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What's Going on the World?

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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July 24, 2021 12:00 pm

What's Going on the World?

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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July 24, 2021 12:00 pm

The team talks total number of rescues in 2021, current political instability in Haiti, and is joined by Clint and Lily of Ballistic Advantage and Jason of American Keystone Tactics to discuss an upcoming fundraising event for Lantern Rescue in Florida.


Joanne McNair with the podcast story Mema and answered prayer for stories that point children to God your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds enjoying it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue shaking his father is and decide whether it seeks she has betrayed the – – or where to risk a ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to white the way to freedom. This is lantern.

We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about what should not be set.

I was silent. Oh my, I'm so excited for this episode of lantern rescue because of your like me you been sitting on the edge of your seat for a few weeks trying to find out what's going on in the world what's going on with the lantern rescue team and random error has been just a whole lot going on right where the world lately. We wanted to get out, though, our total 2021 are only halfway through the year.

We have 100 hundred and 19 patient… It's got good of me that's just blows my mind. That's awesome. Anything that really excites me because we don't trust the numbers is actually our people to help us here in the states.

Keep track of that and when I hear that things are told was out force that makes me motivated because my team.

I mean, the reason we we we leave this country are volunteer our time and effort free of charge.

These governments we embed ourselves with the agency or law enforcement people we train so you were not staying in the Marriott honey and we sweated out day in day out in my teammates. We get sick from the food we sometimes and then obviously the dangers of what we do from being kidnapped or being shot to any other scenario you could ever possibly imagine. Could happen in the face all those at the end of the day reason.

We do all that is so that a child's life is changed man. I mean, I know how exciting that is to hear that number because that's only grown every year in our effort is producing princes as investigations.

A great deal of those results in an arrest. I'm not sure it is at all hundred and 19 interest or that a large portion of that not every traffic. And waiting down the road. I'm sure all the chapter you know what our listeners to know is my team gets you so excited about rescue believe we really excited about rest when we make an arrest is because it we know it results in arresting someone who is an old trafficker that that may affect 200 churches that have to be exactly exactly.

So nothing like zipped on somebody… Brings up the middle picture of zip tie MS so well, so there is that. But is your list of those things that could possibly happen Mark I was thinking about. While some really really crazy things have happened, and fortunately God is. Had you guys, like there in the in the right place at the right time for what's going on.

Can you share some background world lately everything changed to be taking control after that though, you really need for parking down there. They can be very scary situation and waiting for the future holds for Work on time for a list of her previous episodes. The background and the work to get involved with all the government in Haiti when you take out the press to write all this stuff is up for grabs. And so this is a critical part of the operation is you guys are moving.

We lost several friends and those that we trained in recently in Haiti. They were you us to do a another type of operation in the loss of their lives and so we feel for the country. But right now, one of our strongest contacts and really the shining star in Haiti. I would call in Elsie's name it. He's leading a lot of the operation along with one of our teammates in two to make the rest is.

Also, are you involved in that. Will you know when you work in a country you're in the community you have to do community things you have to help out. You know, and we have an extensive network on that island both sides of the both countries in know a lot of people from the top down and were able to help everyone who can be held in your office. If the IHSS donors will do what they can. But honestly, works for more extensive on the side of the island so you know what were doing a lot to help in helping them. They know our heart and they know we really care about their country and that results in better collaboration down the road and right and if you listing an opportunity really to engage in what is really really current event this minute. How would you suggest our listers price. You know, pray for righteous people of Haiti that there will be lifted up and raised up and put in the place because there are great people in that country know a lot of people have a lot of questions about Haiti.

Why doesn't it work and all that but I'm just say this way that the gains of Haiti have got to be suppressed, and right now that's the primary goal is really not this investigation about who you assassinate the president on the necessary hard ever really put their finger on, but with you today. Some of you do it again for me the current Prime Minister can go to his office.

