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Lantern Rescue - The Growing Work

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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September 26, 2020 10:00 am

Lantern Rescue - The Growing Work

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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September 26, 2020 10:00 am

The Lantern Team comes to listeners from out-of-country, giving a brief overview of their mission on Caribbean "Island A" ... training, a third-world traffic jam, rising tensions, the nightclub environment, rescues, building relationships, prayer, and how they saw God moving through it all.

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The cuticle offer the devil's worst nightmare with the and podcast where we talk to real men who have real stories realize it is time to man up your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds to enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue and I only found them they were all on the bed remove the male mangrove ghetto was reluctant because she was afraid of the owner probably placed many threats on her and then when she got the vehicle she began to shake uncontrollably Olson. We actually had to stop caravan or movement get out on the street light around and handle shock. She was going in shock, ready to put an IV in her she was going and that's that psychological factors playing out welcome to lantern risk ministry program dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom. This is lantern rest.

We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they needed. This is what we've been waiting for him lantern rescue today marking the team ran into see Alan are all in country actually an island country that is in the Caribbean and you guys are seen some phenomenal growth just in what God is doing in this in this arena for you so marking. You gotta take us there.

I would love to hear really well and I hope more about all that occurred in the last week including operation rate, removal, or people 18 of them are minors will be coming showed this show on the marble God's favor and also the hard work that RG placing a result of that talent you have a lot about this town we are training and no working from a country take what you get. Try to improve it. You often have to look hard enough in your seeing matter patient and calm but I go back when we first worked in the silent I think you have one relationship, one person dropping and doing just that one relationship you don't know what the loss of income that one relationship now. Maybe now we sit with 13 were sitting with this country and their long course of their FBI per se. Every department and not network deal. I track that country is something you honestly, I don't know yet. All patient government or otherwise, or did you know I've been able to accomplish in favor of the first time that we do not ration their small group and scribing the first finding someone willing to share some adult did not have a working task force in the country went out that night. They stated that car Dr. grade they never left the door that became evident that okay operation that you do a lot of training so humble about your Alan described Alan you start right where he began that bill course trees.

The individuals they brought out their gear and equipment to train you tell that they didn't have a lot to do with their yearly equipment more than a desire to learn the duties to the heart start to learn different showing they make him better: now this is more than tactical operations. So that's good. You can do a lot with people wanting desire to learn can do a lot of people don't have the best equipment your will and desire to tell the desire is likely the train started very very basic just learning how to properly functioning firearm they didn't know how, but they really didn't know the way to do it properly and safely with tactical mindset so there is what to be conscious of your surrounding cutaway and the aggression are so with that said, the train went really well. 11 to quickly overwhelm the most and that becomes evident that the past we did/operation so we go pick up a couple left off the big trailer.

Sometimes it's just not possible to build and establish so kindly around my my first trip to this this country was aftermarket comedown is first or second time. So my first trip was pretty Allen's training and post-March 1 trip so good for me my first time there. We got together and it was another two groups of people who kinda sorta met and so our first time was just trying to get a few words down of this language so we can at least say hi are you doing and from there we are group have a lot to learn.

My first time there was we did a lot of work and we went out for a couple night with a lot of razor. Get the kids back.

Even the growth in that process essential talk about much argument going to get things in place for the kids to have a smooth process time to rescue today get to a place that is profitable much more profitable to them was a huge part of the growth for lantern rescue and marketing.

While help anyone at first and third bought country now is that a lot of people come there.

Thank you great things, not organization. Try to get involved.

But a lot of places leave because every talk about 400 often violent. There's a lot of disruption. It is an error, the best intentions in the least pretty quickly and you know when you first get their argument, and you're not going anywhere and it's hard.

Make them understand you're committed then becoming people left in the path of in the beginning you're working with them and they don't barely see the end goal because no one stuck around long.

Make it again: the growth in the team and how Americans came in the foreign teams work together is really incredible. They really bought in a trust that and the training is grown exponentially at an amazing a lot market is not just the training of that but there's other organizations that have come into the fight right things we do that other American NGOs.

All patient illiterate local country only patient we connect those dots only shakedown that network operability to put them into quite an empowering and that network overthrew someone to think that country. Now they have in their excitedly gone.

The department of this country that God has jurisdiction to be taught a lot but work gets trafficking or not they were doing it and then me that they stumble to call honestly developed with the risk that we have been able to formulate relationships where your school program.

