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Lantern Rescue - Failed Rescues

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue
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August 8, 2020 3:00 pm

Lantern Rescue - Failed Rescues

Lantern Rescue / Lantern Rescue

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August 8, 2020 3:00 pm

Mark, Ren, and TC sit down to discuss one of the darker aspects of their work: the operations which don't end in a rescue. They discuss the heartache, the frustration, and the sleepless nights this reality burdens them with. They share how these instances fuel their determination and how they rely on God through it all.

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This is the Truth Network previously on lantern rescue is not as often a drug the workout that I met Mark and Gordon from together looking at the rescue the men who can do the counter crafting P how can we tackle it together only what we like to bring freedom, not because we can provide anything more than that in eternity welcome to lantern risk ministry progress educated to bring light into the darkness of human trafficking.

It's time to light the way to freedom.

This is lantern rest. We tell the stories we talk about rest and we empower you to do something about it was once said, let it not be said I was silent when the subject today on lantern rescue with my feel a bit hard to listen to, but you don't have a sense that God would really like to like for us to hear more of the picture of what goes on actually on these rescues and Mark. You brought up the subject of failed rescues and and what is it kind of bring up in your heart.

It is hard. You know, often talk about this. Not hard to forget because size and just mentioned, you know, sometimes I forget all the faces of those we rescued, but I don't forget the faces of those that we haven't and not those that you know whether it was during undercover operation order national operation that the rescue didn't occur and weird, no talking about that today and may we could pull out a couple specific cases in them when that ran want you and I know you have some to that are blazing in your mind and heart and maybe want to open up with one of those years. We start out that I think about getting out of plant came on the rectangle where everything we where in black and undercover work in that one in particular out you call back. We have our and were thinning Marion.

We commanding where we look like) and a you think that everything down in the background. I remember the whole club would like to read read by finding a lot of really dark and you have to back and went back to the right everywhere And not too long.

I get up and go to the bathroom and back I see that they had in the two very young looking girls and I would pay maybe 14, 15, and mouth and make fine and thinking maybe 14 to 20. Like like that make up off probably look a lot younger. So we get back I get back to my feet and two girls really are cable day on our because they offend that now there with me on the team on the undercover came are interested in something like that typographically fee the club owner and keep eating and alcohol feeding and alcohol and putting them at a table.))) Then you girls I can't fully explain the look of Athens and I think that they were talking to each other. I think they probably were even allowed to talk to each other. Looking straight forward sometime like glancing over at hot looking straight for hands on her knees like defending their not moving up talking not doing anything there'd clearly on the fly. Clearly data the thought and Mark I think you might want to talk about it for not just by the other in the wrong place, but also how they interact with one another. If there's a table of girls who were friends laughing there talking, drinking or doing all the things that friends do when you're on display there, not saying a word.

They look fearful they look afraid they would propped up.

They look like they're trying to present in a good way that there are for sale and not you know not displease their their manager there, Pip. You know an inapposite one yeah I'm in want. I don't never forget those two new girls, and what occurred there was then we have means to get an offer okay to figure that out an offer was made for those girls through you know the manager and its is when we start off by saying we call the field rescue because you're in a moment where you have two girls who clearly drafted reminders.

I think there probably 13 in and we're in a position as a team. Try to make a decision of okay we can come in for rescue came into undercover work we don't have the backup support right now were not armed in any way except maybe you know a concealed but still were not set up to do this and where this could go and so that's those are hard because you have to then leave the facility and a lot of times we have our eraser return right back in and make the rescue happen. But in that when it was a really soft intelligence really have heart intelligence.

It was an asset. He said yeah, I've got a couple places we should check this check. You know were just doing additional groundwork, but lo and behold uncovers that and now were the place where we have to leave and know what are the steps we can take, and you can't disclose. You can't other people like I should've got on and we fight at all time like she just fisted out and taken the girls and try to figure something out.

We didn't have anything established aftercare that point we didn't have documentation. They were the owner was would have justice with us, you know, and indicative quickly unveiled our cooperation in the country. If we probably done something without thinking through it. Not Tricia sounds awkward to me just you've made offer.

I mean, obviously you're not carrying through with that of the owner probably has some expectations on right so you know little bit the conversationalist.

Things goes like you step off the side and do drugs always involve drugs always offered a lot as well and the girls are offered in the specific girls are offered and then there even identified from what country they are what age they are you know and then you as you see when I go through that purchase where that only be like now is not what I'm looking for. You know are looking for this haircolor. You just make some other you know excuse and there's a lintels which I gather from all that as well. But just on 50,000 you there.

That's over what's going through your heart is as you see the situation like to rescue these girls yeah are always painful and we have to leave and you get a final glance back and you know that what happened that night and we do the best that we can like Mark, thank you know the comment that you could grab a minute if it's not that simple.

