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Lantern Rescue - Psychological Bondage

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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September 12, 2020 10:00 am

Lantern Rescue - Psychological Bondage

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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September 12, 2020 10:00 am

Drugs. Trauma. Isolation. Threats. Manipulation of the mind... human traffickers use it all to maintain control of their victims and keep them from pursuing, or even dreaming of freedom. The team breaks down these methods and recalls several harrowing rescue stories.


This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue that area and wondering now though your secret private methods. They not be alarmed when this occurred some people coming to help you think anything of the book of the child, and guided that moment, the one garlic oil welcome to lantern risk.

A ministry program is dedicated to bringing light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern rest we tell the stories we talk about rest. As we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when they so manly to have another episode for you today on lantern rescue Sir to get the inside scoop on how do these traffickers get leverage on their victims in order to keep control and even ran this is this is a topic that's near and dear to your heart because of such bondage that it has a horrendous effects right now why different ways that A great beauty manipulation to keep control of their victim common misconception that victims of human trafficking are only kidnapped victim that are held in pain located somewhere in abatement and it really hard to understand that a lot of XM majority of them are moving around in day-to-day life and hard for people to understand why they wouldn't get caught up believed the runaway and we wanted to talk about why nothing happened and why it takes someone else and a third-party to come in and show them the way to freedom because of the manipulation that A great you. You maintain control them just so Mark can you take us into one of those situations open just in my my thoughts this morning with the show. Usually this is that almost in my experience, almost half of the rescue my life, including from ISIS to local traffickers within a country. The girls those who were being abuse are often they they almost refused to cooperate because of the psychological bondage that thereunder in the way that they been manipulated and the threats that are place in their life and there so isolated from other connection sometimes that they lose touch with what's real you know and like the stats that I read this week.

Understanding that, and I believe this to be hundred percent sure that 88% of these girls here from there traffickers that I will take care of you that I love you and buy them items so that psychological bondage that ring is referring to is always present. You know, not that internationally we don't work in environments where people are the sign of bondage is also sometimes you know Robeson and things like that. That's not always present what is always present is the psychological factor prime ceramic and you give us some of those yeah no mind way that we were working here in the name and with partly, and he had a very young guy. He actually had when she was gone and currently over 18 to 20th early 20th and every night the trafficker would take her child and hold it against her and not out there until she made enough money working for him and and a lot of people would think you might if you think you can run but if you do that fight you that you have any resources. The trafficker was the father of the child and can report at kidnapped and missing and the trafficker had made her believe that they cannot use her work and he would that if she went to the cop he would turn her and for being a sex worker and then she would never see her kid again and end he really had control over her child and have your mother.

I think a lot of money can relate. She has wanted what was best for her child didn't want to be separated for her.

That meant that she had to get a thing and she truly didn't see the other side that we would be there to help her. She honestly believed in. It took multiple interaction with her before we are able to free her because she honestly believe that we were not there to help her that we were the enemy and that her captor was the only person in the world he cared about or even doubt doing that horrible thing that were thinker and defect work and holding her child enter PC if you got a story that comes your mind washed newsletters is based on real leaders of some sort. Traffickers for the author got small amounts and wears that personal mastery took place in the country where we were looking for what is 124 slots like loud barman like that is true. There are very young looking vigils in this particular case we get going and going after that she felt like that's right education was incapacitated to drop some alcohol on. Velcro stand up.

She had no idea she was hungry all the words to that sort of the one before the show marked my mind is one time there was a young lady you wish went into shock actually was.

What you describe, you get the multiple reactions to the rescue operation in it always is revealing of how much control weathers through drugs and manipulation of the mind and threats how much control that a owner or downpour club owner has over these girls because of their reaction will sometimes be that they are so scared to cooperate with you that the rich actual rescue op is immune is traumatic anatomy. We're pulling them out of a very threatening environment where they have been in possession of individuals you know primarily one individual, and often in them when they finally get away from that for a moment shock will set in and that I not try to put myself into their heads to know that I cannot but I saw a number of particular girl we were going into a shop shop owner a lady had possession of her along with some younger girls. They had a bed in the back of this very small shop. The bids only purpose was for people to come. 24 7 x 1 of these girls going to that little bed with the curtain that pulled around and do whatever and I will.

We found them. They were all on that bed removed amount that girl. You could tell was reluctant because she was afraid of the owner could probably placed many threats on her and then when she got the vehicle she began to shake uncontrollably.

She just also.

