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The Evolution of Traffickers

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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May 1, 2021 12:00 pm

The Evolution of Traffickers

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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May 1, 2021 12:00 pm

The Lantern Rescue Team is with guest-host Stu Epperson, Jr., discussing the ways human traffickers learn to adapt in order to carry out their crimes without detection.

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Woodrow Kroll here when you train one pastor in Ecuador some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a Every gift counts and now every gift is double training hi, I met my cohost Breanna Michael Paul and I sound like Jan Mormonism to be brighter than we were told it would be doing is for discussions about our journeys Mormon to Jesus chosen should just enjoy most of listening to the podcast network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue America will pray various areas search out by July I hired welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it once said that it not be said I was silent when the and we are lighting the way to freedom. Today I'm Stu Epperson honored to be in a chair. Usually you hear Robbie Gilmore who is part of this awesome choreography in hosting this wonderful show with Mark.

Our stars are here marking Alan TC and ran the whole winter rescue team just about here and Mark cost a lot. Thanks man. Good to see your brother see you he is and I were excited you joined us on the show. Hopefully everybody knows that the the lantern podcast on rescue show is is is really supported in the foundation of it is Truth Network and used to and I appreciate your friendship and your your part of our team because your you allow us to come into your city has indeed his recordings and I were really super excited to have you and you know you have been your your very vocal person about our ministry and a lot of people know you and your family you know and they understand the absent family and and I really appreciate your introduction to a lot of others for us.

You know who have supported us and got behind us and so you really teammate you know your behind the scenes working on the ground so were so thankful to have you on the show to with us, man is great to be here and there are so many things this kind of I'm only unexcited because I get to hear first-hand from you. The team right all God's doing right, and man you know we love it when we are able to talk with you and and Robbie always has great questions. I know you will today as well so were you hit the ground running and I'm really not throw the ball to ran because were seen some things that we wanted to share with our listeners about the particular case and in then the issues at hand. So Rin you want to jump in and get high by making it harder for family and me more like before they are like true kidnappings like what they're really really getting creative with typing backbend and moving them around actual tracking chart their skill in dodging one of the techniques are using constantly ran to try to avoid law enforcement really to try to get away from people like you who are trying to solve this problem and try to save these little kids commenting online that care about you and you and how different life in their family and friend. I Think the treatment but not very common, but I really unique.recently you never really think that real boiler playing on a playground defensively in the topic.

Take him away and then they wanted to get them across the border, but they did want to call transportation across the border. When talking and if I may actually physically move the victim what they were doing as I had a chapter on one side of the border in a chapter on the other, and they were trying to get him to walk across on a down if they were caught, it would look like… Now we found a kilometer trying to help them down unique independent away and what you have to question the motive the people that you know many out there about get that new people were really unique method. They are at and I went they were caught they had an alibi about everything that they were helping head while Mark you read the Bible word.

Satan is the father of lies you all and we got the whole team on.

By the way, we got Alan TC ran Mark here you all are seeing the depths of deception in this human trafficking is it not heartbreaking to see people will lie. They will deceive. They will go to lengths of deception just to destroy a child's life and think about the diverse John 10. The first part of John 1010 we know we can't.

The Christ came to, we might have life and that might have it more abundantly. The first part says the thief comes to steal, to kill and to destroy. This deception gathers those three descriptions in Scripture are exact descriptions of what we see in its it's it's hard to take in that parents can be so naďve sometimes. You know, especially in countries where the economical situation so so down there so willing to let their child go to something that is not verified, and in this case it was a three-year-old who their parents were clueless in that situation, but in others we see your tractors come to towns and cities and in villages and they promise jobs and they promise this they make false narratives. They even will use extravagant you know the show website or show business cards as hyper things in the present those to the family.

The family thinks this child is going to an apprenticeship are going to work going to have a job and they willingly let that child go out the door and in that minor's UID or recitation to the artist taken from the trafficker that moment and that he just said that's the that's the if our team doesn't interceptor something doesn't happen at that point is really very unlikely that that that child is going to get out of that situation. Alan, let me ask you when you your team is Uranus Rozier in warfare.

You're in their savings will once in all kinds of hostile situations all over the world really Alan how are you able to tell if this perpetrator is wine or for tell the truth I don't know.

I can't even imagine you going to make split quick decisions in the life of a victim of a eight-year-old girl, or in this case, a three-year-old little boy is it sticky or how you tell Alan all the visual perception. Before we question the Holy Spirit. Your choice what you want.

Technology that's really what was the Holy Spirit you there's a reason for that's what perpetuates us, worries visual so really spiritual. Actually, that's really work here. I love this in your program.

By the way, I find myself listening on Saturday morning to Truth Network to land rescue and am so excited that AFR staring at something wonderful stations returns program and I listened to make sure it sounds okay. Is Robbie asking the right questions is his mark on his game in a house TC house rent house out and then I find myself like three minutes later I I'm just engaged because you just heard what Alan said about the spiritual warfare. This is why I'm calling her one out there what it whether you can send a dime or not this ministry.

