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Lantern Rescue - Hands and Feet

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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August 22, 2020 3:00 pm

Lantern Rescue - Hands and Feet

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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August 22, 2020 3:00 pm

Mark and Sean, of the Hands and Feet project, talk aftercare of victims and sharing the Gospel with those who have been victimized.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network previously on lantern rescue everyday life not only their there are more and more often lately with you.

But familial trafficking people that I know. I hope it out of the operation and not horrifically evil people it hard having little concern for child welfare's lantern risk ministry program to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern. We tell the stories we talk about rest, we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the load we have a show for you today on lantern rescue because marking rent and the team have been out of country and actually have been, sitting on pins and needles to even get the interview because we schedule a couple days ago and Mark you guys had to go undercover and we were unable to make it because you get your work will harbor where I'm not there left to be reconnecting with partners not on diving writing document that several months ago got information about visual associated you by and involving material and product that should not be involved with the argument… No I respond with an organization will bit different than what you know that is not always donated indirect view of the victim while the golf ball straight.

The long-term date are people that God objected to make sure that you state your case a quite a while you investigate different people different individual in both the down day now ready to the country go undercover go to the ability to allow method.

I guess you'd call it without them aware of it and try to identify that individual will in the government. No part of the difficulty of doing that is one you have echoed that counter mode think that they would not they like this long over by that way all I regrettably is that the actual setup of the day you got involved right though no real American role in determining note birthday out on partner. So know yesterday. For example, are required no immediate representing RGA legal representation as well as recommendation from the train here so I go in part of our Catholic the connection between the children and staff understand the children were ripped because they were blessed to have someone with… I want to talk to the show today and that if Sean shall you live in this country for quite a while and all that they are going to have a part speak the language fluently and I don't not in a bagel.

Act like he does not speak the language fluently were able to thickly listen and observe an absurd question. I really develop native progress yesterday so I don't know lobby I met at the Bakelite.I will provide you with an Sean is someone that yesterday got you a little bit of that and not by the moment. Work on more than willing to help but think that job, family unity and some will make sure that yesterday was was deftly an interesting endeavor on my part. Nothing I the better part of or but it was great to get the product of rest. Jessica started with the faith and saw other things that are composited thing look importantly, allow the could we follow.

Well clearly I was just thinking on opportunity for listeners Commissioner Rachel Taurus are producer and I have been sitting there for three days aware of a little bit of what was going on.

And we've been praying hard that that God would provide the evidence and stuff you need in order to to rescue these kids and you know how it's such a time as this and and… Just as a beautiful thing. Actually Mark that you guys were able to do that and it you know Sean with your organization.

Mark was telling me that wow he wishes that he had a lot of backup and other countries that could provide what you guys do so could you share with our listeners little bit about hands and feet and what that organization is working or what year is working really hard provide holistic care know what I'm talking about his life, but were talking about their educational therapeutical care for kids ill for the lease of the info. As the conversation of rescuing those that are tracking trafficking and the sex trade workpaper for the opportunity to have a a that is safe and beautiful and to have the Lord orchestrate an opportunity to have you have the bait wouldn't do and then for lantern to say what we do. We need to be out of order proposed together been really great but it's also important to know that not about taking their children and filling our facility, but it's about finding through the diligent effort of qualified and compassionate Local staff that you can find the best situation for long-term care not about feeling bad that I can't without reunification. Long-term care without being medically counseling family follow-up to think about long-term care for each individual everyone story to be different, but would cycle that we can find herself in a position to support and love the next.

The mayor provided that it work is currently there but we rescued a lot of victim. Athena profit by the social services of the country and we call it. Glad that you had to be better. If you need to know live concert typical table we could and what they would allow it within their social services. Then one day, Gilman recommended the age of the and I finally think about your on-call and I get hold of the director and literally our first conversation was nine or the board than that because they had children in a facility that were ADL done very well and started creating the that they Radeon weathered that ability (or where God would be moving back in the country, though they have been forming their prayer. I think we probably thought hours later and you know I found, fondle her me to realize that I was so perfect to talk them to know that God would work enough together and not providing what Sean described and and I'm really where they have not only willing to step being that you can provide no howling like he did more than what he is just describing what the type of clear is so critical because walk with me for a minute, really you. You have rescued a girl from a nightclub. She probably 13 or goal. Where transporting her back to a government building. No facility.

She scared.