We actually had to stop our caravan art movement get out on the street lay her out and handle shock she was going into shock ready to put an IV in her. She was at that point, you know, and that's that psychological factor. You know, playing out that manipulation of this young girl in control of her so now I knew that you were part of the medical aspect of this mark that had no idea so you literally have those kind of things where you could put some an IV in somebody if they were necessary. You know, not just with the girls in children, but also ourselves surrenders we think about these different forms of manipulation and a what is weird listers preserve some there we should be aware of that perhaps were not uniting the main thing to be aware that you can be encountering people in your everyday life that are victims of some sort. What is happening domestic violence, whatever it might be in their home life or what they're going to run the day-to-day and a lot of people are very good at putting on a faith that something is not wrong in. A lot of people feel that the only way you thought it a trafficking victim. Their garden grew thin. Running -3 think they just get paid enough to not the reality of the vast majority of cases.

Why there product you be my people that are not eat them on a regular, at least not places that shout you are able to move around I not held in cages and not hard to understand because I don't think I got taken I would run the first chance I got you valiantly or actually situation and a lot of you are not, they go quote unquote willingly trafficker methylation very early basement them.

There their boyfriend or they care about them there and get them the good job. Whatever it is U victim feel like they can leave because they did not care that is that chelation and they're able to maintain control and very difficult for someone to get out of that situation though be aware of your surroundings. Be aware of people around you, and if someone don't look at their body for signs of acute looking to the right. Well, TC could you think of another situation in their eyes. And that's what you saw will not been coerced or psychologically held large percentage of your actually that situation sells that you have been coercing for something course garden course and of course all of us so move people play on in my career would be most files times course Jesus said one time the services is you're responding to your father because they've gotten into such coercion by Satan that their father, they felt like this because my father right and I am up and I'm sensing that from these victims, their sense of security right we would have from our earthly father would be the kind of security that they're looking for from their abuser. It's a it's amazing the manipulation of the mind can be brought to something is untrue a person to be convinced that this is true, just like we in our walk sometimes you know we know something's wrong but we participated in a level that then we convince ourselves that is right. The mind is extremely powerful and you know our fertilizers earlier in the show how much we saw in you about American. I personally saw you on the front that they manipulated the minds of their victims and those they held hostage that same control factor is president and human trafficking in the exultation of these girls and young boys that is present. That same control factor is there is not that ice is something the rest the world doesn't. This is what perpetrators do we got a lot more of this manipulation and control and seeing how Satan really has these these traffickers. They don't know their worst.

Perhaps we have a lot more faith based organization, international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking and specializes in sending US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security, genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge.

Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operates through a trained international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates gearing up for operations right now and you can see how you can support welcome back to rescue is also will indicate the land rest and find out more about team comprised contribute to these out of town on shortly after this recording is determined Saturday and then we really need be primed for protection as is. They had out to fight these forces of evil about seemed totally unbelievable. TC can we revisit the young lady that when you first encounter was just totally inebriated person like her, but she talks to himself. What's your department told her lies want to help a lot out in slow yet to see that such remember bull rescue operation that particular girl because of the way the mind progressed into a safe area. We got to see as we were making everyday visits on this. This girl she's 13 years old as to she said she went from completely no control of possession of someone else in our free space and now she's seeing love, care and concern from a different way. You know, and now she's recognizing that men what I was in was not right and this is and then you know the smile begins to come in for our listeners who I wish created could not just see the awful crimes that we suggest that what we really want to see.

We love you to see the response. A few days later a month later how long it takes for that individual. Just the smile that was on her face, and the recognition that way better place.

These people really do love me and really are buying things that I need in trying to help me know quickly get into a place, a good place and have a future and those are those are great photo. Often we catch those miles and those are great memories that we can have, among a lot of other you know harsher memories. Those are the nice ones as the ones that we like to hang onto and you note get even if I go back to the girl that was shaking uncontrollably and got her to a place and where she's calmed down and they got her into her new care to her care in that situation took a little bit longer for her. Remember that and it wasn't until she experienced the loving care. Actually, a family that she was united with this. She finally break through those those that psychological manipulation mind and the control she had been under for a length of time, and it fell away. It is that it is a real bondage and that's what were talking about on the show today there some aspects, especially his drug and alcohol thing that did you guys see that really were surprised yet though. Often you drive you make them more willing not the only thing the unit or they can also unite the girl tried to run her. She whatever you call the cops on them because they have… 184 whatever kind, though, then calling the police picking up the phone if you you might think they've been manipulated to believe that not only the copy enemy, but taking it down banging and whenever they want. Another way at the top really maintain control of it meant all over the world can unite the country now very common tactic that they rent about the fact that how many people live rescue tracker is a police boss is a government official you know is in control of that environment. So now there are in a place to where you know you got a police boss who owns the club that is working and is also given me that thread the ring just talked about, like, hey you know any issues with you.

