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Securing the Border!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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February 27, 2021 12:00 pm

Securing the Border!

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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February 27, 2021 12:00 pm

The Lantern Rescue team discusses what they've been up to in West Africa, a few select victim cases, and what they look for in potential volunteers.


Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network we had a moment of their visual FBI agent at the airport about the whole thing. "Generally, the only requirement is saying that the mine got welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about arrestees and we empower you to do something about it was once said that it not be said I was silent when the welcome back to lantern rescue here. I'm not rapping I am Rachel Torres. I am actually the producer for Lincoln rescue so he's been living under the weather this week so I have been asked to step in some pretty big shoes to fill. I'm excited to be on the side of the mic with the team.

So we had a pretty good show for you today just give you some updates.

First of all about what's been going on with the team so Mark if you wanted to take that away you are ready to show… Rachel all the right years. As we got you on the phone you want to thank you for your production efforts because people understand how many probably just take out of and I know I know we can make your job so much that were excited to be back in a big boat last week. Absolutely clear able to share about Africa. I got work there were so excited about you have to be ground a lot of places lately this week and I cannot connect the dots in a country where we know there needs to be a border operation should be training there needs to be further training per unit we have in that country, and we definitely need to take control of second order along with that country because we know that their goals are being traffic. The nearby region and it's something that's really been on our radar promise to yourself, you know I don't tarnish the progress we need prayer or trying to connect the right government officials and we have them all but dysfunction and violence in this area.

It's really hard to pull something together set that for up to course we got other things going that were excited about share but that's the main thing I want… I was so easy to control of the border. I know there's probably not the cousins and I went what is exactly what you mean by that. It most often it's only country that I lack of control the border and they were there such corruption that children are minors are smuggled across once a child cries this month. Once a child crosses the border and their passport is taken.

It is likely that there is an escape question trafficking situations so borders are essential that governments control them to keep other people account for in vain for that illegal immigration doesn't happen and that's not going to happen and that you tracking that read. Well, and TC I know he has, edition MSU.

The cases he has been working on Africa has something you want to share in a specific case, absolutely. Thank you generational for excellent and I will follow up on some Mark was saying and limited on the note for this one country and were trying to establish an operation note traffickers or creditors.

So they just need to put enough of the dots together create opportunity or working outreach opportunity that might prepare an opportunist case, there is a supply and demand know not to be crass about a button as Aquinas particular country or area good is talking about that we would like to go to is an obvious place anymore between countries is opportunity for money for everybody. So those sorts of things, no create why we want to get there and get this mission is venture going in the same is true you know were all talk little bit about Africa and some of things going on there so two weeks ago in preparation for the show.

I just didn't I get a bit of synopsis on information we received from our my counterparts in that country and so two weeks ago. They had 12 icon intersections, introductions, kids on 12 kids who are rescued or saved and addicted. The average age of those 12 was under teen years crack so you and gun MMA only repatriated that later.

Here's a more specific example of those 12 was one girl, the youngest in this particular crew want one young girl was six years old and she is taken from school and this was this some growth actually allowed to be taken by her mother and the woman took her at the border was telling our operators.

There is a girl that she was taken to a place where you can help her with her schooling girl struggling shooting helper, and in the end to great investigative work by on by the organization in this country and after. The lady was the one in the trafficker is not related to the girl and that she was just taking her from school to get her into domestic servitude in the country six years.

As Mark said rental double down on him. Once that girls in that situation, the chances of air getting out by the conjugate here ever are superslim so vigilance and the effort that it takes to get a fictional nonacademic situation is as critical as super important and so little girl has been rescued and we know where she does matter will be determined by the sneezing helper that's shocking taken from school and I think that's something that cannot rest imagine hearing and just happening like an everyday occurrence. So when did you have anything you want to share my thinking certificates that follow last week when I met her boy named Henry about 15 years old and… I like that going on and working. Anything alongside that plan for Sunday takeover and childlike epidemic connection going chopped garlic going to the village and thought it can be filled with daily duties thing that he talked him into taking a job you can I get you, but I need more money you have your own money you can take on life and a falcon into forced labor and I got a job, not a 15 year… You believe that the growling money panting back your family the same time happy all the time and he was prevented from being followed to labor traffic or how it happened all the time you want to get a copy border and it is credibly hard to get them back in the right place when actually blowing. It's not like America might have a number we have all the organization then please able to get you from your kidnapping I can find in Colorado like a PDA did not like that everything is like it incredibly difficult. I can take you to ever happen without even getting to that date means fine just been taking any homework you think you're doing something to be helping your family and then cross the border and there's no recourse for you. Necessarily, because that's where you guys getting bent quickly to prevent that from happening to begin with, but that's that's horrible. So many of you guys have any more thoughts on any particular case.

