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Shaking the Trees! - Part 1

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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November 7, 2020 1:00 am

Shaking the Trees! - Part 1

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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November 7, 2020 1:00 am

Mark & Ren introduce listeners to AC of Express Missions International, who talks about his anti-human trafficking work and his relationship with the Lantern Team.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends.

Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue lab to what I would call almost believable good people and perpetrated against the money to the extent of harvesting organs boggles the mind is among them that I wouldn't struggle mightily market analysis that there is safety in numbers.

Conversation God's guidance welcome to lantern risk ministry program educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern must retell the stories we talk about arrestees we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they need welcome to lantern rescue. I'm really excited them is Patricia working to introduce you to a new team member and and find out some cool stuff some market share little bit about AC Robbie leg be on the show today I ran and the fight against tracking all along that moment right before that argument, even sharing revealing more about himself but AC and I first met in Iraq and no I know that you just looking into life. Talk really with that first guy that I met you at a provision of some really big things that are places to rescue girls from the victimization trafficking and is also the guy who is like you know he didn't claim any credit for anything you think God would say, and I will pull together everybody that I can have the right resources for us to combat this problem and I think we had that first discussion about in Iraq and not just from that point you not been kind of friends but not the death that we have the same similar heart and thanks in anything really. They came back in recently reconnected just this week ever an issue in coming example of what lantern sometimes faces that is trying to help other people during the fight to and AC you know is a guy who has his thumb on the different regions of the world, just like we do and very aware that if networking unit share what he would like to give it a strong example of someone contact us for resources and lantern the group that I was ready to be on calling me.

That means get to that country act like the people can bring the rescue to fruition orchestra support given other way network and that he is a guy like Cleveland that brought people to thank you but excited had him show and I know you're a believer you love the Lord. I know that you rescued a lot of kids but they did tell our listeners, Robbie, all of this year about you and now we get into my gallery connected this week Mark, thank you. I really want to meet the guy you're talking about really ought what I look in the mirror, I don't really see that you are you thinking about I document you know is one of my greatest greatest Christian heroes really never stepped up on a preaching platform never really was a pastor name was William Wilberforce. Historically, one of the greatest influences of the at his air. William Wilberforce was significant in and after 15 years stamping out slavery throughout the British Empire get a number of other things to help change prison reform child labor reform preparation. One of my true euros. Not just because stepped up and did something in the area that we all are passionate about what he basically let Jesus Christ's moving him out like a lag in every area and like William of a portion of the man who I want to be. I want Jesus to literally use every microscopic elf of my life.

He put every microscopic out in and because of that I literally eat out of the hand of the Lord and I ask of him.

What's on your heart. What was on your mind I can go do a lot of great things based on my gifts. In my case, lack of.

I could go do a lot of great Christian ladies like to start a church or youth pastor or heck even actually be an evangelist for whatever but the Lord continued over the many many years I've been doing missionary work for 33 years. From that moment that he saved me 33 years ago is that price taught me everything. Number one, don't go do something and asked me to but asked me what I need you to do number two.

Listen to my heart because I'm only loading I'm always passing information from the if you'll align your heart and mind. You're going to get the plan that I have number three when I tell you what to do. You don't ask anybody you go do the last command we got from Jesus was got going all the disciples and you see the list goes on. In fact, I remember hearing this was done first two letters of the word God go the first three letters of the word Satan are set SAP God showed me. Don't you dare sit on your duff and do nothing. All of those things combined makes up the true believer. I believe I don't know how you could say your true believer and then these components or characteristics from above are not at the very least spot in your life that people can accidentally catch you being like that in Matthew 25 Jesus said I was hungry and they went with when you redo the great amazing things he always Questioned back to one of the lead he did for me. I'll never forget showed that it would be much of what you showed me who the greater demographic or the lead of Lee of the world.

What showed graphically that the one my heart whatever I buy either on target. The most desperate demographic ever. And if young girls flow rate 25, the night by that that the cry of the girl to come up and one thing I told him many times?

You did well. I don't have I not I'm not not resource what do I do the Moses of old go of your voice. You take a nap but the in the water watching environment.

33 years of my life with good mistaken water watching God work, but primarily the last 11 my life. I had have eight.

And my wife and I at that time my wife is let the other year ago now single dad on the radio have and basically 11 years ago we had moved home from India.

We live in the northern India. The missionary family. We were doing the missionary church planting pertinent hurting Dolly all the related often aboveground thing for Christians.

This when we came home from Indiana Lord of the vision called recognition international in my heart and evening recognition international and what one I want you to change the world overnight. What do you think God that's amazingly often Macrovision mission.