He right now because is held by gangs of Fremont have a seminary elementary school. It was taken over by gangs and so that has to be dealt with this the same gangs that run the trafficking you know the guns, but the drugs and in the children so that has to be addressed in this is a great opportunity to finally do that. I think I and so, on the other side of that opportunity. There's some other really cool stuff going on yes what were excited about the show today and we got a couple people on with this that I don't think our listers.

I know they haven't heard their names before so I'm sure a little bit about who they are and it was happening. So if you microphone or Instagram social media, see event in Florida that charity event and were just super excited about it because like I told you in the past, the Robbie we don't know what we need sometimes in we have faith we believe that God knows and so yours provides and provides the resources people. Everything in this event, playing out that way we can event this being hosted and put on by ballistic advantage and I want to introduce some of the folks we have on the line here. So quit is with us and he's currently the director of business development, a ballistic advantage in the man behind the line of Hansen barrels of our listeners are military and a lot of our veterans and things in your gun people you know ballistic advantage know that name brand. He's also been a firearms industry for 12 years and his work with Lucy Vance for the last 10 years is oversight have clear and also got Lily. She is been in the firearms industry for 10 years. She works as a firearms instructor.

She's also the marketing coordinator for ballistic advantage and previously did some work as a translator in Senegal. The car working.

She worked in orphanages medical treatment centers and codify know we connected for the connection to my rescue list management through her with her work in Africa and then one of the phone here that got introduce a lot of people come to me. They say hey Mark, did you learn to do you do and the sky played a part of that role in helping me with my technical skills that you know I'm able to turn around now, years, and put into other people overseas and S Jason right here on on the line with us is a close friend of mine and one of the best instructors of paddy 17 years in the Army tenure special forces to multiple deployments in Afghanistan, a few places Iraq as well special for sniper. He's been a sea QB instructor for SF any created day instruction coming on American Keystone tactics in their part of this event as well in Florida and he started the Keystone tactics because really local and state PD back in his home state. The really were proficient a lot of the stuff we started training them. He picked up some other private clients and now he works with ballistic advantage during partnership and he's a sponsored shooter for three gun and three got is a is in our listers log know what that is on Robbie but three gun and other events is to restart issue three gun because all the local charity matches around the soft community and now really it's a full-time hobby for him and so I just got think these guys for what they're doing for later rescuing who they are as individuals and bring them on the radio. Thank you so much for being here today.

Yeah. And so you know, obviously I'm sure listeners are like Lily is good. You know what it what is going on in Florida. Yes we all charity shooting event know where working with training complex I getting people can come out though.

He'd never held a great night raffle entertainment every bit of help generate awareness and donation. What a beautiful thing is I'm just thinking about it because people are raving about how bad guns are coming. Here's a situation where really opportunity for people to see the good that did. Actually, firearms can be involved in his right and Jason is an expert really at all the stages. I would consider him that JC might sure share a little bit to this event so there's two main stages, three side pages to one side, pages managed to put up a three-way AR platform wanted paintballs 300 yards able to flee shoot a bow and you hit it water whatever splatters most when that rifle and vortex donating a scope as well go with it, but they do big footnote to Crystal for this event, one of which you can win on the side stage could be faster time to take on that day, and same thing with another BA rifle just to be a quick little burger stage at this time. When that rectal all this is to risk your life and your team's so you can go on practice and register on there or you go to murky and click on the scheduled event and it kinda gives you a general summary of what can it take place as well as the link to sign up to show up in person by ticket and then he can see that stages many times you want. So what was the dates Sunday the 29th so it's this coming Sunday, so July 20 really doesn't Florida area were you know where promoting a course.

