend lives with their kids and and is always going to have a conversation as well about this. So really the best thing I know I with this ration but have open dialogue about everything.

You know how that open conversations make them feel like they can come to you without getting in trouble and allow them that faith could communicate with you and your kids bring with you in Peter's morning, for example, friend, child, friend is not that she would go to the one for… The situation really. Dr. now… Couple going different. About having open dialogue having a trusted adult in the child's life that are able and really making sure they know that they're not in trouble you to keep them safe, making it also clear why are they hiding my daddy, why aren't they showing you and letting them be in hell forever. You can't just tell them no because I know when it like that, you have to help them dig Peter undetected. Figure out what he thinks he will you know I don't know what you need it because he's not maybe in and let them try to figure that out on their own. Don't really say how you got to help her figure out what and I suspect that will you honey like to think that maybe they don't mean good things like why would you hide your identity comes from a 12-year-old child why would you do that and let them start to figure it out on their own without over regulating none with all you can come here and don't jump to that you don't care that you want and have a conversation with you. That way if it happens again when it probably happens again because of his birth. So with an effective date they feel comfortable coming talking you and they don't collectively protect them.

Going to shut down. It has been more of a conversation that no don't do that because I thought the best I understand that is beneficial at octaves, etc. but when it because the stuff that they're going to be experiencing in their line and you're not going to be able to be there in the phone.the method back to the sender.

You gotta let the child learn how to identify the situations themselves and understand why the bad thing they can behavior on how that's that's great advice from you know that's creating a safeguard for you kids works on all sorts of things, not just this issue. Obviously, where they feel safe, too sure what's going on. If this is it's it's some really scary stuff, but also as teachers out there. You create the same safe space right when want. It is important that teaching is that a ministry opportunity and not every teacher in every classroom very coming to the table. With that in mind that, but if I pray for you as a missionary in the mission field. My heart was respected for being what needed to be seen in the hurt and the things that kids are struggling with an email. To be honest if I look back at our income to consider what the common denominator is if there were their self-worth and what that looks like a damned bill on the parent side of things on the teacher side of things really on all sides pouring into the cave that their value is much more than any photograph there ever any subscriber or follower. They're going to get on their social media to get their work is the highest value and it can't be bought already paid for when Christ went to the cross and even fitting in a in a classroom, I would not hesitate to status things to them because I think it's important valuable in effect search for work. Anything in the platform and the people that are even rent situation.

All of a sudden you feel the value added to your life because cute boy you have a meeting with Pete yet. If interested right teaching your kids what that should look like and how valuable they are is a really good place to start an educator I hope that people are also pouring into these kids that their value and worth is not determined by their path with states or failures but instead we know that it's been predetermined by Christ.

This is wrong.

I can't help but wonder on the legal side, what could we as parents are there some laws are trending back to stop some of this or any ideas yet though, on which is a but want to think that is part of it is requiring provider to proactively monitor their form for patient content and PlayStation content so that is something about it. Talk it out there, but at the end of the day to and criminals are so smart and they're going to find ways around staff for government and legislature in the law trying to work to help protect its but they can't be there and do it all really take a lot of different avenues of approach to the wall doing what it can and parent for doing what they can in the situations and and there's a lot of under practically good as well but you're not at all. So it really the biggest baking as the home structure and ability to communicate with your children and how does conversation is individualized to each child the law and the social media platform try to fix stuff is great, but it is a one-size-fits-all solution that is should benefit all Dell having a foundation for coming in from all these avenues.

I do have hope that we are all open-minded and actually opened being the evil we will be able to combat it. But if people tend to not they wouldn't do that they would they would tell me if you believe living that mindset yet and they're not can it be able to help, but he really does it requires is really uncomfortable and awkward conversation is a hard thing to do but it is so vitally important things I was thinking you know, if you listen you knew what to do. What can I do well. One thing you can do is share this podcast. Tell your friends to keep you care about what you guys need to listen to what this is what is going on with this and then as we become more informed. Obviously we know better how to pray right in the you know our government has the courage to step up against these social media platforms and survey you know the car manufacturers are struggling with their bumpers and we made him spend billions of dollars to make bumper hides all the same. We can certainly get these Internet people to do what they need to do to protect our kids and so those wonderful things to pray about things that we can get the word out and just yourself, you will be educated in what's going on because I just feel like, well, just totally ignore them on what I've learned so important that we speak out is there other ways that you could think of with me was that we should be speaking out any thinking to cover it really well and I think it ran very important point that he willing to talk about these things discussed this thing because it is such a vital part to do and how to start conversations with their kids. It's not can be easy but appear on the parenting side. Parenting is not easy from the kick but for things that have to be discussed but we don't keep in the world will and we know how that lead and prayer. Prayer is huge.

Being on the praying side effect that adds the depth of evil are torn back and revealed that we have been at the church and by Christ to fill the gap and going to keep fighting and pushing back the darkness we see that in and all areas that we work in Atlanta next year right that this is just one of the asset that pours into other debts of evil that we deal with every day one thing I'd like we have time still yet what I really want to find out who is you doing countering your child and they are engaging in behavior that they've been manipulated images or other media people ever. They are not a back if they are not trying to act out is not an affiliate reflection here. Think it is safe in this the kind with the conversation starting with is a direct reflection of the hypersexual relation of this generation, kids sending pictures I was in her underwear a little, you know spelling that has led Instagram page pump trap you run a public so much hypersexual relation right now of the piety and have children that there a lot of time and recognize that they're doing wrong. I know you know you is a little risqué that they not realize because of how prolific the sexualization of this generation has been that there actually doing anything wrong.

If your kids in front of them during the packet please-Grayfield handler and understand that it is a direct question of what's going on in society and it kind of also rolled into it. He was talking aspect of this hyper sexualization is very reflective of what we see and tracking the United States. They don't will not realize their back then because I will after it has only dance I just haven't had attempt that runs my repentance.

My meeting does bit and they don't realize that they're being exploited and being trafficked another being is because everyone is in everyone telling me that the joke is funny though it can be wrong right I keep on trucking victim legal so there's a lot of issues that here and you know maybe we don't attempt to hold on to be really but Ellen Helen is Patrick again.

Not a bad kid.

Give them grace and try to understand their growing up in a different world than what we get in there because believe I have an even different world. We all have to evolve. We all have to do our best to serve our children where they're at today, not where we think they should be based on our childhood also is a need and allowed people to recover in the way they need to recover if they're not ready to they will get there when I ready. Don't force back on and whether voice that is something we all can be played for sure this should get the word out right bring some light like lemon rescue if the ideas bring alignment help people see the way simply because sure this information say thank you so much for infection with me. I this is good Truth Network

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