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Mission Preparation!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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April 10, 2021 12:00 pm

Mission Preparation!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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April 10, 2021 12:00 pm

The team is getting prepared to leave for their next operation in West Africa, and they share the realities of training, getting your household in order, prayer, and what it's like to part ways with family and friends, not knowing if you'll make it back.

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Crawl here when you train one pastor and some donor friends are standing by to train a second call 833-443-5467 or go online and train a

Every gift counts and now every gift is double training this is Rodney from the masculine journey podcast. We explored manhood within Jesus Christ your chosen Truth Network podcast starting in just a few seconds. Sit back and enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue always been something that has been on my heart because it's so different that I think that's why like when I heard about really strange point out that I was like why I just hearing that story of how different I think it is and how it was just more and more and more and more just aligned so much with what I have always believed is the problem is it's not just that initial watching something you go down and it leads to so many dangerous welcome to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we can talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it said let it not be said I was silent when the so how exciting today on lantern rescue. We are actually just a day before the team heads out to West Africa and so I great time to just get a sense of how the team prepares for that chance to talk with each so we got rim here with us right now and rent share with us what your thoughts are as you prepare. You know, physically and mentally and all for what you got, I think it Get underway though getting ready to go. Think we get ready in a longer and throughout the year were always staying in shape are keeping up on our tactic that a bunch.

Clearing and moving from one type of an entry they had been living in the team and train on all year round but made formation therapy really get good repetitions and are not together. The you know what really doing everything you made, making it the layout of the plate that were going for a look that get an idea how are you doing that we all really enjoy getting together really beneficial.

Another thing that we did recently that it may be, but the fact that the public narrative this morning before we got there and the training we did all the Jedi will update and immediately knew innately what do it at a teammate body on the off chance that we don't come home alive know what we would do wet wet funeral home.

We want them to be released detailing how the transition that from the writeback United States how, I'm sure something that is the preparation you have to really cover email if not done packing a bag and jump on a plane and go in and bring you a short 12 button down shirt. Vacation you know you have to really consider all avenues in lobby. My family have to deal with if something does go awry over there is figuring out how to get you back in what's going on with value, taking the better had nothing going on in indicating the moment you noted, figuring out out out and really covering all your bases so I know that's absolutely excellent mileage of the morning, spiritually.

What I like for you room.

We all take time independent think about you know linking with their maker and that lately everything kind. I felt in mind of the team were able to come together and talk about things and why were being led to their inflated and I think more of thinking about what might happen if we do pass more thinking. Why were there any clear path, but the reasoning would be ended. Knowing that there is a plan B will either not work. All of these places very well. That's something to think about and so you make extra effort to reach out to a lot of friends before really I have a really bad can be of no not doing that. It all looked the time my friend have no idea had left the country so I know I my friend for even on the podcast before and she mentioned that now I had a really bad habit of doing that is my friend group.

A lot of them don't have the background of me to a candidate worried and dug into a frenzy rather than knowing them over there and being okay with that.

I did wake I get back in and let them know that way for my friend reductive with better for them. I know the different for each person but for me either to tell my head got home from that that was really cool.

Then have them flatten it out for a week or two so emotionally you know is is is you see this opportunity. Do you feel excited, do you feel anxious with us if you want the anxiety. I really had recently with Trent is just getting with the regulations and COBIT and all that is really hard for some pickup put it nicely on in our travel plans and expand a lot more challenging than it have to look at these countries and some of them are already in a restricted accept countries without really been a challenge for the only anxiety we have is all we can even make it there and are weaker dollar company with a early and be scrambling to get at it. Figure out going on really accordingly get there and I we plan pretty well and we know that what were doing is the right thing and to I will have anxiety when it comes to the mission or the bereavement were going or what will be doing marriages that are eating to get there is really kind of issue which tells us how we can be friends if you really can we actually get varies yet is no point out there anything weird going on. We hold well and back.

He had chosen inventor ROI will move along about you to see what else would you harbor a good routine and interesting about this topic spiritually on one monologue going of the routine always change a lot so that's that's pretty stable and functional. Emotionally idea summons for George a little angry to get a little grumpy after the house is clear in our rooms remote to the car workers are so used to pump them up to do the talking result of complement was soon to talk show honor, resulted in the when I pet was physically back much murkier general stuff else room for Mr. Strickland was the daughter of the moon was the carpet look at my walk away and looking back at you if you think it's almost like an awful usage of the impact of the show packing church like ridiculous but affirmative my truck to set out to Dunham.

The moon started going what we do on them so the so well you know I think about the trips you have like a checklist or anything that you use in room 11. The truck was what go to start to country specific know the mission them for going in the trickle of the bed of the motel facility would've doing just personally I do smell" your operation is going to need operational get on south from your standpoint. Still on the emotional side of this. You know it is you get ready to get on the plane or are you actually excited or would you say you, you know what what are you feeling as you do about the children. My grandpa going through airport portable sculptural of no emotion once once were down in whatever country going to different conflict or strip from her brain would go mission to do with something to accomplish the people. Whatever it is totally different ownership of yours for the duration of portable back on your anxious to get home so I was for each phase of the different sort of village just now & so you know not sure what you can share but from your standpoint on this particular mission.