I think we got people come from all over Monte are team leaders can be there and looking forward to help announcing out the day to come back to the recovery like to talk to plant. I like to talk to Lillian adjacent to and they can maybe share specialist management Texture Why They Partner with Us Know What Was Their Passion on All Back Was so Much More Is Usually More so Than We Got Time on Their International Operations for People Suffering from Human Trafficking Lantern Specializes in Sending Former US Special Operations Law Enforcement and Intelligence Personnel Department with Host Nations and Assist Them in Reading Specialized Units Combat on Genocide, Terrorism Is a Nonprofit Charity Offer Services Free of Charge. Human Trafficking Is Thrown into the Second Largest Collective Human World Reaching an Estimated $50 Billion Activity Lantern Rescue Was Developed Rapidly to Combat and Operates through a Train International Network in Order to Rescue Women and Children, Sex and Labor Slavery and Facilitate Gearing up for Operations Right Now and See How You Can Support Welcome Back to Lantern Rescue and Listing Coming up in Florida. We Got so Much Going on Ballistic Bandages Just Show It and so I Was Wondering What Inspired You Guys to Want to Do This for You. You Were Capable of Doing so. A Big Part of What We Do Is Create a Product That You Likely Also to Create Jobs and Liquid across the Last Six Years We Have Been Talking Even More. At This Point but Go to Get Back Something That You Really Security Not Just Arming Citizens with a Gun, but We Do Something beyond That Specific like This so Being in This Industry and Seeing so Much of This Dark Side of the World like That Pertained Is Not All Just Point and Have a Good Time to Things Are Happening so Father Specially Something to Really Make It All Worthwhile Thing That We Did Was Never Just about Making Money Minister, Walk the Line of Integrity and Giving Back in the Right Reasons and Not Doing Things for the Wrong Reasons. So This Really Really Well Aligned with Our Mission Statement Is Accurate, but I Think Also to Give Back Something Substantial like Extender Graft Little Bit Where We Can Make a Difference. So William Is Quite Something. So, from Your Perspective, Lily College, You Get behind the Scenes for You Every Day for a Couple of Mine and What Might Get Fired and Went Black Granite by Opportunity and Read Everyone Holds a Very Important Ability Come up with Cool Project out the Bottom Line for You Now and Not Losing Sight of What Really Matter Though When Opportunity to Help Other and Help Are Going to Do so Will I First Really Is Awesome and Served Jason for You As Well.

Apparently You Been in You Know the Team for a Long Time but Can You Come to Share with Us How You Feel about Being Connected Lantern Firm Believer That My Chance Been Lucky Enough to Make It through All My Deployments Unscathed That I Met Mark A While Back Instructor Would Train Him up and More Learn about the Stuff Just Fell in the Place like Vantage Content Shoot down in Florida a Couple Months Ago That Open up Doors to Work with Element and a Different Lantern and Then It Just Everything to Spell Where Did and Were Able to Put This Opportunity on Great to Be Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself Because It's Not the Recognition That We We Look for Partnership Demand. We Feel Alone. A Lot Of Times with the Law and the Countries Ran Were Being around Governments Will See Anybody but Us. A Lot Of Times We Should Know We We Hear A Lot Of Rumbling around the World about Trafficking and We Hear about Other Organizations and Things but We Never See Anybody. We We Really Don't and Were Trying All That We Can to Rescue a Kid and Arrest Somebody and to Come Back and Then Have a Manufacturer like Bliss Advantage to Have an Instruction Company like Keystone Tactics and Then Also List out Some of the Other Vendors That Are Part of That Day.