She looked greatly on apical backgrounder is the articulation she goes into the government building block that by people who love and care of the all important data there not many people that we trained to kick the door down. Now the company had on thoughts that this is so you can imagine, it is not a Mormon view. No movement in the childlike right now so you recognize that with a nonholiday thing to be happy. They they have brought Sean live version of this country speak the language of the nation to have this premonition and thunderstruck on that moment that transition team is available and ready – what's happening in the put in place right here that government building work introducing them to the right relationship there under the blanket of our justice system. Your country and so you tell them exactly like know who it is that you have therapy suspect that our goal is to play social work, people in the country, degrees and certificates of think to vary but are to be done before the people qualified to be practically epically fitting intake. But then even more importantly that they have the capacity they have the desire of the heart, losing themselves in the development of the individual because it work… Individual looking for a job. We have millions of the country. We really want and are working to ability those that really have a heart. The heart of the Lord, that what I productive by Macbeth to the individual and with that, in collaboration with local authorities served without cooking without picking up equipment for working with them, but you want to insert our transition team immediately into the pocket so that we can begin to investigate and learn the story be stricken so that we can begin to put together a planning process that meets the needs of that individual that we can do that quickly. The quicker that we can make a plan and begin the acute Atlanta left time that the good example of a 13-year-old young lady at the basically itself, I back to the station – the this country if they got better be proved if the children felt one for their protection to so that they are not taken away by someone other than the worker or liver; so what is happening now so beautiful that the song in traditional social worker their medical care immediately that night quickly provide, but not Mike. He cannot be testing for ED pregnancy all the things that he Dechert possible admin unit out there. I called it there. Well, the we appreciate him immensely and their dedication to not country but a really difficult gripe golf in turn speak about the fact that the social worker did there have to have no market but we've got a general break… And the manager seem to find out more about what God is doing in this country and how cool it is position you guys here so we come back so much more interesting was a USA based organization that conducts international rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking lantern specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with hallucinations and assist them in reading specialized units combat ongoing security problems, genocide, terrorism and human track is a nonprofit charity.

They offer services free of charge to the contracting is thrown into the second largest criminal activity in the world reaching an estimated hundred and $50 billion in annual activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat trafficking and operates with trained international network in order to rescue women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates ballistic aftercare services are gearing up for operations right now and you can go to lantern see how you can support them financially. Welcome back to lantern rescue really on a mission this week selective change in sharing this information with us today.

We got market on their income for right now. Sean is with hands and feet were wonderful Christian organization that is here to help lantern rescue in the care of Milan the long-term care of the victims afterwards and in Sean.

I was curious being on the country that you're in, without disclosing you know too much. Is this a hostile environment towards Christianity or when you begin to talk to these victims about Jesus because I got to be received playfully rear in a country that is open and accepting info though conversation in the heart of our staff and one late will really report the conversation immediately you imagine a room full of young victims that can be overwhelming or really anyone and really one of the few comment and correct and discovered that the fellow or what to be technically over the coming two hours a day until they planted country… Something that we have to do in the dark we could do openly and graphically which really respected and desired that were super thankful for that.

However, one of the date of the country from the time that I stay here because of three words that had been using for this new endeavor is the idea rescue restoration in life and so obviously we get to be on the outer side of the rescue revenues after the professional the authority to hand of that ideal preparation and allow the Lord to begin to do the work. I really only he can do in heart and my and then really what drives the board of the country… He arrived, and whether that be financial ability through education and practices or opportunities of work and jobwill really job. You give people glide in and discipleship where they can experience the gospel that take… Art and allow the gospel to change the bill and wish that on himself.

I think about all the forgiveness that is, it states for those victims even forgiven themselves for assistance. And it's a lot of opportunities for us to pray market and maybe you can speak to her list was little bit about how how they could pray for these particular victims you know.

Note the ligament is the same, and the way they live even different.

I know the guilt thickly with your victims affect liquidation but we also this week encountered and work with love, Don Young Mandala .9 are bad or how many days is very young mother with chain in the chair leaving for the day coming back and it is just shocking that amount would be that lady out of just complete hopelessness or she did know what to do, but what we are on being here with the father that they have that child care.