By the way please do go to land and donate all you can please they need it because it can go right to helping these kids get this worked out, but pray you can all pray pray for these people. This is such a critical thing. Mark just people hearing what he said pray that you all have wisdom pray for you all you got bullets coming at you guys.

This is real. This is evil manifest you're going into you.

Are you stepping on that hornets nest in their coming out a chart that yeah I'm always shocked I get back in. Then someone I didn't know, or someone are no not that well will contact and say we are really praying for you over the last year. Pray for you and the team last month and particularly we just got back from a part of the world that is really dominated by sharia law by terrorist you know were were working in that environment, trying to help those who needed help and also assist the government and and find those who are corrupt and so you're weaving our way through. That was really difficult and with such protection in and also such favor in all that happened and I really think you believe that is a result of God gone before us and those who pray for us is a man, and TCU got some some recent activity with case you you were going to share with us. Give us give us is good to hear your voice.

My friend, give us the latest shirt share with us what's what's going on with this case going toward several new want to look for but started work, brother, sister, biological brother 13 trainers older sister searching the current and there had been shuffled back in court between two location.

The biological mother good morning can be duplicated.

Some of the biological father they would no longer living together. Separated in some fashion father didn't want to ship them back and I'm not sure how many times it happened, but eventually gave up on being with her cloak and came to rest at a gas station trying to do it they could handle. They could to make some money, which, again, these kind of vulnerabilities that are created. Create an opportunity for trafficker's advantage is that it happens over and over and over again. So here's a weakness already.

Now there are displaced and they have no money and have helped make a living such a great weakness that is usually exploited in this case it happened again. So eventually bear waved at their living causes the alarm can actually go and get our guy on the ground there to do something about, which is another awesome thing because of the continual work in shining light of the team there in this country. The people know and have hope. Actually, come to depend upon that work in that light, make a difference in the community so they go get our guy comes in and starts investigating and figuring out what's going on and he actually gets a hold of. We are photos of them being taken care of. And so the process typically start an investigation during investigation information I'm giving is coming out and they go they finally come in contact with the mother and the investigation also found out that the little girl being raped repeatedly at the gas station 13 years old. She being raped and want to also make sure bucket $0.50 in US currency her efforts. I got sure what you're doing to her correction or exploitation, and then you please bring mother and and now the girl is inaccessible. I can't find her again.

So honestly the listeners you have come back in here the end of the story, but are our guide there is a bulldog very good century Jesus and the negation.

He will not let it go dedicated to finding the truth, but there these are the kind of thing that advantage people come up against all the kindnesses what trap pressures to find these disadvantages faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law-enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, and terrorism contract is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge host nations. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective in the world reaching an estimated billion dollars in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support folks listing out there right now you're listening to land rescue and unfilled and Dave Robbie on Stu Epperson. I'm so honored to be here talking to Mark in the team ran were talking about at a gas station we all stop and get gas talking about you talk about your case at a playground water was cool not written in wire. How can these things happen under in broad daylight in, ordinary life with this evil objectification and victimizing is happening these little ones. Everyone in their mind what kind look like and what looked like that and a lot of people get really big, and in fact and that human trafficking at getting grabbed out of their car in the dark of night. Bye-bye big man and a polyp girl that and what door you perpetuate it yet. Yet the only form of trafficking and it really got people from being more like you know a couple people trying to get a little boy to walk with them, but they're not actually really engaging with them what's really going on in my 13-year-old here all day all night Friday and everything to be leaving never really going out need to open up their minds and I he was actually happening around them and not down. Only one parent might happen yet Marcus comes in all kinds of forms is comes of people that are first look like nice citizens that are good upstanding people, but they have this dark life and they're making a lot of money on this evil trafficking stuff going on talk about that with yes and in it knows no age, no limitations, no sex, no gender so it is for us is another case in the past week and 18-year-old girl was being smuggled across. She had had a promise of a job.

It was a false promise most often when we do the interrogations. Our team knows were the six districts are in those countries and we find out if a girl is going to that day and we know is she's going to.

She's not going to work in a hair salon.

She's going into a six districts to be sold. They may not know that. And so, for instance, you know, an 18-year-old girl she was at the border in the smugglers and the suspects it said look when I travel with you because if we do the stop but when you get if if someone tries to stop you what you did run just run right and so our team. There is you we train them.

The well-trained, they didn't let that happen when they tried to stop that the child she took off running. They literally got in the vehicle and had to drive down roads until they got her in the next country and in broader end and is course at that moment. She's like a no no don't do this, you know, she's probably disrupted in her mind and doesn't want to see this happen, but when she sits down and we begin to talk to or describe this the real situation in the real situation is that she is a commodity like you just said she is first sale date. You know she is a $. That's all she is and whether's domestic slavery, like slavery or in her case would have been in a sex slavery. So to intercept and to rescue that we recognize will make a financial impact on the criminal activity of that area or whatever area were working it and that becomes dangerous. You know, and that becomes you know something that we were always concerned for our our intelligence partners in our assets there and find unity members and not try to keep them protected as well, but it is it is a industry run by not the desire for sex. It is an industry run by the desire for more money. Let's all mean seasonal children or means to money to markets and Alan we talk about the thousands.

