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Lantern Rescue - Body Language

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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August 31, 2020 4:52 pm

Lantern Rescue - Body Language

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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August 31, 2020 4:52 pm

Training foreign teams to be the rescuers when the Lantern Team is gone ... Mark, Ren, and Alan take a deep dive into the foreign training process, how they conquer the language barrier, and taking opportunities while overseas to share the love of Christ

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match looked like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcasts starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue will encountered the young man. Mother care meeting today and that mom that you know what you are welcome to lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking. It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about arrestees we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the well. I am for one just really glad that you're listening today, and God continues to work with lantern, rescuing the progress that were hearing and were not doing is is is really encouraging to me against such a horrific flow and Mark there is progress being made and what we talked about last week. Of course we all hoped it would end the already done but there's a lot of work to be done right.

No progress. Sometimes, in some cases reportedly take quite a bit of effort it takes usually want a determined arbitrator in aspects of you since it indicates up one of the case in the last week that that we are out of country for an undercover dedicated regretfully, we have eliminated one individual that that individual is innocent, but are still a great concern with in working with the main perpetrator. We know that by and trying to wrap him up on different charges so that Kate will probably see regulation about another block of trying our best to get to work on that is that we work with and that is also requiring us to go back to doing those that it is progressing. I wish I wish like you to set off air. I wish it was like a microwave pot in Zelda but something to take a great deal of effort, time and energy from more than just talking and speaking about today so I'm really excited to get the inner workings of God's. I guess multiplying your efforts through allowing you guys to train teams all over the world and and and and talk a little bit about that today my mark. I we are one of the things that is fire about is that we work with the country were to do that required training.

We first. Liggett show Allen, Sherry is equally as being the director of training, but you know it is exciting, most recently during COBIT that our team there that we train were able to go out doing operation. It was for a eight year old and a 10-year-old, and they were being held and not labor slavery within this country. They were orphans that they had not known their parents. They swept up on the street moved through different homes and that unfortunately were in a position with a business that they were using the sleigh and which also you know, as we know from experience, rarely any child labor slavery not also be sexually exploited and that was the case of these two.

And you know these agents that work with us and train with their Likert in many ways. There are like your child you know when you raise your child now and again. Until then, you have to let go and hope that what they do is is right they do it well and we had great results and this is this is an example. A great result was able to go and extract those to bring them to safety and even also to talk to them during that last market and realize that they should get a we use the techniques that Alan taught us know and that's exciting because we're producing something in that country that is long-term.

When I did come into the country working doing our working wicket. We can do great work country but you cannot skip the training process of the locals, that's absolutely amazing. So, Alan, as you go in there. Can you kinda give us the rundown on a little bit of what what you get a chance to do without disclosing any of the secrets honestly sure usually what happens in the case with this country as I feel each other out. Obviously, they are all porcelain or work with law enforcement agencies or some variant of that and so they have a narrowminded ways of doing things and often those ways that they use are passed down to them from the officers that work with is not necessarily sound tactics is just what they been doing for a while have any means to differentiate good from bad tactics so we go and in this case when and warm up. I will get to know each other little bit and then we started to show them tactics of the pen utilize her many years by various teams whether someone important or military training stand out in the language barrier is always a challenge, but we had a great interpreter is able to tell them exactly were looking for. And then there's the visual part we actually show them so part explain the tactics you do and why you and then you actually start doing with them and then allow them to onto their own accord, and do them dependently without us so that it starts to sound simple but there's a lot that goes into it. The individuals themselves know you'll find during the training that some individuals comprehend income due to various tactics with weapons are movement or methods and you will supply the comments you kinda gauge that around visual operator. There's only did as we move forward in the training you start evaluating the vigils and how the performance of a lot of it you can you can give people tactics how they apply them is another kind like I will give you a claim. No manual or no instructions and all the instruments were in a foreign language and so there you go, take off you have a plan B really don't know how to use it or apply it so that's that's part of the train up or will we just give them the tactics that we then schooled them and how to use them to make sense, yes, yes, but I'm serious, I come sure most of the listeners now can you give us. Example no numbing or top-secret stuff that's just one of those tactics and and maybe an example of how you use that and in an arrest you at some point in time, or perhaps in your prior prior to full training program that's in place in that country. We we did some operation with the team and know it is fortunately without that should be the debacle of when we first did the Mets the operations within the rate like Alan just mentioned they had thereby how it will be and they applied how they should do things and it was. Not all the way things should be done and and there was on their part really hesitation because in this figure country they come through the Academy they are lucky if they have no human shot, elected more than half a dozen times or their loved.