One individual with their evaluation and determination of what that helping an agreement on the Jericho family.

When our child reunified with the mom and dad. A lot of that we you are back with mom and dad your way out of that little bit better, especially in a place where honestly you went left.

The leaves go back to court without the instructor problem there and neared the base he got there like you got the thing with Bennett and were excited about the I'm just glad that God favor that Alan keep the monogram part of the sloppy,… Other teammate that are usually shown that were there to help with despair can make a lot of you guys got there this time I got all the stuff that God's help build over a period of time. In certain you kinda take us into what happened when he got there this time Tobit required from backing up and truly a neat little country just got you will go three steps forward and take that step.

No go with it again and the snow was so good.

We did not. We went down and did some what I call it the great little over a month ago and that I would make the calls really truly everyone that we work with got promoted and that the dictator of one a great relationship on people and the work is being appreciated by the nation itself so you have those you work with will provide a more upper level that you have different layers of relationship that goes back to that where I look at you and you island a good one. 15 now on I'm not quite sure how bigoted that we got down there obviously rebuilt. Make sure relationship to goodwill excited to see the people got promoted. I see that we have a good name in that nation work.

The began to get busy and that always starts with Allison first. The refresher training will never not so good for him. So when we come back from what was telling us things went south. The first day and then we can see how in this country so lantern rescue is a faith-based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge. Their host nations. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support a welcome back to lantern rescue. Today's episode in country and I'm country going on Wednesday and the first night sounds like there was just one on TC. Can you kinda take us in work. Sometimes, two steps back and look like were steps back to be in this particular country and to make your life work.

There's a bit of no survival mode. I'm sure you try to make money drill string to make sure that your family sick and things like that.

This particular night before we had arrived for the briefing, Mark Allen and I spent quite a bit of time cleaning the routes looking at the targets incident for admission belief things will go smoothly when we wanted one of the one of the vital team members for the indigenous folks to actually handle the briefing so we were going over things once we got there and look really good. It's been a ton of time getting this ready and then during the brief were kind of post brief one of the main leaders for this for the crew for the home team there started looking for reasons that it wasn't going to work right now. All of the sense that something was. Not good like this was not not good because were things we offer. As you know the expertise of years of military government work. Things like that that's that's one of things we going inserted to be question we were little discouraged by the time we left to go do the work.

The whole convoy was dragging its feet and is a huge amount of frustration building on our side of the team and the newly time we got to where we were going to work with, driven down the middle of town and it really started to get to a point where there was friction building on the coming of the soft market analysis going to talk about the friction like to see if it the briefing we prepared for them to give was changed dramatically during the many operational plan itself. As we move through the area spoke. Keep in mind this area is probably the most violent hostile area in this country one of the individuals in this country as a gang leader and his notorious and I think the leader of the home team there knew that he was trying to sabotage the mission and the suspect because work but to keep people from getting hurt by exposing us people knew there were going to take should have been doing so would be able to casually act basically add to that, we got to very carefully stationed in this hostile area to judge was supposed to meet us do not need us we culled two additional judges and they refuse to answer the phone so we knew that point that thing was a mess. So it became some discussion discussion amongst our team entertainment mother members and decide to pull plug head back out of that area, which we did safely in the injury was compromise on Highway on the way out the word got stuck in one of our members of our team had to contact in country music to make it all to judge the different district logic is more than willing to come out and help us in a different area of the Council will promote now bleeding in the whole packet to antiphon by the coelacanth with different district but we didn't have any economic inevitability from Canada when Aaron went to clubs that were known to judge actually turned out to be three successful subtle clubs allude to yeah will probably be handily ended up dead and this is how God works like to say no, those moments where one know, but I am praying under Alan everybody crying because he ultimately got after Delport and remarkably. We ended up you judge only rated 14 club all that evening and all through the night. Good time with nine clubs 14 victim nine binder.

Correct. That is correct yet so Ellen got the right funding in those moments we have to stop and pray you know what the Lord wants to do what is he making available because the new store just by without statement to continue renewal of the boxed so you know, got up to go with another judge. In equity, did we ended up writing nine location through the night and remove 14 victim including nine minors in know those were those individuals that got him we had our plan. One area that got planted another. I think she is certainly my basic way of the world when Kawasaki definitely got a whirlwind of problems that I'll describe in that moment, so God have his way yesterday were able to do those operation remove those victims so in case the victim? How were they victims are mean they were in the nightclub through a book.

