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Shaking the Trees! - Part 2

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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November 21, 2020 1:00 am

Shaking the Trees! - Part 2

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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November 21, 2020 1:00 am

Ren introduces listeners to her friend Shauna, a Project Manager at Exelon, who now takes small actions to combat human trafficking after learning about modern-day slavery through Lantern's work. Ren, Alan, and his wife Tammy, also share some ideas for how listeners can get involved through everyday means.


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This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue loan little girl I woke up that morning and I know you now you why you little girl lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern.

We tell the stories we talk about rest. As we empower you to do something about it said that it not be said I was silent when the so I know if you're a regular listener to lantern rescue you're like me, ma'am.

What can I do so much going on around him in in our hearts are touched by this.

And you really have a friend, Shawna. That's with us today. Kind of took what God was put on her heart and put feet to it right lantern and getting everything done with everything that they've been so Shawna you knew before, but God gave you this opportunity to get involved in talking about taking three right right checking trees on my three and four really difficult to get around and do nothing after you realize how widespread human trafficking meant by labor and no rain and I'm meeting Franklin high school and I really know much about all of the incredible work with plan. Tell a couple of years ago I had need you more than I went on through my company really around how I would like to think if I were living. I am around 1800, I would have had a current in the bravery fight.

Maybe I could have been Quaker here in Pennsylvania to help those in need. Fighting for freedom on Underground Railroad back then providing slavery with food and clothing in a younger journey to freedom really five seconds after that message means that hey slavery that is more modernized and there are ways to help that you want to know more, not really. Why moment that lets such a huge fire in my old though I pretty thinking adding with read more about what work that he dad and doing some research on my own. Obviously, trafficking is one of the most difficult thing, greatly. I had just visited a couple months ago. The first real chance we have to get incompletely really down and then out the lantern and he was explaining how children and I need like 18 month old children who are followed slavery by their mother, and I think you probably had on previous hot well. Thankfully they caught the ball and Matthew that victim when you hear about something like that something vulgar and horrific. I don't even think your mind know where to go or how to comprehend. Another thing that kind of lit a fire for me. How did someone have the actual thought about a child that young let alone act on them.

The work that when marking the team arguing every day stopping action rescue the victim and so incredibly proud of the work that they feel and how can you not get involved even if it's on a small scale when you realize that talking like how naïve I was on the subject of slave labor to. I remember discussing that with friends, and I know we all know to some extent their sex trafficking out there immediate BF version in our mind, but your conversation with Karen or if you do any research on your own. You'll realize it's not your usual typical kidnapping, usually someone you know. Either way, I knew trafficking was occurring in our society, but admittedly I had no idea there was such a huge leave labor industry out there. To the extent that it exists in our society today.

For example, I am a huge huge chocoholic like they were addicted to chocolate a lot about you, but I had no idea that almost all of the chocolate I was condemning could be traced back to flame labor growing and harvesting of the cocoa bean company like Hershey and Mars.

It was crazy to me (making small changes in my own life is that the First Lady anybody can get involved. So I started looking for fair trade chocolate which honestly for the listeners out there indicate better anyway Tony Giacalone are mom that I love now not sponsor anything actually tried my first chocolate bar with read when I was visiting her and my favorite chocolate. Now they take pride in being play free thinking small fair trade agent in your own life can help out a lot. Also not embarrassingly, I never realized the significance of slave labor in America through mass incarceration until I started doing my own research.

I never really realized that after the Emancipation Proclamation in the flames were undeclared free.

We deliberately and I mean deliberately. Everyone knew they were doing and why they were doing it started this effort of mass incarceration. I think we have an effort to rebuild our economy through labor provided by printer. They typically we ended slavery. But then Wheelock definitely took their freedom just in a new way modernized way and the kicker for me was feeling today and I realized companies like Victoria's Secret or JCPenney who I have funding from youth prison labor though my clothes are also now being made slavery left another thing anyone can change in a look at where you're buying your product and them make the simple changes in your own life just so much more prevalent than I ever could have imagined, and then regarding my own involvement with lantern, I don't have combat training or anything like Randy or Mark or any of the other team members. So I took her point. No, I don't go participate in grades or anything like that participation is more philanthropic and from home more like back-office planning support on faith typically get involved to the point that I've been discussing now in education with other educating others around the efforts of lantern supporting donation and I am a project manager by trade planning is a huge skill set that I have so if they ever need any support with an event that over here.

