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What's Good For The Soul!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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May 22, 2021 12:00 pm

What's Good For The Soul!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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May 22, 2021 12:00 pm

Robby is with the Lantern Team at their Virginia retreat, along with their families, getting perspectives from spouses and children alike, as well as learning what this retreat time means to them.

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Think about that Robbie just five dollars a please give you give more than five dollars man would love for you to do it in the number to call is one 800 yes word, one 800 yes word on 800 yes word. This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network previously on lantern rescue boiler traffic.

And then wanted to get them across the border and transportation across the border and if I may actually want to prop down and they were not.

We thought it mom you're trying to help welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the so we have like the treatment of treats today and that we are live from the fields of Virginia.

We want exactly where we just an amazing event, and so not only do we have the lantern team.

We have lantern kids here in the lantern wives and so Tammy open us up good morning, thanks for joining us today.

I just wanted to let everybody know that last year this time. The families finally got to me. Of the four founding members. The families got to the last year we had such a great time. We brought the kids with SN. They had a good time on the four wheelers and on the side-by-side son on his dirtbike so it was very exciting to be able to come back again this year and we added this year, actually had to stay in two additional houses rather than just one house, so we had about 24 people with us some of the volunteers that work with lantern rescue came along and they brought their husbands and spouses, but one of the most amazing things that I found just the two days that we were together. Everybody has the same purpose. It seems lantern rescue in the same heart for helping people and it made for all of us just become a family almost immediately, I mean the laughs were going around the jokes were going around with everybody when a bonfire on Saturday night and everybody just got a chance to get to know each other and it was like old family just getting back together and that's always been amazing to me to see all of us get together and because we have one similar purpose were able to just bond as a family and become that family that's going to be together for a long time that is so awesome really is and know it's a picture heaven because that's what is good be like when everybody gets back together and get to tell the stories and the stories of what God that this year and so one of the other great things we really have for you guys is again the in of the families and so we all have.

We pick up daughters and we pick up sisters and Emily pickup. So we have Mark's daughter will call her daughter number one since apparently you are the oldest, but you gotta give us your perspective on the weekend I perspective on the weekend.

It was just really good to be able to come out here and spend time with everybody because again these are my dads teammates and his family like his teammates and their families that we all get to Tennessee and be with we build a relationship with them and their children as well.

So it's really great to get back together.

Especially because again they live in other areas.

And while my dad gets to go be with his teammates and in other places like doing what he does. It's really interesting to be able to come back together and build relationships as a support system at the same time and I really have enjoyed that because we all have like I crawl like-minded and we all believe and care about the same like core values and core things that's really great. Great to be around people who feel the same way, believe the same way and also support their you know families or family members in the same way, just in case you are thinking.

While this people families might like my family, it's very functional functional well you know I had a chance to talk to daughter number one a little bit and so she was telling me how she found out that her dad was going on, places, and it sounded more like my family been so daughter number one tell us to how you found that your dad was even doing lantern winding the first time I found out I was actually in college and my mom just sent me a text. Hey, your dad's going over to such and such country and can be dangerous and I was just like okay that's really random and I don't understand and then I came back one summer and I started learning more of like what he actually was doing and had been doing while I was gone at college and I was like oh well okay that's really awesome like I'm really glad I get to be a part of this.

It's also kind of nerve-racking, especially because, as the oldest, he was like gone in college when all of this started I didn't really have a full understanding or get to see the whole process. As soon as it it started. I guy understood that we had grounds like a desire for that in our family starting out, but that was really interesting and now I was just joking with you about how sometimes, but I just walks over hugs me and is like family to be gone for two weeks and I'm like where you going set out I was does exactly what you talk about is pretty funny. So are you daughter number three daughter number four okay 55 I'm sorry daughter number five tell us again what you got to do with everybody.

My sisters think that child has so what were you writing on side-by-side.

What is the side-by-side photos for this really big like ATV skylight for seats highly skylight and in the middle of the top in the front of the TC said they ended the people that were driving really careful yes you have fun did you get rich someday family. I got 24 more people now so that adds more so awesome so awesome and so we have actually this would be Alan sumps on number six child six so some three will call you Troy. So Troy tell us about your adventures, so I'm not writing on the side-by-side and boilers like everyone, I don't like that I like to bring down and yeah it's pretty fun being able to go with everybody.