You happy. We talk about how we don't currently arrest family. We follow the law is not that the big thing with be followed a lot because at me and the other undercover operators we get stale. We can help anybody on an our cooperation will get jeopardized move forward on that and what we try to do is be to try to keep the hope that you come back to Bellevue.

There, and will be like right and ability get in aftercare and unfortunately without you girl. When we returned a clearly outlined, we have the right to do what we had deal at those particular goals point there so that night I remember going back to the hotel and I went out on the balcony of my room and laid bare in the field right now.

I don't think that night. It really heart you know it's something that we have to take on burden when we do operate like that and knowing that not every person you see is going to get rescued. Not everyone is happy ending and the nature of the work in a really dark aspect that we don't talk about a lot because it is hard to which it did when you came back.

I'm assuming you did rescue some yeah resulted in rescue because that brick-and-mortar place with the offender every night. You know ended up being put those to know, and I start's resulting consumer may not know exactly what they look like, you know, the skin color hair the way it was presented. You know everything about them. Fortunately, no.

And so, as you shut down that establishment and maybe another artistic good news is that that's you know a lot of girls that don't end up right yeah that's why it's important we justice our son.

We work hard and do we can.

I mean we don't rescue operations where were not able to shut the place down. But you repeat offenders to build a case against them, but definitely the goal of every operations that we bring we justice make make arrangements to make arrests and all that varies very similar would be one in another country where pretty strong intelligence of book club. This was an outburst establishment club. Remember this one room where we had we had intelligence that this place was selling girls, but because it was an upper-level type of club me this is where the wealthy when and where political people when it was very necessary that we had strong intelligence to take back to the judge so that he would willingly come with us. Otherwise, he didn't want to place understand so you know we had to have that strong intelligence that this is what's happening here, pictures, videos, all I can think and you know we we got into that place summer I remember a member having questions about it pulling up because you know I didn't know what nicer club look like in this country to be as we did not all that all all look that great. This was nice.

It was really nice and it was place that I could see a lot of politicians and businessmen flying to the country, especially the telecommunication areas that this is a place that would go to so the team we all went up into that place course you have to protect your skin identity on the street. We gotta move in a certain way that we get to the establishment. Not looking like we try not to look so much like a law enforcement or the dish so we try to not look that withdrew childlike customers and some of these environments go in, sit down, and that we went went up and had a staircase and are entering into go through a couple bouncers like to pull you know staircase into the staircase is definitely sore swanky my referral there will country area and I went into the large room was a dancing environment of a food environment. Club drinking environment and went over and we took our position at a booth so that we could just observe the whole room as best as we could. And sure enough you know Chernoff were sitting there and there is a table full of men with two girls and I will read maybe describe the presence of the girl and we did after break and take a break. Well mean you can tell the show we got some stuff is hard to listen to, but gives you a real sense of what goes on these operations.

We've also been joined by TCU. Please now TCU in this week out of you can tell, reloaded for the next segment of lantern rescue today show failed rescue person you can even hear more need for us to pray with the team.

Mark got some rest. International rescue operations for people suffering from human trafficking specializes in sending former US special operations law enforcement and intelligence personnel department with host nations and assist them in reading specialized units combat on genocide, terrorism is a nonprofit charity offer services free of charge. Trafficking is thrown into the second largest collective human world reaching an estimated $50 billion activity lantern rescue was developed rapidly to combat and operate through training, a national network of women and children, sex and labor slavery and facilitates gearing up for operations right now and see how you can support welcome back to lantern rescue today show, hard to listen to that still necessary because so pray for these girls failed rescue this week.

We can pray for the team.

When we left the team.

You know they are in this like a playset. There were girls be interacting in and you need to get a more icon on really can describe that moment your mind know only got a couple of the local member that I know getting it strengthened the girl and you girls are so young and tight and leg make out the whole 99 and then became a long table and they were happy all around like from one to the other thing that I'm injured locked, horrified, like they couldn't do anything I can help with that.

I kept looking over at Wendy only came out really with me so hard heart you know that they're looking out there looking for you to help them in that moment.

There's nothing I can do. I got a recording for you to get a warrant, but in that moment there is anything we can do when you feel dirty at the people giving them away. I have the burden to carry a big decision, let us go back and better work you are what you are doing because I was so that moment were supposed to look like okay were customers, but I'm pretty sure my whole face was like I wanted somebody you know in and remove this girl from the situation because when I stood up out of the booth. One of the there were these are clear businessmen wonder stood up, looked at me in the face and and is TC talked about the smirks we talked about one week literally literally just smirked at me, and I think she knew he had no we were undercover work against tracking. I think he just knew I just didn't appreciate what was happening in heating care list did not carry this literally stood me off there and you know we we all finished off. There is no try to look normal go back out in the back of the street, pleaded my case, but so can you come to give us the details and completed it but you could enter what happened. Yeah, I mean you know in this particular moment in time with this team in this country we had done an operation that had been extremely dangerous part of this because it involved a government level person owning a club and we had rated the club and the result of that was that.