What would make it a success.

What's a good question. We want to meet one of you great people develop good relationships in English… "So that's probably good as I can say that at this time we break people know based on those meetings because the situation is a little different than some of you face and so the right people make a huge difference.

Always understand so Marcus, what you got force Robbie will you know what you go all my thunder. She should be exactly what's on your quality of life together and literally today.

The car no training or something. He admitted something that is so true about me that is the two days before I tried it not the anxious, angry, or demanding because we go to war head start. It begins before we get to the country. The fight against evil man. It just happened. Everything up to the closure.

Everything will break nothing formulates well the item that you grid on the ground you're looking for you quickly.

14. Pelican marketing audit unit grumpy and I will confess I get a are you I get a little break not myself up like a bark. I literally looked at my children and I think man you know. Will she remember me know if I don't come back will be the beverage that she has visual dawning and that the legal help and you're like me you have provided the old everything I need to meet its intent for anybody listening is deployed right now is like shaking their head up and down just because they know when you leave family and your help to take care of your car that you think you're really value log for three white for the bill pay or one finances year. You know your take care of all the aspect that you can especially man who lead our families.

We don't leave any anything missing but the problem is you're going to your leaving everything unfinished from raising your children to everything you complimented what you think about while we struggle. The book God's grace is sufficient. We always get there.

I thank you for your it on. I throw all my stuff down. I go I called Packers walk where I start ready to Masonary through my good Republican committee scenario And oversee almost everything you can imagine." One more and then that I can cut thinking of all the no what you have to come back on Iago, God, you have to protect me know if the lobby is your only 3160 strong bridges not be afraid or terrified called them for the Lord your God goes with you. You will never leave you nor forsake you. So it's not like you get on the plane and we forgot to brush that would be great. That's all we were concerned about the what were thankful for their God does give a working never leave poker sites and that right there. That small parade only in my life see me through a lot of white body completely overly operated by God. Still, they would do all break.

I'm sure you're like me, just taught us to hear and so much more on this appointment tomorrow for West Africa here on lantern risk faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending you a special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated hundred and $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a train international network in order to rescue women and children six labor slavery and facilitates holistic gearing up for operations right now and you can rest see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue today team is six to deploy the west Africa sounds like just getting has some risk and so a lot of preparation certainly goes into the MTC you were talking about devotions.

Just this morning I you guys were covering some team stuff. We were through.

My only traveling teammate don't go to spring training.

Mercury can contact the people (just gluing things together and helping with symptoms contract so when I'm packing. When comparing I have to be good at my job but eventually no support without during the lobby luggage off the plane, or whether that's making sure that every note. Teammate plan getting back to living those things also happen this morning or do those when going to travel it is and always sunshine and roses friction arguments were were fallen were small targets morning flipping 222 two near Jesus made himself of no reputation did not grasp that significance knew he was his father's son, talking about how there's no no grumbling or disputing show us as whites in the world so a single management team as well so you converse around those verses this morning to talk about being humans on the team being fallen in resulting so things are no part of what I believe God brings to us very specifically, I have plans for the building weren't there. We were talking the applicant And I think about us as we hear the stories to see you know things happen quickly during the airport.

All of a sudden this happens without happens. The team get separated and the next thing is wow were two instead of four or whatever that feels like, you know, it's hard for me to imagine, but at that point in time.

Clearly that's part of your preparation now is what does happen when it happens.

Iago God Mark a way to be prepared.

Unfortunately, it negatively and to think about every aspect of the operation or what you know could fail in very good quote for this is by failing to prepare your preparing to fail right so the time that is spent in our preplanning and discussion like even spiritual discussions appointment there so vital and not buried there, never enough.

We do them and we try to do that well and try to mirror what we know works in other working groups. We gobbling for them and how we handle our preop route. Think like you never to do enough in the that though it is definitely like. We take the right steps in the God where we are with the loopholes are welded failures could be God that didn't go back yeah like we have learned a lot. Nobody knows everything and were constantly pointing out aspect of what we can improve on. Actually, this particular preop moment of having left they actually just the team coming together after the last overseas operation and think you what you need to do the following you get back that we need to integrate this into our preop planning. So were always trying to prove.

Always bringing in people who have expertise who want to be part of team or at least one of you with some advice and we reviewed like that. So you know when a rarely did give me six hours to chop down a tree and often the first foreshortening that will, we spent a lot of time sharpening that understand some preparation involves operation when all of a sudden everything changes.

We thought that this was can happen so tell me about party had no right to cooperate with not even there yet and I get to have the changes have occurred or are different things and the ones we can talk about.