I like writing in big groups is pretty enjoyable because you just can either go front of everybody and just fly your own path and wait up the front or you can stay in the middle and watch everybody else do their thing so yeah so blisters can't talk. We said there were in the fields of Virginia but really were more like yeah and so when you're on these past what you what your experience of the paths it's so where were from. It's also really like here it's here it's like straight up and then straight down over and over again and then there's just at the bottom of a hill, there's always a pocket of mud like super deep and so have you been driving as carefully as well.

Maybe not quite that carefully. Probably not as careful as my mom would approve of. But yeah, it's pretty fun.

I enjoy down here it's I've been to quite a few places because my parents like to take me on vacation all the time but by far, this is my favorite place to go so not wonderful and you know it's been a tough year right in the families all over the world really open cooped him and so you know what a neat thing that God is given you guys some soul care to rejuvenate from the many adventures that they been on. But it's interesting you go on more adventures to recuperate from adventure that you do that on the motorcycle so just you know so that people can, given a graph so when you found out what your dad was going to be doing what what was your reaction well, I wasn't necessarily surprised because he's always been doing stuff like this his whole life and I know he's always wanted do missions work since as long as I can remember, but yeah, when you told me and he started actually go overseas more often. I was kinda used to it because his prior job in Baltimore having to go away a lot like a week or two at a time so I was able to adapt pretty easily and yeah I got pretty used to it pretty fast so I understand well when we come back here from the team themselves on what's going on is going on surveys that's been happening here so that international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending you a special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat on genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest criminal activity of reaching an estimated $50 billion activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates wood frame international network in order to rescue women and children six labor slavery and facilitates gearing up for operations right now and see how you can support lantern rescue venture going on this week talks between live with their families and how they been impacted over the last year because the last time we actually got husband-and-wife.

They were actually doing the same thing in the same area.

Talk to all the families and rare insight into how the kids feel and Mark's daughter number one had one more little bit. I think it would be helpful for the listeners to try to discern whether families go through one question that I get asked often is kind of like aren't you afraid or how do you deal with that with your dad being gone often or things like that word with everything that goes on and something that I'm really speaking for like all of my siblings in this aspect is one thing that I remember my dad said in his sermon that stuck out to all of us was just you are safest in God's will, no matter where you are. So whether you think you're safe here on think you're in danger elsewhere.

You're really just safest in God's will. And if you're not in God's will thing that's actually a lot more dangerous. So that is definitely something that has stuck it out to all of us and I think is a solid piece of mind whenever he's gone doing you know everything that he does. That's the price of admission) certainly something to live by.

But we also now have daughter number three daughter number four corrective five, number four, and so it always you've had a chance to do this now for a second time. Yeah, I did it last year we wrote a lot more from your perspective last year when it was just a smaller group to group the Trappist is a lot easier to fit on vehicles last year you will is in the middle try to get the truth about where the people drive mostly your safe right made it so follow all this riding around that you guys do what's your favorite memory of probably getting stuck in light was on that vehicle but somebody else was.

My sister was an ad to all get out, and then home.

Alan and Ray split the night sticks under and sat on it lifted up out of the lighted and my dad had four other and he drove far and KK had to sit on the front of it to make not flip moved an inch and went. I did nothing but watch everybody else actually the funnest part of like it was fun really think you would want. It was fun.

Once they were out of total is no from your perspective as you get those out and does what he does.

Sometimes like I really miss him a lot and likewise yet again went mad at him kind of guy and I think well I found one of those girls that I want to be rescued fine with it.

Pray for him a lot and like I'm out like my dad's knee places in the equation is out of the country again night like this by Frank and I can pray from all time and people like okay and then I get all my friends to pray for cool so well said thank you, thank you for so team back in here now.