Fortunately, you come out of the Academy with a weapon, you know, and all with any protection you know he's on her body and so therefore the evaluation that we do is organization and become anywhere evaluating all that being there needs an understanding and then we bring you know the team member you Allen and others who are expert trainers do this and so many other country and come in and they can make that evaluation and pick it up at that level and the progression of their capability training to continue. Obviously we we going we have to train the refresher would do anything but aggression out where they are today where they were. They were to take a year ago country two years ago. It would be significant very significant and it and it's exciting exciting for their government, their law enforcement in their capabilities to flytrap while so Alanis is getting back to the question asked a minute ago just to give our listeners a little check is you guys use tactics and you all know what you're talking about but we actually had and so you know what would that Mike entail and something really simple, but perhaps he use are really useful to them. Well, here is an example. One day we did train specifically good about how to go up and down stairways or flywheels with everyone to call in the so we instruct the men that you know and show them good solid way to do it each other those around them that night right after the training they all did well I got it and they understood it.

That night when the race we had one very well. I believe there was a right in front of you get it if you guys want the writing is on the left and then I had one leg for the center stairwell stairwell. All the training we we should that day. I kinda went out the window. They just kind of went right back to their old way, but halfway up the steps they realized who probably was the right way to do it, regather themselves and their composure is right there with time and they were able to perform that I really do it safely. But on the we actually were. Go Pro have audio on their actually hear me as exactly that we don't do steps realized it back at the enemy recruited one of the steps but so there's been a great way to do things from a more sound than others, but we always do a minimum of two vigils going anywhere that we really never goes anywhere by themselves so we going to do in the room was new to them. So throughout the operation. You could see where they would stray from that as a stray. They feel something was wrong to be able to readdress a partner with them so they could go into the room. In this case was a stairwell and having maneuvered through the stairwell and a lot of details for the tactics that you know something as simple as walking through the door elderly couple we do want to go to that door you left right room dropping discussion on why we do what we do.

The overall safety pain that's that's very helpful.

Frank was the lantern rescue team is preparing to go on another operation September God's doing with that and find out more aspects of faith-based organizations and international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law-enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security from genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity. They offer services free of charge. Their host nations. Human trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates with train international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern and see how you can support the welcome back to lantern rescue today's episode were digging into some of the specialized training that the lantern rescue team does with other countries and their teams and being able to sort of multiply what God is doing in the land of risking people from human trafficking and the teams language experts will speak you know when you know you study Russian and all the things of this this language barriers really you know part of what you guys experience something cool and interesting about how we work in training and were able to be a compounding training for net safe environment. We do have a translator with that he helped the more technical part training is very body language oriented in youth targeted learning people have it in their techniques and not know helpful because monthly getting but dark cloud, and the uneven speak the same language of the people we might have somewhere here and there that we don't speak the same language and you get an environment like that.

Everything now goes out the window except for European major motor now it really interesting to be able to do these operation and that clear a whole club and you pick them then going to be crazy places and 90 people you're with how important the training is that it is so vital and it will instrumental you just being able to do these operation to view now what they're going to do because you… The pain training that's really I'm sure every minute you guys get a chance to share this, discipleship training markets you you don't get to see the overall picture of what God is doing with lantern rescue here. It really is a beautiful thing in it is because that interaction that renders talked about the other thing that we seem to cross over the language barrier is that we share the love of Jesus of the godly girl to me. We we level them we care for their families know we care about their children. They know that they sense that they understand that they know were different when before-and-after rate. We stop and have a word of prayer.

You know with them and their times were we went through scenarios whether it be training or operationally, that I look back and think how did that work because none of us.

None of us can speak the same letter that all work. I know my growth little bit different than Allen's drive but it all works out.

You we we have got it… You will only will the course of action taken. He will something done and done, you know, I one thing that is great about lantern and the training that the curriculum that Alan ATC and our team lays out that it's also very specific to the rescue operation so there's a whole lot of basic tactics that have to be covered and training involved. But then where are specialized unique to a country in the service we provide is that we help them in the extraction process so you know Alan is anybody romantic big strong guy. Martial arts background, but the techniques that they train and teach you live by the girl law-enforcement agent on this unit, they can do the same thing release the girl free her and bring her to state the it's really great that we played out that great, but that we teach that these countries and and how to keep the victim site.

