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Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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November 13, 2021 12:00 pm

Modern Day Molech

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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November 13, 2021 12:00 pm

Mark and Ren share two recent trafficking survivor stories and discuss the instability and dangers complicating their work in Haiti, as well as their work in combating child kidnappings in two West African countries, who are observing a month of child sacrifice.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network.

The following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised previously on lantern rescue the trial itself wasn't until I was 17 when he was first arrested, he was in jail for three days before they decided that he was safe to be in the community and that he wasn't a flight risk, so they released him and he went home and as long as he went to his court date is fine for processes such long process. It took 4 1/2 years. He was found guilty on March 2020, but that it wasn't until June of this year that we went back to court for sentencing on 15 years welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rush we tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about what should not be said I was silent when the fasten your seatbelt today on lantern rescue all my goodness, we've got some updates for you, but you better hang on your seat right now is like this year especially talk about it area, one right after another unit, but there are things outside of the countries that we are help you chart you would try to be helpful so the 50,000 foot overview and our operations are becoming clearer. So the list are completely knows a little more than we pass out. You know there's are our specialized unit which are the American guys and women and people that are from America and we set up the program. We train and then we even initiate rescues with help with intelligence. Ali said as we continue to grow and we work in a country I hope is that they take ownership of this and they began to work on now, we actually have some places that have not happening it out because just the turmoil are difficult but places that are happening is that in the computer country in the Caribbean. We have a wonderful transport. She's working there chasing somebody hard cases right now and were excited about that. I was in West Africa are blisters that we have a whole operation. There and even recently, the general country contacted us and said we need your help this month especially ally we have our help you what what you need. What were running order where were handling cases of tracking what what you need us. To date, except we really need the strongest of the police that you're trying allow insurance challenges. We need you to go to a particular area of our country because this is child sacrifice sacrifice so a lot of people. Yes, trafficking can get hijacked, but here we are going back to combating things is God like the Old Testament, Amalek here we are combating that so this picture country in West Africa, villages, dark art video.kidnapping kids and the images that I've been given, and already lit were familiar with this note was a whole month and they take the organs out of the children. They cut the child out of the child and eventually leave his body.

Once they're done with this with the ritual.

So this is happening like Janet 15. This happens in the hundreds and the hundred unit is region and so what we've done is with the effect that would identify the area that the communities it is and then we are going to preop and planning right now see where our team is even budget. We can effort that reach into your to set up extra patrols to chase down smugglers and kidnappers of people are going this out. That's it. In one area but Asia region. Recently we are making an effort to teach them how to stay birthday Bob is the Penal Code all short.

It doesn't necessarily work that activity. So where the billow of working legal fee and some organizations that help put together a conference or the Atty. Gen. of the two countries, including some of their Supreme Court justices so that we can actually get the Penal Code to support its definition of human trafficking and the punishment that should occur for that prosecution. So yeah that's very large project is it's a really open door that's I think special and when it cracked open. I mean I were running through it to place the right people to do that. My mom conference or training our specialized unit best if I left there I would just make a statement to say Janie to pray, the parties issue that stand, where are you saying my whole changes as relationships there and heavily involved as well. Warmer operators until people at work there have been blogging there's been a lot of things done there is a lot of things that also probably work the best.

But your work were still in the middle of helping and providing critical security rescue and you want, check out our yellow is his work were early small group yes Bob will there that work was and you just haven't advertised that long John's radio show what I'm saying right now but we have that you rescue operation and not just be in prayer that so I did something and there's other places. Another thing is going to review Rob getting questions from that war is, I'm sure a lot of people say oh my goodness, yes, we need to pray that human sacrificing month is just something that just absolutely unbelievable now, but you know when you got a team going into come up against that.

