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Prayers For Haiti

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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November 20, 2021 12:00 pm

Prayers For Haiti

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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November 20, 2021 12:00 pm

While chaos reigns in Haiti, God remains sovereign over all, so Mark, TC, and Alan are joined by Sean of the Hands and Feet Project and Walter, a Haitian missionary, to create a powerful prayer team for the people of Haiti.

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Causes reward your mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. This is the Truth Network. The following program contains content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue job that required a lot of people you are traveling get hijacked, but here we are going back to the Old Testament Abimelech country in West Africa and the images that I've been given it already and were familiar with no children. They cut out child and body was there. Don't the ritual is happening in the hundreds hundred's, welcome to lantern risk ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when the welcome to an amazingly special. I couldn't be more excited about this episode of lantern rescue because you, the listeners get to take part in what were doing today. As this. This show is basically as you'll discover a prayer for Haiti and all is going on there, which seems overwhelming. But God is not surprised by all that goes on and so Marco let you take it from there to have the show today for our listeners to participate in an art show that sometimes we try not to be tactical in our conversation so that it's understood by all. But we end up still thought a lot about, things but I want everybody in our lives are based on everybody here supports us to know that Ashley's initial ingredient of everything that we have ever doubted that she is individuals rescue the people we've arrested everything that's occurred is really up prior and I would have to save all the countries I work in, and probably allergies the same Sean offered on the subject. I don't know if upright more than I ever have prayed and 80. I know every single operationally ever done. There is just been just addict start with prayer and in the middle of it, you know, we had to pray. So when I come to the situation at wet now in Haiti and are it's a much-needed situation in Haiti need to read the news will be a catch up. Got some pressing matters even outside of the counter tracking that's occurring there in our efforts there. We've got missionaries, American missionaries are being held hostage, including beyond that there American patient survey, people may not be fully aware of their Dominicans who are being held hostage.

There are games that are in a continual struggle for power there that short of everything from fuel in the country as a place that no country for state what you gotta have changed and all of our efforts in different fonts and actions that were taking. Gotta be covered in prayer and so really shows about two weeks ago. Later my heart that we should just shut when we display and even before this show airs there might be resolution to some of the issues in Haiti on the commissary this weekend, but it still is that negate the fact that there are Christian brothers and sisters both American invocation desperately need our prayers and we need to pray for this nation. So I thought about it a little bit, nor displayed. Actually, these folks that are all a lot.

A couple one able to make it but I'm excited to have each one of them and start by just having Sean would introduce yourself organization you're with, and even something about yourself and your unique that eliminated so. And so on and on with the project I've been working in Haiti in varying capacities, whether tort or back-and-forth or living there full-time 2000 and Lexmark said the Hades in its current date is troubling to say the least. Being on the ground a few months after the quake in 2010 really good leader compared to the Haiti that we see now not to say that the pain and heartache and all the debt that was in 2010 was not weight weighty and painful. But today is different.

The big cave in the heartache and the turmoil is different, and holy the Lord to break off the same because as we see all the human hand involved and the problems continue to mount some tell us about yourself. I got my head with a lot of different opportunities a lot of revision work opportunities and for some reason the Lord continues to place the NAD allowed to work in 80 will live there married been married going on below 18 years and three kids lower and 80 no L4 to file two adopted third in the church world served in the mission field work commercial construction… Also the thing but Haiti has been a constable in the life that the Lord you 2010 and is interesting to see how it evolved and I'm excited to be what the Lord has in store. Not just in Haiti but maybe the DR or anywhere else that you would think that you ask this and also in the studio with me.

Actually, we have another prayer team member is Walter and so Walter can you can introduce yourself to our listeners sure my name is Walter Patty and I spent some time, and in Haiti working with the mission group building primarily orphanages, so that started. I guess in 2010 I was there once before in their late 80s and didn't have a chance to go back for a while but started with the group. There work in an orphanage and in Haiti in the 2010 up important. Pray.

So I guess probably one of the things it stole my heart about this beautiful people.

This is how much love and care.

The heifer of the Christian believers because their fuse. Aaron Mike initially they struggled so much what's going on but they're the only ones with hope and so that's good to see that you can spend time there was people and and find people in that situation with a smile face because of what's in the heart. I guess the thing that spoke to me the most was once when I was leaving Haiti. From there, working on orphanage there was a family outside of the orphanage that tried to give their child to me to bring back with them. I realize then how desperate and how difficult life was in Haiti for most of those people that the family would give up child in hopes of a better life for them. 12 so we also have with us today our regular team members Alan and TC and so mark your readiness to get down to the prayer part start off without one more commitment like that but merely went to God's people of Egypt comes the Haiti they were needed. 400 years ago dressed and then God, the complete book point here was that there hope purported years they had made a medical to be delivered out of that oppression so that I get my focus would be hope for the people of Haiti that hope given the right conditions are under way.