The millions and's modern-day slavery in modern-day sex trafficking, human trafficking, yet when I hear the programmer hero interest you like were here today like I'm just, like, it'll probably take me three weeks to process all the stuff what TC sure what Richard Allen how do we I hear you guys giving specific name Internet names were giving specific ages of kids, your permanent like an eight-year-old girl. The three-year-old boy Allen how can we get past these harrowing horrible numbers and in and see that these are souls. These are precious little ones Jesus said, he said, let the little ones come to me for such is the kingdom of God Allen. How can we have Jesus's eyes for these kids as you think about humanizing these precious ones for listeners out there. That one part led by the heart. That's fancy something, say something a lot of time together. I want to go back to your eyes, your heart is to listen to your heart. More than just a perception paper trade got to say don't trust people, but really I don't always like this whole thing is about to let that good and you overwhelmed you want to come to recognize what drives that good and you will find that evil you need to act just the fact that voice inside you there for a reason. Got all this more open and receptive to that situation. A lot of violence actual violence all operations operations were. Operation: on this early know what God is all that everyday people border were on the street and recognizing that we can't stress enough God makes us aware of wrongdoing. Able to act when that kind of work they are great.

That's a great thing when I hope to twist my prayer time, then we go around in our family devotions and I know you do this marking probably all you guys having grown up in this you like, you know how it was my turn to praise you Lord I pray for all the people world was sick for all the unsafe people they would come to Christ and and you realize it so often, even though I was just a kid and you're given often. Sometimes you simply for Mickey Mouse and on what to try to get our siblings to laugh and disrupt the whole thing all we don't get in trouble and don't like, you know, if that only you did this on Ezra's eyes that you think about how I love you just sit Allen help pray specifically praises for your little guy previous teacher little girl. Pray for the print pray for this team to plan a rescue.

Allen TC rent mark every time you guys are on the radio every time someone is listening to this program. They need to put this down there prayer list and pray you are you are weapon icing the Holy Spirit to guide your weapon eyes and his team to God be the hands and feet. I can't kick the door down. I'm not billed or trained what you guys are but boy I sure am excited to pray for to give money to your ministry to support it toward try to get out as many radio stations as we can somebody say likely I don't know if we put the father is pretty pretty intense is pretty rough, but an in but we are shining literally like that is like the slogan says, when a rescue lighting the way to freedom you gotta shine the light on the darkness and you are doing this alone. I have to circle back to TC to go back to this this this just horrendous gas station episode. This girl being abused and you know here are so many people complicit in this TC without disrupting anything going on there with the case and that the ongoing investigations give us where that is and how we can be praying of the doubts about that specific case you if you would please ongoing so your redirect per request. In this case are number one that the girl and the boy kids are located relocated and that the investigation was able to come to real real and where the monies complicit, or one of those guys knows the mom is inducing detailed list of the our government. The actual details to get to the place that there is a prosecution that the kids end up in the right place crack my I wanted just real quick going to double down on what Allen said my question to the listeners is immune to myself and Tina's second greatest commandment of utility neighbor as yourself. I just wonder if all of us. What lengths are we willing to go to call back specifically in this area can contract an impression so just what what an awesome team mark here in the studio with me with patch them in and we have little phone disruption there. But Mark lets let me ask you mark how can we be praying as you wrap up today on land rescue hike would be praying. How can listeners be supporting what you guys are doing your the hands and feet of Jesus saving so many kids summing of all ages and in going through dealing with that as it was the height in the depths of deception that like I've never seen before continuing that the same line is the Allen TC pray for those victims of course pray for you know the three-year-old, the 19-year-old, the 18-year-old, and those of the specific case. We talked about today, but you pray for those victims and pray that God's rescue of of them continues to know that the day the next person that these communities into their life in the aftercare process that that happens that it's it's all that it needs to be and then pray for the wisdom of our teams and in this team and then the Florentines that we trained that they don't give up his hard work. I mean, you know it's not easy to go in and pull in 12 hour days plus pull some nighttime thing to do it. You know, six days a week and maybe a small break on a on a Sunday. I we rotate those days to those teams and pray for those those individuals they have hardships that to work in those arms in their country. You know were there. We give them hope and we give him power and strength and we do heavy lifting with them. They were not there. You know we have to support them in unique ways so just those of the per request to pray for the kids and pray for the units working in the teams working and then lastly just continue to pray that God's favor continues to stay there with foreign governments and those that we work with that that that continues to be in place because you know the officials that we meet and those who recognize the need in their country and in their have the purest of motives.

That's when the most work gets done enough so continue.

Pray for that awesome pray for this awesome team. Thank you so much. Allen TC ran mark for being with us today on land rescue. Please prayerfully consider supporting this ministry financially land and think the radio stations that carry this bitter brave enough pictures. This program and listen to the podcast share today's episode or any of the wonderful episode QB's early blessing given her previous programs go to the pot.

The Truth Network podcast network go to land, rescue, research work and listen to the whole thing onto minimal time and since your friends. God bless you. Thank you market thank you team and thank you for lighting the way to free this is the Truth Network

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