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Human Trafficking During the Covid 19 Crisis

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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April 27, 2020 10:38 am

Human Trafficking During the Covid 19 Crisis

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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April 27, 2020 10:38 am

Mark and The Team from Lantern Rescue give us an update on operation during the Covid 19 shutdown and warning signs you can help with.


Welcome to where to risk a ministry program to bring white into the darkness of trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is a lantern rest.

We tell the stories we talk about arrestees and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the were so honored that you joined us today on lantern rescue as you listen.

Today I think you'll agree with me that this episode is just jampacked with information that is a Christian well I've never heard this stuff before, if you wanted right here in our backyard in the United States how things would happen that somebody would get caught up in the sex trafficking or where they kidnapped or how did it ever start to begin with.

What are some of the warning signs. What are some of the resources and the spiritual challenges that are involved in what is it look like when Jesus comes to the rescue. You will hear that today from the team of lantern rescue Martin TC Allen and ran our stateside as you can imagine with a chronic thing going on, Mark. You guys are are here trying to get an opportunity to to do things you would normally do. They were constantly at work. They demanded Bill there or we are glad to make a make got back to or because you are." That being working but demanded Bill there.

It is in the nice thing about the show. For those of you listening is it gives us an opportunity really to look at Proverbs 24 1112 when it comes to this whole sex trafficking issue which is rescue those who are being taken away to death and hold back those who were stumbling to the slaughter. If you say behold we didn't know this is not he who weighs the heart perceive it is not he who keeps watch over your soul know it and will he not repay according to what you've done and that kinda was what was on your heart originally marked to help you get this thing don't you and motivated critical work on day where it all, but that we were out.

You market is definitely there.

All right then you changed it that I would be right now a lot of anti-about, but I don't significantly but there's opportunity to work without paperwork on here but I would like building with our government work with national network getting out the right country wanted fairly large bright light. The other violent project on the knowledge that they brought no findings right we have a lot of stuff to do well okay that the day yeah and and so diving into things. We've got ran here with this and in today's show, we would try to get an understanding of you know what is domestic human trafficking look like versus you know international, a lot of different a lot of common thing between them fail and we deftly want to find shocking and that you care about right now being locked down.

Now that I finally talked about but no domestic tracking can look like a lot of different things and I definitely want to remind everyone back trafficking victim can be any age or gender. A lot of people get back in that mindset only. Carl and not leave a lot of expense getting overlooked but need help because they did not know no talking victim can really be anybody in either ability home with their parents going-every day looking like a normal kid but then applicable to older boyfriend to come out and found that their friend Elizabeth trafficker. The location there on that tree working at backbreaker in a camp is lurking nearby and they have a seemingly normal life and are being forced make videos by Simon in their life not being thought I might. So the question is comes my mind ran his how do you guys even find out the status, no warning look for and finally identified a lot of their munication is really controlled by their trafficker a lot harder though looking for one kind is definitely one one way to help find and bring them freedom and that this morning.

The you know a really young girl much older man will find that you a lot of time if they get hurt really badly and there being all about the Doublethink that the hospital nurses are an amazing resource.

There that know the fine human trafficking and Linda talk to them when they're in a private room you know if you need help with going on if they're unwilling to talk authority at the Cox laminate run for no apparent reason, and Barrett living at home with a parent telling all that may have the gift and money that their parents can account for an older man picking them up and if there communication with family and friends control.definitely going to be a warning sign did a lot of things to look for and there is some time. Victims will come forward or someone will notice something important that they really think that everyone looking out the people and really knowing what to look for you.

Happy about that scary you know and you wonder how you see Jesus in in trying to help you guys rescue as you obviously you guys are you doing this from a point of saying so even mark you may want to answer that, you know how you how you sense Christ called to you to help barbells like David compassion.

Our dear wrong guy have a lot of background that they operate that way. But they are motivated by you sure about your luck with will fly home; number no the whole nation Jews so I'm driving force for sure what he was doing as well. That's awesome, that's awesome to see so so would you say ran.