She's a safe been oppressed by so many different things as economics or gain lack of leadership, lack of government thing I would like to look at and pray for his people located at hope know that God is there. He can do anything you do is ask you come through when you think of the way you shows you a way to measure with that would be no will come through for people Haiti. That's where like start coaxing the current the hope of the people of Haiti not to late. The strike strengthened in God in ways that inform them by us, join them in prayer for that is a mistake that pray Mel is with I believe it. You asked the Lord to come through.

You know it's not that worrisome versus Vista economic Reagan. I know that I know Godzilla work is miracle cloak elected accomplices people's enjoyment clerk pray for both links that often say Lord I just thank you for being that God, being the creator and the giver of all things in the situation in Haiti.

I discussed with her hand upon each and every one of those individuals.

This classifies either by forces with a similar unable to conquer and work to this pray that you will partner heart and mind and are sold you are in control. You are all powerful. No one can succeeded our no one can challenge you, Lord, and that you will bring these people to you closer to you.

Give them the hope was times of desperation will strengthen them by whatever means, whether it's people like us come over there to help them whatever it takes. Just to let them see that sparkle with hope. Let us growing mature interest in emboldening their hearts. Father, that is my hope and my wish for the people of Haiti. I know you'll do. Sean has been of the study over the Lebowski as I give the kingdom of God himself looking Hades he the darkness and evil are travailing to get off them, the second got Keegan Reagan, silk, and that Alan was ignoring ideas. Hope that that the kingdom of God comes up with the yeller, God, you are good your compassionate your merciful, as we look at Haiti we can be troubled. We can often feel that you forgotten your people. The Lord I pray that you would renew our hearts and minds of our faith and assurance in you and your kingdom on earth.

Pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti love that they would not lose sight of the kingdom they would not lose sight of the hope and the faith that they have been you and the power that you do in their lives and in their in their country when we trust that the that your kingdom is good Lord and we pray that it would rain on your kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven.

Lord, we pray for Jesus to be mighty among your people that we pray for revival among the gay Lord that you would do a mighty work in them. Lord, that the their desire to live in fear Lord will be changed. Lord baby again of Loveland with a changes in the community for what they want because of how you're working through them. Judith located for the government or their lack of gas shortages for food insecurity, Lord, for lack of work it and you could think of despair use with your kingdom come, there be there be help with their be light at the end of this dark road use. Would you give us in the American church, a burden for Haiti vertically country that without them that are in bondage with you partner heart starts to pray for the more that we can use avenues to pursue how we can be involved in something outside of our bubbles and ourselves that we would be a participant in your kingdom coming. All the momentum we got a break so we come back we'll have a lot more prayer and you can join us for veteran Mark and TC interesting was a faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Their host nation trafficking is thrown into the second largest criminal activity in the world reaching an estimated $150 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat And operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic aftercare services are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support them financially. The following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to lantern rescue in this very special prayer that were doing today for the country of Haiti and joined by Sean and Walter and Alan and TC and Mark and so we referred several prayers but I guess it's Walter's turn. So Walter Petty taken away. Okay Lord we just want to thank you for the opportunity of being able to come to the throne of grace and ask for your strength and your guidance in situations like were dealing with in Haiti got its only that the change torques it will make a difference and that can only be done by you on. We thank you for the commitment that the chief and the promises you made us, and that you hear our prayers and answer our prayers that we just we pray that you would continue to give the believers their hope and encouragement, and that your word would spread and grow and that the hearts of people be changed got it, we would see the political and spiritual environment change in Haiti and that you would supply the needs of the people there through the shortages of fuel and food: we we hear the horror stories of hunger and in pain and lack of medical care and and and the destruction and the evil of of gangs, but I just pray that you would protect your people that you would give them strength and peace during those times that other facing difficulties that are before them, follow, pray for the hostages that are currently being hailed a pray God that you were just encouraging them in their hearts and building them the hope to your you know all that's going on and none of the trials and tribulations in the pains we suffer wasted. You will be glorified and honored through Sendai God do the things that only you can do the things that that that meet the needs these people that no one else can take credit for change the hearts of people give hope decent dependency on you and given protection in these difficult times or just continue to work among the volunteers and people that go there to work to organize the right people at the right time for the right job.

God give them the tools and strength necessary or that you might be glorified in all things Christ and amen, amen. So we are now also joined by TC and NTC before you pray I'm wondering about you know what your heart is for those people as you're so close to the situation. People on our trip there any good, but it has been but we will request by the great people you met there every penny plant equipment and about the country cares about justice and about to depression and things like that is encouraged to go that and really we never heard complaint from them doing the work I've been request with the heart of good people there trying to do great things about and I go back up the very top spot. So that's what I think.