But how Akamai can vary even you're going to give everything you do for the indigenous network. In other words, you're going to Corinth around live with them crying at them. Even then we put them in their home and discover their mission work that in their vision for their region within a year we were already in contempt. We were thinking and God was showing exponential power and is is wait a minute, please go get it now. We were doing that in all my gosh we were doing great and everything was fine going give me a mission left me alone to do the Christian thing and he gave me a great dream showed little girl going for someone else. I woke up that morning I was in a cold sweat at the guy.

What does this mean I know you showed me a picture of it in the about one thing. Now that I want you to find what you are.

The rest of your life you what, unit one of my you're gonna reach you little girl went from the bed.

Okay well good luck with that. God, because remember I told you I'm not anything. He reminded me I know I need you to be not so often that I could use the least common denominator to change the world. Generally, it is what about that depicts the foolish things of the world to confound the wise and the simple anyway. Again invisible. Three weeks later your phone call on members of Geico summary in a little Internet café in the landmark outside again.then Calais state actually Calais state of of BMR former Burma name of Pham and all the name I can give you a famous man. He said the applicant AC about reaching it either in conversation about the mission of absolutely Pham III really would love to do that one good I'm looking at free X of them all of them right now.

What will you do so in keeping with every good Christian person likable.

I'll pray about it. God almost flat me off my chair without it. I told you now go help save the free cattle cut or girl and I reminded God about non-resources. I will buy what you will be the good thing or two about that how she does it.

Long ritual before that day was a war that they what we rescue 50 a girl and 21 baby from the watered that day in Mark, and all I can say is from that point on I was hooked. It didn't really take that, necessarily, but I knew God.

Not only did you do this, but I told you I've called you this mission.

The mission straight from me.

Now you go to. From that point on. I literally just said okay God point me in the direction give me your divine appointments and give me your favor, your blessing and your edge you have moved out testing girls in well over a period of the next four years 2013 through 2014, we were able to rescue 4884 girls all median age of 11 or 12. Some of the younger 750 to 60.

All of them sold by either sold by the parents or motorcycle parts. Whatever we rescued and intercepted between the parents and the bad died by paying more to the parent that were selling them in the bag. I forgot to pay back in 2011, we were able to intercept Eric the bad guy and ran from 3559 girl Dublin. All of them are like quite a crowd. Jumping on the CAC because it's it's more than compelling. But we can break but I know every listers a lower display company can come and you may not feel the toes on the details, but I know everybody, this is likely life. Okay she got these cattle trucks full of women and they got saved. How simple American that and see how God actually this off. It's just going to serve, my interest was in USA-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security problems, genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge. Hallucinations.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest criminal activity in the world reaching an estimated $150 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat track and operates train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic missiles are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support them financially. Welcome back to another.

I can't say what on earth is to be able to hear the stories share them with our audiences here on the Truth Network and also as with emphasis inside saying so, will take any time up to you likely want to hear how all that got them. Specifically, Mark got somebody to leave for overtly. Those moments are like lasting memory that where the conviction started in resolve to continue forward sometime lately developed along the world and their people like you and octave economic I'm just not listening to something that he knew about you and hear your heart and I don't feel so alone in the world. I know others who have the same passion. Your inspiring answer may have felt more. The abolitionist movement have historically been one alone on the costliest, without any abolitionist we get to heaven.

How did you get all the underground doors.

Government and the list goes on, to get a period of human endeavor.

First wife. Document this is terrible. It was just like a regular course of so many more to it all the top five unit, all that sort of thing. All I can say guided when we were working with the digital we were poignant we would basically that the first rescue operation. What I would With everything getting money going and shaking donating three and I bet I begged all my best friend and all the words that please please please give me some money in the LA trucking. Amy and I am afraid got a miracle out of people get number two put together would: offer optic operational security plan. What I did was in a short period of time and so often after the play Mark don't necrophilia have the luxury of a lot of time together everything moving parts and components of that outfit. Sometimes our at the mercy of basic operational security plan together and I handed it on Skype back over to Sam and Mark stamping for effective team of the different network now and the guys that walked their mind. They live on right at that barely believed the barefooted indigenous mission. They don't give up.

What about their life. You read about in the not love the live well at the missionaries on the market well crazy in love with the people abandoned their lives to go after her nap in the cattle truck. The AK-47 will be bad guy when into the attempting to get what that would sample that they might be interested valid and the girls were screaming out the bar. The in the peasant farmer villagers could do anything that they were scared that you have any weapon Clark guys would somehow someway they were able to would often go in and unlatch the counter literally that the girl and they bring and get them to the indigenous orphanages. We were already supporting their landmark now over 100 family Bernie family working on on the cranium. The middle and in the back of the operation. When Sam called already knew I would refund the bread together and landmark. All of this family newbie. If I said something I would come look across to prepare the hundred and ready to be a part of the rescued by the evening five to the rehabilitation goes crazy over the and what didn't happen or the temple for the next four years with what God showed that that's what you want for the network law and go crazy about the report.