This is really the most formidable and vulnerable yell. I only have one exact type person saying that there are all friends that we noted between victims and a lot of times the people that had special of you early in life and they have broken relationship with their families or they feel like they don't have a tropic person that they can reach out and with minimum well, so how do they go from that end up in traffic. Though a multitude of ways that people can end up in trafficking. The most common way here in the something different, a lot from overspeed loverboy though when a young person and moving around their day-to-day life and they got a broken relationship with her family. They're looking for someone to understand famine and want to pay. It has been a dominant and they need to go to man you love her either boyfriend move even thinner and great you think you got boyfriend and then he locked the move-in fishing then with an everything is going great for a while only. Alienate her parents and friend and then suddenly Danielle comes from embellishment. So you really love me with my friend and money and I'll snowball into being there being trafficked in their being bold all day every day eventually will that illusion that there there girlfriend in Belleville.

I was actually going on deftly one of the most common ways and it kind of happened slowly where the victim they blame and felt like their fault. They don't think they were a victim of trafficking because in their mind they chose and they chose the light. Are there some other signs ran that somebody's being trafficked yet definitely felt another way that it can end up in trafficking and deftly want to notice the bowling at their runaway, though it really easy for someone that runs away from home and end up on the three at him come by me all night to come and give them food and in part trying to take care of him and their payment back in sleep people for money and not money over to the bathtub near a really common way that people can end up in an back trafficking here in the faith is that they really tragic situation. They feel like they got no way out there underage. They ran away from home made it even committed a minor crime that they think they're getting arrested for an endů And it well. You had another one yeah though way, people end up in trafficking in the faith, but it is kind of a rumor that now that I kind of wanted well. Everyone seems to know some of you that know somebody that was almost human trafficking.

A parking lot and target and that kidnappings end up in human trafficking. Maybe with the help people sleep at night and the be more willing file target very very uncommon for women to get kidnapped and end up in you human trafficking. It definitely happened in very very very small number but it is really unlikely. The most common way the people end up in human trafficking is going to be grooming reggae. They feel like they chose it to go to the authorities, especially here in America for so many resources but many people to reach out to the trafficker is not an arrest, selling a product that has been not been posited horrific story and it easy to sell. They have a missing person report there.

They're more likely to take someone that their families not looking for them because they walked away willingly and badly begin with the hopefully to help people sleep at night and they're not as afraid that getting kidnapped and target parking lot or your Uber driver trying to kidnap you and begin backstopping are realistic and it serenely uncommon. The other thing that is probably pretty involved, based on the is drugs are believed to lead to being like they need stuff so bad that they get brought about it a lot and is addicted to drugs and they can't pay their drug dealer. It's very easy to market their apples. They can't pay that they need when we come back with some billings you have compassion for the perpetrators and what about much more coming up this vision of you been listening show today and wondering what can I do to support lantern rescue firebrand fitness is created away give away the benefit lantern rescue and give a home boxing gym bundle to one lucky donor. So here's the bundle sampler pause century wave master freestanding heavy red is washable boxing gloves RDX handgrips and just jump give way to lantern donate any amount and put firebrand for this your email address in the comments section on the donation.

The winner will be chosen May 17 20 2:40 PM Eastern time. Good luck to everyone that enters and thank you for your donations percent of all donations, including those for the giveaway go directly to lantern risk. Actually, if you're not in the box you just want to donate their and of course as always, we would coverage back to lantern rescue riding the waves of freedom in today's episode we have been talking about domestic human trafficking what that looks like it might be happening right in your own backyard. But we also want to move on to a little bit of what are some of the effects that the whole covert, 19 thing is had on human trafficking. Mark talked about what how our operation and really you.

We cannot see or to take out any time you know the location of victim always continued even in a crisis. The demand is still there and you know what that works yesterday. Already this morning.

I know there still are awful close. Danielle right you the best of good stuff but really here domestically potential market there because what it will do like alteration basically being you out trafficking will change and read actually mentioned earlier, the show that is that all campsite and pornography.

It will absolutely grow especially especially especially the campsite.

The use of the of victim. That way, I talked to Sam.