I do not inability to get back. You can do makes me sad really well.

So if she would just go ahead and start praying you pray for people and you know that the church that United Church of the work and paid no exception in churches that had already been mentioned in true church. I pray that justice is brought back there. That the corruption that is there would be surprised your church. Your people living righteously and doing justice that you had community as so often in Scripture.

Great epidemic. They have a hard-core that they're able to endure in pursuit of justice or nuclear prospect himself a good idea.

Pray for the hot dog related medical practice.

Much kidnapping and corrupt political thinking that I did think of your action got it correct people work for those who just cannot take care of himself quickly get back on the mind, my heart cried. That will promote better data DNA matrix.

And all that strong movement.

Thank you so much TC and Mark that I think everybody is said here is the impression that the Haitian people have left on us years of to work there with Eric.

Eric trafficking efforts, but part of that that was knocked out what it is about churches taking me into going groundwater throughout the southern part of the island and I will say all the countries that are getting which are norms that number honestly from Iraq to Syria to Africa to Asia. I have never met believers like I've met in Haiti have there is something special about the Christian community in Haiti is amazing. I understand service on top and hearing a senator was also pastoring that nation lead a prayer revival country without two years ago and I felt manic if if Americans played with it else. What this man is pray his nation, how much greater would America be… I like it happened around nation.

It is job.and I just comment to say that God would agree. I've never met never met Christian discomfort, I haven't paid so it's hard to watch what's happening there but I tell you I know this God said to get water, pray let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace.

Why, that we might obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

And so Robbie object my head here in this truck can be a pray. Thank you guys for joining us. Thank you to illustrator and witness are outdated or driving to work wherever they're at listing that they are praying the prayer for the Christians in Haiti, the country okay father Haiti is so divided right now they're just so many grievances are so many complaints so much political distrust are so many issues with James.

There are so many people on all sides of different issues and I really know that all of them feel they're not being given justice and there seems to be a tremendous loss of up of a common goal and vision for the nation of Haiti. There seems to be something lacking that would unite them. When I asked that your spirit will travel throughout the land of eight. It would raise up for leaders of integrity that he would communicate your values, your vision, and those powerful Christians that we all talk about on the show that we know you would give them a super value envision that they can that they are able to transition, knit and translate that to the masses there that people would hear their voices and not the voices of the gang leaders pray that rather than rebellion in resisting you a place to people's heart and willingness to listen to and follow those there that have good counsel those leaders that have good direction those leaders that have a righteous heart there so much rebellious right now that are so much rebelliousness they needed turnaround. The Lord they were dishonoring you because you're looking bad, praying that there would be that there would be a revival in Haiti just like our country just like every country in the world. It starts with couples and families, they would be strengthened and that there would be unity. Beginning in the home of the righteous king and I know to in Haiti that I know that there are missionaries who are being persecuted Christians who are being persecuted and I confess right now we for a conference. America danger personally on me in this moment, or there's danger for my brothers there. My sisters there.

We live in a country where the worst thing that can happen to me might just be a flat tire little bit of discrimination all social media you have it is right now.

My brothers and sisters in Haiti. They don't ask it they are experiencing a lack of protection there experiencing a hopelessness and even as Alan prayed that Lord we have to give hope to these people cannot forget, and the apostle Paul says to live is Christ, but to die is gain. And I know that heaven would be a relief and a wonderful place some limitations.

That's how they feel just as well for sure that the willingness to give up your child because you're so desperate. Can we imagine that Lord help those people not to lose hope that you are with and that you have not forsaken them when I pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven, that it be done in a I pray that the American government that my nation that he would attempt to exercise more pressure for those who are being held hostage. They would reach out to the international bodies and that it would that it would he would direct an effort to fix the wrongs in Haiti help us as Americans in my country to be a force for justice on behalf of of the groups that are being mistreated.

There I pray that I would remain mindful that we would remain mindful of every man and woman in Haiti that we know personally that will not let them be forgotten that we were exercise whatever influence we can have good exercise that influence on their behalf's sword is Jesus merciful name that I pray, amen and amen and so those of you list all my goodness, what an opportunity you have to share this episode right and this prayer, so that other people will join us in prayer you can hear the passion of all these people that are in the and connected to the situation so as Lord puts it on your heart, share this episode share with your friends what what you heard that that more and more people will be praying for Haiti and as I close this and in and in a short prayer Lord, thank you that you are raising up such amazing, wonderful people and I I do pray with all my brothers that they would see this glimmer of light.

This hope that you've instilled in all of them to know that that is you and your on your way. I pray that they would since you're coming and that they would feel you rising up a leader someone to get behind.

Like Moses that that would raise them up to give them freedom from sin and all those kind of things, not just from what their experience and I thank you that real salvation is available to all of us because of what you some Jesus name I pray that this is the Truth Network

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