I Can't Tell You How Much of an Encouragement. It Is to Us to Keep Going Because It's Hard Man I Mean Is This Rough and We We Sometimes Don't Know the Way Forward and Were Creeping through the Dark and Unknown Territory to Figure out the Next Best to Accomplish the Mission and Then to Have Stateside This Type of Support Is This Also Has Some Put This Good I Could Sense for the Whole Team Unit Is Five of Us in This and You Know Command Post before Me Is Not All Happen of His Own so Amazing and and Really Got behind the Whole Deal. I Just like What Jason Had Said That Things Were All Come Together in an and We Got a Baby Sponsors As Well. Right, Lily, Would You Share Some of the Other People That Are Sponsoring with This so and We Got A Lot Of People on Board. Because Everything Immediately like Manhole, Our Board Will Copy Me Triggered. People on the Ground and Break Arms Again and Again Have a Ground Farm Road All Day after Day More People Reach out and Want to Be a Part of Another Exciting Thing Adjacent the Famous Lloyd Jones Junior Heavenly There to Be Facing off It 230 on Sunday Old School Competition Informed Better Look like How Far Away Is a Stage or Was It Was a Prize but What You Show up You'll Be Able to See It Old School for Young Nation PGI Is Going to Be Heading That Stayed up and Then Hopefully That'll Help Some People and so They Can See the Former Navy Seal Heavenly Long Was Friends with Chris Kyle Wright Worked with Him.

He Was Working Three.

Which Is Funny Because Him and I Were Both in Your Body. Same Time Same Place and 0506 School. Chris's Wife Met Her Several Times the School and and Then Not Really Jones Ibex Yellow. My Teammates Is Section 18 Delta.

He's Coming He Is so Excited to Meet Roy Jones Us. We Will Study Sheets, Shooter Wealthy Doesn't Give What Is a Meeting. She Is Punching off a Rough so I Will Not Make As Much Fun to Watch. Get McGee to Go off and Fall Don't Go so Well. I Mean You Got All the Stuff Going on Mark and Then the Whole Team, Your Team Yes Were Were Excited to Come in Working to Work You Know and Help out Is Best We Can Do Everything That We Can Do to Help Make Today a Great Day for Family and Community, and I Know I Know It Will Be Were Excited about It and I Want I Want to Ask One More Question. If I Could. When We Got Governments Left Okay Great. I Know That Will You Were in Africa Right One Point Yourself the Loosely Yes She Said Okay Yesterday, Conflict, and I Was Just Because S You Have As Our Listeners That We Have All of for Large Operation in Africa and We We Recently Even Expanded That in Some of the Some of the Things That We Encounter A Lot or Just to Disconnect from People Have Really Don't Know What It's like to Be Overseas.

Our Listeners Unless Some of Them Do Mission Work Versus a Written Notice like and Will Eat You Tell Me Little Bit about What You Did and after You Served As Medical Treatment Is More Fission Things the Right Leader. An Individual Who Is Working out on Him Back to Work at Norton Again Attended Meetings and Everything Else in. I Wanted to Work Culture Shock and Being the Way That People Read or Whatever Subject That We Take for Granted Now. Right Muscle Things They Think the Next Country over Us Is Slightly Less Wealthy Than Us, but Now Is like Probably Contestant in Clinton, Jason, and Either There's like a Deep Drop-Off between Us and the Rest of the World and Sometimes People Ask Well What You Work in the States and Believe It or Not We Do We Do A Lot Of Consulting Here on the Side to Share of since Agencies and Things like That but We Don't Initially Do What We Do in Africa Because, You Know, like I Said before, the Child Is Missing Here No Less Than a Thousand Agencies Crossing Their Table.

You Know We Got People after God Literally Sometimes Waiting around to Do the Next Thing You Know Overseas There's There's Nobody There. They They Don't Have a 911 and Will Have a Place to Report a Crime. Hardly You Know Where the Police Are Involved in It and There's There's Such a Great Need over There.

You Know and Appreciate the Ability to Share a Little Bit about That Too.

So That's a Good Thing As We Begin to Pray. But Also I Know Listeners, Want to Know One More Time.

Some of These Websites, You Know How People Can Connect so Lily Can You Give Us or on Packet the Well If You Don't Have the Time.

You Are Welcome to Attend the Lab We Had Absolutely Wonderful and Certainly We Can All Be Praying for the Events Team Planning Rescue Is There's A Lot Of Things Going on Right Now Mark and Craig Time to Be Part of What God Is Doing to Rescue Those out There Who Always Thinks Our Listeners Six Dollars. This Is the Truth Network

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