What is a campsite campsite live streaming of sexual issues and people so that that that explode because the demand is still there rafters are going to sell their product through the campsite that they can do it by warranty. The restriction is easier to be done and on the flipside of that, though I would say that this pandemic offers really unique opportunity that was going to do or that the people working in the field. The absolute worst raptor help bodywork buyer there's no getting up and working through the night to build a bar so that give opportunity to basically and internationally. Don't forget the demand they are in the market will alter, change, and we have to be very careful about what you see a lot of you like to talk about think the people see the white they really need to worry. Well, you see how bad outbreak.

Another negative that the victims like I mentioned before, the warning find that you think you be a victim of back trafficking it a lot harder right now that there's not much that the ability of the victims that are not as likely to get help as they would have in the past that black people their accounting amendment think somewhere by feeding them with signs of physical abuse. Another thing is that the victims don't get relief when something like that happens they're being held under even tighter control by their trafficker and people are just coming out.

They don't care about the fate on order to the topic of how the victim. The victim, unable to go interact with the idea in their camp and found it is less likely right now. Which brings up the next thing we really wanted to talk about Mark is is the spiritual challenge right but that's in front of us that really this is where the listeners can can take part in the solution.

So Alan you've you've got some thoughts along those lines or going on all will not know what though that individual block to get a better direction so knowing love Castello God love is also equipped you will whatever you like to be able I'll talk about the same likes to Calling you along the confident walk that a lot of people because of their smart as one of the team members you know and listen to the compassion in your voice and the same time knowing the kind of work you do and the strength that it it requires when it when it comes to overcoming that fear in your own life you can you kinda walk us in the what that looks like you look at the of the ghetto. The heart of artsy and always have either both love for the victim love or one performing abuse even an old lady love or our creator forgot note motivation.

Motivation of love is what will overcome fear because the land that I will not that I know there will be all will come up with every possible note that no person or different people are afraid. There's a line in the street there always evident you something to be afraid of the pandemic. Interesting spiritual impact on different people, but we we deftly have to been around that love and we all thought, of the first without the best out of the eye without the without Al about how you know those working on the without their or college that they are doing it the right reason of you know. TCU, thinking about his mother's were not that all on behalf of others for their good as I'm listening to the voices Mark again going back to Alan you know I I can hear the compassionate senses that when you walk into those situations. Can you see what the victims are actually afraid of the moment and recognize all that you will take long to those like little polar black bear the eyes of those that during your operation you a lot.

Those would be opposed to those not much of the plaintiff that the environment completely overwhelmed by one of the things that motivate all this, especially walking to certain death can't help but think it is fearless so that so great, so unbelievable that he walked up the path that's probably the inspiration I could ever doing this country right but love and obedience to the Lord's work. Give us all how what got that's awesome absolutely and getting back to you. What are some resources that that you guys feel like are available for those people who may have some idea that this is going on human trafficking.

There are couple ways you can get help want to call it an on line at the national human trafficking Hotline phone number is 888-3737 888 if you think there trafficking.

No one can be mad at you if you're wrong you something. And if you're uncomfortable making a phone call. You cannot at 33733 and of course you can always call your local police and I'm sure they would be more than willing to come and take their part in and help out in this course is resources that's lantern Mark you mentioned something that is very provocative to me.

You said we even have to love the perpetrators and you kind of give us some idea what that might look like, but also at the same time, encourage your listeners how you know they can grab hold of the spiritual aspect of this and what they can to you learned in the conflict. I believe her time it out to be no greater evil people to Christian civilian I had it came across that eventually in your life if you just fill it with all you do go into a conflict on somebody you're not much better than the and partly do without actually think Federation prayer the Lord give you the first but I illustrating the last year with the visual weight. Call that was raping a girl your girl, you probably like 20 conscious girl Grail and later later girl that we station looking at the Grail thinking without the Lord God.

Not sure what would happen with my where would I be alive or my greater great mercy and compassion, not thing the Lord so much for me impressed upon me at that moment when you go you will need some how well absolutely so you thinking what can I do well first of all we would covet your prayers, then you always be on the lookout for those warning signs.

We talked about today and if you see something no forget those resources both the phone number and a number that be in prayer about what God would put on your heart, possibly to donate to the cause.

Their operations overseas going on and just and we could sure use the lantern rest. that's lantern so

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