Tell us your thoughts, sir. So this is a time retreat for families. This time we can't do a combination of retreat with some additional people and also maybe wanting what 24 people. That's a lot of our families definitely have our children but is also worth volunteers that are so critical in social media really from the blessing the radio show Robbie this the volunteers of people want to do different things for free to post other things. So some people that we have met with identified is someone whom we feel like is what we like to have in our family. Their volunteer coordinators donor appreciation people are all volunteers to like us those and some other so you several other so all those came together and we actually did a full, disc assessment of people know that is, you know, who you are and how you like to work and communicate. We had a life coach corporate coach coming to do that for us know that generously and you know we had some laughs about who we are no talented I am to see her and were all counted that same area of who we are and how we work deftly deftly Ellen are almost the same powder room so there was a good time for fiber that also a large white show.

What's remarkable is that we're not just operationally a group of people. We are a family that is because were behind the cause of Christ. That is the rescue right and I would say families have been all here for praying for you a lot and think about what you like for the family since it's interesting to me how God provides the sole care.

Essentially, in this setting for your for something our family or my tremendously son told you many places around the world's favorite place to go, not just for the fun connection with the people that he knows is that goes way with that. It's it's sitting back during this experience. It actually helped me realize the need for that connection not only with just a teammate families with teammates Mark mentioned the girls and their spouses what they want, made of good comfortable. Now these guys are good Christian guys in the right place so good help foster that bond the body into the family. Bill felt welcoming and we are for the most part welcoming. We said in the past is a very close family. So were not extremely open book will be open up. We are open. That was one of the things about this retreat to show the true family that we are to those coming into it and we look for that operators we bring on the girls part. They had their land to be. We have our label we all come together like this or leaves kind of overlap real with each other each other's heart out so clinical.

For God is blessed not only seem more opportunities that I'm aware of countries overseas and places that no dots opened up doors of rescue throughout last year when the rest of Tiger close.

This is just totally counter what the rest of the world was doing his team was throwing his church was growing in lantern was getting more opportunities going, but have less a lack of opportunity in all Robbie. We recently for the world.

We will probably never will ever talk about and can't fully talk about all God allowed us to do their and that all this being that's implied right now but it's just effort for the Christ that were broader to be part of that insult. I can talk about you. Also, in the last two weeks I was a country with the DNI of the country and presidential staff, while another teammate to see was Ethiopia. You know, doing an assessment also doing training for correctly. The girls their self-defense, thanks so all move in different parts of different places were glad to God keeps us busy, you know who we are and I worked out a big fan of profiling personalities clearly go to church to have a happy right right and all those things come together and justify nature of what you guys do you know there's this term in Hebrew, called savvy, which is right try to make a very bad situation. I sent would naturally bring some very strong personalities interesting on the buffering you know what God thought you would like to see the extreme cool thing about the passion.

Each one of the people have their own perspective. We had a really analytical but just like us were way over the top on the tactical violent side of me. But it's really funny when he sees all come together we can laugh at each other the way we are.

We get along connection moving forward.

We are strengthened. Sometimes we have a lot of people that want to become a part of this, but this helped me and I'm sure all those understand what were looking for those people that want to be a part of this for more operators down the road here relatively soon, but we've all been on different teams, various teams throughout our lives, but the unique thing about this team is what the glues of God is at the center of it and we don't do this for money or accolades are just to do the will of the Lord set before and that's unique thing about you, long hours about how is I think back for the way that she said I pray for my dad and start thinking all of you are listing right now you're all part of this family to you guys are listing now for 1/2 for a while and some of you are part of the family and like family. We get a chance to pray a lot and some people may be prompted to join the team and those kind of things, but what would you share Mark currently would be something where you have a finalist for something that would sign your heart that we need to asked to pray for so much. Sometimes when people ask our lives are simple choices what's one thing we can pray for our lives are so complicated with with so many lines of effort in so many parts of the world that you know it's a lot of things but I will try to narrow down okay. What is pray for the existing work safety of our intelligence team and those who are intercepting that second is is pray for our our new work. We have proposals and agreements come into place in parts of the world that are very volatile, something that I could never perceive is completely God's favor.

To put that in play for us and so pray that those those continued to got gained favor so that we can begin full operations even in those areas, so I prefer that you appreciate that this first time that we have a chance to meet all part of the team. Thank you. This is the Truth Network

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