There never reaching out to the bottom of the act, pray that one day the boy lived in the village that we can get the data for them to travel and with little nine-year-old boy and Shanker day you got all-if you think the writing my soul. "Closer to the residence: assignment with the "form done some food there trying to determine is the model, because the mom Peter cannot get to the facility or is afraid she's going to be arrested right so I pray you just know they got every violence there is a God I forgot one little boy or make a way for him the right safety and love and understanding of who Jesus is no and no hands of the end and those that work with now have that think markets are all the children whether my dad is whether they come from directly and left alone when one state and 11 at the gospel predental and Sean so are you guys able to actually take this little boy in him and begin to care for them. Part of the practice involves social services immaculately severity authority and they are currently working their profit and their steps along with no law enforcement and so until the being. Otherwise, this young man is in the care of the authorities so that opened the first day that the very young mother. The young lady probably between 1718. Maybe should the apostolic donuts while working at not not difficult, but effective. One that the umbrella 13 at the top of but hope that they can bring heard the caring counseling and attach or tumble down the helper. Rayford found the right way.

Now we we talked about it with the shocking news that she was saying and to share mentality is that what she could just let it go to the mall mistreatment, though there may be to check here. It did not know what to do with others and with the doctor that is the normal but expected desperate situation that the debtor country that's not the corn concept that they want their child note because they do not yet been left on extracting.

Good, just something that Artie was involved with it out this week and I flew off involving what he started to show that weed out the DJ investigation denying establishment that we should be tracking children really under the guise of helping that that that someone would post an orphanage or even orphanage to do such a thing we have to remember. Don't forget that monsters aren't always what they think they're not always know that managing looks department working in the shadow not allowed this creepy looking individual of time in the parking least expecting or hiding in plain sight and they're very good at it now and yesterday situation. I mentioned this individual work bringing material think you should know about the timeshare. What is now with that type of organization within 46 thankfully an item that is not our dis-extreme and in doing so, and volume along with him so obviously decade developing the fact that I don't.

I mean it.

Children are they making campfire and all that so that the cave for a long time, we will actually get everything all pertinent bodily life still had a good one. Those are plenty of Friday find out you are all involved that they great deal of undercover work.

It's it's it's really kind of unthinkable but gives us an idea how to pray because it gets us seriously.

An important case allowing you know, it sounds like you have lots and lots of kids are vulnerable in that situation and that the good news out there about the cake ship today that undercover work for the day and what we have since discovered in the last 24 hours. We feel pretty certain this individual was using orphanage as a client, but not involving the children that this is a stagnant or maybe note that if a business elsewhere, but we still out of work due to old determine that I certainly we can be in prayer with Adam and so at this point the authorities were definitely working with you. It sounds like that all get even. RT… Your work on a caliper that promptly we get that intelligent people in front of the line.

The investigator in accomplishing favorably. This one developed enough that we need to pursue it and they begin to work with a stand and then we start making a client to be looking around the place.

Now think the good is good enough.

It's really encouraging to know that hands and feet and and hopefully can bring the victims really long-term care and and and that's kinda critical.

So if you seen some other God moments while you've been with Mark for the miracle of the on a daily basis is not favor with government people we we have yet even in countries where my commission early were occupied that the unit · always give favorably and always be able to sit down with the light individual and they look for a nap once said this week was so critical to helping children edit numerous turnover of individuals in position from the Justice Department, Atty. Gen. Bob turnover that everything the one week that quickly in a GED. She would open our and all that, we find that God that favor working lantern and a tremendous this a good reputation on other people with out defeated red and all of the really absurd here were due to job and that has resulted in written recommendation in the same is true there is the know we were within the government official in action and hospital. F., But how they work is not about building a platform or increasing the reach of what hands and feet and do what it's really about building a network of people that love the Lord want to put their head in her heart together created network warfare was that you know to make a conversation hospital yesterday that said you we want to be undersea golf post rate you provide examples or private services that ultimately they will when we finish the call will be heading to the maternity center should be fine young lady of currently pregnant Anita pregnancy care on those really eye-opening and encouraging to see the Lord orchestrating and connecting individual of the target, Artie doing great things here, but I feel allowing the time here build those bridges together, and God will about building a brick together. Would you be able to provide better care to the victim network that Artie going on so I brought a time to cite tones just to load the good news is next week will not be loaded for bear. It sounds like you don't want to stay to the podcast to previous episodes and Mark is there any particular thing quickly, though, because we've Artie ran out of time that that that Mr. should be praying for for this week. This week would appreciate prayers or the resolution of the cases in the godly clear to us about the evidence that was on the news involving what act that and of course great for the drink is shown on your yatra. The next few days. Having the a and a handful of interviews with a lot of individuals that are looking for work and looking for an opportunity you on their education record on the real you want to find those individuals that have a particular data that are applicable Nathaniel on following and because of that, I'm compelled to give my way is a home for myself a really important about the larger network of resources in individual organization is willing to divide.

And active, thanks guys, this is the Truth Network

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