I'm happy to help with that. I know one of the things we had discussed with Karen and Mark was planning a walk for the Underground Railroad kind of inspired by Harry Tubman and the do a philanthropic walk from where he is from the Marilyn over to Philadelphia and near Philadelphia and I've done work with some of the governmentally even Maryland. In my previous role-playing able to use that network to make some connection to walk like that every opportunity I can talk about the organization and how truly amazing rented me bragging about her, but I work in a pretty large company and we just got through our employee giving him pain where he raised money from local to local charities in the community. So I got lantern is one of the register nonprofits.

There any opportunity to liken work meeting talk about the efforts and educate folks on human trafficking and any anytime this sounds really simple.

Like any time with friends or family. I wear my lantern years so I have a lantern putty and again it sounds simple, but it really get the conversation going and the education and continuing self that efforts are small but I think they can make a large impact, especially as more individuals made little small. I cleaned out involved. Well from what I understand you were instrumental as well with the matching situation with Exxon tomatoes, how about my company that will not my company.

I wish I were were practical on the pipeline is an organization if an energy organization so they operate nuclear power plant. You have 14 across the East Coast and Midwest, and they also operate utilities go. I am practically there with them. What I was referring future employee giving campaign. So just in Philadelphia in the Philadelphia region. He raised $500,000 your employee giving campaign that wasn't really it was an offer lantern. It was for various nonprofit but that is the organization that employee giving campaign as part of our company. I got lantern registered with that company. So we now can tell me that the employees of Exxon can donate funds to lantern and an excellent will not profit as well and we got a registered as a nonprofit to very exciting because lots and lots of people or companies do similar things rebuild Metro Templars due to problems with three and so the list is to a huge opportunity, but I got admit absent her dumbfounded good. I didn't know chocolate was based on slave labor or JCPenney close Army logos or insights that room.

I just you. You sure that the information was her first.

We mainly got about sex trafficking because that is a huge, huge portion of human trafficking that is labor trafficking and slave labor and family what we talked about previous episode with the Brickyard and stuff like that. There is a lot of play wave slave labor and industries like chocolate, coffee, sugar, and they saw ton of actual what you think of me think of the slave trade here in America it's very similar. These days, and then the sweatshops overseas with her doing the clothing fashion stuff that everyone fell into and some technology stuff like that. Yes. So tell us again about the chocolate that's slave free schools chocolate bar baloney even on the wrapper if you open the wrapper.

They have like facts about on the labor well kind of place how they do not like they stand against that fight against itself inherently delicious like my new favorite chocolate. That's just wonderful things you can come to see us as things get hold of your heart you know you are given inspiration to do things about it will. Other times of the segment with Shawna. One of the wonderful things you're doing and were so grateful you don't want to have a great Thanksgiving organization national rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending you a special operation of law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security problem, genocide, terrorism, truck is a nonprofit surety offer services free of charge. Human trafficking is frozen, the second largest collective human will reach an estimated $50 billion lantern rescue was developed rapidly to talk about trust and operates were trained in a national network to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates for operations right now. See how you can support them back to risk ratio is you know talking about people traditional several show there's lots of ways. Obviously, dogs talking on your heart respond and so do you really want to share some of you know we want to get involved and we love everyone and it really want to put their efforts towards helping us in this issue and we wanted to give a couple ideas on how to get involved, but the main thing is to start with the reason you have an inventory of what skills and resources you have in your life thing anyway that you can get involved in unique to you that are really something that can be embedded in your daily life in your community. Even the simplest, Shawna mentioned right and start my conversation just by going on the website and get some wood closing to talk right yeah yeah definitely gonna get future putty bracelet that you copy your car.

You know we got a couple options on the site fashion site you know this is a couple options on their work and in the future, but opened the door to conversations and really helps break the ice and time sounds great. Also we have Ellen Willis and Ellen new recently God gave him a wonderful idea to get involved with the church and so well and share with us what happened there through the Marine Corps for the mind rudely tore together tool together we should record him. Just recently passed away, which would connect me with her. Funeral all the small 70s or 80s. She was inquiring about what I do upload retirements is a retard like pointer work was well aware of the missions ministry church and she I would present good overview of the trafficking looks to the world so about a week ago was (I went to the church and do an overview where the operations whether the event itself supports a lot of interest from the people. The church full of questions and answers about other people wanting to assist in combating such stroke. In general, so you presented to reach out to a bunch more people become aware that could use some interest to those people. If people want request their church, things are Ellen, would you have a website. When local doubly open to doing that were most East Coast doing that. If it feasible way that they can do a presentation as we have the resources and were able to coach them doing a presentation on their own, at their school. They church their group, whatever it is that we have a nice night educational slideshow that we can provide to them in and come to coach them through it so they can get those presentations on their own. If were not available to come to huge benefits. One is just educational process for no more people to understand this more people to pray get some more people to talk about it and make more of us aware of even the chocolate that you can let you know. Also, then obviously connected people's hearts. You know, because, were the treasures us were there heart is as well so they be able to pray and be able to give us is incapable so you know that's just really you know it's going to be amazing from you guys to see where God is taken it from from where you are.