That seemed like a completely different kind of structure I know you are just as our connected or at least hear leaders of that area at work Job market Africa missionaries were together. He there are tribal structure that is very respected and their major religion that I care respected here about that help you find out more people are too scared to speak up whatever combat prayer ranging so it's difficult to hear, but by the same tuk-tuk it's really feels good to know why we need to be praying about this, we need to be praying about a situation in Afghanistan even know when I'm to know any of the details because obviously that's top-secret stuff, but you know it's nice to know that that there's something going on and we can be praying for hearing on the ground as part of the support team and then the Haiti situation is just another big prayer request right consuming. These guys are really facing unbelievable challenge that they are and will address that will talk about what really conversation about right though I don't really have had you have our every week and every case is important to us and I think everything under the sun but still there are some survivors that we want to share their story not require sale honor survivor so people understand what girls little girl go through a reach over and look at their own children say all got you so much like interstate today and not in our environment and just take it from there out here with Robbie about no market mentioned about the Penal Code overhangs and how it not happening enough in the meantime, a lot of fighting thereafter or indirectly in conjunction with the rescue of the and we back in time in 2023 right Penal Code. I want a country that we work in tracking and make a lot and I make these arrest and prosecution better not looking for and when you going. Not only helping with the path and making sure that the rapture happening in the will live in get trickier punishments in the trafficker. I happily have been really really amazing that I'm referring to Matthew their way way over in Africa that had been going up learning farming with been farming with him about seven or eight he decided he wanted to be an animal can they really want to work on the farm if you want to go to school and get a kid. His dad wasn't real thrilled about that he thought him you a farmer in the neck country over anyone to give the kid anymore and he wanted me to relax and he could then without even being you and treated like the traditional files by me to keep a picture back in America back in the olden days when we had labor here and find that's kind of what life form of slavery for years before he escaped and our team is able to help him getting out and getting. They play craving… Caffeine lot slavery and horrible but their authority more traditional file slavery what people think about slave trade in America and that story that really excited about really amazing really try to cover everything and anything. This girl way taken for intelligence with your gold from a village in Africa taken by women will powder in her house and explain that she is doing now torn down.

How can identify with and how and that man is friends with implementing the coming over to the house he thought young girl in a fire can grow up and he started becoming when he became older. Around a teenager.

He offered the woman money you found him right that he and the girl did not want to go with him refusing to go to market outbuilding. Then it became a portly break.

If we think you 1/4 marriage situation. Courts married a man, 14, 15. At the time and he was refusing to population but him. He didn't want to be there. That now you think he was being really really graphic And human kind taking it hearing like that. Meanwhile he would hundred the marketing of a couple dollars to go back to work and she would keeping accomplishment – UI hiding and how you stated that and then we ate and that money will come close to a and and people found her in and got our team hear the story and the fact that fellow Harvard girl they take care of her gator and I'm a caring and close in the day he is anything comparable number to figure it out walking their village and they see that guy in a row and kind of general question that I direct them to the village get there and see if I left find girls home apparently feel that they fear they have respect team now is kind of childlike and I'm tired of crying that he, perhaps, that they're just so grateful that she's home he can't believe it. That, unfortunately, her father had become paralyzed in that time remember their own event so I came home with a grin with open arms held Howard back to living in a really undeveloped Africa and our team They had to have a career doing and I will be anything I can directly following her every three to jump in here Mark come back.

We got so much more to share faith-based organizations and international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates gearing up for operations right now and you can rest see how you can support the following program contains sensitive content including accounts of sexual abuse and suicide listener discretion is advised. Welcome back to this amazing episode really of lantern rescue of the stories and updates are mind blowing that Mark you wanted to add a little bit more understanding to the young lady story, but that we just heard yet that is something that we see a lot and that is your higher class visual a business are supposed business owner or wealthy family. Land Rover Lexus into that village and they will act as if they are there to help somebody here sometime some type of benevolent person they want to take children that they want to give him an internship business and kids can work.

There are young you work there and send money back to their families and and so this evening means in this story we see it everywhere and that is a wealthier couple came to these parents and said, look, your child needs to be in school will cover her school bill. Let us take her and get an education and that's what started the trafficking of this child so you can imagine. I mean I cannot be kind of a badger being these parents who met well because they're so poor, they have no options there (you future for their childish school of education that I hear from her. She's going to get a job, maybe, shall be an art you work in the government you can imagine her aspirations is that they hug this child goodbye and suddenly never hear anymore. They can't call anybody. There's no. 911.

There is no missing persons report. There's nowhere to go for help. Ghetto and and so now the this little child is inhaled. I mean, this gives left and are you nervous about school probably did now finding out she's not school she's not about slave and now you know. She also we got run off images of this girl. She is 17 and her back is so clogged she has been beaten from corner to corner on her back scars, scars probably travel back to six and seven and eight only through her life, so that when they have nowhere to turn a nowhere to go to.