But what was actually you know as you saw what was going on with these girls.

What was actually, so that she operation within country really wanted operation we do in a structured teaching Billy Ray establishments where a minor baby there willingly or unwillingly, and a lot of minor this country becomes illegal for them to be.

A lot of will go into that environment really entering into an unexpectedly they don't realize they think they're coming in for a party at Fran know invited after 14 years old 15 with a company and what happened that put them on a direct path possession controlled by the club owner manager. Eventually they will be required to work on nightclub starts the club and is very can happen a lot nightclub and say hey you know once you get this club and they get the elephant… Psychological bondage and other I can handle Benedict a picture for the listeners W clad your mother probably picturing something in America where they've gone with their friends and got a couple drinks and dance and for the most part you have it.

Okay yeah what were talking about very dark.

They're very needy underbelly, not just the top of the club felt in the public eye. Drink and you have a good time people are dancing very aggressively, but you go downstairs there. Sometimes I think another hallway in the front bedroom and those rooms. I therefore believe their coat. These rooms that are tribute. The victims and few on paper fact into rate minor so the club owner advertise that they had young girls there available for a fact that there getting their friends and their other patrons to get the to trick you draw the command that I like the bartender was there.

You know you're under eight to come and have a good time not that's how they get a minute during the month that there they're able to explain some of the system so but God had other plans. Clearly God when we think that very week that was about the first night we look the other following night. The next day we actually went back to that area in stuck to the game plan we initially gave him we actually ruined upgrading the score 5 clubs put the key here is we didn't get any children until I believe was the last club was one girl that Fatima very made entry into this club and obviously this area been notified that we were in the area looking for your prayer list so that's why we can't find anybody initially made entry lose lose last club and the we had another team out in the street that he and Saul Bring a girl into the club behind us regarding the numeric with clear the school club were on the way out in the winter and unloaded kind of just looking.

I need to get out of here alive and look to my left and I saw the girl that was brought in right behind us were able to extract throughout the dinner out of the club figure back to be there so she could evaluate scope, but in all that our street. Mark was leaving that night. He is always all transpire over the team going in the girl.

Dragon are better After it entered, I hope to get that girl and sure enough it was the one God wants to get that night I was the one victim God wants to call out all those of us would put real events that made with the Provost realize it. God had a specific person you want us to rescue. While some did you have a chance to somewhat to say. I actually don't really do much of the interviewing part of the what's been established as a guy that's a go-between directly between between us government officials of the worker and were going so talk to so to speak, did not interview per se wrong, spoke about door as well, my segue into know how you want to see this is what I this is what I watched happened because I think is significant and usually important for what were trying to do what God is doing would be very easy in this instance for our cited team to be right, so to speak, and weekly report right into take that right and the service beaten in March on out the door to create a schism between both sides of the team that would be irreconcilable.

But what I watched was through the prayers of Marcus talked about.

I watched a few Americans, so to speak. Humble themselves to not burn this relationship to the ground into ghost also incremented in Sweden given the ministry of reconciliation and I watched the first night of the third night I watched the beginning of that reconciled relationship work until Williams will talk about the future some unbelievably great work on the third night because people humble themselves report the kids in the mission.

Actually their country's coach before her own pride and agenda. I watched kulaks as we went.

I think this is huge absolutely marks yeah I'm I'm so thrilled with the way the operation ended up working out and it is the is a lesson for all of us realize that what we plan what we bake in altered up to God and then you make the decision of what it will be will be and that takes the perspective our fears. Local beers are inhibitions are restrictions things like hate you Michelle Bishop. We got stuck in a blood thinner, more graphic. Yeah, that last 70 hours the potential of about just sitting there the entire operating night and all of us think of what we have to overcome them with them in the living room so you can tell the rim country and there's time for us to be praying for the whole team Mark TC Alan Rendon is is kind of stand behind tactically to to help direct things and you know obviously if you're like me and you list and you are really excited because what else can bring how many more weeks. Are you guys going to be in that area.

May we can talk of the width of the Duke of Moore show and billable rate operation and share thanks you guys.

Thank you listeners for taking part in this adventure continues to bless. This is the Truth Network

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