Your original vision loss where you leading you don't absolutely people don't. You will be made aware of what we do through 11. The choice from Schuessler one desire to help the you know my specialty is practical so the operations side and country venue so my knowledge is about Irish people might feel the company usually operators are former operators are major and I know what they have to offer in the way I do is 1000 people come to me that I don't know them from everybody and the want to know how to help people difficult for us to know where somebody can help if we don't know the details with God is given a number of years so class when people do crumble, I'm not sure how you can help told me how you can help us the code to some to think about what it is they have to do is expose Molly money you know my friend's mother through the church and the missions she was so that was a doorway through to reach other people's nose like a seven-year-old lady help with his mother.

You will you tell us or will direct where you can be used to expose… Sense clearly as he does talk about all the time does she feel job pulling on your heart and God. You tell me you know cousin. Clearly that lady got the idea from God, but have you ever church or you know I love Shawna story about where she works in and she said hey we got a collapsing tone on Windows.

What do employees give them to simply you know you is clearly inspired ripe text, with drone technology is value to me to go to Romeo what you think about it, you'll so to filming or overviewing targets like the were looking to do operation with a drill which is like to do a book that individual could sue his talents and elbows tells them with food and to the overall mission or corroboration of land up to really talk to you and God opens doors to the visuals. The water volunteer or do you know the Tulsa school of applied tour mission operations jobs is allowed both men and women to engage in this) yeah you know anyone from any background really really get involved in. I do have a couple quick ideas I thought about before we hopped on today and did you notice the way to get involved. This is deftly not an exhaustive list, but I have a couple ideas or people that maybe this will spark something with them.

So many predominantly yoga instructor and martial arts instructor could do a donation base class and have people come they wanted on a gray if they don't that's fine too, but the end you talk like a talking little bit that everyone down your waitress at a local restaurant and you cannot donor it he would be willing to play the national human trafficking Hotline phone number at the bottom of the menu with just saying you know this is a national human trafficking Hotline.

The lantern just the way… There you work at a bank. Same thing. Me putting up a poster on the bulletin board of fiancé break. You see something, say something. Here's the number.

Same with posters and bathroom installed it like a bar, maybe a bar or restaurant human trafficking Hotline them via couple backstop human trafficking so many ways you can get involved in modern think that you have to be this thing that takes over the whole life may have to be working full-time with nothing going overseas and and is really so many ways to get involved easy daily practices that help spread awareness and you never know the connection to make absolutely amazing and understand. Tammy may be available to assure karate. I had mentioned something, at least from the house and the support and of lantern rescue that you know there's things that you can do just in your everyday life, wearing a shirt or sweatshirt.

Wilberforce quoted on the back and people were literally even with Alan five there not afraid of them.

They come up and ask him hey what what that quote from a what's that about simple as wearing it T-shirt or sweatshirt or even speaking at work or to friends and family about what's going on and just remembering that you can do things even above and beyond the prayer finding what is your what you value what what your specialty, what are you good at your everyday life. Some people are really good at talking to others and that can be an open door for them to use other people have a lot of networking and connections and there were court in everyday life and that's areas that they can ask for things to be posted or justify being around other people and sharing with himself after something for people to remember. If they know that there's not something that they can do as far as going on raids.

There is something that they can do and would make a huge impact and the more we know about it and the more people are familiar with it, the better the world can be absolutely person so many of you have Facebook accounts or twitter accounts or to talk with you may have share the link to the podcast right were shuttling to the Truth Network company know people can stream it live or however you do that kind of thing. One of those posts is you hundred and 50 friends, you know, there's 150 or whatever you make those connections like man I was really really cool podcast of how God's working in human trafficking and a list of lantern rescue him and who knows that you know that might be something that some young girl gets a hold of them finds the number who notes that the you know how God uses that as is your obedient to what God puts on your heart.

Of course we would always ask and covet your prayers for these teams are after literally risking their lives for their victims for their victims salvation and growth because it's always a difficult transition back into society.

However, that looks in a course of God puts it on your heart to give financially. Certainly that would help get this on more radio stations and that would help in giving them the resources to make these trips surround sound like you guys, this is absolutely wonderful plus sate you for listening to lantern rescue lighting the way to freedom. Would you consider it just of any amount to support this ministry to light the way of freedom for young person trapped in the clutches of human trafficking help us with any gift of any amount of lantern is a website you can also learn about previous programs.

Listen to this program in its entirety and forwarded to Fred sate you for listening.

Join us next time. Right. This is the Truth Network

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