Once we've rescue them how to move them through a hostile environment back to the state vehicle all the scenarios and I'm I'm just thrilled with what lantern he is doing and how whereabouts are specialized to being able to really attack this problem internationally ties amazingly beautiful thing that God has been training up all you guys went such specialties throughout your life and and even our rain is getting further training in law school, so that that should be able to help in future ways.

But Alan is is is you think about this training and but there's a real spiritual side of Alan and can you kindly share with us what your sensing there, and what God's doing absolutely, you know, a lot of times when we pray to God when one would talk a lot. In most cases, or seeing really move you forward your relationship with God is talking all the time.

How can you ever hear so in relation to what we do with the teams over there, a lot of it is visual. A lot of it train revolves around hand and arm signals for movements of the individual want to see other moving you know which direction are going to be objective about in visual is the famous truth.

Ordinarily you just keep your mouth quiet, look at the past that he has before you guide your steps and training only.

No doing it from the point once we get in there. No word on search procedures, that see the people moving to the potential rescue league. Once that occurs, next movements take place. So all those things flow together. You just watching not talking saying how things progress.

So I guess the spiritual side of that is they quietly got to the talking lifetimes. You talk louder, sometimes without words this summer. He told me once you got two ears and one mouth you know I was trying to give you a way to figure these things out mathematically, listen, so Randy you've got something with covert that's kind of applicable right yeah no you know, our plan was always to trainees teams and to give them that will help themselves and help their country and we never anyone ever predicted it go bad and restriction on traveling all… When it hit it with such an eye-opening moment because even though we were able to go overseas. I work never stopped. The team building Matthews, we are still getting messages from them all the time about, you know, we rescued the Iraqi back kid. We found the effect on audit staff and work never stopped enough because they were given the pool of weight.

It Really help in solving help their countries and at the end goal for all that someday we want to be out of a job. You want the be NARA. Now some of them some of the month of March.

Train fully independent and able to do this work number, not daring rescue victims around-the-clock and not that's really important enough model that the bill and it really came to fruition with it. Restriction on traveling the past six months.

The style that's that's it really is and is mentioned you guys care deeply about all the members of these teams in any you guys really suffer the loss recently. Yeah, though unfortunately they're not directly on the team to be trained but they are with the unit that we work with the way you violent and this country. We can't really disclose anything on that, but if everyone could just be thinking and praying for him at family people struggle and not any country then and he put his life on the line doing a good work and he unfortunately lot like yesterday and insist highlights the need for prayer. You know for all these teams that you guys have around the world as well as you guys as you are looking at going out in a couple weeks and I know Mark you are thinking about you know spiritual side to all this is well know in our lives. We start with our physical body critical is to train her body through stating shape and to do all those things. No, nobody more than Paul possible made of applications from our physical exercise and are our physical effort.

Train her body feet translate that over to our spiritual side and it always it always impresses upon my heart that it is much as we make efforts to trainees teams know in their movements and things that we also look for opportunities to train them in virtually all people know that about lantern right now what they were looking at were having with especially one thing that we trained for quite a while now related to a larger training this fall with them and hopefully in an environment where we can begin to incorporate even more spiritual lesson into them because just because this foreign agent learns how to move through door how to invalids weapon out to strike children now keep us all safe. You also his character is vitally important outside of the office. We will get to be a loving father) and Amanda character and that is that is something important that alopecia months (that's what you want for these individuals and thrust to put in that they have met Yorkville and our listeners probably know from being American good and going to church out there that we do more than just go to church and I we have read your Bible be our needs, we have to pray with my consideration of our spiritual side so I'm excited that we as a team take that serious.

I'm really excited.

The team signatures for those we train also just having a chance to spend some time with these guys actually listeners this side of them is his primary in their lives and as a result you think of you know teams of disciples that are going after doing rescuers, but in doing so they're actually being rescued by God, you know, in the process, like he rescued us right Mark right and so you think you even last week episode on the countries that hard to hear and with the nurturing about the transition team you are going to train their failure will always carry themselves for the victim without love the best therapy and you know show the love that individual but I'll take care of everything from the doctor to therapy everything that it filter you know they're busy trying to get out you will realize how much their future partners a week or so they take it serious and they enter into a whole new level training for themselves and their team to class on time is always asked for prayers for Alan from Mark for TCM for these teams and for the families of those who suffer the loss of God is given us to show in a chance to hear what he's doing around the world.

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