This is something that we try to address a particular factor. We have a counter trafficking office lantern has a layer so that's become such a good thing because when this girl escape 17 and she's running for her life and she has nowhere to go.

She comes to somebody and that somebody goes want nowhere to take. I know that they only make this good.

They don't trust police necessarily another whirl in this region, so a lot of a lot kidnapping situation trafficking there elected even if there is a solid Outlook is a police force to go to there elected to go to the police force because it is probably corrupt right so having there and having that present of being American and having a train group of people. There's a comfort there. That's not initially, and so house success occurs. Am so happy about the store because this girl got to somebody coming from another country who knew about having lunch with us that we can give her secure patches that get her to the office you are taking care of our cover story so clearly that's just the same of God Mark. I mean, that's the thing you see is just making people know this is what's going on but all the moms out there about you imagine your little girl all school your child have actually nowhere to turn.

No one will listen and that that is the problem why trafficking is so such a big issue. This is one of the problems.

One is just nowhere to turn to lantern work or try to give people place to turn to the little boy the basic slavery memories. We share a story about a boy or were involved in a case or were there a boy, I cannot help but think about the country of I will shout this show.

Well, because in Haiti years ago me my first encounter slavery would have a system that's actually allowed to slay children after the earthquake because there were so many will Haiti everybody used maybe a touch or not touch with the news current situation yesterday is that the MC is removing saying to leave their baby. There are people out like you're gonna close that I think is just a part-time.

We had this conversation on the radio. This is how you know I'm a child is the radio show started and we alerted our listeners that I Haiti try to leave me no more flights to Haiti and yet we continue to offer their energy going down the Rebecca Gmail 19 line down on a plane by myself and/commercial flight that I can get you Haiti never shut them all down and landed in the embassy left the day before and how much hope I was able to bring those people just my presence, so I think though the situation now is even worse if the gangs have clearly gotten old US government aftercare effort. All on so outside of that.

What I know that you where everything – I got up this morning on the diesel tank that had been brought ghetto field again shot holes in it and right now as we speak is being poured out like is just going outside right next to some I thought a patch on so I just out of curiosity, why would they do that and let it control is to create an environment of pandemic. Yet chaos and they have deftly created chaos, the rent you got it you got something to comment on any comparing contrast versus what looked in Haiti over there rescuing kid Haley you know they're able people able to walk hard and they're able to get right in the back of a motorcycle car. It can help were able to get them food close.

It will Africa is not perfect where our office is that it pretty people were able to run the operation rate in countries like Haiti right, especially right now we can get To go rescue the people we can't get everyone in the same location that one is new and can get back were not even able to go to the people that need help down there. We can't get it creamy and first time we've been operating in Haiti.

One of you believe in working with there for a long time not come in there afraid that Brandy killed the first time that we've ever been in Haiti that people thought. I think in a knot but the people ~not come. It's not dangerous down there right now crazy.

It is such a stark contrast bar operation in Africa than the one needed filled air in your face all had Hartline help victims of human trafficking that they physically can't. And when the violence is so bad until extreme and just so widespread that only he knock at my get killed trying to get there that it's heartbreaking and where were trying to find a way to navigate it right now. Probably a lot of churches that heroes probably reload show some point in that churches ministry, they probably given or done something in Haiti right now from your church and our listeners have been there back in 2013 1415 note there is going to happen when a great steak place. There were no kidnapping. There was no there was. I have heard it was always a good thing.

Now this year alone. I think the caseload kidnappings well over 600. Just this year. That's the ones that are reported, I would say five times that were not reported to Stephen last week last week. In the case of someone who was kidnapped, which I have direct contact with. I had used a smaller game was taken by the gangs currently hold the others but what happened and that is how we make recommendations. They look kidnapping unit will take you into the office will file report without the government that will authorize force people that we have and we can do something, just like I mentioned it after like the cop slid into that silly right they pay the money usually is reduced.

Lawmakers rally in Haiti. Lots of Van Slyke $1000 to settle for like will grant so your date they scrap together get that money may pay it and the person was released.

Thankfully, because sometimes you all know we need that we need to develop more.

No drug family on but that's how hopeless the government situation is people and so there are handling their own navigation are handling their own cell negotiation time is why we have so much to pray for you can hear around the world and were so grateful to you guys doing and know how we can thank you so much for listing today joined us in this battle against this is the Truth Network

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