The art of comedy as you go over, but most of them your gifts and align your headquarters in America that played for the next year if I get you the indigenous missionaries in Africa. We had an applicant dying Moreno out there. You know what crazy in love and he actually was the one without liberation Army officer turned Christian renegade and he was always going back intercepted and liberating little girl that one family reacts filled. 19 differently known a couple of years I got and Mark.

Kindly note that because working with him in Iraq. Note the guide know the lay of the land of the character of the legal could eat the food and drink water and find what then asked that I at least on the front of her. 1+ years, and I cannot just say turn listeners aside from something really significant. The days he said he said he went and he shook the trees to get the fruit come down and you know if you think about what Jesus said about John the Baptist that you come out to see a reed shaken by the women and it was a prophecy that's in Isaiah. He was quoting the same when when the wind blows the trees that the fruit comes down and this show is is is was designed by Mark and by God. Essentially, to shake our trees. Your hearing things that you have no idea were going on you. I know I there's no way in my wildest dreams before is involved. Lantern rescue have ever heard of girls that were being raped time and time again little children in God's heart hearing that Philippe is Sharon God assuring that now because he wants to shake our treats because we all have fruit and that fruit may be prayer, it may be amounts of money or it may be some other way that he's put the call on your life so don't don't miss the shaking that good AC, is Sharon here you know God wants wants us to list the sheep. She is hearing these girls crying and eased in his meeting to take part in what he's doing, that the dignity of of of joining him and what is doing the kingdom. Mark, I'm sure you will have something to say. Along those lines, yeah, I always marvel at how much I care for one individual, and how much you will go into creating calls napping within circumstances and poverty and there's times where he you have a plan and official longing. No, not sure if God cares enough. Many remind you, I asked in the future or not, I will take you know hundred and your local people. I'll take 100 people in America. I will take whatever it takes to stable rescued one victim of. I just this model is related ensemble speeches right have the thing in the Asia-Pacific local pastors to risk everything, and I have the same vision any country within the local law work. All those boats were so willing to risk life and limb in a place that things like there's no hope in her the Savior pursuing him all her heart year were part of it is just on the modeling of the Lord… Do what we do and I know it's a similar thing.

He shook your treatment. Good quality care and other father that are called to help in this type of work into really competent and dedicated her life. Just so you know Mark you see how you guys you would mention you got reconnected here recently tell us what's going on now 40 a lot of years, reputable 11 almost €12,000 internationally. 500+ week and I went and personally got 12 on my hometown. So working networks and going images flatlining to correct one of the biggest thing that in the human trafficking world and in fact if you take labor in the market, forced me right now to work for him as his work labor slave that would be here, but when you take and you force a girl that become effectively not only the height of the greatest number of way every and all of the entries combined going on right within the kind of slavery did not work.

Slavery only, but is terrible situation called back the word rape violate the one we getting that heart of God. Every case I work some of the youngest of the young and old older women. One niche that I have not yet old is this thing called force marriage services.

Great work out there. I just don't know what and so the Lord told that you're going to get these girls are being forced to marry older grandpa and many times forced to convert you're going to build underground railroad because the girls were either provide literally in a situation that they could do not try to take the offering is over hundred and 12,000 per year that are forced marriage, an old man against her will and soften the average age of 12 or 13 in Pakistan. One of the places where we work with a great and amazing connected indigenous network is always pursuing what slave after slave from child slavery. With regard to every kind of platelet donor. There also going to see forced marriages well recently. The most recent one I got talk to Mark about what your girl no comment to think only when I was shocked to wait a minute, quite the most common plaque in the terrible culture. The 13-year-old girl on lawn find Oracle map inductive rate by 24-year-old mother. She's a Christian girl in the Christian colony there accuracy rates are in the future and tortures continues with believe it or not when you was brought to task. I work in Pakistan ruled in his favor that he could take her at this course white. I have a video of this girl being ripped from her family and she's screaming at her parents were just toner with him and his family just to come with it is the most heart wrenching everything hurt. I really, really have to jump into this. I know the listeners or trees or did mine certainly didn't shook, but we definitely gonna have a C-section.

I think that we've all done quite a shaking opportunity to see what how God would have us bear fruit in this fight against trafficking in ways that we never would've claimed AC thank you Mark Geiser, prayers in our hearts Regular, but the president of this is the Truth Network

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