Let's talk about want to talk about right. Lynn mentioned that.

Well you know we find out that in our like that in our route. They are dropping into a country that requires a test. 96 hours before the two hours before 48 hours before Christ world is due to people about what it should do. It should be right now. But now were trying to get the $40 will you after I yell we can handle 72 hours and 96 Carbonell Deputy that now we have to make arrangements to be tested elsewhere has to be this contest is those things you can't plan for larger situation for government operation. You know where were still trying to assess for the players are and identify the intelligent and the course of action would be doing what's expected team setting the gold out you know right. The goals are not just to rescue to the goal is not just to arrest criminal leader, not the goal is to put in place where that country that region that government, an operation account human trafficking operation that actually works were not there. Okay that's so important for our listeners to know that our involvement can't really catalyst to quickly think in place and sometimes the other our country. They don't do anything less with their but then there are the great regions of the world that we also work you got it and and they are moving forward even without you knowing.

So that's exciting to write out court think that that's really helpful straits compared to other operations that are familiar with where you went it, seems that this particular operation. You're on the first trips in this area would be extremely conflicted and close to that area and it was it was semi-conflicted, now or in their majorly conflicted and then delete it because we know that there are golden victims and children that we have accepted your taking a nap on the world or vice versa and we really have to get into the trenches. There evaluate what we can do our not so we really do covet everyone's prayer the next few weeks and we talked about going to bed a little bit of a pain that nothing really what to what we're facing in the decisions we have to make when we step out of the vehicle and in the movement types of really covet, or vice versa. As I was just thinking you know some parents.

It sounds like wow were coming to a new place to some extent not completely new, but obviously there since there's a new group in assessing an awareness, the good, where's the evil where's the impotent tween where something I can trust were superior to hang onto it. And so when you're looking out across just in question. In general, and you come into an area like that. How do you begin to is that part of how you decide. Okay will hear somebody that we feel like we can count on, or how does it work much like I love you do start somewhere. You have to start somewhere on the don't you don't delight you trust willy-nilly simply, you have to start somewhere and then of that trust is rewarded known small bites can you do add to look no more trusting doled out. Trust violated the past so that those memories honestly next mission tried and I really get a sense of prayer need right now of wow this is spiritual warfare. A level I can even imagine. So is is you wake up in the morning.

Is there a different kind of spiritual warfare that's going on within your team then than what we've obviously been what we face but can you can walk us into "definite Mark mentioned "breaking this case out. It's uncanny. I absolutely actually helps you to mark when it started happening every conversation with my youngest daughter the other day over summer stocking.

It was I'm thinking up about ready to travel.

Go so you don't get extra fees, real that's not make-believe that absolutely happens hundred percent. Clearly we were getting a sense of supposed that's to an extent how Satan keeps you kind of with her focus back on yourself, rather than on the mission is that kind of something that you face. I don't know, sometimes to total beginning from Michael Summers (William, do those to read God's word is God's argument is doing as with all of Scripture when my heart is wrong with him when I'm attempting to worship with all my heart so my strength then I will love my neighbors as myself, which expected to in the country were going to make sense absolutely test therein lies I'm sure part of what is given you guys the success you've had is that people see love and and something that these people to come in here to help and that you gifted in order actually have the tactics to do that, so probably they'd really been about preparing for a comparable moment that the reality doesn't matter how well-trained I we are all advice we get there. Still, just on pre-terrible moments that happen oversee in operation and none of the listeners and for us even in America there think that we can never be prepared right now and so you know the specific very effective way you care for the seemingly unprepared moment for me is a spiritual masterwork that happened prior to leaving. Though I had to remind myself know what got think about what okay you have to think about what God called to do for me in the type of moment. So what got think I think he wants justice. He talked about us defending the oppressed and the fatherless, and in those currently in that we got from the noise from the date never leave you nor forsake then a cabana question cannot trust God right in my get a trust in an environment to go do this work when when others say you're not. And in the last the bottom line is ultimately in charge, not me is not about the team leader is not a command is not a ultimately God is in charge right and he keeps using even in redeeming even a moment that we were prepared for. We get to see the miracle way that I'm grateful for challenge just allows us to honor really continuing to pray along these lines, because he is the one in charge in his he's got a plan and working to pray alongside of you that did you guys find a new beachhead there after which started operation or continuing operation that countries are engaged into to stop human trafficking, so I'm sure all the listeners are joining me right now like man what an honor to pray for guises we know you had out tomorrow. Thank you TC thank you Mark, thank you ran really think you saved you for listening to lantern rescue lighting the way to freedom. Would you consider a gift of any amount to support this ministry to light the way of freedom for a young person trapped in the clutches of human trafficking help us with any gift of any is a website you can also learn about previous programs you can listen to this program in its entirety and sorted to a friend sent you for listening. Join us next time right here for lantern rescue.

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