I know what you're doing and you know and will will turn them over to authorities there there in a very hopeless situation. From their perspective enough a virus but from their perspective and complete hopeless situation and how many times the rate that Prime Minister's daughter now you and also one of the police boss to showed up with his thugs and and and then took pursuit of us know we had pursued issue with out for sure big guns a blazing you know in a short moment and praise the Lord for his intervention. So it's amazing what this court should know on a local real honest to God's family on the circumstance been so blessed impressed with the agents that we trained in the countries working in God's protection is from those who mean us harm you or you know there are some there are some that were Questions about like guys on the Charlie team. He stated the vehicle, you know, we just don't know fully, but I think I just heard some code that I was not aware of that.

He's not. He's on a part of us are healed part of the operation. This divided into different units of the she's a place where right. I got it. He's currently out of we got brave operator for an Montfort bar all the time and I think people might think that it only because they're living in the same route at the top. You have to think like you want to countries that are not only under threat from the top.

On the street people within their own police department that are corrupt and very these people are just incredibly brave and proud of operator is to certain lies. I'm sure is working on it. Please team in your working on the corruption and and your is hopeless when you see that your mom, you know what stuff, right in front of you that undoubtedly you can get in law enforcement unless you wanted to be of service to your people, yet average, so there was law enforcement and thermal countries were making 200 $400 there already a great risk because of the nature of the environment there there in their country in and then we come in to train them and asked to do even more dangerous operations and work and so that's why it's also important that they see our faith. You know they know who we are and that were there as volunteers know the refill passion about this.

Not just because it's an injustice because it's a crime not just as girls but against God and in his creation and we we communicate that unity seen Alan Renwick. We communicate and others who you know part of a team we we communicate that to the policeman and that that instills a level of hope that once was hopelessness.

Now they have hope in there like there can be something better to know and we can we read the report of that night.

I just do not so thankful I would think if I was in her shoes and some the RTC around clearly with the law enforcement background write like you speak their language, even though you don't speak the language you targeted quick quick funny story okay we are were in a country that is in complete riots and there's two local to foreign assets in front of us and I'm sitting in the middle wrote TC Zach and Alan are actually there in another vehicle and I'm listening.

These two talking I couldn't make out what they're saying is there like saying you know what our country needs.

We need to in Allen's if we could just have Tim Allen's city would go all our streets. They were so serious they were having a realtors conversation when I am in the morning driving coming driving to a place that you know you do a rescue and there have a conversation in which the 10 Allen's would fix it out with us today. Sound I think TCU the spiritual aspect of this so clear like oh my goodness in my own life. Why don't I go to the authorities.

Why do I refuse to take this to Jesus you know why is it that I'm no going to stay in this kind of bondage and this is stuff that didn't like wow I want to see revival in these people there in Third World countries are about revival and Rob you know that's kind of an important thing absolutely perfect little so we literally felt like the program's progress locker, so all all you have to do is believe the truth of God.

Bondage can be. We believe the lie if you tell somebody last year. He will never be Jesus clearly so you need to confess to one another.

Thanks again and wrapped the show. I think a little bit by just one.

I wanted to thank the Truth Network wanted to thank American family radio show is overall only.

You know, there's tons of shows out there and teens with PhD's. Not that we are not well educated among our group, but that can talk a lot about a lot you can talk about this you and so was raw about our show is that we stumble through as operators to share with you guys. You know a little bit of everything, particularly you know the view that we have you know in our type of operations in the can look different in a lot of countries, but for thinker donors really want to thank our listeners for jumping in one thing we'd love for you to sign up on our newsletter. You know it is a great way to stay connected to us and to go to our website and then look for that type of me knowing and under. Emails were not when I send you an email every week does not us at all.

So will progress anyone you know one or one half essentially a month and that usually touch with us. So thank you Truth Network thank you Rob because you jumped in on this whole thing with this man. And when we didn't were likely be a moderator and I really appreciate you and your crew and more than mom and believe me, to see what that's really doing through this and through our listeners as you guys had out you know we want to be Priam Alan TC Mark and Ryan Reynolds can be sort of operationally involved while the three of you guys actually over income.

She is continuing law pursuits which is awesome so I find my list here so from the field, so next time. This is the Truth Network

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