I thought old man first loss settlement. Martin was given one by one disappear. Yeah, that's what happens, judges and people get shot. These countries you know and but they didn't. But the pressure was on him so much. You know that they had to have every T cross and I darted for this particular club you know because it is well was you know Brian, you know, hi higher level club and so I had honor his wishes and enemies like no we cannot not we can do commission said no.

We gotta have that information tells we can come back here and come back here because he recognizes to light but strong will be your new site. She may not be so we did go back there.

We did go back and we go back but not that girl… Took her one. You know, just don't forget when you see located first in the dark here.

You're going to hell was a growing try to side glance, it in your eyes she's wearing a wig. You know, to be made to look older or older when she's probably 12. You know, and then just men in their late 30s and early 40s or later and said it kiss in our broker, you know, probably drinks down in front of her constantly having while while so moving on TCU. Is there one that jumps out at you that sometimes you wake up in the middle of night there.

She is good orders. I wanted something to think about what the girl told her something close to bondage was about a couple of nonchalant about the slaves of several young boys between 12 and 14 years old and around. Four. Super happy super getting people out of their minerals timer going to go so rescue I don't know at least 20 people go once we had gone to the Christian slums in the same country on the second is beautiful girl should know should feel like that and she was sex in the evenings to my country, but she wasn't honestly go together or God will doubt permanently. We went back to her to us.

She had a beautiful smile is actually some footage of this one about this day I can still see her very plainly.

TCU some labor slavery case right and for me that she was always hard because were so dependent on the so depend on the foreign asset to tell us which children are under slavery and which ones are like the owners children right right and sometimes you go and you like you. You take every kid you see in a grandma's fast you can shuffle them and it's hard some of the spaces you see in your deployment of foreign asset descend on Ottawa not telling you like that one was just as bad as this one, you know, literally right yeah exactly and that really falls over into the problem that there's you know 41 million people in slavery 25 million by the TIF report this year basin just labor slavery and sexually reset the numbers are just overwhelming when it comes to some parts of the country and world. Oh, when I listen to you guys a minute. My heart is screaming like I suppose you want this screen with that man between extent it gives us an opportunity to to pray very specifically and since you guys know the obstacles that you're really up against how we I will put you to our listeners know that they can be praying for and some of these countries that you can get some better cooperation or more authority whatever. What is it he was specifically asked for, you know, we cover their prayers and I like to listeners that is TC just indicated that failure is part of this is the expectation is there that there are times you can fail. Failure is deftly not the opposite of success is part of success you know failure.

Truth are just not trying anymore just giving up completely, but trust me, failure for us is just adding some more determination and is part of the mix. UNESCO leads to success you know and me.

Of course we lean on God for that were not know the payroll flesh in an effort were hoping for his favor, and all that but I think you know it is part of the form is that we have to face failure and we had to face the shortcomings of our sales and even our own operations and were not perfect and then put in some determination.

So right now covert pray for our determination. You know it's not easy everything were trying right now is difficult from arrangements to flights to remain working with us, and governments have changed over during covert some of the agency groups. People change positions. Jobs that we need. We need prayer that we had in our determination grandma which what would you say are you now I say if anyone find paper to victims that are the one that we can get you on the operations that we haven't had the chance to recover, yet you never give up the hopeful that will get them Sunday, but the ones that were there the night that we never well and how about you TC from your different jobs or opportunities to have X for other people to be part of it, whether it's your traveling or whether it's logistics or whether it's just being a liaison. So to me it's almost a small church were there plenty of things to be going outside people be willing to do the hard work just to change the broken changes speak with a lot of ball on their Marcus is her other team members that we could be aware of and praying for this point because I know expand charcoal were, you know, you know, our core group John David is a great partner in RC your prayers as well. We have other team members that are working for us in DC and places right now with the Lord expanding for us just the last few months. We taken this time not only to do some work online against trafficking and you know but also to build out the infrastructure of who we are, course, or by volunteer, but God keeps in some great volunteer and you know everyone listening to what asset you arch the TiVo and a rescue because we know God's touch your heart.

The same thing. As such, their hearts with and as you raise your shield of faith, literally texting, and so thank you for your time and thank you for your heart and will look forward to our next episode of Anna rescue so much more. This is the Truth Network

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