Is there anything you will never fly toward women talk about him.

Imagine that your child what would you want to have an eligible to regain her child have the knowledge that you get your child back. This is something that I think we need to ask ourselves, you don't organization of individuals we have made ourselves available for this very thing to rescue the oppressed, rescued them early in the trafficking cycle as possible like rent further down the line as an artist is to impress more people that Peter will change with real parents around the same feelings and hopes and dreams that we don't do families and community members, and so we really are trying to make ourselves available to stop this from happening to anybody case you don't know, but they feel the same & family, feelings and emotions and consider to have anything lessening or selling.confirmation of what JC just said is so critical that we act in a preventive manner because there are moments where it is you like the rescue is nearly impossible to occur and what were describing an art show so far as been in operation that we have so favored in established in Africa that with our training with our finding of good people to lantern intelligence team in place and police officers working these rescuer happening outside of our present so we don't we do the heavy lifting with training we do extra operations. The stylus expanded in this way we dictionary with anonymity by operation here.

These are these are rescued from the people that we trained in job I'm so excited that they're doing that. Maybe after the break.

I love to tell you about one in particular that Over another country out to like.] It is not like to be taken with very clear you know the girl being dragged kicking and screaming, no guidance, no longer in convincing the children that think their family if they let their family they would do that and they are getting the job there and meeting new life family circumstances when they're being taken across the border kids well conditioned to life and property. Think they're doing everything they think they drink. I think Barry is not how do you think the TV is pending traffic you really have to be involved and be proactive and paying attention not copy in my apartment not touching anything so that's really what it that we trained and really fighting if they are truly dedicated to work every day motivated taking a break been heralding a really high everyday coming and I truly looking for the defendant made a huge difference just stories to send Frank to Satan as a base organization that conducts international rest operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism, contract is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge station. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest personal activity in the world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a trained international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates holistic procedures are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support back to lantern rescue. So glad to have you witnessed today that the team here been talking about some of the rest evening & and so fully to the very diverse and can select and mentioned that there were two girls you are able to rescue you want to share a little bit about that excited me to girl. She got one Natalie and 1K and the suspect Rafter was actually a lady from a nearby country – her name is not she she was posing that she had available work in restaurants and restaurants network of restaurants and so that that this is typical that someone will come from one country to the next day I work convinced family or you know young children to come and to work for them, but their promising pay what the government deliveries no pay and put them not only to domestic slavery to implement a sex slavery and that was the case for the two girls that were rescue intercepted the continual particulate was she got to the restaurant and began after work. At first she her up-tempo, take all the money like my paycheck each week that she was both received was going directly to up And then he was. There are signaling that they with her to use her and so the porch. Great. The two girls are rescued to be handled by the authorities and reallocated in reunified with their family. Families educated about what this is all promises dolphin your children and then the suspect is arrested and so I think I said I know that I read this, we that over 1 1/2 billion people are attracted year cost order status account illegal immigration apartment that I'm talking about straight up a million 1/2 people are moved across orders in illegal trafficking and it just you would think that families would be more caring and concern because of the disparity of economic opportunity for some countries if there is located nearby country family just willingly allow their child to leave thinking that is going to work that there should be money in the future, but it is a straight up trafficking situation that getting in Ali domestic slavery and sex slavery. So we're sharing with you some of our favorite cases in the last couple weeks but work is being done is volume is being done. It is probably what we were there we were opening it out candidate investigations a day saying 1 to 2 children rescued plant that out now that were saying that about 10 children delete sing closer to 15 to 20 children a week and it's just his that our team get better. The work is amazing how my gosh is wonderful to hear shocking numbers there. 1.5 million coming our sense even hard to fathom. That was so in the winter. I'm so glad to hear that you guys were able to get her in a situation. Was there another story a different girl he wanted to share them. One thing that's not unique about Leonard is that we also note when we're working these trafficking cases. Sometimes you also come across abusive situation that a child on the traffic you by parent or a love like to be sexually abused or an object or case that we have recently was a a girl we intercepted at the border of the she was a big truck. She was heading into Utah elbow of the situation was that she had been physically and sexually abused inside of her family and beating on her body were they were exposing their obvious to our interception. J and the interrogation process, family, and interview the girl that you know they recognize what's actually happening here. With this in the visual and that's unique to us. We were not going to college is an attractive child when I can help Worchester to help you still want to do something that's where immigration we put out a call social media about years of our social media. Great job with that out all social media should look. We need X amount of funding bonds to help this girl baby to a better situation and that was nothing that was raised maybe an hour and were thankful for that and not that girl getting the care that she needs both the hospital care that she needed to yield her wounds ended replacement that she needed as well is amazing heartbreaking being in that situation, your family when you return to when you help with taking care of your 20s must be safe and yet simply sat look at their family really see any other way out. Tenant trafficking and very likely in the treatment I got to meet him at work. Can't get when victims get there like we were able to provide credit girl and I merely apparently there fell the prize when they find out there to get a different life. They don't have to explain it to get like genuine like belief like an incredible to watch situation when they find out that they're going to a different life. And that you know they don't have to live like that anymore. It's really a truly beautiful theater. Every complement donate something like that.

Like you might not always see the exact moment by now that your changing line significantly with what people are able to get it. It's really, it's beautiful.

Speaking of people donating and helping out people here on our staff people you from was wondering how they can be involuntarily can help you guys had some things he wanted to share some things you look for volunteers role. We do that we should have people come to availability at skills that you know they want to be part rescue operation got people emailing people on the answer Graham and socially reaching out to the RadioShack and you will love their heart. We love the volunteer art would love the willingness so maybe today we want to take a few moments to talk about what you are a little bit but not requirements but we look for it.

I get grateful and motivated military background of easily think about you and call Jewish support textbook, which is which regarded as necessary just now, almost like the idea of a malevolent skip your instructions regarding sexual among all this had been a part of organizations that have become bigger was better in the charismatic I was to make a good bigger better better better 01 finger market remembering adamant about his family atmosphere in the note.

The kind of people to come to his skill set too short to be an investigative Skill set were #anymore. The police backgrounder to be more skill to facilitate security or communications or intelligence for the missions that were doing so. There is opportunity on the part of the promise. You have 5000 people that one 5000 3005 skills of the 2000 you know lantern estimate draft who those people. Our dreaded are the right reasons? Describe his conversation today because he had a lot of people skill set but glaring next white wine you want to do is rinse type that is what your motivation so those are some of things that we start looking at to have some to commit a door to help some rang and Mark anything really attractive and a lot of operation. The team now and three operation that you don't have that family behind and not true connection with people in your right reasons like these things can go bad in other countries really really quickly and that I not only now he is alive what was going. I think that you mentioned your life out and people tell me all the time like I did want to go now. I do not find the radio but it is a Gyan and my personal life.

I do think the traffickers and I get that data team never well. However, enteric into the world being your intent because it use the mission and then when I focus on… The child, your focus on your anger and your and not when you going to the situation even when ran the Monastery for gang rape you have to be coming from a place to live and not take the Content that immediately and carried to begin at the traffic light guide knocking on the door and fall. No full spot jacket.

We got kind been a lot going on detailing that conduct and on top of that you're drawing a campground in your training entrainment exactly kind of flashlight going to make it work for you when you contact them for and you're going to think of what the most important thing in the room, which is the child not your desire for Out huge arm, then from the right perspective and really understand that it's not about you wanting to punish the chapter edited out feeding the child makes much sense. About 30 seconds.

Here Mark. Anything you see when sheer I love what she she read both just said and I know found they say a hearty amen to that.

And that is the description of what they just gave enough were trying to achieve data for trying to maintain and keep we do hope to expand and we do hope to grow our operational operational change in unit and just know that we are family takes a while to come into the family dollars for updates about a condo would like to thank you stranger you know for a little bit.

So we are that family and work.

We are growing this year because of the on the goodness of our donors in the care people care about what were doing so we are excited. Thank you Rachel for your time today.

Appreciate it.

We are praying for Robbie and everybody in the know that he will be back was likely he will be. Lastly, thank you guys so much.

I know that's a blessing to be with you guys today. Thank you so much for being with us today on lantern rescue. There's a lot to pray for everything going on in Africa between the teams and training may not be able to find some people to see anything on the right motivation and the right skill set to do the job guys playing on the hunt give this ministry then please visit lantern resting is been set and significant difference in life interesting. This is the Truth Network

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